Chapter 125 Part 2

    [M] this chapter categorised as M for language and anguish. The content might be upsetting for some readers.

    Yun Xuan Mo initially thought that this was part of family matters between Yun Xiang Fu and Chu Xiang Fu, as a result he had boldly told everyone about how Yun Yi Yi had lost her virginity. yet unexpectedly Chu Fei Yang was a cold-hearted person, he had actually instructed someone to invite the Chief Magistrate of the Capital. Now, if he was not able to speak what he had told everybody a while ago, then that would mean that he was deliberately framing a major official of the imperial Court. Moreover there were too many people who heard his accusation towards Chu Fei Yang a while ago. Even if he himself refused to admit it, Yun Xuan Zhi and his people would be very likely to disagree. But if he was to tell it, once the matter concerning Yun Yi Yi losing her virginity had been spread out, perhaps her future would completely be ruined. Even if she entered Chu Xiang Fu in the future, she would also suffer from castigation from the people around the world.

    Only up to this very moment, Yun Xuan Mo was finally able to really discover Chu Fei Yang's formidability. As compared to the clever and eloquent Yun Qian Meng, Chu Fei Yang's strategy was even more likely to cause the fear in people's heart, striking the opponent in such a way that did not even leave a single way out, seriously pressuring the opponent to the worst situation possible.

    For a moment, a thin layer of cold sweat slowly seeped out from Yun Xuan Mo's forehead. Although during this time the reception pavilion was already burning with silver carbon to keep its warmth, yet he still felt his four limbs remained ice-cold, as if he was inside an icehouse.

    "Uncle, please grab this opportunity to tell everything! There were already plenty of things to attend to inside the residence of the Chief Magistrate of the Capital, the time is precious for Superior Qian. It would be better not to delay Superior Qian's working hours! Or maybe, uncle might feel that it was not suitable to discuss these things inside xiangfu, it would be better to follow after Superior Qian of the Chief Magistrate's residence to properly file a complaint, also allow the common people of the capital to attend the trial and make the correct judgement for meimei!" This time Yun Qian Meng spoke indifferently, with regards to the enemies, she naturally did not show any sympathy.

    Despite the fact that both Yun Xuan Mo and Yun Yi Yi were being silent this time, also seemed a little bit pitiful, but the expression on both the faces of the father and daughter earlier when they had been forcing her to allow Chu Fei Yang to accept Yun Yi Yi to marry into the fu as a concubine were already deeply carved in Yun Qian Meng's mind. Thus it was impossible to get rid of, so she merely coldly observed them as a spectator, waiting for all of this to come to an end.

    Hearing Yun Qian Meng's words, Yun Xuan Mo secretly frowned, then using his negotiating voice he spoke, "Meng'er, this matter is concering your meimei's reputation for the rest of her life. How could we let the outsiders know about it? Besides, this matter was actually a family matter, why we need to trouble Superior Qian? Even if you refused to take consideration of Yi Yi's reputation as a xiaojie, in every case you must also think about Chu Xiang's reputation as an Imperial Court official. Even though a romantic man receives the people's praises, Yi Yi is still the younger sister of the wife of Chu Xiang, such kind of matter, naturally needs to be buried, why should there be a reason to disclose it to the public?"

    Hearing about this, although Superior Qian was not fully knowledgeable about what was going on, but based on his experience of handling cases for many years, yet he was able to guess it pretty closely.

    Perhaps Chu Xiang was a young romantic, and got gluttonous after having a furen. And the victim of this gluttony was the wife's younger sister!

    But, having been an official all these years, Chu Fei Yang had always been strict with himself, providing self-disciple towards his private life, all except during the time when he had requested His Majesty to bestow a marriage. Hnece it had caused all the people in the Imperial Court to be surprised, he was seriously never being rumored to make errant actions towards some other xiaojies.

    As a result, after hearing Yun Xuan Mo's words, Superior Qian could not help but wonder if Yun Xuan Mo was actually telling the truth or not.

    "Superior Qian, are you able to clearly understand his words?" Yet Chu Fei Yang did not want to hear anything further from Yun Xuan Mo, without consulting anyone he was interrogating Superior Qian who was sitting upright in a corner.

