Chapter 135 Part 2 Numerous Happenings During the Feast of New Year’s Eve Inside the Palace

    Chu Fei Yang, who was sitting upright in a corner, immediately stood up and approached beside Chu Wang, carefully comforting Chu Wang's back, helping him with his breath, speaking in a worried tone "Grandpa, why did you try to force yourself earlier! Although Hai Wang's status is highly respectable, and with you being compelled to take the wine offered by him, but you shouldn't force yourself to finish the drink in one sitting! You know perfectly well that with your old age, your body no longer behave like it had been before, yet because of your self-respect you had pushed yourself too far, did you treat your own grandson as the 'dead man' now?"

    While Chu Fei Yang was attending to Chu Wang, he spoke these words gritting his teeth. The final two words 'dead man' he seemed to pronounce them in an extremely slow tone, his voice was extremely serious. His cold gaze flashed past Hai Wang, just like the hailstorm mixed with cold and violent rainstorm, even if it was not deadly, yet it would not allow the receiving party to have an easy time.

    "It was my negligence! Wang Ye, had better take a sip of hot tea to take a breather!" Seeing Emperor Yu Qian had already summoned Yu Gong Gong, whispering something to his ear, Hai Wang lifted up the teacup in front of Chu Wang with worry.

    And during this time, Chu Nan Shan coughed while shaking his head, directly pushing away the teacup in front of him, yet he felt so unwell that he was not able to say anything.

    "Wang Ye does not know, but yeye is already old, drinking tea will increase the phlegm. He is simply incomparable to you, Wang Ye, who is currently robust in his years, which truly makes people envious!" Shifting his gaze, the chilly cold gaze in Chu Fei Yang's eyes immediately dispersed, then immediately replaced with his usual gentle and refined manners. This time he was personally pouring a cup of plain water as he put it closer beside Chu Wang's lips, allowing him to drink it to ease his breath.

    Hearing the grandfather and grandson both refusing his kind gesture, Hai Wang was also able to understand Chu Fei Yang's implied meaning. Yet he simply smiled and laid down the teacup in his hand, seemingly cooperating with Chu Wang, his voice slightly raised up as he spoke "Chu Xiang is indeed obedient! You really cared about Chu Wang indeed, the training that Chu Wang had provide Chu Xiang didn't really go in vain! In the future if someone wanted to take advantage of Wang Ye, I believe Chu Xiang will definitely seek justice for Wang Ye! Too bad my Chen Xi's interest is to eat, drink and be merry, not to mention showing his care to me as his father, but as long as he didn't cause any trouble to me, I would definitely thank the heavens!"

    Speaking these words, the officials all around started to laugh. But nearby Chu Pei and Chu Fei Yang glanced towards the situation in this area, afterwhich they shifted their focus elsewhere.

    "Wang Ye, Xiang Ye, His Majesty had permitted nubi to invite Imperial Physician Nie to diagnose Wang Ye!" This time, Yu Gong Gong led Nie Huai Yuan inside, watching Chu Wang's unstable breathing, he respectfully spoke to Chu Fei Yang.

    "Weichen thanks His Majesty for the concern!" Chu Fei Yang immediately stood up and thanked Emperor Yu Qian for the favor. Emperor Yu Qian just nodded his head, a smile turning up the corner of his mouth. Then, being concerned, he asked "Allow the imperial physician to diagnose Wang Ye then, don't delay the state of the illness."

    Having heard what was said, Nie Huai Yuan went ahead preparing to examine Chu Nan Shan's pulse, yet he was being called back by Hai Wang with one statement. Hai Wang was paying attention on Nie Huai Yuan court uniform, seeing the pattern on his chest, he slowly spoke "Chu Wang is a treasured person in our Western Chu, Yu Gong Gong, aren't you supposed to invite the head of the imperial physician's institution to come and take Wang Ye's pulse, this will truly make Chu Wang's significance prominent, moreover it will not fail to live up His Majesty expectations on you!"

