Chapter 3 - Provocations at the Door

    Early the next morning, Qin Nan slowly regained consciousness. However, as he tried to sit up, he couldn't help but gasp. Presently, his brain was still aching, it felt as if any wanton movement would cause his head to break.

    "That ancient voice was terrifying."

    Qin Nan's complexion paled. The ancient voice he had heard yesterday felt as though it had entered his soul. As he recalled it, he felt a recurring fear.

    "My current priority is to inspect the Divine Battle Spirit..."

    Qin Nan swiftly walked to the large courtyard before he sat down cross-legged. His face revealed slight nervousness; although the origin of the Divine Battle Spirit was mysterious, Qin Nan wasn't sure of what grade Martial Soul it was.

    Qin Nan inhaled a deep breath and then slowly closed his eyes. His mental state entered his body as he begun to channel his Martial Soul.

    In front of Qin Nan, golden rays radiated one after another. When it reached six golden rays, it finally stopped.

    An indistinct and transparent human-like avatar rose from within the golden rays. As the silhouette floated in mid air, it was as if a Supreme King had descended, it emitted a powerful force which could cause people's hearts to flutter.

    Qin Nan's complexion turned blank as he gazed at the scene, "This is... the Divine Battle Spirit?"

    Soon after, Qin Nan's face revealed a happy expression.

    The Divine Battle Spirit definitely did not let him down, it had reached sixth-grade Huang ranked stage! Although it was much less compared to Qin Nan's initial expectations, the boundless, ancient and profound aura emitted from the Divine Battle Spirit gave people a premonition that it was far more superior than it seemed.

    "Hu....I don't know what kind of capabilities the Divine Battle Spirit has, but let's start with cultivation." Qin Nan suppressed the joy and swiftly calmed his heart before channeling the Divine Battle Spirit.

    In an instant, a shocking scene appeared. The Divine Battle Spirit's Avatar, emanated a frightening yet mysterious aura as it abruptly sat down cross-legged.

    The surrounding Spiritual Qi of the Heaven and Earth begun to flood toward Qin Nan and unexpectedly condensed an indistinct white fog around his body.


    Qin Nan was caught by surprise, the speed of his cultivation was much faster compared to the first-grade Huang ranked Scarlet Flame Saber. The speed had increased by more than tenfold!

    A sixth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit was indeed of no small matter.

    Qin Nan quickly immersed himself within his cultivation. He channeled the Divine Battle Spirit and entered an ethereal state, incessantly absorbing the Spiritual Qi of the Heaven and Earth.

    Spiritual Qi of the Heaven and Earth entered Qin Nan's body, continuously circulated within his body while giving off a crashing sound similar to the sound of flowing water.

    The time slowly elapsed. After six hours had passed, Qin Nan opened his eyes as his body emitted a crackling sound similar to the sound created when frying beans.

    (TL note: Sizzling sounds)

    Within these six hours, his cultivation had unexpectedly broken through to first-layer of the Body Tempering realm!

    "With the Divine Battle Spirit, my dream of becoming an Expert will no longer be just words." Qin Nan clenched his fist, his flickering eyes was filled with resolution.

    The Canglan Continent was boundless, not only was there Linshui City, but there was also the Luo River Kingdom. They were all just drops within the vast ocean.

    Qin Nan became the number one genius within Linshui City when he was a youth, so naturally, he had high aspirations. He wanted to reach a stage where he was able to carry a saber on his back and hold a bottle of wine in his hands as he freely roamed the continents. Swiftly settling gratitudes and grievances, while being natural and unrestricted.

    At this moment, a voice could be heard from the other end of the door, "Young Lord, this month's supplies have arrived."

    Following these words, a maid came in with a tray in her hands. Atop of the tray was a jade bottle which emitted thick Spiritual Qi.

    Qin Nan was slightly startled before he promptly recalled that today was the day when the Qin Clan distributed resources for cultivation.

    As one of the two major families within Linshui City, it was only natural for the Qin Clan to place great importance on Martial Art. Hence, every month on this day, the Qin Clan would distribute resources for cultivation to the disciples of the Clan.

    After Qin Nan received the bottle and had the maid leave, he opened it and was once again, slightly startled.

    Within the jade bottle laid ten sparkling and translucent dark green pills. Thick Spiritual Qi permeated around the pills.

    Qin Nan naturally recognized these medicine pills; they were Body Tempering Pills. These pills were specifically used to temper the body during cultivation.

    However, Body Tempering Pills are exceptionally precious. An ordinary disciple of the Qin Clan could only receive a single pill to temper their body during cultivation. However, Qin Nan possessed as many as ten pills.