    Facing Xi Lin, Superior Qian simply nodded his head, then he saw Xi Lin turned around and leave, and he himself was respectfully answering Chu Fei Yang's questions, "Reporting to Chu Xiang, based on Yun Xuan Mo's words, I came to know the general idea of the matter. If I didn't guess it wrong, perhaps it involved Yun Yi Yi who Chu Xiang and Yun Xuan Mo had mentioned about. But, during this time if we were to judge about it, it wasn't really a difficult task. Please wait for a few minutes, Chu Xiang!"

    While speaking, all the people saw Xi Lin walked in carrying paper with brush and ink, laying them out before Superior Qian, after which he turned around again and left the reception pavilion.

    And Superior Qian immediately lifted up the writing brush before him, then recorded down everything that Yun Xuan Mo had said earlier, after which he asked, "Since this is a matter concerning Yun xiaojie losing her chastity, then it will naturally be within my Chief Magistrate's scope of jurisdiction. If Yun gongzi really wanted to find justice for xiaojie, please narrate everything in full details, please do not cover up the truth."

    Despite the calm composure of Yun Xuan Mo during usual days, but when he was being pushed into a corner like this, his face gradually transformed itself and became pale. Even those blue veins also bursted out from his hands which were grasping the handrails, as if being constrained with an extreme degree of anger.

    While Yun Yi Yi had not really expected that Chu Fei Yang had not the slightest concern about her reputation. He even had acted so  far as to invite the Chief Magistrate of the Capital over, planning to reveal this matter to the public. Hence this made her face abruptly turned red, her eyes incredulously looked at Chu Fei Yang, mumbling to herself, "Fei Yang, you have actually treated me like this?"

    After speaking, two lines of tears rolled down from her cheeks, it appeared to be quite pitiful.

    But during this time nobody seemed to feel pity for her. Mu Chun already could not restrain herself as she stepped out and knelt down before Superior Qian, telling everything that had happened inside the inner room, at the same time, Ying Xia and Yuan Dong also stood out to bear witness. For a moment, the bad name of slandering a major officer of the Imperial Court had been firmly pressed on Yun Xuan Mo and Yun Yi Yi's heads, causing their current situation to become even more passive.

    "Superior Qian, please do not listen to the babbling nonsense of these servant girls! They are all Yun Qian Meng's servant girls, naturally they would side with their own master, they were unhappy seeing my good relationship with Fei Yang, this time they are eager to bring shame upon me! As the Chief Magistrate of the Capital, you must help Yi Yi!" Yun Yi Yi seeing Mu Chun and the others had told everything about her and her father's actions earlier, suddenly she flew into a rage out of humiliation as she stood up, pointing at the three persons kneeling down on the floor as she scolded in a stern voice, not paying the slightest bit of her attention to Superior Qian's slightly wrinkled brows.

    "Oh? Since when did benxiang have a relationship with you? Yun Xiaojie, your face is truly thicker than the city wall. As a single woman she is being too shameless. But benxiang has seen many things in this world. Since you are quite confident, benxiang is actually curious with the time of occurrence, location as well as human testimony and material evidences for this matter. Yun xiaojie please carefully recall them, do not leave out anything by mistake!" And during this time, Chu Fei Yang spoke with a smiling expression displayed on his face, but that pair of smiling eyes harboring a dense murderous spirit.

    This made Yun Yi Yi, who had been staring at him all along, to quiver at the bottom of her heart, feeling that what was showed at the corner of Chu Fei Yang's lips was not a smile, but an invisible sharp blade that could kill people, causing her forgot to respond to questions, until Superior Qian asked her again. Yun Yi Yi then regained her gaze with fear and trepidation, with the fear residing at the bottom of her heart she answered in a lowered voice, "This...... the sky was too dark during that evening, I wasn't able to clearly see it, but one thing I can be certain of, if Chu Xiang didn't enter the prison cell, how could Yun Qian Meng be able to leave the prison cell of the Ministry of Justice before the arrival of the Imperial Decree, and how could she able to marry him at Chu Xiang Fu?"