    Having heard what was said, Chen Wang sneered, he immediately continued "How can we allow an eighth-rank imperial physician to casually examine Wang Ye's body? Yu Gong Gong, do you despise Chu Wang or do you handle things in an unfavorable way? Would you like His Majesty to give you a round of beating in order to take things seriously?"

    Being treated unjustly, Yu Gong Gong got tense. Tonight the emperor had invited all the groups of officials, evidently the head of the imperial physician institute's name will be was included in the list, but since he was already drunk, how can the physician be able to take his pulse?

    Coincidentally this Imperial Physician Nie had achieved meritorious deed in Luo City which was why he got invited to tonight's palace feast. Seeing that he had not drank any wine, he then invited him over. Being accused wrongly by Hai Wang and Chen Wang, Yu Gong Gong's heart was truly unhappy.

    "It doesn't matter, since Physician Nie was able to cure people from the epidemic illness in Luo City, then I naturally trust his medical expertise!" Chu Fei Yang knew Hai Wang's thoughts, he immediately explained the incident regarding the epidemic disease. As expected the two of them went silent after hearing it, then through his meaningful glance he gestured Nie Huai Yuan to go ahead and check the pulse.

    "Wait a moment! There must be something wrong with what Chu Xiang said, Imperial Physician Nie hsd treated the common people in the past, how can they be compared to the honorable Chu Wang? If there's a mistake, then who will be responsible for it?" This time, Hai Chen Xi spoke wearing a serious face, wearing a shallow smile in the corner of his mouth waiting to watch a great show. Both extreme expressions appeared on his face at the same time, yet they did not seem to contradict each other, but instead they complement with each other very well. His evil smiling expression immediately caused all the women on the opposite side to be excited, one by one they started to discuss privately about all the pretty men they saw today, furthermore making them focus more attention to their targets preparing to make the first move in advance.

    "But on the contrary benxiang is against Hai Jun Wang's point of view! Chu Wang is a citizen of Western Chu, and the common people of Luo City are also Western Chu's citizens, how could there be any difference between the noble and the lowly status? Don't tell benxiang that those people with the noble status will never get sick or die? Besides, since His Majesty has already issued an imperial edict bestowing the title of imperial physician to Physician Nie, that explains that His Majesty has also trusted his medical skills! Then naturally benxiang will not doubt Imperial Physician Nie's medical ethics and medical skills, how can benxiang not allow him to diagnose grandfather?" While speaking, Chu Fei Yang held Chu Wang's hand as he laid it down on the desk in front of them, allowing Nie Huai Yuan to take his pulse.

    After a while, Nie Huai Yuan took back his hand, facing Chu Fei Yang and Chu Nan Shan he cupped his hands. Afterwhich he spoke to Emperor Yu Qian "Reporting to Your Majesty, due to Chu Wang's old age, in addition to the ailments he attained all these years during his expeditions, once the winter season comes all the old illness will recur, if these aren't attended to carefully, afraid they will only get worse!"

    Hearing Nie Huai Yuan's report, Emperor Yu Qian was somewhat unconvinced. But seeing the leaders of the imperial physicians institute getting a bit drunk nearby, he nodded his head, showing concern as he said "Wang Ye, do not hesitate to make use of the best medicine for yourself, if you are lacking them you may get them from the warehouse, you should not be negligent."

    "Yes!" Seeing Emperor Yu Qian didn't ask other questions, Nie Huai Yuan loosened up his tensed up heart, then he slowly retreated back to his seat.

    But with today's incident, his problems had been known by other people, perhaps in the imperial court later on, he will no longer have a peaceful life.

    "Oh, is he Chu Xiang's younger brother? His looks are unusually good! Chu furen you are blessed indeed!" All the women had heard the conversation between the men, in addition to their meeting earlier in the side palace hall, the furen of the leader of Ministry of Appointments smiled as she spoke to Madam Xie.

    Hearing all the others praising her own son, Madam Xie exposed a smile in her face, yet she humbly spoke "Han fruen, you have overpraised me. My son learned and followed closely to his father, yet he still can't be compared to his big brother, not even half of his talents, we only hoped that he will not be too stubborn and mischievous."

