Chapter 131 Part 1

    Su Yuan heard himself being condemned by Qu Zhang Qing. But because of the pain in his body he could not say a word and could only glare, and allowed himself to be dragged out of the lobby of the Ministry of Justice by the bailiffs.

    This matter was not going to  just end here. Qu Zhang Qing watched Su Yuan being dragged out, then his ice-cold eyes suddenly shot a glance towards the assistant minister who was standing in a corner, trembling with fear. Before allowing him to speak, the assistant minister knelt down with a loud thump, fear written across his face as he begged "Governor, beizhi was really only being compelled to do those things, please forgive beizhi just this once. Beizhi will certainly follow faithfully beside you, Governor, and obey your orders! Please forgive beizhi just this once. Governor, beizhi still has elderly and children in beizhi's family. Beizhi really cannot afford to meet any mishap!"

    While speaking, the assistant minister continued with his kowtows and begging. But Qu Zhang Qing was not  in any way moved. If everyone would use this as the reason, then what would they need the Ministry of Justice for? If every man who committed crimes would only speak to admit his mistakes, then will the whole world become totally peaceful and secured?

    Qu Zhang Qing will be unlikely to go so far as to ignore such kind of situation, only relying on the assistant minister's report to expose Su Yuan, yet not being able to investigate on his past crimes.

    Qu Zhang Qing gave the guard beside him a meaningful glance. Without explanation those guards dragged the assistant minister out. Then Qu Zhang Qing took an empty memorial to the throne in a corner and listed down all the things that he had interrogated today. He was going to submit it to the emperor once he returned the imperial palace.

    During this time, inside the female prison cell, Su Qian Yue was getting angry over the rancid food that the mess cook had brought in for her. She kicked out the broken bowl with one foot, and with a gloomy face, she sat down on the pile of rice straws, still feeling angry.

    Yun Yi Yi, who had been brought back to the prison, saw this scene. With a mocking look, she watched how Su Qian Yue was still behaving like a xiaojie even though she was taken prisoner. She remarked in ridicule, "Oh! Su xiaojie, what's going on here? Isn't your father the head of the Ministry of Justice? Why did he detain his honorable daughter in here? Could it be that he was planning to detain you here forever so as to cover up his embarrassment regarding your pregnancy before marriage?"

    This time Su Qian Yue was already feeling fidgety and grieved. She absolutely did not expect that the Yun family would be able to reverse their fortunes given their previous situation. Not only did they find their way out of an impasse, they had also speedily put all of the blame on the Su family. Resulting in her family being detained inside the prison cells instead. This made the conceited and arrogant Su Qian Yue feel a deep grievance. She was extremely regretful that she wasnot able to immediately marry into Han Guo Gong Fu after finding out that she was pregnant. This time she preferred to be Yuan Qian Zhou's wife, rather than to be detained inside this smelly and filthy prison of the Ministry of Justice.

    But, before she could finish venting out her anger, Yun Yi Yi's mocking voice echoed beside her ears. Suddenly she got really angry. She jumped up as if here tail was being stepped on and pointed at Yun Yi Yi through the bars and cursed. "Yun Yi Yi, and what are you? Back then I lost my child because of you, I shall have vengeance sooner or later! But, I heard that you've been raped by a deathrow convict, afterwards you had married that convict, apparently you and the convict had been brought together by fate, but just as you become a bride, you will also become a widow soon, that was indeed your fate of having a dead husband!"

    One of things that Yun Yi Yi hated the most was having someone mention her situation. She never expected Su Qian Meng to know these thing about her. Her faintly yellowish face immediately turned fierce. Instantly, she stood up from the pile of straws then dashed against the edge of the bars. Reminded of all the ills she had endures, she pointed at Su Qian Yue, that slut, then cursed, "Do you think that you can still walk out of the doors of the Ministry of Justice? Su Qian Yue, right now you are just a prisoner. Don't dream about having the Han Guo Gong Fu to rescue you here. You just sit here and wait for your whole family to be executed! You have committed all the utterly heartless things, do you think the heaven will forgive you all? Besides, in any case having a bastard child born by a evil person like you. You might as well thank me for saving you from a trouble!"