    "As it turns out, meimei wasn't able to see that person clearly, yet she had put all the blame to my husband! Evidently I failed to understand, since my husband wanted to rescue me, then how could he have the time to commit a crime? Can you explain this matter, meimei?" Yun Qian Meng also had a smile on, but her eyes remained cold, seemed like an extremely cold icicle, causing coldness to surround Yun Yi Yi's entire body, permitting her to subconsciously lower down her head, not daring to look straightly at Yun Qian Meng's eyes.

    "What are you talking about, jiejie, of course the incident happened during the second night after you left! Don't tell me that da jiejie thinks that Yi Yi was playing a joke on such thing?" Although her eyes didn't dare to make contact with Yun Qian Meng, Yun Yi Yi was reluctant to admit her own mistake this time. In any case, Superior Qian had already knew about it, it would be better to gamble everything out, perhaps she would be able to strive for the opportunity to enter Chu Xiang Fu.

    Facing Yun Yi Yi's intention to change the subject, Yun Qian Meng suddenly shifted the thread of discussion, her both eyes radiantly looked at Superior Qian, with a serious face she said, "Superior Qian, don't you think it's strange? Based on Yi Yi's interpretation, my husband had already rescued me, why would he risk himself to get inside the prison of the Ministry of Justice once again? And besides, this was absolutely did not add up with the time of my husband's arrival at the capital. If you had your doubts, you can summon and interrogate the city defense troops who took guard of the city gates during that time and those who were on their duty on the ninth day of the twelfth month, just so you would know the exact date of my husband's arrival! Superior Qian you need not worry about anything, those city defense troops were under Chen Wang's command, we wouldn't be able to bribe them!"

    All these things that had happened today inside the capital, would never be able to escape from the eyes of the Chief Magistrate, even before Chen Wang and Chu Fei Yang became hostile to each other. However the issue when Chu Fei Yang had caused a havoc during Chen Wang's wedding day, and Chen Wang chasing after Chu Fei Yang, Superior Qian had already known all of these. Consequently, those city defense troops' testimony would certainly be credible, after all, naturally no one would ever want to testify for his own enemy!

    Before Superior Qian could instruct his own men to handle these things, yet he saw Xi Lin had already brought two city defense soldiers with him as they entered.

    Watching Xi Lin's quick actions, Yun Qian Meng's heart was filled with praises. She came to admire Chu Fei Yang's careful deliberations even more. Perhaps during the time when Yun Xuan Mo forcibly threatened them earlier, Chu Fei Yang had already anticipated all of these, that's why he had already instructed Xi Lin to settle all these issues.

    Unconsciously, Yun Qian Meng's eyes slowly made their way towards Chu Fei Yang, yet she saw him gently smile at her, but the coldness in his eyes still had not faded away. Perhaps Yun Xuan Mo and Yun Yi Yi's actions today had provoked the fury inside Chu Fei Yang. Before he could obtain his goal, he would not ever just simply give up!

    And at this time, Superior Qian started to interrogate the two persons in front of them, "Are you both soldiers who were on duty during the fifth and the ninth day of the twelfth month?"

    "Yes, Sir!" The two of them answered in unison.

    "Then do you know when was the exact date that Chu Xiang returned to the capital! You must remember, report everything according to the facts, do not have any least bit of intention to hide the truth!" Superior Qian pair of highly perfected eyes glanced at the two of them, seeing them wearing the official uniform of the city defense troops, carrying the long sword casted by the Ministry of War in their waists, he had verified the authenticity of their identity, then he spoke to interrogate them.

    "Reporting to you, Superior, I am the one on duty on the ninth day of the twelfth month! Chu Xiang returned back to the capital at noon time on the ninth day of the twelfth month. I saw him with my very own eyes, following from behind was Superior Qu, the assistant minister of the Ministry of War!" The soldier with the shorter height replied.