    Having heard what was said, Yun Qian Meng looked at the direction of the two persons, seeing Madam Xie was chatting with Han furen in a respectful manner, surely she had already known everything that was going on in these madams mind. Facing Han furen whose daughter had already entered the imperial palace to be become a Jie Yu, Madam Xie became even more cautious and timid when responding to her.

    "Your Er Niang, she was truly a smooth and slick person! Being able to easily blend in with these groups of upper-class women, she is quite awesome!" This time, Qu Fei Qing refused the wine toasting of other people as she leaned closer to Yun Qian Meng, whispering quietly beside her ears.

    "Cousin, how could you know her that well?" With the weak relationship between the father and son, Chu Fei Yang rarely discussed anything about his own father, not to mention talking about Madam Xie, this time hearing Qu Fei Qing mentioning about her, Yun Qian Meng knitted up her brows as she asked.

    "I heard grandmother and mother talking about her yesterday! Your Er Niang was originally not a person from the capital. It is said that her parents came from well-known distinguished families in Youzhou, they take control of the important trading paths between South Xu Country and Western Chu, they were even considered to be the number one aristocratic family! It is not surprising, only such kind of influential family will be able to bring up such awesome daughter. Without some strategies, how could she be able to merge with these persons meeting them in the very first time!" Qu Fei Qing elaborated seeing the doubtful look in Yun Qian Meng's eyes.

    "What about now? How's the situation of Xie family in You Zhou?" Madam Xie had mentioned before that both parents of Xie Wan Wan and Xie Yuan Yuan were already dead. The two orphans were being under the foster care of Chu Fu ever since.

    But speaking about the offsprings of the famous family, could it be that the Xie family was having no other people to raise the children, that they insisted relying on Xie Shu Yi, who was already married off away from home.

    "I have no idea about this. But there's one thing I needed to remind you, Meng'er, you have to be careful with her. After all Chu Xiang and Chu Qing Yang really aren't from the same mother, moreover Madame Xie is still very young, concerning Chu Wang's position, perhaps there will be a fight over it in the future!" Qu Fei Qing told Yun Qian Meng everything that her mother and grandmother had requested to remind her of, yet she discovered that Yun Qian Meng's expression remained normal, not in the very least bit of being anxious. Qu Fei Qing could not help but admire this girl, no matter how difficult the circumstances are, Yun Qian Meng truly was able to remain cool-headed, truly making her feel utmostly impressed!

    Yun Qian Meng evidently knew that her maternal grandmother and aunt must have told Qu Fei Qing to inform her. Her heart was filled with warmth, then she nodded her head with a simple smile.

    But she felt somehow confused in her heart, based on their interaction these few days, she only thought that Madam Xie and the others were actually not interested in dominating Chu Wang's position. But  Madam Xie's overly enthusiastic attitude was indeed hard to understand.

    "Crown Prince, why haven't we seen Princess Ling'er today?" This time, the Empress Dowager spoke slowly.

    "Please forgive me, Empress Dowager, but Ling'er isn't feeling well these days. Bengong advised her to take some rest in the relay station, and she will not be able to attend tonight's feast in the palace." Hearing the Empress Dowager asked about Qi Ling'er, Qi Jing Yuan replied quickly and fluently with one statement. But when he shifted his gaze away from the Empress Dowager, he shot a glance at Yun Qian Meng treacherously. Qu Fei Qing who was sitting beside Yun Qian Meng was able to sense the anger concealed deep within it.

    "What's the matter with him? What do we have to do with Qi Ling'er being unwell? For what reason does he has to stare at us like that?" Being glared at by that ferocious gaze, if they would say that they weren't terrified by it then that will be a lie! Qu Fei Qing was grumbling facing Yun Qian Meng being separated by the curtain, feeling these few people from Northern Qi were truly very weird. Previously Qi Ling'er had spread her peacock tail as she showed up in the palace feast, it was indeed her last opportunity to show off, yet she had actually fell ill unable to attend, that was truly incomprehensible.

