Chapter 145 Part 1

    "Your Majesty, speaking of getting married and starting a career, please allow me to make one request!" And during this time, Chu Nanshan interrupted the argument between the members of the younger generation.

    Chu Nanshan seldom spoke during important occasions, but at that moment, he even stood up from his seat. He spoke with a serious expression, causing everyone to look at him in confusion!

    By seeing Chu Nanshan being so cautious, doubts arose in everyone's heart. They did not know what sort of things made the usually carefree Chu Wang so solemn!

    Eunuch Yu saw that Chu Nanshan seemed to have something important to say, he waved his hand and dismissed the dancers who were still standing in the hall. The rest of them remained silent, waiting for Chu Wang, who had gathered the favour of three generations of emperors, to make his report!

    Looking at Chu Pei's calm expression, Yun Qian Meng's heart couldn't help but tighten. She felt that today's situation was far beyond what they had expected. The uneasiness in her heart was slowly growing. She had a premonition that things wouldn't be settled so easily!

    "Prince, if you have anything to say, please sit down. You're not well, so don't get tired!" Contrary to everyone's expression and expectation, Emperor Yu Gan seemed much calmer. However, when he saw Chu Nanshan stand up, he immediately raised his hand and signaled him to sit down!

    In the end, they couldn't be compared to the Chu Clan. If someone else interrupted the conversation between the two kings at such an important time, it would have angered the two kings, but Chu Nanshan had received the care of the Emperor. It could be seen how important the Chu Clan was to the Tian Clan!

    Chu Nanshan saw Emperor Yu's reaction, but he did not sit down. Instead, he stood up straight and cupped his hands in salute, "Your majesty, your humble subject is already old, and is afraid that something bad may happen. I have decided to give up King Chu a chance in advance. I hope that one of my sons and grandsons will inherit the throne, and that your majesty can grant me your permission!"

    However, the words that came out of his mouth were like a bomb that exploded in the main hall. Everyone was shocked and surprised, they did not understand why Lord Chu would want to abdicate in advance, but which family would be willing to give away their rights without enjoying them?

    After three generations of emperors, not only did he establish three dynasties, but he was also one of the most powerful emperors in the world. The glory he had accumulated in his hands was not something that many other families had worked hard for, and he was actually giving up on the throne that no one else could even dream of. All of a sudden, everyone's eyes were filled with fright!

    Furthermore, Lord Chu only had one son and two grandchildren. Compared to those princes with one son and one grandson, there was no such thing as seizing the throne.

    Even though Emperor Yu Gan was quite shocked in his heart, he was much calmer compared to the shock and disbelief shown by his subjects. However, he did not immediately speak up to make a decision. His hand slowly rotated the exquisite wine cup in his hand, as if he was considering whether what Lord Chu had said was true or false!

    However, at this moment, the people below were already whispering to each other. Many pairs of curious, confused and confused eyes shot towards Lord Chu, as if trying to see through his thoughts!

    However, they were disappointed. Chu Nanshan had a calm expression from beginning to end. He didn't show his reluctance to part because he was going to give up his wealth. He was so deep that he showed everyone the true emotions that West Chuchu King was hiding. It covered up everyone's eyes and malicious thoughts!

    After bumping into Lord Chu, everyone was unwilling to give up. Their gazes shifted to the two people who were most likely to inherit the throne!

    However, at this moment, Chu Pei's expression was indifferent. His calm eyes instantly repelled the curious gazes of everyone. He stared straight ahead, making people unable to catch even the slightest hint of emotion or thoughts that leaked out!

    As for Chu Feiyang, the crowd couldn't be any more familiar with him!

    A general who could scare off the enemy on the battlefield, a Minister of the Left who could wash away the grievances of Qu Zhangqing with his words and words in the imperial court, a man who could become the top official in the weak crown year, how could he mess up in such an occasion, how could he let those officials who were inferior to him see his thoughts?

    At this moment, as if he didn't hear Chu Nanshan's words, he skillfully and elegantly took the jade pot in front of him to pour himself a cup of wine. He only saw that the slender but secretly powerful finger slightly exerted some strength as he picked up the cup in front of him and then calmly drank the clear liquid in the cup.

    The female servants were in an uproar. They cast their envious gazes towards Yun Qian Meng, as if they were searching for the capabilities of this woman who had been abandoned by Prince Chen. Not only did she marry Chu Xiang, she even had the chance to become Chu Wang Fei!

    Especially at this time, it was said that Chu Pei's successor had died yesterday due to saving someone. Moreover, Chu Pei hadn't been in the capital for over twenty years. Under these circumstances, anyone would know who would take the throne of Lord Chu!