    After having her say, Yun Yi Yi laughed delightedly. Now that Yun Yi Yi had her entire body covered with filth, her hair had been tangled into knots, her face had turned yellowish because it had not been taken care of. She watched Su Qian Yue while laughing heartily without any restraint, completely lacking her usual reserved and noble behavior.

    Watching Yun Yi Yi feeling pleased, Su Qian Yue suddenly laughed out loud. She smoke smugly and arrogantly, "Yun Yi Yi, do you really think that the convict had approached you out of nowhere? Although I hated Yun Qian Meng, but I couldn't deny that, as compared to Yun Qian Meng, you are truly quite tedious. Without a nice family background and good appearance, even your figure is quite shriveled, do you think that the convict would really fancy a slut like you? I tell you, you are just a replacement of Yun Qian Meng, it was me who had instructed the convict to entertain both of you properly, but too bad Yun Qian Meng had been rescued, giving the advantage to a slut like you, allowing you to enjoy the pleasures of the close intimacy of a couple!"

    "Su Qian Yue, you slut......" Now that she had learned that the person who destroyed her life was this slutty Su Qian Yue, partitioned by a passageway, Yun Yi Yi roared at Su Qian Yue who was incessantly howling with laughter. Her withered small face was full of endless anger and hatred. She wished she could immediately rush over and choke Su Qian Yue to death.

    "Don't be anxious, I'm not done speaking yet." Being confronted with Yun Yi Yi who had gone out of control, Su Qian Yue continued in an extremely cold voice "Do you think that, facing my own enemies, I would really give you food with good intentions? Speaking of being foolish, you are quite stupid. That was just a dirty old trick, being unable to fool Yun Qian Meng, but instead it seemed to trap an idiot like you! Those pastries had no poison indeed, but I've put in a kind of aphrodisiac, taking it alone wouldn't flare up, but once you smelled the incense that I lighted up that day, combining the two of them together, it would increase its effectivity. Without feeling the pleasure from a man your suffering would not be able to go away. Don't tell me that you never found out that when you were having intercourse with that convict you found it extremely pleasurable? Yun Yi Yi, you are an idiot who came from the countryside, being easily manipulated by such simple tricks. Truly dishonorable!"

    Su Qian Yue's eyes was a dense mockery. Her lips opened and closed slowly as she told the whole process in its entirety. She watched Yun Yi Yi's face gradually turn crazy and mad. Her heart felt loosened up and comfortable, thinking that, Yun Yi Yi's skills for making her feel sad were quite incompetent.

    Yun Yi Yi had never expected her life to be ruined by a slut like Su Qian Yue. In an instant her face turned red out of anger. Thinking about the hardships that she had went through during these days, thinking about how she had knelt down before the convict, begging him to let her off, but still was not able to escape the inhuman torments, thinking about her flesh right now not having any spot that still remained intact, Yun Yi Yi's both eyes turned red. She stretched out her five fingers wanting to choke Su Qian Yue to death, her mouth continuously cursed "Slut, slut, slut......"

    Su Qian Yue remained calm and unruffled enjoying Yun Yi Yi's fury and hatred. Since she was already down and out herself, then she wouldn't permit anybody to have an easy time. Thinking this way, the smiling expression in the corner of Su Qian Yue mouth was even more bright, laughing out loud while she listened to Yun Yi Yi's crazy bellowing......

    But before Su Qian Yue became prominently delighted, few female jailers walked in, without saying anything further they opened the door in the prison cell, then immediately grabbed Su Qian Yue.

    "What are you doing? You group of slaves, what are you trying to do!" Her body being powerless, but Su Qian Yue still strived hard to struggle, but she simply could not resist the tall and strong female jailer. Then one female jailer forced Su Qian Yue into submission single-handedly, while the other female jailer locked Su Qian Yue who struggled continuously into a chain.

    Seeing her own shoulders being restricted by the wooden stocks and chain, Su Qian Yue immediately shouted crazily "Take them away from me, what are you doing? My father is the head of the Ministry of Justice, do you want to die? My Su family has marriage connections with Chen Wang Fu, if you treat me like this now, don't tell me that you're not afraid to have your entire family executed? Bitch, let go of me......"