    And confronted by Qi Jing Yuan's anger, Yun Qian Meng's lips curved into a simple smile. Other people were not able to understand the meaning behind it, but she was able to clearly understand it.

    During that day, Qi Ling'er behaved herself impudently inside Chu Wang Fu, for several times she had tried to restrain herself, afterwhich she had tried to compel Chu Fei Yang to marry her, regarding this incident, how could Yun Qian Meng suppress it down for no reason?

    As a matter of fact, during the time when she pulled Qi Ling'er back, she had smeared a small amount of colorless and odorless powder in her hand. As long as it came in contact with the skin, it will be itchy and painful all over the body and red rashes will appear, it will take a month's time to recover from it.

    She had initially instructed Ying Qiu to produce such medicine powder and carry it with her at all times. Unexpectedly Qi Ling'er had became her very first subject of experiment, but, judging by Qi Jing Yuan's attitude, Ying Qiu's medical expertise was pretty good!

    For a moment, Yun Qian Meng's mood suddenly improved, her both eyes smiling as she enjoyed watching the dance performance in front of her eyes.

    "Nie Huai Yuan, step forward to receive the imperial edict!" The sound of singing and dancing paused, Yu Gong Gong's voice echoed once again inside the imperial garden.

    All the people were confused, as to why this single eighth-rank imperial physician was being able to receive a summon from Emperor Yu Qian.

    But within those slightly dropped down eyes of Nie Huai Yuan, both helpless and unyielding expressions flashed through them. Being obliged to stand up from his seat, he took quick steps towards Emperor Yu Qian's direction. When he had stood firm in the center of the empty space, he knelt down on his both knees. But before Yu Gong Gong started to read the imperial imperial edict in his hands, he opened his mouth and spoke clearly "Your Majesty, humble official would like to resign from my post for being the imperial physician of the Imperial Physician Institute!"

    With these words, everyone was shocked, even Yu Gong Gong, who already knew the details written inside the imperial edict. He was was greatly surprised. He carefully took a glimpse at Emperor Qian who still remained calm. Yu Gong Gong reminded Nie Huai Yuan in a low voice "Imperial Physician Nie, what are you talking about? His Majesty thinks highly of you, how can you just let down the imperial kindness?"

    "Your Majesty, humble official is just merely a commoner! This time being able to do things for the common people of Luo City, truly permitted humble official to benefit from it greatly. Moreover it has permitted me to make my mind to bring about more good deeds for all the common people, please help me accomplish this aim, Your Majesty!" While speaking, facing Emperor Yu Qian Nie Huai Yuan knocked his head on the ground, perhaps he had already made up his mind, no one else will be able to make him change his mind!

    Yun Qian Meng also did not expect Nie Huai Yuan to make such kind of decision, it was actually the palace feast for the New Year's Eve today, he had actually gone as far as to ask to resign from his post in front of all civil and military officials and the people of Northern Qi. This decision not only required the extreme courage, but also he will be having the big risk of getting himself beheaded.

    If during this moment any person would speak out trying to slander him, once Emperor Yu Qian got angered, perhaps it will be difficult for him to preserve his life. With this thought, even Yun Qian Meng was also beaded with cold sweat because of Nie Huai Yuan. Who would have really expect that this foolish person who usually immersed himself among the books of medicinal herbs all day long, would actually become this outrageous!

    During this moment, a hand grasped Yun Qian Meng's, cold sweat seeped out from the palm of the hand making Yun Qian Meng to unobtrusively wrinkle up her brows, afterwhich she covered it up with her other hand, wrapping around that hand being ice-cold like snow, in a low voice she consoled her and said "Everything will be alright!"

    But when Yun Qian Meng looked at Qu Fei Qing, her face was pale, the originally light pink cheeks went deathly pale like all the fresh blood had been drawn out. Despite her strenuous efforts to remain calm, but those tightly pursed up lips was able to reveal her current mood.