    Thinking of this, everyone couldn't help but have a strange look in their eyes. Why was it that when Lord Chu announced that he wanted to abdicate, the assassination of Second Madam Chu happened to happen yesterday? Wasn't such a coincidence too strange?

    However, no matter whether the ladies were envious or jealous, and some even thought of themselves as the murderers of their stepmother, Yun Qian Meng and her husband were exactly the same. A faint smile appeared on her face the whole time, but she didn't show any disrespect because of Chu Nanshan's sudden action. They immediately stood out from the crowd. Their confident and indifferent temperament made the anxious young ladies realize that they had lost their manners. They withdrew the intense curiosity in their eyes, adjusted their expressions, and then once again raised their heads to look at the main hall!

    However, although Yun Qian Meng didn't meet these gazes, her keen senses as a police officer allowed her to analyze the gazes that fell on her body. From within, she grabbed onto the most important beam of light, slightly turning her gaze to the side with a trace of cold intent. However, her gaze instantly turned away the moment she did, allowing Yun Qian Meng to only see the delicate side of the consort's gaze.

    "Why do you say that?" "I feel that you can live for a hundred years, thinking about these things right now is really too urgent!" The empress dowager's gaze swept across the people who had been involved with Lord Chu while everyone else was busy with their astonishment. She took their expressions to heart before speaking slowly!

    "Queen Mother is right. I also think that his body is healthy and healthy, but it's still too early to consider this!" Following the empress dowager's words, Emperor Yu Gan nodded his head and tried to persuade her. However, his hidden eyes turned from Chu Feiyang to Chu Pei.

    When everyone saw that both Emperor Yu Gan and the empress dowager had expressed their views, they couldn't help but relax a little. Only Chu Pei and Chu Feiyang's expressions remained the same. They didn't hear the excitement of winning the throne or the disappointment of being stopped by Emperor Yu Gan.

    At this moment, Qu Jingqing could not help but heave a sigh of relief. Just now, when she heard that King Chu was going to pass the throne down to his descendants, her heart couldn't help but to beat faster!

    Before Yun Qian Meng was married, she had used a method to suppress the favored Su Qing in the Residence of Yun, and deliberately framed Su Qian Yue. It could be seen how vicious she was, and now that she had married Chu Feifei and became the Prime Minister's wife, she became the target of everyone in the capital. She was afraid that many people would die in her hands in the future!

    A cold smile appeared on Qu Jingqing's face as she stared blankly at him, causing Qu Jingqing to immediately retract his thoughts. Only then did he realize that he was looking at Yun Qian Meng with a gloating expression, and his stare for a long time had caught Yun Qian Meng's attention. This was her sneering stare at him, making Qu Jingqing avert her eyes! Yun Qian Meng's identity was different from before. He didn't want Su Qian Yue to directly fight against Yun Qian Meng like she was an idiot!

    "What's wrong with her?" Seeing that Yun Qian Meng had slowly turned her head, Qu Fei Qing closely followed after Qu Jing Qing. However, Qu Jing Qing had already retracted her gaze, allowing Qu Fei Qing to only see her half-hanging profile. "She must have been gloating just now!"

    Hearing this, Yun Qian Meng smiled. She raised her right hand to wipe off the tea stains on the corner of her mouth, but her gaze instead turned to her own father-in-law. Seeing Chu Pei's calm expression, Yun Qian Meng couldn't help but sigh in her heart, this man from the Chu Family truly had the same blood flowing, even without Chu Nanshan and Chu Feiyang's dazzling gaze, Chu Pei was still an expert at playing politics. At this tense moment, he sat calmly in the midst of a group of restless ministers. It was truly not to be looked down upon!

    "This humble official thanks the empress dowager for her generosity, but I will not forgive anyone for the passage of time. This humble official is also older by a year, so sooner or later the matter of the throne will be brought up!" "Today is the day to report to the Emperor. I hope that he will keep an eye out for suitable candidates!" They had expected that the Emperor and Empress would stop them, but Chu Nanshan's words were like a flower in water or a moon in a mirror that people could not understand. Since he had already mentioned the abdication, why should he let Emperor Yu decide who should choose the throne? It was hard to guess what Lord Chu was thinking!

    This time, not to mention those ministers scratching their ears in confusion over Lord Chu's use, even Emperor Yu Gan had a troubled expression on his face!

    As for Yun Qian Meng, she pursed her lips and smiled when she heard Chu Nanshan's words. She couldn't help but sigh at how deep their hearts had become after being in politics for so long!

    With Lord Chu's position, how could Emperor Yu refuse a preface to the Dragon Throne that was presented to him?

    However, he was deliberately using Lord Chu as an example, it was just to lure the snake out of its hole!
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