    "That's nonsense, Chu Xiang definitely came back to the capital on the fifth day, when did it become the ninth day? Are you making the false testimony due to being bribed by Yun Qian Meng, careful Superior Qian might punish you for your crime!" This time, after hearing the soldier's words, Yun Yi Yi suddenly stamped her feet with rage, accompanied by her finger pointing at that soldier as she threatened him, causing that soldier to glare at her with angry eyes, he immediately spoke unyieldingly, "Superior Qian, there's no need for me to tell such kind of lie! Besides, it was not only me alone who was on duty during that time, if you don't believe, you may ask the others! Moreover, who among the entire capital wasn't able to recognize Chu Xiang, I am absolutely sure about it!"

    Those who served in the army would always be honest. This time being accused like this by Yun Yi Yi, naturally that soldier would feel resentful, looking at Yun Yi Yi his eye expression looked even more loathsome.

    And during this time, Xi Lin brought a man who was wearing the clothes of the prisoner inside the prison cell of the Ministry of Justice and walked inside.

    For the time being, Superior Qian saw that there's no need to interrogate the two city defense soldiers further with other questions, thus he allowed the two of them to temporarily retreat out of the reception pavilion. Then his gaze shifted towards that male prisoner.

    When Yun Yi Yi saw that man, her face immediately turned deathly pale. Her both lips trembled unable to utter any words, her body also started to slightly tremble.

    Seeing these, Yun Qian Meng's eyes also started to observe this male prisoner, feeling that this man's lateral side looked quite familiar, yet her memory was somehow fuzzy. After a long while, she started to recall things from her memory.

    And when that man saw Yun Yi Yi, his face exposed a rather deep evil smile, scaring Yun Yi Yi as she immediately retreated a few big steps back, instantly pulling apart the distance between the two of them.

    But the more she intended to shun away, the more it caused all the people to harbor suspicions.

    "Kneel down!" Xi Lin seeing that man's audacious gaze, which had actually swept through every person inside the reception pavilion, with one hand pressing on the man's shoulder blade, the other turning his right hand over to the back, he forced the man to kneel before Superior Qian.

    "Who are you?" Seeing the man before him having an evil gaze, Superior Qian asked in a serious tone.

    Looking at Superior Qian's solemn and respectful face in front of him, the man started to laugh, afterwhich being not in the least bit concerned he said, "Me? I'm only a convict inside the prison cell of the Ministry of Justice who was being sentenced to death! Not to know, what will be your concern for bringing me here?"

    Hearing the word 'convict', Yun Yi Yi's feet went soft as she tumbled to the ground, but during this time no one paid any attention to her. All of them were staring at that convict, failed to understand why Xi Lin would bring such kind of person inside Yun Xiang Fu.

    At the time when that man started to laugh, a fragment of memory which had been sealed up in Yun Qian Meng memory was suddenly being waken up.

    It's him!

    It was actually the man who used to rape the female prisoners in the prison cell. No wonder when she saw his lateral side it looked quite familiar, yet she didn't expect he was actually that shameless man!

    And Xi Lin was able to bring this man here, in addition to all sorts of reaction from Yun Yi Yi, perhaps the one who really made Yun Yi Yi lose her virginity, was actually this deathrow convict!

    And for the sake of her vanity, as well as pretending that everything was going well with her, Yun Yi Yi had accused Chu Fei Yang. It could clearly be seen that she was too selfish, because of high position and great wealth, she seeked to enjoy life, going so far as to ignore other people's life or death. Such kind of person, even if she was to be spit on and cursed at by all the people around the world, then that would naturally be what she deserved.

    And this time looking back at Yun Xuan Mo again, perhaps he had already obtained the end result after a series of testimony from the witnesses. Upon seeing Yun Yi Yi did not have any further methods to reverse the desperate situation at this time, Yun Xuan Mo cleverly chose to remain silent, using this method to avoid the responsibility for accusing Chu Fei Yang.

    But, Yun Qian Meng wasn't really a person of great tolerance. Thus it was actually impossible for her to be merciful towards the persons who had compelled her into difficult situations, and it would also be improbable for Chu Fei Yang to let off anyone who had tried to destroy his relationship with Yun Qian Meng.

    "Benxiang would like to ask you, do you recognize this woman who was standing beside you? Have you made any physical contact with her?" And during this time, Chu Fei Yang reacted faster than Yun Qian Meng as he asked in advance.