    Watching Qu Fei Qing's gaze tightly glued on Nie Huai Yuan, Yun Qian Meng immediately realized that, perhaps the biggest reason why Nie Huai Yuan requested to resign from his post, was precisely because he wanted Qu Fei Qing to give up on him.

    After all, there was still no preceding incidents where the daughter of an official marrying a commoner. Although Nie Huai Yuan is merely an eighth-rank imperial physician now, but he was also serving the court as an official. These drastic measures truly cut off all wishes.

    But, with him behaving this way, it had severed off all his way out, in the future if he still planned to serve the royal court as an official, it will be very likely to become an impossible mission.

    "Imperial Physician Nie, you have truly gave us a whole new perspective, judging your position like some dung, that is truly admiring! But, it was truly hard to obtain His Majesty's favor for anybody, rejecting the imperial kindness like this, Physician Nie, do you really not know how to appreciate the kindness being given to you?" This time, Director of Board of Rites, Governor Shen, the one who had drafted the imperial decree, started to speak.

    Since the imperial decree was issued under his supervision, he naturally knew the details inside of it.

    According to the things written in the memorial handed over by Chu Xiang to the emperor, this time Nie Huai Yuan had actually developed a prescription to put a stop to the outspread of the epidemic disease. As a result His Majesty had put him in an important position. But unexpectedly this person cared less about the worldly things, his thoughts were basically not focused on the imperial court, it had really wasted His Majesty's patronizing efforts to promote him as the sixth-rank imperial physician.

    "Governor Shen, you really have no idea, Imperial Physician Nie almost faced his death when he was requested to rush to Luo City! In Luo City he attended to the needs of the common people and developed the prescription day and night. His body almost collapsed due to exhaustion, such kind of sacrifice, how can you say that he had failed to live up to His Majesty's favor?" Chu Fei Yang spoke indifferently, avoiding the important and dwelling on the trivial matters trying not to mention about Nie Huai Yuan's resignation, instead speaking out the matters concerning how Nie Huai Yuan had developed the cure furthermore emphasized his inclination to help His Majesty and the common people.

    Indeed, upon hearing Chu Fei Yang's words, Emperor Yu Qian's initially gloomy face had then improved better. But those eyes filled with haze still shot the angry gaze towards Nie Huai Yuan.

    After all, the emperor's prestige had reached it rock bottom because of one Nie Huai Yuan today. As compared to all the meritorious service established by Nie Huai Yuan, it seemed to be like the ocean against a tiny grain of rice, in a split second it would swallow up the grain of rice.

    "Are you truly unwilling to serve the imperial court?" Everyone had held their breaths as a result of Emperor Yu Qian's interrogation, at the same time some of them seemed to rejoice in his misfortune, feeling this Nie Huai Yuan was indeed an idiot, leaving aside his opportunity to achieve meteoric success in his official career, he had spontaneously asked for the resignation, enraging Emperor Yu Qian like this, this time it will be difficult for him to escape his death.

    "Your Majesty, please help humble official accomplish his aim!" Despite being a low ranking official, his courageous spirit was truly admiring, facing Emperor Yu Qian's interrogation, he still insisted on his own decision.

    "Aren't you afraid that I might kill you?" Just as expected, Emperor Yu Qian appeared to have the intention to kill him.

    "Your Majesty, ever since you had ascended to the throne, you became a rare wise ruler. Your Majesty, if you are to kill me because of this matter, it will not cause any harm to the imperial court, but, Your Majesty, your usually distinctive reputation for being hardworking in handling politics and loving your own people, will be like a spilled puddle of black ink!" Nie Huai Yuan was emphatically not stupid.eEvidently he knew that if he will not make his remarks right now, it will be very likely for Emperor Yu Qian to issue an order to grant him the silk cloth to hang him!

    "Hahaha......" Yet unexpectedly, before he could finish speaking, everyone heard Emperor Yu Qian started to laugh heartily at the top of his voice.

