Chapter 143 Part 2 Xie Shi Got Injured on the Way to the Temple

    "Have you found anything?" Seeing Chu Fei Yang quietly sat inside the horse carriage, only firmly holding her hands, Yun Qian Meng started to ask.

    "Xi Lin had already informed the minister of the capital, this time the minister of the capital had already dispatched his men to the crime scene!" Chu Fei Yang looked at Yun Qian Meng as he slowly remarked.

    Having heard what was said, Yun Qian Meng doubtfully lifted up her eyes and looked at Chu Fei Yang, yet she saw her husband was wearing a heedless simple smile on his face, then she suddenly realized something in her heart.

    Apparently Chu Fei Yang's men had already made their inspection on the crime scene, the reason they informed the minister of the capital, firstly this was within the scope of his administration, and secondly, he wanted the person behind this plot to believe that Chu family thought this incident was just an ordinary robbery accident, causing the opposing party not to be on high alert.

    And today saving Xie Shi's life, the barrier between the father and son relationship of Chu Pei and Chu Fei Yang didn't deepen just as the person behind this scheme had hoped for, perhaps with this assassination failure, that person might attempt a second attack, being able to handle things flawlessly, didn't mean that he will be able to attain that every time, sooner or later he will give the game away.

    "But, Xi Lin came to report, he said that the hiding place of the bandits had left behind traces proving that there had been a fight before! In all likelihood one party must have already won against the other party, then took over the place!" Speaking of this, Chu Fei Yang's eyes appeared to be like a number of cold stars, emitting out chilly air.

    And Yun Qian Meng was immersed in deep thoughts, if she didn't guess it wrong, perhaps the group being defeated, was Chu Pei's men!

    No wonder Chu Pei seemed to be wearing a grave expression earlier, perhaps the reason behind it wasn't only because his son and wife being seriously injured, but also because his own men had been quietly killed by others!

    "This is becoming even more interesting, lord husband, I never expected our family to become a popular demand in everyone's mind, one by one they had actually planned to strike against us!" Leaning against Chu Fei Yang's chest, Yun Qian Meng spoke in a lazy tone, her half squinted eyes looked crafty and chilling cold.

    But during this time a burst of uproar echoed from outside the carriage, which was utterly different from the bustling noise in the market, it seemed like the sound of argument between a woman and a man.

    "What's going on?" Chu Fei Yang firmly embraced Yun Qian Meng who was closing her eyes meditating, as he asked the guard outside the carriage in a low voice.

    "Xiang Ye, a woman had blocked the path of the administrator of Ministry of Justice, the two of them seem to be arguing about something!"

    Hearing the words 'administrator of the Ministry of Justice', Yun Qian Meng slightly opened her half squinted eyes, sitting upright she lifted up the curtains inside the carriage, indeed she saw her cousin riding on his own saddle horse while his path was being blocked by the young woman.

    That young woman had bright eyes and white teeth, her facial complexion was richly colorful, her figure was even more exquisite and delicate, this time she was pointing at Qu Zhang Qing while saying something, and her own cousin who was normally quiet pursed up his both lips as he coldly stared at that young woman, no matter what she said he didn't make any response.

    "Let's go down and take a look then!" Seeing that young woman was placing her hands on her hips, Yun Qian Meng secretly sighed, she wouldn't let her own cousin to be at a disadvantageous situation! Besides Qu Zhang Qing wasn't good at handling women, if he permitted that woman to continue speaking, how could her cousin handle this negative effect on his reputation?

    Chu Fei Yang also regained his thoughts earlier, his highly perfected eyes penetrated through the curtains then looked towards the situation outside, afterwhich he nodded his head, then he assisted Yun Qian Meng as they walked out of the carriage.

    "What kind of person are you being quite strange? For almost half day you didn't even speak any word! Don't you know that the all the eggs inside my basket were broken because you've knocked against it!" When the two of them approached the circle being surrounded by a lot of people, they heard the young woman's voice flowed out like the jingling sound of spring water, when people heard of it they wouldn't think it was part of a quarrel, but contrarily it was sweet-sounding like a song that was used to perform in an opera.

    "I've already apologized, moreover I had promised to compensate for them, young miss why wouldn't you just forgive me!" This time Qu Zhang Qing spoke feeling the extreme headache, it was hard to imagine that the head of the Ministry of Justice like him, would come across such kind of unreasonable young woman, she had accepted his apology, but she stubbornly refused to accept the silvers.