    Chu Fei Yang was somewhat quite proficient. He was able to see the filthy look in his eyes. In order to avoid him looking at Yun Qian Meng, Chu Fei Yang had questioned quickly.

    The convict followed Chu Fei Yang's words as he looked beside himself, yet he saw Yun Yi Yi looked at him in her pleading eyes, then smiling as he slowly answered, "Of course I remembered. I remember this lady's skin was so tender, white, delicate and smooth, her right breast contained a mole. If everyone refused to believe me, you may approach a Mama and request her to inspect the body."

    Under Yun Yi Yi's persistent pleading, that convict still slowly described all the marks on Yun Yi Yi's body.

    And when Yun Yi Yi heard him admit his connection with herself, she was unable to bear the fear in her heart anymore, for a moment she rolled her eyes and fainted.

    Yun Qian Meng immediately casted a meaningful glance towards Yuan Dong, Yuan Dong immediately went ahead and grasped Yun Yi Yi's wrist to carefully check the pulse. After determining that she had fainted, she slightly nodded her head at Yun Qian Meng.

    Upon hearing him say these words, Yun Xuan Mo could not take control of himself as he quickly stood up, suddenly rushed in front of that convict, pointing at the convict and cursed, "You are making venomous slander, my daughter is a pure and innocent honorable xiaojie, how could she commit such illicit actions with you! Don't make mistake recognizing the wrong person, causing trouble to my daughter's entire life!"

    Finished speaking, Yun Xuan Mo looked at Yun Qian Meng, impatiently said, "Meng'er, you and Yi Yi had got along well for the most period of time. You certainly know everything about Yi Yi, how could she be such kind of obscene person!"

    "There's a saying that goes 'One may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature'! Even if Yi Yi had never done such thing, but she had attempted to use such thing to accuse my husband, it can clearly be seen that she had a vicious heart. If she really had a sexual contact with this convict and still wanted to put the blame on my husband, it can be proven that she had a poisonous heart! Such kind of younger sister, how can I speak for her, uncle? And besides, Yi Yi may or may not have done such thing, everything will be clear if we allow Mama to inspect her body! There's no need for uncle to feel anxious!" Yun Qian Meng said indifferently as she knew Yun Xuan Mo was feeling anxious right now. If he had known it would come to this, he would not have acted like that earlier. This time they knew how to ask for help, but they should only blame themselves for not preparing a way out of this situation.

    "Come, lead the two old women of Liu yininag over here!" This time seeing Yun Xuan Mo felt defeated, Yun Xuan Zhi summoned Guard Liu who was waiting outside in his clear voice.

    Guard Liu was standing outside the door all along, evidently he had heard the whole story, hence he was also being angered by the shameless act of the family of the second master. In turns, this time upon hearing Yun Xuan Zhi's instruction, he knew very well what kind of old women he should ask from Liu yiniang, without saying anything further he immediately walked down from the loft, then left Qi Luo Yuan.

    After just a few moment, they saw Liu Han Yu personally bring two old Mama along with her as they walked inside.

    Seeing Yun Xuan Zhi, Chu Fei Yang and the others, Liu Han Yu saluted at them one after another. Afterwhich she waved her hand gesturing the servant girls to carry Yun Yi Yi to the side room nearby, then she herself also went inside following after the servant girls, after a few moment they retreated out, softly reported the result of the body examination to Yun Xuan Zhi: "Reporting to you, xiangye, si xiaojie actually has a mole in her right chest, and Mama had already inspected her body, si xiaojie is indeed no longer a virgin."

    After speaking, Liu Han Yu stood behind Yun Xuan Zhi refusing to speak further after seeing Yun Xuan Mo's oppressive gaze.

    "Since things have reached this stage, do you still have anything more to say?" This time, Chu Fei Yang spoke coldly. Though his voice had not been that loud, yet it had hit Yun Xuan Mo's empty mind like a lightning strike. His expression suddenly looked nervous, not in the slightest degree of calmness as before, those eyes that were fixated at Chu Fei Yang were having an expression of fear that could not be easily wiped off.