    'Bang!' In the middle of the big laughter, Qu Fei Qing accidentally overturned the teacup on the table. The warm wine inside were all spilled onto her skirt. Fortunately this sound was extremely subtle that it did not attract too many people's attention.

    Seeing her losing her cool, for the fear that other people might be able to see her peculiar behavior, Yun Qian Meng immediately gripped Qu Fei Qing's other hand, allowing her to calm down.

    Yet unexpectedly, Han Che still saw Qu Fei Qing's behavior of losing sel-control. Those cold and slightly trembling eyes slowly shifted towards Nie Huai Yuan. Han Che's brows wrinkled a bit, the coldness in his eyes seemed like the cold surface of the lake in the winter season, shooting out thin white rays, causing other people to feel frightened looking at his expression.

    "Chu Xiang, he is indeed the person that you had recommend to me at that time, how will you handle this matter?" Emperor Yu Qian gradually regained his smiling expression, speaking in grave and stern facial expression.

    After hearing these words Chu Fei Yang stood up, in a simple smile he replied "Your Majesty, during that time humble official had recommended Nie Huai Yuan judging by his exquisite medical expertise and his moral character to wholeheartedly serve the common people, hence I've made this action. But all the facts had proven that, Nie Huai Yuan indeed devoted wholeheartedly on managing the illness, doing everything all by himself, this had also enabled him to produce the cure in the shortest period of time, and saved the lives of the common people in Luo City! Now that he asks for a resignation, even though he wouldn't be able to serve Your Majesty in the imperial court, but among the common people, he will similarly benefit the common people, Your Majesty, why not let him go for the sake of Western Chu's common people?"

    With these statements, he had transformed all the unfavorable matters into their brighter side. This made Emperor Yu Qian broke into laughter again as he shook his head, and during this time the Empress Dowager slightly leaned closer to Emperor Yu Qian, whispering some words in his ears. The vicious look on Emperor Yu Qian's face had eventually dissipated, afterwhich he took a glimpse at Yu Gong Gong, hinting him to put away the imperial editc. Then he spoke personally "Since Chu Xiang had persuaded me on your behalf, I also knew that leaving you inside the Imperial Physician Institute will also keep you away from performing your duty. Ministry of Rites, draft another decree, Nie Huai Yuan to be dismissed from his position as the imperial physician, throughout his life he will not be allowed to become an official in the royal court! Since today you have offended me, but considering your meritorious service for Western Chu, your mortal crime can be exempted. But you cannot escape from the punishment, somebody, drag him out and beat him thirty times with the use of huge planks!"

    Hearing Emperor Yu Qian intended to severely punish Nie Huai Yuan, Qu Fei Qing immediately struggled to get up. Yet she was being heavily pressed down by Yun Qian Meng. Yun Qian Meng's warning voice echoed beside her ears "Don't move, or else not to mention being unable to save his life, even you yourself will be highly suspected by other people!"

    Until this time, Yun Qian Meng had actually felt somewhat relieved, even if Emperor Yu Qian really wanted to take Nie Huai Yuan's life, perhaps Gu Lao Tai Jun and Qu Fei Qing would also step in, after all, for them, Nie Huai Yuan could still be considered as the one who had saved Qu Ling Ao's life, didn't the Empress Dowager's action also proved this point?

    "Your Majesty, tonight is the New Year's eve, it would be better for these beatings to be postponed until next year, so as to avoid bringing bad luck!" This time, the Empress Dowager plainly remarked.

    "What you said is right, Mother!" Hearing the Empress Dowager mentioned about it, Emperor Yu Qian waved his hand, allowing the people to bring out Nie Huai Yuan. Seeing this situation, Yu Gong Gong immediately gestured the musical instruments to continue on, so as not to continue to turn the atmosphere inside the imperial garden cold and cheerless.

