Chapter 144 Part 2 Reminding Gui Fei that the Walls Have Ears

    The venue of today's feast for the Lantern Festival was inside the palace, when Gu Lao Tai Jun and the others entered the majestic palace, a lot of well-bred young ladies and furens from the influential families were already gathered inside the palace hall, the voices of everyone chatting with each other, which had actually seemed harmonious and happy.

    Wearing the dress of the Xia Hou tribe, Xia Hou An Er immediately attracted everyone's attention, those young ladies who had exerted their extreme efforts to adorn themselves, watched as Xia Hou An Er easily distinguished herself among the crowd, one by one they looked at Xia Hou An Er wearing their eye expressions filled with hostility.

    Qu Fei Qing pulled Xia Hou An Er closer, who seemed unable to stay idle, they passed through those jealous eyes, bringing her beside her own seat and let her sit down, she laughed and spoke "Pay no attention to them, they were just jealous of your prettiness!"

    Although Xia Hou An Er was active and adorable, but as the Princess of Xia Hou tribe, how could she be an embroidery pillow? Since the moment she appeared in the doorway of the main hall, she had already sensed those jealous glances from the crowd, particularly those unmarried young ladies, one by one their eyes seemed disgusted with her, this also made Xia Hou An Er felt utterly disgusted with these senseless feast, if she had known it earlier she would have gotten off from the carriage in midway, strolling around the long road would even make her feel entirely free from worry!

    (saying somebody is an emrboidery pillow is saying that on the outside they are beautiful, but on the inside they are talentless)

    And during this time, there was another person who had the same difficult situation as Xia Hou An Er, this person was wearing a long dress, on her face the pair of eyes were spinning around and around the entire palace hall, that figure who was sitting in the farthest corner of the hall seemed incompatible with the others, Han Xuan was completely different from the qianjin xiaojie beside her. She also refused to nod her head at those who were sitting beside her, after hearing those hypocritical greetings of the qianjin xiaojie, she had actually rolled her eyes secretly regardless of her own status, afterwhich her hands were placed on the table, her palms propped up her pinkish cheeks, her eyes looked sloppy as she was about to doze off to sleep.

    "We have two rare visitors today!" A well-bred young lady pointed at two different directions, whispering these words to a few young ladies beside her.

    "I know the lady wearing the different type of clothes was the princess of the Xia Hou tribe, Xia Hou An Er, but who is the other one? Why haven't we seen her before! And yet judging by her looks, she seemed to be just like a common woman, having lack of manners and behaving rudely, such kind of person, who had invited her to enter the palace? This had lowered down our status!" A few people looked following the direction that the young lady was pointing to, then they saw Xia Hou An Er sitting upright on her seat looking indifferent, while the other lady was about to lean on the table to sleep!

    "I don't care what kind of person she is, sitting on the farthest corner of the hall, I presume her family wasn't that powerful. But on the contrary that princess of Xia Hou tribe, her appearance was actually quite competitive with Rong Gui Fei! But, the luckiest person is still Miss Qu, having Chu Xiang as the husband of her cousin, now that she has an additional princess cousin around with her, I suppose Miss Qu will be able to find an ideal husband this year!" Another noble young lady who had a slightly prominent mean appearance slowly remarked, those sneering eyes suddenly turned towards Qu Jing Qing, her eyes seemed to be mocking.

    The Miss Qu that she was referring was exactly Qu Jing Qing, unfortunately now that Qu Yan had already adhered himself to Chen Wang, even if Yun Qian Meng married Chu Fei Yang, Qu Yan didn't seem to be able to reap any benefit from Yun Qian Meng, such kind of evident mockery made Qu Jing Qing's face turned gloomy, then she sneered as she retorted back "At least my family name is Qu, as compared to those who said grapes were sour while they can't eat them, I'm a hundred times more powerful than them!"

    After speaking, Qu Jing Qing didn't look back at that noble young lady, then she directly proceeded towards her own seat.

    But passing through by Qu Fei Qing, Qu Jing Qing slowed down her footsteps, stamped her feet as she stood in front of Qu Fei Qing and Xia Hou An Er's table, sneered as she said "Younger sister, you are truly remarkable, now that you have even claimed your connections with the princess, apparently my younger sister will be able to find an ideal husband this year!"