    "You are a very ridiculous person, don't use your dirty money to insult people! These eggs of mine were hatched by hen that my mother had personally raised, I was planning to bring these to my older brother, the sentimental value of these eggs, how can they be bought by your dirty money? Seeing you dressed up like some distinguished man, yet you were completely unaware of the worldly wisdom, what a pity it was for your looks!" That young woman was pointing her slender fingers at those smashed eggs on the ground, speaking furiously.

    This made Yun Qian Meng suddenly halted her steps as she was attempting to go over and help Qu Zhang Qing out of trouble, pulling Chu Fei Yang as they stood in the crowd watching the two persons ahead, she found out that the girl was quite adorable, and Qu Zhang Qing's impatient expression on his face had broken off his usual frozen expression, which was rarely seen in a hundred years, Yun Qian Meng naturally wanted to appreciate more of this!

    Chu Fei Yang clearly understood the thoughts in Yun Qian Meng's mind, wearing a smile in the corner of his mouth he accompanied her as they stood in the crowd, with both arms wrapped around her, not permitting any person to have the chance to touch Yun Qian Meng, also wearing a simple smile on his face while watching Qu Zhang Qing's face which had already started to change.

    "Young miss, do not be the one who wins an inch but demands a foot! You had good intentions but why where you dallying around the official road? Luckily it was only me you came across today. If you were to block the carriage of the imperial palace, then you will definitely die!" A wicked citizen! These words emerged in Qu Zhang Qing's mind numerous times.

    ("wins an inch but demands a foot": not satisfied with small gains)

    Obviously it was this yatou who was fearlessly bounding down the official road, she should not be blaming other people once she got bumped, now it got worse, she had actually put all the blame on him, causing Qu Zhang Qing began to retort back not even in the slightest bit of considering to respect her as a woman.

    "Didn't expect my cousin to have such eloquent skills! He was able to find a loophole quite fast!" Hearing Qu Zhang Qing's words, Yun Qian Meng approvingly nodded her head, being reminded of the woman being chased after by Yuan Qing Zhou on the official road a year ago, during that time if it wasn't for her and Ji Shu Yu's help, that Qu Gong Gong might have already beaten down that woman to her death!

    Chu Fei Yang smiled without speaking any word, if Qu Zhang Qing was truly an idiot, how would he even put Qu Zhang Qing beside him before? Once a person with no brains get onto the battlefield, aside from death he will have no other way out!

    "You! What is your basis of pressuring people? Don't tell me that the lives of the common people are worthless? Uncles, aunts, and sisters around here, you all have already seen it, a lonely and poor girl like me who had entered the capital just to give the eggs prepared by my mother to my older brother, not only were these eggs being spoiled by this evil tyrant, but even get bullied by him, this is the land controlled by our emperor, how could he allow a person like you who didn't even respect the law?" That girl had transformed her arrogant and overbearing behavior earlier, being cute and helpless looking with both eyes being very red, with one hand pinching the handkerchief as she complained tearfully.

    But, within the capital, people were more or less aware of Qu Zhang Qing's character, quite a lot of persons had met Qu Zhang Qing, in addition to Qu Zhang Qing being an honest official, Fu Guo Gong Fu would also provide charity works to the common people, as for this young woman's accusation, no one had actually stepped out to condemn Qu Zhang Qing, furthermore they felt bored, as the crowd gradually scattered loose.

    "Huh?" That young girl wasn't able to obtain any response from her tearful accusations, at a loss she lifted up her head, yet she saw a pair of dazzling man and woman standing behind the man in front of her.

    "Yu'er?" This time, an impatient calling voice came through from a distant place.

    Hearing that familiar voice, the young woman immediately turned around, watching the person approached as she exerted her efforts to wave her hands, using a loud and clear voice she responded "Older brother!"

    When the other three persons saw the person who came over here running, their eyes looked astonished!

    "Humble official is please to meet Chu Xiang, Furen, and Governor Qu!" Approaching the three persons, Han Che was also being able to see clearly the persons in front of him, then he immediately saluted respectfully.

    "Older brother?" That young woman was puzzled as she looked at her own older brother, afterwhich she suddenly realized something as she turned to face the three persons, with a loud thump in her heart, she took a glimpse again at those smashed eggs on the floor, her heart felt confused.

    Qu Zhang Qing didn't waste any unnecessary time on trivial matters, he turned around and discovered Chu Fei Yang and Yun Qian Meng was directly staring at him, then he immediately uttered words to say goodbye, moving quickly as he hopped onto the horseback hurrying towards the direction of the government office of Ministry of Justice.