    "Father...." Qin Nan felt slightly emotional. The fact that he had awakened a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit had most likely been spread throughout Linshui City. From a genius to an infamous waste.

    Normally, the Elders of Qin Clan definitely would not give a waste such as Qin Nan this many pills. Thus, the only explanation for these pills would be that Qin Nan's father had sent them over.

    Qin Nan's father, Qin Tian was the Patriarch of the Qin Clan. Naturally, nobody would dare to stop him if he wanted to give Qin Nan ten Body Tempering Pills.

    Furthermore, Qin Tian had known that Qin Nan had become a waste, he still sent ten Body Tempering Pills. From this, one could tell that within Qin Tian's heart, Qin Nan was still his most beloved son.

    "Father, your son, Qin Nan, definitely won't let you down..... Now, I'll use the pills you have given me to break through the second-layer of Body Tempering realm in a single go."

    Qin Nan picked up a Body Tempering Pill and swallowed it. He then immediately sat down cross-legged to begin refining the pill.

    However, at this moment, a strange scene occurred. After the body tempering pill flowed into his body, it was not digested. Instead, a mysterious attraction came from within Qin Nan's body, resulting in the Qi from the Body Tempering Pill to be completely absorbed.

    Qin Nan's expression turned blank, "What....What's this?"

    He immediately picked up two more Body Tempering Pills and promptly swallowed it. However, the same event occurred, the Spiritual Qi was once again completely absorbed by an incorporeal attraction.

    "This... Is this the Divine Battle Spirit?"

    Qin Nan pondered for a long period of time before finally arriving at an answer. Following this, he immediately released the Divine Battle Spirit.

    After releasing the Divine Battle Spirit, Qin Nan picked up yet another three Body Tempering Pills and swallowed it. Just as he had expected, the Divine Battle Spirit emanated a mysterious attraction, completely absorbing the Qi from the Body Tempering Pills.

    "The Divine Battle Spirit can actually absorb the Spiritual Qi of the pills?" Qin Nan was shocked. He had never imagined that Martial Spirits could actually absorb Elixir.

    "Forget it, I'll just let him absorb the Elixirs and observe what will happen after!"

    Qin Nan clenched his teeth, either way, the cultivation speed of Divine Battle Spirit wasn't lacking, thus, he wasn't in need of Elixirs. He then retrieved the remaining Body Tempering Pills before swallowing them.

    After he had swallowed the remainder of the pills, he began to tremble.

    From the Divine Battle Spirit's Avatar came a sudden blossoming of a seventh yellow ray. The pressure which the Divine Battle Spirit emitted became increasingly fearsome.

    "This is...."

    Qin Nan's complexion revealed a stunned expression. Seven yellow rays, this represented seventh-grade Huang rank. The grade of this Divine Battle Spirit had actually increased by one whole level!

    "This meant.... that the Divine Battle Spirit could devour Elixirs to ascend a grade!"

    Qin Nan's current feelings could no longer be described as being just astonished. The formidability of the Divine Battle Spirit had already exceeded his imaginations!

    Martial Spirits were granted by the heavens, once you've awakened your Martial Spirit, it would accompany you for the rest of your life. Qin Nan had never heard of a case such as this before.

    In this case, if there are enough Elixirs, then wouldn't the Divine Battle Spirit be able to reach up to Xuan-rank? Di-rank? Or even the Tian-rank from the legends?

    Tian-ranked Martial Spirit, how fearsome was that? Qin Nan was unable to imagine it.

    "Hu... Calm down, I have to remain calm." Qin Nan inhaled a series of deep breaths and suppressed the raging emotions within his heart, forcing himself to calm down.

    His expression concealed his excitement similar to before.

    In the beginning when he had awakened the Divine Battle Spirit, although it was a sixth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, Qin Nan still thought it was far from what it actually was. He believed it was much stronger than just sixth-grade Huang rank.

    Presently, the Divine Battle Spirit had actually increased a grade. Just based on this fact, perhaps it was even stronger than a Xuan-rank or even a legendary Di-rank Martial Spirit. Its potential is limitless and definitely was of no small matter.

    However, just as Qin Nan was beginning to feel excited, a "Peng" sound echoed from the gate of Qin Nan's courtyard, causing it to shatter into numerous fragments.

    An incomparably aggressive voice resounded, "Qin Nan! Quickly get out of here or else don't blame me for disregarding our former relationship!"

    A crowd of people dressed in a gorgeous robe stormed in; their faces were filled with pride. Hovering behind the crowd was a five Chi long cyan sword, it radiated three yellow rays which gave off a cold and sharp feeling.

    As he gazed at the crowd, Qin Nan's complexion instantly turned cold, "Qin Xiao, what do you want?"
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