    Hearing Qu Jing Qing's words, Qu Fei Qing who was cracking jokes with Xia Hou An Er slightly lifted up her head, seeing her eyes contained the hate out of jealousy, she indifferently laughed and said "Older sister, are you being jealous of your younger sister's luck? But too bad, I am not like you, sister, who was always thinking about finding her own ideal husband among those noble young man inside the capital all day long, please do not try to pressure your own delightment by comparing yourself to other people!"

    "You!" With her thoughts being pointed out, Qu Jing Qing's eyes immediately turned furious, although she seemed still look pretty being shamed into anger, but the vicious looks in her eyes had distorted her natural beauty, causing Qu Jing Qing's face to become extremely malevolent, exposing her disgraceful behavior in front of the people.

    "Elder Sister Fei, is this the daughter born from the younger brother of your maternal uncle who was born from a concubine? How can someone like her talk to you like that, wouldn't it be just be making a negative effect on your status?" Although the Xia Hou tribe had already entered the capital twenty-three years ago since the grand wedding of Xia Hou Ying, but this didn't mean that the Xia Hou tribe wasn't even concerned about all the affairs inside the capital.

    As the princess of Xia Hou tribe, Xia Hou An Er was being educated about these things, evidently she had known everything about these influential families of the capital, seeing this Qu Jing Qing who was born of a concubine behaving insolently like this, she spoke these words to criticize her.

    "An Er doesn't know but this housefly is quite annoying, we shouldn't even mention her status, why do we still care about her reputation?" Qu Fei Qing lifted up the teacup, enjoying to see Qu Jing Qing's darkened face, as she spoke in a simple smile.

    "I have completely lost my appetite, obviously there were plenty of delicious food right in front of us, yet unexpectedly a housefly came around, causing us unable to have a decent meal, which was truly disgusting! Elder Sister Fei, I will go out to take a breath of fresh air, I will soon come back when that house fly flew away!" After speaking, Xia Hou An Er quickly stood up, secretly glared at Qu Jing Qing, then smiled at Qu Fei Qing, before the other person involved could make any further remarks, she quickly walked outside of the palace hall.

    As compared to the cozy warm palace hall inside, outside of the palace it appeared to be abnormally cold, but all kinds of fragrance of cosmetics had surrounded inside the palace, causing the headache sniffing at those, but on the contrary the fresh air outside seemed to relax one's mind.

    Xia Hou An Er bore Yun Qian Meng's advice in mind the time when they were inside the carriage, she only walked around inside the extremely small area outside the hall, a faint sweet scent of fragrance floated towards her that appeared to be emerging from the courtyard, Xia Hou An Er grew up in the south when she was small, she had seen a few snowfalls, but that fragrance coming from a distant place she had never encountered before, being curious, she lifted up her skirt, stepping on the frozen snow path under her feet she followed along the path of the four-sided side palace hall then quietly proceed towards the direction of that courtyard......

    "Ouch......" Yet unexpectedly, with her whole mind thinking about the fragrance, she wasn't able to see the approaching person in the corner of the path, she was directly being knocked off by that person, her directly fell back, in a moment she saw herself almost tumbling down the stairs and seemed to fall into the pile of mud, but instantly a powerful hand grabbed her on the wrist, with a slight exert of force, pulling her to stand up, until she settled her body firmly on the ground, then released her hand.

    Xia Hou An Er immediately patted her chest, if her dress got smeared, her grandfather will certainly penalize her to transcribe the scriptures.

    But, if it wasn't for the person who quietly emerged in the corner of the path, how could she have such kind of false alarm?

    Being furious, Xia Hou An Er immediately lifted up her head, her extremely vivid big eyes glared at the person in front of her.

    The man in front of her had a tall build, with his face like a white jade, his both brows were like swords slanted beside his temples, the corners of his eyes were slightly raised up, like a smile but it didn't look like a smile, the expression in his eyes were neither upright nor evil, adding the attractiveness to his bearing, causing Xia Hou An Er to suddenly get startled, her eyes seemed to be astonished, not knowing how this good-looking man showed up inside the imperial palace.