    And this time, those palace eunuchs had walked past the female dancers through the gaps between them, lighting up the bonfire at the center of the imperial garden, putting a stand on top of it. Soon after everyone saw the members of the imperial kitchen carrying up a recently slaughtered suckling pig inside, with their skilled actions they propped up the suckling pig on the stand and slowly turned it around, not for long the fragrance of it floated up inside the imperial garden, shaking up the people's appetite. All the people seemed to have forgotten about the matter concerning Nie Huai Yuan earlier. They started to resume their toasts and friendly talks, included among these there were quite a huge number of people staying beside Chu Fei Yang and Chen Wang, one after another the major officials went ahead and proposed their toasts, not allowing idle time for them to take rests.

    In the women's corner they were still continuously set forth chatting with each other. Looking at them, the only ones who were still keeping their sitting posture, apart Rong Gui Fei, were Hai Tian and her mother.

    But, as compared to the calm and composed manner of Rong Gui Fei, Hai Wang Fei was pulling Hai Tian's hand all along, the two of them still continued to converse with each other, probably since Hai Tian was about to leave Western Chu, being her mother, Hai Wang Fei naturally will be reluctant to part with her.

    "Brother Han, let's go over there to propose our toasts to Chen Wang!" Although it was just a seventh-rank editor position, but since he was being able to enter the Imperial Hanlin Institute, it had given Kong Fan a thread of hope in his heart. So long as he will be able to endure the hardships during these three years probation period, he will still have the chance to be chosen as an internal minister. The most important thing this time, will be to cling on to a member of the influential officials, for him to be able to surpass Han Che as soon as possible.

    "I'm not good at drinking wine, Brother Kong you'd better go alone!" But Han Che spoke to reject Kong Fan's suggestion. Without consulting anyone he sat on his seat and continued to drink the tea in front of him, even the delicate meals in front of his eyes did not attract his attention.

    Kong Fan suspiciously glanced at him, feeling Han Che was truly enigmatic today. But he also knew that he did not have the heart to curry favor with Chen Wang, so he had only pretended to generously invite him earlier. This time seeing him refusing the offer, Kong Fan did not speak further, carrying the wine cup in his hand he walked towards the direction of the group of influential officials ahead of them.

    "Meng'er, I want to go to the side palace hall to take some rest!" Missing the person in her heart inside the imperial palace, Qu Fei Qing had momentarily lost her interest in everything, plus having her skirt sprinkled with some wine, she stood up and left her seat.

    "I'll join you!" Thinking about the things that she had encountered previously inside the palace, Yun Qian Meng felt uneasy for allowing Qu Fei Qing to stay alone inside the side palace. Then she stood up immediately afterwards. The two of them held on to each other as they crossed over the arched door, walking towards the direction of the side palace hall.

    But with Qu Fei Qing leaving her seat, it made Han Che's heart immediately filled with a bit of disappointment. But his both eyes still remained as calm as usual, making it impossible for anyone to notice the difference.

    "Brother Han, do you to go with me to propose a toast to the head of the Ministry of Justice? Governor Qu was once the assistant minister of the Ministry of War before, I wanted to seek some advice from him! And he was a subordinate of Chu Xiang before, Chu Xiang being the top scorer for both literary and military examinations had came from Imperial Han Lin Academy, naturally he knew about everything inside the Imperial Han Lin Academy. Brother Han, you must consult Governor Qu about them!" This time, Han Shao Mian smiled as he spoke. He was someone who initially practiced martial arts, with regards to Chu Fei Yang and Qu Zhang Qing he admired them very much. Now that being able to work with them in the same imperial court as officials, it had also made Han Shao Mian feel deeply honored.

    And according to those scholars from the poor and humble families, Chu Fei Yang seemed to be just like a high mountain that wasn't easy cross over, being able to achieve a single title as the top scorer was already considered amazing, not to mention achieving the double titles for being the top scorer in the same year for both examinations, on top of that, Yun Qian Meng being the furen of Chu Xiang had helped him handle those bullies in the restaurant before, it made Han Che admire Chu Fei Yang even more. As the matter fact, he didn't refuse Han Shao Mian's suggestion, as they advanced towards the direction of Qu Zhang Qing who was sitting down in his seat enjoying the meal in silence.
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