    But no matter how hard Su Qian Yue bellowed, those female jailers completely ignored her. A female jailer pushed Su Qian Yue on the back, solely preoccupied in cursing people. Su Qian Yue got distracted then directly threw herself to the front, tumbled and crawled on the ground, causing Yun Yi Yi, who was raging with fury, to laugh heartily "Bitch, very well deserved, it serves you right, really serves you right!"

    Su Qian Yue's incisor tooth had been knocked off by the stocks and chains, so painful that tears suddenly welled up in her face, yet she wasn't able to say anything. Moving her body she staggered along to stand up, yet discovered that he own mother, grandmother and the others who were detained in the same prison cell with her, were all being put on stocks and chains by the female jailers.

    "What are you really trying to do? We are the women of the distinguished family, how could you treat us like that? I want to meet the emperor!" At this time, the elderly lady of Su family had spoken, although she was wearing a chain, but her face remained calm, seemingly unperturbed as if being cleansed by the gale and billows.

    Hearing the elderly lady's spoken words, the women of the Su family drew closer to her as if they had found their pillar, one by one they stared at the few female jailers with their resentful faces.

    "You have regarded yourselves as some important things! I tell you, His Majesty had just issued an imperial decree earlier, Su Yuan's crimes for accepting bribery and maltreatment of prisoners had been confirmed and everything turned out to be true. Su Yuan will be brought to the city gates tomorrow noontime and to be beheaded in public, his children will be sent to the frontier region in exile. All the women of the family will be assigned to an army post! Don't assume yourselves to be the furens and xiaojies in front of us. Right now you are not even equal to us! Humph! Take them away!"

    Before waiting for them to react to this information, the few female jailers pushed all of them out of the prison cell.

    "Impossible, that's impossible. His Majesty must have gotten them all wrong! Of course, Qu Zhang Qing harbored hatred towards our Su family, he was trying frame us up and entrap us. He slandered daddy, bring me to see Qu Zhang Qing. I want to see how he would compel us further!" Su Qian Yue roared again, thinking of herself to be soon assigned to the army. Su Qian Yue immediately realized the intention behind it. Her face instantly turned deathly pale, ignoring the agonizing pain, advancing towards the few female jailers as she shouted.

    'Pak!' But what responded was a ruthless whip, at the back area of Su Qian Yue's prisoner clothes a slash of blood appeared, then the female jailer's foul-mouthed roar echoed in her ears "Be quiet, or else I will make you take the consequences! Don't you hesitate to do things until forced to do even more, I'm speaking to you in a kind manner. You've actually taken the advantage asking for more. You even wanted to meet the Governor. Why don't you look at yourselves, from now on, you are no longer noblewomen, each and every one of you are slaves, but still behaving arrogantly, careful you might get to taste a whip from me!"

    While speaking, the female jailer lifted the whip in her hand up high, frightening all the women of Su family as their bodies trembled, not daring to have any further objections as they dragged their own heavy bodies walking out.

    "Hahaha... Su Qian Yue, you slutty bitch, what you are right now, serves you right, this is part of your retribution... What are you going to do? Get out, quickly get out......" Yun Yi Yi leaned on the railings watching Su Qian Yue's stupid behavior, laughing as she was unable to control herself. But before she was done laughing, she saw her own tightly closed prison cell being opened, two female jailers walked in, without further notice they locked the last pair of stocks and chain on her shoulders.

    "Yun Yi Yi, don't you remember, today is the day that you will be sent on exile!" Watching Yun Yi Yi struggled continuously and even biting her arm, that female jailer stretched out her fleshy palm then she gave Yun Yi Yi a big slap on her face, after which she ruthlessly hauled her hair exerting all her strength to shake Yun Yi Yi's body. She used her strength to smash Yun Yi Yi's head against the wooden railings, immediately causing Yun Yi Yi to be badly bruised. She laid down on the floor gasping for breath......

    "Slut, that's what you deserved......" Watching this situation, facing Yun Yi Yi, Su Qian Yue produced a resolute spitting sound 'poo!', after which she walked out of the prison cell in a great mood.


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