    But seeing him wearing the amber colored long robe with green embroidered patterns, a Hoten jade with glossy interior was suspended on his waist, the sable fur in the cuff area and the front piece of his robe demonstrated the wealthy and respectable status of this man, but no matter how well Xia Hou An Er had known all the persons in the capital, yet she had never came across these persons, during this time she could only roughly guess this person's status based on the descriptions that she knew.

    But, before Xia Hou An Er could speak out this person's identity, the other person involved swept his glance at her, afterwhich he walked past beside her, going so far as not to talk to her.

    "You......" Seeing him knocked against someone yet planned to leave without apologizing, before Xia Hou An Er was about to call that person, yet he was being called by Yun Qian Meng who just happened to set foot inside the palace hall.

    "An Er, why are you here outside?" Yun Qian Meng quickly approached beside Xia Hou An Er, her eyes followed the direction where Xia Hou An Er was gazing at, she saw the small piece of the robe in a corner of the path, causing Yun Qian Meng to slightly knit up her brows.

    "Cousin-in-law, there are a lost of house flies inside the palace hall, I just wanted to take a breath of fresh air outside!" Honestly telling all the resentful thoughts in her head, Xia Hou An Er saw Yun Qian Meng was looking back at her, then she immediately approached beside her and explained.

    Yun Qian Meng just patted her hand as she smiled and said "A lot of things were considered as taboo inside the palace, when the time came no one will be able to protect you from them! Let's go inside now!"

    Hearing the word 'inside', Xia Hou An Er knitted up her brows, Yun Qian Meng shook her head then gently laughed, dragging her small hand as she pulled her inside the palace hall, but her both eyes swept through all the people inside the palace hall, she discovered there were already a few men from the royal families seated in the area for men, and the owner of that piece of cloth she saw a while ago was also impressively sitting on his seat.

    "Did something happen?" Seeing Yun Qian Meng came back, Qu Fei Qing immediately pulled her to sit down, then she asked feeling concerned.

    Yet Yun Qian Meng smiled and shook her head "It's not a big deal!" Afterwhich her eyes looked around the female guests in the surrounding area, yet she discovered that Miss Han who had caused trouble to Qu Zhang Qing yesterday was also included in the list of invited guests, but judging by the way that young lady seemed to be almost leaning on the table almost dozing off to sleep, which looked quite adorable. That lively and energetic temper was similar to Xia Hou An Er. Perhaps allowing her to sit there for a few hours, she will not be able to endure it.

    "What are looking at? I don't know which family does that lady belonged to, she had actually behaved inelegantly, in the future she might get mocked by the sharp and unkind words of those ladies and furens!" Following Yun Qian Meng's gaze, Qu Fei Qing looked then remarked in a lowered voice.

    Hearing this, Yun Qian Meng pursed up her lips and smiled, afterwhich she told Qu Fei Qing everything that happened yesterday, indeed she saw Qu Fei Qing's eyes looked astonished, then she turned her head around and took a few glimpse at that Miss Han, then she turned around and muttered these words to Yun Qian Meng feeling incredible "Did this Miss Han seriously pressured my big brother until the look in his face transformed?"

    She couldn't believe it, her big brother was usually calm and reserved, her big brother who never blinked his eyes in the battlefield when confronted with life or death situation, who had actually transformed his face being pressured by this young girl, this truly made Qu Fei Qing feel hard to believe.

    Everyone in the family knew that, ever since Qu Zhang Qing turned into an adult he always remained pure hearted with only a few desires, it was quite rare to see any changes in his facial expression, but based on Yun Qian Meng's description, in an instant Qu Fei Qing started to feel curious about this Miss Han.

    "Cousin, if you don't believe it, you can try it again on your big brother, if his expression will change, then it explains that the incident that I had told you was real!" Yun Qian Meng laughed as she lifted up the teacup in front of her, feeling somewhat thirsty she took a sip, but with Han Che's position as the sixth rank editor of Han Lin, his sister being invited to the feast had proven that Yu Qian Di's intention to consider him as a successor to the position of a minister wasn't something he would do just to merely impress the common people, but perhaps after the three years assessment ended, Han Che's official career will certainly take a great leap forward, and with the two official positions of the first ranks left and right ministers, apparently Yu Qian Di was planning to assign someone who was under his control, or else judging by the current marriage relationship of the left and right ministers, it really made everyone feel uneasy.