    Only now did he finally get to taste  the tricks that Chu Fei Yang had used to treat his enemies. This man basically possessed no care whatsoever about his own reputation. Besides, this matter only involved Yun Yi Yi's reputation, in that case Chu Fei Yang evidently would not be lenient, he not only invited the Chief Magistrate of the Capital, but had also made painstaking investigations then invited all the witnesses over. This kind of scheme and strategy, such swift and decisive agility to execute his distinctive style of handling things, making Yun Xuan Mo to finally become aware of his opponent's power, suddenly he realized in his heart the stupid things that he had done and became remorseful.

    However during this time Chu Fei Yang's cold expression was exuding murderous spirit, Yun Xuan Mo knew very well that he would certainly be unable to escape from this calamity today. Thus the discouraged mood made his initially not-very-good facial complexion to become increasingly paler, he started to cough violently due to his unstable rhythm of his breath.

    "The whole matter, I believe our Superior is able to understand everything clearly. But not to mention the crime that Yun Xuan Mo and Yun Yi Yi had committed for slandering my name, how will you sentence him, Superior Qian?" Obviously, Chu Fei Yang had no intention to let these two persons slip off after giving Yun Qian Meng a very hard time, he spoke to inquire how these two persons were going to be handled accordingly.

    Superior Qian put away the notes that he had made earlier and stood up, pondering for a moment then replied, "Reporting to Chu Xiang, regarding this matter, I shall return back and make my advisor draft a statement to let Yun Xuan Mo and Yun Yi Yi mark their signatures. After which we will certainly sentence their crime for slandering a major officer of the Imperial Court. And ever since the beginning of our dynasty, concerning the crime for slandering the major officer of the Imperial Court, the sentence will always result into exile. After I arranged the necessities for this issue, I will certainly assign people to inform Chu Xiang."

    Seeing Superior Qian not in the slightest degree of being sloppy when handling things, Chu Fei Yang nodded his head in satisfaction.

    On the other hand, Yun Xuan Mo's face turned sluggish upon hearing the word 'exile'. It was totally out of his expectation that by scheming against Chu Fei Yang, in the end he was the one being schemed and compelled to face his exile in the frontier region, with regards to the importance of having a lot of descendants in one's family which was an important aspect for the people in the ancient times, this would be an extremely cruel punishment.

    "Meng'er, Yi Yi is still your half sister after all, you......" Thinking about his own daughter who was merely thirteen years old, Yun Xuan Mo still had the love for his daughter in his heart, he anxiously looked at Yun Qian Meng, waiting for Yun Qian Meng to speak some kind words.

    "But, there's one more thing benxiang needs to trouble Superior Qian for!" Yet unexpectedly, Chu Fei Yang simply refused to give him the opportunity to speak, with no regards to anything he told Superior Qian.

    "What will be your instructions, Chu Xiang? So long as it is a matter within my own capabilities, I will absolutely be able to carry it through!" Superior Qian was in the dark of what sort of thing it would be, as he added his last statement.

    Seeing him being cautious, Chu Fei Yang simply hooked up his lips a little, then slowly spoke, "Apparently, Yun xiaojie had an affinity with this convict, why don't you do some good deeds, Superior, let the two of them become husband and wife inside the prison cell. This is certainly still a good thing to do! Of course, with respect to the money, benxiang will be the one responsible for it!"

    Chu Fei Yang watched as Yun Xuan Mo's facial complexion turned more deathly pale bit by bit, as he immediately said with a great mood.

    Yun Xuan Mo's words that he intended to use in order to beg for mercy were stuck in his throat as he was unable to utter them out loud. His heart was full of resentfulness, what a great Chu Fei Yang, who was still not fully satisfied after hearing that he was going to face his exile in a moment, yet he still insisted on allowing Yi Yi to marry a convict. Doing things this far, only then it was  able to satisfy his utmost desire.

    As compared to the huge waves that emerged up in Yun Xuan Mo's heart, Yun Qian Meng seemed to be unusually calm. Since they had chosen to go against Chu Fei Yang, then they must be able to overcome the consequences for losing.