    "Didn't expect Governor Han to have such vivacious and adorable younger sister!" Seeing Qu Zhang Qing had ran away, Yun Qian Meng had no other choice but shifted her focus on Han Che.

    "My younger sister was stubborn and naughty ever since she was small, if she had offended Xiang Ye and Furen, please do forgive her!" Han Che prudently replied, as compared to his younger sister's innocent and unaffected nature, it was entirely different indeed!

    "Governor Han don't be too courteous! But the one who had some misunderstanding with your sister, was actually my cousin! Since it is a good for Governor Han and your sister to be reunited, then we will not bother you anymore!" Glancing at Miss Han once again who was wringing her brows, Yun Qian Meng climbed up to the horse carriage wearing a smile.

    During the festive day of the Lantern Festival, due to Xie Shi's serious injury, Chu Jie and the others weren't able to attend the feast in the imperial palace.

    Before the nightfall, different kinds of lantern were suspended along the long road, if a person was to survey around, the long road had already turned into a vast ocean of lanterns.

    Chu Fei Yang and Xia Hou tribe leader had already entered the palace to attend the morning assembly together, after the noon time, Yun Qian Meng and Xia Hou An Er sat together inside the horse carriage, as they proceeded towards the direction of the imperial palace.

    "Didn't expect the capital to look flourishing like this! Cousin-in-law, quickly take a look, that rabbit lantern looks so cute!" Xia Hou An Er was also a vivacious person, since this time the Xia Hou tribe leader wasn't looking after her, she felt even happier, wishing she could stroll around the entire area before heading to the imperial palace.

    The corner of Yun Qian Meng's mouth was wearing a smile as she pulled her to sit down, then she patiently spoke "If it is the Double-Seventh Day, the colored lanterns were also quite a lot, releasing many of them in the Green Umber River, that was also an unforgettable beautiful scenery!"

    Hearing Yun Qian Meng's comments, Xia Hou An Er swallowed her saliva, setting off the lights in her both eyes she said "Is it really like this? Although Luo Cheng has lantern displays, but it can't be compared to the magnanimous capital, with the entire road filled with colored lanterns! Moreover, every time we went out, grandpa and father would assign people to follow behind us, that was extremely boring!"

    Seeing her like this, Yun Qian Meng could only shake her head and laugh, afterwhich she told Xia Hou An Er one by one the rules that they needed to follow once they entered the place, allowing her to keep them in mind, so as to avoid offending those noble persons inside the palace!

    But luckily, once they reached the inner palace and came down of the horse carriage, Yun Qian Meng saw Ji SHu Yu and Qu Fei Qing was assisting Gu Lao Tai Jun as they walked down from the horse carriage at the same time, then she immediately led Xia Hou An Er ahead to make their salutations.

    "Meng'er, is she Fei Yang's cousin?" As compared to Chu Jie and the others, the impression the Qu Fei Qing had on Xia Hou An Er was even a bit better.

    Having heard what was said, Yun Qian Meng nodded, smiling as she introduced the both parties involved, and Xia Hou An Er restrained her unorganized attitude, then put forward her style as the princess of the Xia Hou tribe, modestly made her salutations facing Gu Lao Tai Jun and Ji Shu Yu.

    "Chu Furen, our imperial concubine is inviting you over!" This time, an unfamiliar eunuch approached, whispering these words to Yun Qian Meng's ears.

    Lowering down her head as she glanced at that eunuch, Yun Qian Meng's eyes looked confused, if the Empress Dowager was inviting her, she could only send Qu Gong Gong over, but with her waizumu around, perhaps Qu Gong Gong wouldn't invite her away openly and without fear.

    "May I ask, who is your imperial concubine?" If it wasn't the Empress Dowager, then who else could it be?

    That eunuch had already anticipated that Yun Qian Meng would not immediately follow behind him. He stretched out his right hand then extended it upward, a piece of jade medal with the word 'Rong' impressively appeared right in front of Yun Qian Meng's eyes.

    "How can you make me believe that you are a person beside her?" Only seeing the jade medal, Yun Qian Meng then shifted her focus, coldness glimmered in her eyes as she spoke.

    "Niang Niang had mentioned that, she wanted to personally thank you for the fragrant winter plum blossoms that day!" Seeing Yun Qian Meng being vigilant, the palace eunuch immediately told her the matter that only a few people know.
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