    And since Chu Fei Yang set the precedent of ascending to the position of the left prime minister during his twenties, Yu Qian Di had appointed an eighteen year old Han Che to a temporary position in the Han Lin Academy, which currently seemed acceptable to all the people.

    Indeed he was an emperor with deep plans and distant thoughts, perhaps during the time when Yu Qian Di had appointed Chu Fei Yang, he had already considered all the things that will happen after a few years, which was truly hard to predict causing people to get frightened.

    Yun Qian Meng laid down the teacup in her hand, yet she discovered that Duan Wang Fei, who rarely participated in the feasts, was actually sitting beside Gu Lao Tai Jun today!

    Just like the impression she had given to other people during the previous encounter, this Duan Wang Fei looked dignified, yet she wasn't very amiable, with a bit of arrogance and unapproachable feeling, nly opening her mouth to speak to answer a question from Gu Lao Tai Jun.

    And facing the earnest greetings of other upper-class women, she seemed to remain uncommunicative towards them.

    Despite her noble status, even if they were confronted with her indifferent attitude, those upper-class women didn't seem disrespectful towards her, but on the contrary, they were fervently discussing the recent interesting stories that happened inside the capital beside her.

    With a simple smile she regained her gaze, in her peripheral vision Yun Qian Meng saw Xia Hou An Er was still caressing her own wrist, then she asked concerningly "Why? Are you feeling uncomfortable?"

    Didn't expect Yun Qian Meng would notice her, Xia Hou An Er immediately put down her both hands, shook her head as she smiled and said "It's really nothing, I feel fine! But not to know, who are those people seated in the opposite side? Ever since those men entered the hall, those ladies' voice had lowered down a bit more!"

    "Those were the late emperor's princes, now that some of them already became Jun Wang, but some of them were already being granted the title of Qin Wang!" Deliberately neglecting to introduce someone in the crowd, Yun Qian Meng only recounted those insignificant details as she remarked.

    (Qin Wang  - Prince of the 1st rank)

    (Jun Wang  - Prince of the 2nd rank, second onty to the Qin Wang)

    "How about him? Based on his features, he seemed like someone who doesn't belong to the imperial family!" Xia Hou An Er was lost in her train of thoughts trying to find who was the person who had knocked against her, not in the slight degree of noticing the small trap laid by Yun Qian Meng.

    "Him! He was actually......" Seeing Xia Hou An Er's eyes suddenly puffed up with anger while looking at that person, Yun Qian Meng was about to speak, when Yu Gong Gong's voice echoed outside of the hall "His Majesty the Emperor has arrived!"

    Everyone immediately went back to their seats, one by one facing the doorway of the main hall as they knelt down and saluted "Long live Our Majesty the Emperor!"

    "You may all rise!" Seeing the bright yellow figure slowly set his foot inside the main hall, the sound of footsteps echoed behind him, when everyone inside the hall stood up, Yu Qian Di and the others were already seated, and the hundred officials who were following him already approached their seats, with a hint from Yu Qian Di, together they slowly took their seats.

    "Today is the festive day of Lantern Festival, initially I had planned to allow all my beloved subjects to go home and celebrate with your families, but since Chu Xiang, Chen Wang and Hai Jun Wang the three of them had just sent off the emissary group of Bei Qi, as a reward to the three of them, I had instructed the people to put up a feast inside the palace! Please feel at ease, my beloved subjects, the ruler shall enjoy the feast together with his ministers!" Yu Qian Di lifted up the wine cup as he stated these words loud and clear, wearing a smile on his face.

    And seeing him stood up, all the people also stood up in fear and trepidation, speaking in unison as they said "We thank Our imperial majesty for your kindness!"

    After speaking, everyone drank the wine in their cups, then they took their seats once again, Yun Qian Meng laid down the wine cup, her eyes looked at the opposite side, indeed she saw Han Che was impressively sitting among the crowd of major officials, although his seat was already far away almost closer to the doorway of the main hall, but judging by the occasion today wherein only third rank officials and above were allowed to participate in this palace feast, with his sixth rank official position, that was indeed a very prominently obvious matter!