    But, Chu Fei Yang was indeed a two-faced person, allowing Yun Yi Yi to marry a convict. Perhaps the next day Yun Yi Yi would become a widow after being a bride, such kind of punishment, as for a young woman, was the most cruel thing.

    It could clearly be seen that Chu Fei Yang had calculated all the people's psychological behavior, with this he had attacked the opposing party through their weak spots, causing them to be in great pain.

    Superior Qian pondered for a moment, thinking that it would not affect his own judgement, furthermore if something went wrong Chu Fei Yang would be held responsible. Thinking this far,, he nodded his head and agreed to this matter, after which he bid his farewell to Chu Fei Yang and Yun Xuan Zhi, allowing his men to escort Yun Xuan Mo and Yun Yi Yi as they left Yun Xiang Fu.

    After Superior Qian and his men left, Yun Xuan Zhi then heaved a sigh of relief.

    Who would have expected that the family of the second master would do such thing. In the presence of Chu Fei Yang they forced Yun Qian Meng to accept her own husband to take a concubine, such kind of shameless act, had truly angered Yun Xuan Zhi.

    Luckily Chu Fei Yang's mind was clear-headed, he wasn't being deceived by that silly girl Yun Yi Yi, or else the second uncle would have had an equal standing with him in the future!

    Being inwardly pleased with himself, he saw the Mama who was supervising the front yard arrived at the doorway of the reception pavilion. Understanding the situation Liu Han Yu immediately went out, after a while she was seen to be walking inside in a grave face, whispering a few words beside Yun Xuan Zhi's ears she relayed, "Xiangye, Superior Su has arrived. Now he is waiting for you inside the guest room."

    Having heard what was said, faint vicious expression showed up on Yun Xuan Zhi's face, yet he let Yun Qian Meng and Chu Fei Yang to take some rest in Qi Luo Yuan, while he himself lifted his feet walking towards the direction of the guest room.

    Yun Yi Yi was deeply asleep at this moment, until she sniffed out a strange smell, she slowly waken up. But the second she regained back her consciousness she wished that she could just fall asleep forever.

    Because during this time, Yun Yi Yi saw the man who had raped her was now sitting on her bed right now, his hand was also holding a candle roving it around her face. For a moment Yun Yi Yi was terrified, even forgot to screech, just foolishly moving her eyes around following the movement of the candle stick.

    "You're awake, wifey!" That convict was staring at Yun Yi Yi terrified face excitedly, being utterly enjoyed playing with the candle stick as he put it closer to Yun Yi Yi's face, until the flame of the candle ignited Yun Yi Yi's delicately long and shapely brows......

    "Ah......Ah...... help me......" The sharp pain in her face immediately made Yun Yi Yi cover her both eyes and cry for help in a loud voice. Yet such kind of prison cell was already used to hearing the loud cry for help from the prisoners everyday, nobody would ever pay attention to Yun Yi Yi.

    Because of the pain, she rolled around on the bed, until her body fell down onto the ground. Then a huge foot stepped on her back with force, causing the pain on her back to exceed the pain on her face, shifting Yun Yi Yi's attention.

    "No...... I'm begging you...... no...... it's too painful....." Her four limbs continuously twisting, facing such kind of strong man, Yun Yi Yi had the slightest power of resistance, she could only allow him to bully and humiliate her, her mouth was persistently begging for mercy.

    But, watching Yun Yi Yi risking her life to struggle and the painful expression on her face, that convict seemed to be having a great time. So he continuously exerted more strength on his foot, soon his entire body was stepping on Yun Yi Yi's back, then slowly crouched down, following the front piece of Yun Yi Yi's clothes he allowed the melted wax of the candle in his hand to drip, slowly allowing them to drip down on Yun Yi Yi's delicate neck......

    "Ah......" With a painful cry, Yun Yi Yi felt the air in her lungs almost being completely exhausted, and her neck was as if being chopped by someone numerous times. For a moment she could no longer stand the piercing pain, as she fainted instantly.

    Chapter 125 Yi Yi Leaves the Stage and Marries a Deathrow Prisoner
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