    But, what seemed to puzzle Yun Qian Meng was, since Yu Qian Di was able to endure everything silently, then why would he reveal his intention to train Han Che? Wasn't he afraid that Han Che who was completely lack of wings at this time, will be easily killed by those who held great political powers?

    Her eyes couldn't help but turned towards Yu Qian Di, seeing him having a conversation with the Empress Dowager and the Empress, within the sound of singing and dancing he expression seemed to look auspicious and peaceful, like a ruler having a harmonious and happy relationship with his ministers.

    Without Qi Jing Yuan and the other in the palace feast, the atmosphere appeared to be a lot more relaxed, but the struggles between each major faction still battled among this joyful situation.

    Hai Tian had been sent off to the peace treaty marriage along with the group of emissaries of Bei Qi, the Hai Wang couple who had missed their daughter so dearly wasn't able to participate in the feast today, they only assigned Hai Chen Xi to come over, he was leisurely drinking the cup of wine in his hand, a small cup of fine liquor, made him dip into it, his ruminated appearance seemed to stir up the emotions from those qianjin xiaojie, as their cheeks blushed while their eyes were closely staring at Hai Chen Xi refusing to let go!

    And among those officials who were sitting below, this time the most honorable one was Chu Wang Chu Nan Shan, he was faced with the offer of toast and words to curry favor with him, Chu Nan Shan half squinted his both eyes, with his appearance as profound as the deep sea, causing people unable to perceive the calculations in his mind, and Chu Fei Yang had easily helped him keep off those major officials who came to offer their toasts, seeing Chu Wang was already old, the people didn't try to insist, after paying their respects to him, one by one went back to their respective seats.

    And among the three men of Chu family who participated, Chu Pei was sitting in the middle seat, this time he was chatting happily with the young teacher of the crown prince Wen Xie, judging by the look in Wen Xie's eyes, he seemed to look grateful, surely he had truly appreciated Chu Fei Yang for saving his wife.

    Among all the people, the most quiet one was Chen Wang, his eyes looked ice-cold and calm, his frozen expression made those who came to offer their toast to step back one by one, facing the good wine on the table he just merely took a sip when he was being offered a toast earlier, he seemed to have no appetite in the presence of fine food in front of his eyes.

    Yun Qian Meng casually looked over at Chen Wang then retracted her gaze. But the moment she looked away, Jiang Mu Chen stared fixedly at her profile, seeing her wearing a simple smile as always, being able to interact with ease facing such kind of palace feast, now that she had attained her position as the Chu Furen, she looked to look more maturely appealing, the specks of charmingness were embellished in the tips of her brows which steadily crushed down those qianjin xiaojie beside her where all of them came from the families of the officials. But being reminded of that trick exposed by Chu Fei Yang on purpose at the borderland, Jiang Mu Chen seamlessly creased his brows, apparently, only through eliminating Chu Fei Yang, will he able to snatch Yun Qian Meng back in his arms.

    And during this time, in the midst of celebrating peace with songs and dance, Yu Gong Gong quickly walked in from outside the hall, walking towards the middle of the palace hall he knelt down and reported "Your Majesty, Rui Wang Ye has arrived!"

    Hearing Rui Wang's name, everyone stopped their actions one by one, this time apart from the music and the dancers slowly moving in their dance steps with sound of the sleeves on their robes, the entire palace hall went completely silent as they could only hear the sound of the single silver needle falling to the ground.

    As the Wang Ye of Xi Chu, Rui Wang had let his own emotions affect his decision as it led to a major disaster during his fight against Bei Qi, not only did he lose his entire thirty thousand elite troops, he was being held captive by the enemy troops, in order to rescue him, Xi Chu had offered a Jun Zhu for the peace treaty marriage, and before Yu Qian Di could carry out his punishment, he was already going in and out of the imperial palace, which truly made people feel furious!

    "Let him in!" And as for Yu Qian Di, Rui Wang was his very own younger brother after all, since he had already invested a huge cost to get him back, how was it possible for him to refuse meeting him?

    "Yes!" Yu Gong Gong accepted the order and went out, and the people inside the hall immediately laid down the wine cup in his hand, one by one they went back to their seats then sat up straight, waiting for Rui Wang to enter the hall.

    After a moment, Yu Gong Gong led Rui Wang as they entered the hall, what astonished all the people was that, as the majestic Wang Ye, Rui Wang was actually only wearing his white inner clothing, with his long hair draped all over his shoulders, carrying a bramble stick as he walked inside, completely having the intention to offer his humble apology.

    "Your guilty subject is here to see you, Your Majesty!" The singing and dancing had completely stopped, Rui Wang walked to the center of the main hall, his face filled with remorse as he directly knelt down before Yu Qian Di, making his most sincere kowtow facing Yu Qian Di.

    "Fourth Brother, what do you mean by this?" Seeing Rui Wang having such look, Yu Qian Di slightly wrinkled up his brows, then he asked in a puzzled tone of voice.

    "Your guilty subject deserves to die, please punish me, Your Majesty!" But Rui Wang was solely preoccupied with his request for Yu Qian Di to punish him, such kind of pitiful look had hooked up a lot of compassion from other people.

    And Hai Chen Xi who was sitting in the corner observing this situation, his eyes instantly sneered at him, seeing Rui Wang's current situation, his heart felt strongly disdainful towards him.

    Yet Chu Fei Yang seemed as if he had not seen Rui Wang's wretched look, those smiling eyes were directly looking at Yun Qian Meng sitting in the opposite side, seeing her in a great look this moment, facing her he slightly lifted up his cup, then he smiled as he drank the wine in his hand.

    "Cousin-in-law, don't let biaoge drink too much!" Xia Hou An Er was able to see her own biaoge's small movements, seeing the two of them deeply in love with each other as a married couple, she made fun of them in a corner.

    On the contrary deep within Yun Qian Meng's heart she was secretly angered, it was obvious that Chu Fei Yang wanted to drink himself, as a result she became the one who will cause him to drink too much, thinking about this, Yun Qian Meng also lifted up the wine cup in front of her, refusing to be in a disadvantageous position she finished the cup, causing Chu Fei Yang to feel anxious, yet she just smiled brilliantly.

    Yet unexpectedly, the smile she delivered to Chu Fei Yang brought a stab of pain to Jiang Mu Chen's eyes, a cold gaze suddenly shot towards Chu Fei Yang, causing the simple smile in Chu Fei Yang's eyes to immediately vanish, his deep dark eyes came into contact with Jiang Mu Chen's ice-cold eyes, although the two of them didn't exchange communication, yet they had already gone through numerous rounds of big fights.

    "Get up now, for you to be able to come back, it was already a good fortune for our Xi Chu!" Yu Qian Di saw his own younger brother had already lost a lot weight in a half year's time, his face appeared to feel sorry for him, seeing Yu Qian Di didn't blame Rui Wang for his crimes, everyone immediately pulled off the angry look in their faces, wearing their calm facial expression as they watched the person who was kneeling down on the ground.

    "Fourth Brother, you are not young anymore, don't you ever do things with lack of considerations! I actually believe that it was already the right time for you to choose someone to be your Rui Wang Fei, only by settling down you will then be able to establish yourself!" Yu Qian Di glanced at the seats in the right side which were designated for the female guests, his highly perfected gaze swept through the faces of every noble young lady, as he indifferently spoke.

    But when he talked, it had really frightened all those noble ladies, they have noble status, with enormous family clans, causing their ambitions to be utterly different from those of common young women.

    Although Rui Wang was a Wang Ye, but who would want to marry a Wang Ye who had became a prisoner of war, such kind of disgrace was not only unsightly for them, but it will be more likely to affect their parents' home, besides, except for Chu Fei Yang who already have his first wife, Hai Jun Wang and Chen Wang both could still take a wife, furthermore they still have Assistant Minister Han, and Han Lin officer Han who was in his eminent youthful years, how could they afford to ruin their lives in the future for the sake of a false title of Wang Fei?

    With hearts alarmed and body trembling with fear while pondering on all of these, all the noble ladies lowered down their heads, in their hearts they prayed that Yu Qian Di will not choose any one of them.

    And among the major officials, in that corner near the entrance of the palace hall, Han Che's hands which laying flat on his knees clenched into fists because of Yu Qian Di's words, his eyes concealed with nervousness as he looked at the direction of Qu Fei Qing, then he observed Yu Qian Di's gaze, trying to figure out the emperor's thoughts.

    Luckily due to Han Che very low official position, no other person had noticed his actions, but as for Han Yu who was similarly sitting in the corner, he had noticed her own older brother's strange behavior, not knowing due to what matter, that she had actually made his usually calm and composed older brother to become somewhat impatient!

    "Your Majesty, you must be joking, your guilty subject had committed his crimes, how could he afford to ruin the future of these noble ladies!" Rui Wang had seen all the facial expressions of these noble ladies, he sneered secretly, yet on the surface he plainly spoke these words.

    "Your mother had already passed away, evidently I will be the one to consider your marriage! Besides, if you refused to marry, Seventh Brother will not be able to marry his first wife ahead of you, you are not only delaying your own marriage, but you were also delaying Sevent Brother's marriage!" Regaining his focus, Yu Qian Di gently looked at the two younger brothers below, feeling utterly worried as he spoke.

    "Many thanks for you concern, Your Majesty! Humble official is still young, I haven't considered my own marriage yet!" His words had caused Jiang Mu Chen to immediately stood up and responded.

    Yet his words had caused Chu Fei Yang to look askance at him frowning his brows.

    "Was it? But based on what I've known, Tai Fei was completely anxious about Seventh Brother's marriage! Being unfilial composed of three reasons, and the most important one is lack of male offspring! Chu Xiang and Seventh Brother are both of the same age, but now he had married a beautiful wife, how could Seventh Brother still evade it?" Hearing Jiang Mu Chen turned down his own words in front of everyone, Yu Qian Di's face slightly turned cold, although his tone of voice seemed to be at ease, but as compared to his concerned tone of voice earlier it seemed a little bit colder.

    Seeing Yu Qian Di had transformed his look, all the people immediately went quiet, they remained seated quietly on their seats, so as to avoid getting involved in the trouble.

    "Your Majesty, humble official still haven't established my own career yet, naturally I'm not in the right mood to settle down! And since Chu Xiang had already established his own career, then naturally he will be able to settle down!" Against his will he shifted his focus on Chu Fei Yang, but when Jiang Mu Chen uttered the words 'settle down', his heart ached dully, lifting up his both eyes he quickly glanced at the lady who seemed to look calm, seeing her face not being in the slightest degree of being tensed or sad, he felt extremely disappointed.

    "Wang Ye, you have said it wrong! Starting a family and establishing one's official career, these two cannot be discussed separately! Wang Ye, you have been promoted as a Wang Ye from the title of a Huangzi, how could you still consider yourself haven't established your own career? Based on humble official's opinion, Wang Ye is now qualified enough to build a family!" And so as not to long for another person's wife! This time Chu Fei Yang slowly spoke, his eyes seemed provoking as he looked at Jiang Mu Chen, in an instant he had pulled back Jiang Mu Chen's eyes which were focused on Yun Qian Meng!

    "Why do you say so, Chu Xiang! My title of Wang was being bestowed upon me because my father felt pity for me, it wasn't achieved based on my meritorious deeds! This naturally can't be considered as establishing my career! But on contrary Chu Xiang seemed to have achieved both goals now, which made all the people admired you!" Seeing Chu Fei Yang being proud of himself, Jiang Mu Chen's face became increasingly colder, looking at Chu Fei Yang bearing the resentfulness in his eyes.

    "Your Majesty, speaking of getting married and starting a career, please allow me to make one request!" And during this time, Chu Nan Shan interrupted the argument between the members of the younger generation.


    Yu Qian Di uses the royal "I" when speaking to everybody, even his brothers

    Chen Wang uses the humble "I" (weichen, "your humble servant, this small official") when speaking to Yu Qian Di

    Chu Nan Shan uses the appropriate royal "I" (benwang) for himself when speaking to Yu Qian Di
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