Chapter 52 - Against the World

    After seeing the excitement on the disciples' faces, a scornful expression appeared on the old white-haired man's gaze as he said, "Now, be quiet."

    The words were accompanied by an imperious pressure, which felt like a bomb exploding.

    All the disciples were incredibly shaken, before they could even recover from their previous excitement.

    The entire White Jade Dojo became quiet in that instant, as if a bucket of cold water had been poured onto it.

    The old white-haired man nodded his head and said, "Very well. The five of us will now activate the transportation portal."

    As soon as this sentence ended, people didn't even have time to react before the five elders stomped their feet on the ground, unleashing a rich and mystical force like a flash flood, which flowed into the White Jade Dojo.

    At that instant, a terrifying occurrence took place.

    A blinding golden light could be seen rising up from beneath the White Jade Dojo, like a huge dragon; it began to twist around and transform into a large formation emitting golden light, which covered the whole area.

    The transportation portal finished warping in at that instant.

    At this time, the five elders' breathing was slightly heavier, indicating the huge amount of strength needed to warp in such a large formation.

    The old white-haired man took a deep breath, and said in his usual cold tone, "The transportation portal is established. However, the full operation of the portal requires more time-the time half an incense would need to burn. Within this period, you are not permitted to go anywhere."

    After hearing these words, everyone nodded their heads respectfully.

    Even Qin Nan was utterly impressed when he first saw the large formation; this was his first time seeing such an enigmatic formation.

    "Since there's still some time left, I should meditate and mentally prepare myself for the upcoming intense battle on the Island of Versatility." Qin Nan muttered thoughtfully to himself, before sitting down with his legs crossed.

    Unexpectedly, a rare sight happened at that moment.

    A mysteriously powerful killing intent sprang up in the White Jade Dojo, locking blatantly onto Qin Nan.

    The sudden phenomenon attracted everyone's attention-all gazes were directed toward the source of the murderous intent.

    Even the five elders-who were taking care of the formation in the air-were a little surprised, before looking for the source of the intent.

    Qin Nan's face twisted; he also immediately searched for the source of the murderous intent directed at him.

    The one emitting such a murderous intent was none other than Ling Zixiao.

    Ling Zixiao ignored everyone's gazes, including those from the five elders, and as if Qin Nan was the only one in his sights, he said, "Qin Nan, you're not so smug now, huh? I'll let you beg for a quick death once we arrive at the Island of Versatility."

    The words were filled with a bone-chilling murderous intent.

    Upon hearing his words, all the disciples collected their thoughts, and understanding expressions appeared on their faces.

    The conflict between Qin Nan and Ling Zixiao had already been a hot topic among the disciples.

    The only ones confused were the five elders in the air.

    They all knew who Ling Zixiao was-he was one of the highly anticipated super-geniuses in this Trial of Versatility.

    Who on earth is this one named Qin Nan? With cultivation base of merely the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm, how did he make Ling Zixiao so angry?

    Standing under the spotlight, Qin Nan's expression remained unchanged after being threatened by Ling Zixiao; he calmly said, "Are you sure?"

    After saying these words, Qin Nan did not bother speaking anymore; he turned his head around, as if Ling Zixiao was unworthy of his attention.

    Ling Zixiao's face contorted immediately; he had never expected Qin Nan to be so supercilious and ignore him prior to entering the Island of Versatility.

    Did Qin Nan still think that anyone would help him on the Island of Versatility?

    A menacing smile appeared on Ling Zixiao's face, as he said in a loud voice, "Everyone, since Qin Nan is my enemy, if any of you kill him on the Island of Versatility, the reward I mentioned to you all before is still valid. Therefore, I do hope everyone here would do me a favor, and kill this trashy Qin Nan!"

    After hearing these words, an unpleasant feeling rose up in Qin Nan's heart just as he was about to sit down and meditate.

    The five elders in the air were flabbergasted once again, even more so than before.

    However, the next thing that happened was not only an answer to Qin Nan's prediction, but it also solved the doubts the fiver elders were having.

    Two hundred and twenty out of the three hundred new disciples emitted horrendous murderous auras toward Qin Nan, as if they were facing their greatest enemy.

    On account of this, the entire White Jade Dojo was covered in a murderous aura-it became icy, as if winter had arrived.

    The silent White Jade Dojo also exploded at this moment.

    "HAHAHA, since this trashy Qin Nan has offended Brother Ling Zixiao, if I stumble into him on the Island of Versatility, I'll beat the crap out of him and bring him to you."

    "Tsk, tsk, Brother Ling Zixiao, how could I reject such a good offer to kill such a piece of trash?"

    "Humph, he dares to even offend Brother Ling Zixiao with a mere cultivation base of the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm-this is totally unacceptable, he must die."

    "HAHA, it's my pleasure to kill someone for Brother Ling Zixiao."


    After seeing this, the remaining new disciples were shocked-even the five elders in the air were surprised too.

    They had not expected Ling Zixiao to gather two hundred and twenty disciples just to deal with Qin Nan.

    Why was such a large gang necessary to deal with trash whose cultivation base was merely the fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm?

    Qin Nan's face was pursed.

    Qin Nan's face had never twitched when facing the pressure from a Martial Emperor, but it was completely different this time.

    How overwhelming was it when two hundred and twenty disciples emitted a murderous aura at the same time?

    It felt like two hundred and twenty broadswords stained with blood were hanging above Qin Nan's head, ready to be dropped onto him at any time, leaving him with nowhere to run, and nowhere to escape to.

    At that instant, Qin Nan's whole body turned stiff, as if he was facing the greatest danger in his life; it felt like the blood in his body had been frozen, obstructing the blood flow.

    Upon seeing this, Ling Zixiao burst out laughing, "HAHAHAHA, Qin Nan, have you ever thought of this happening? These are the consequences when someone offends me. Even though I might not see you later-as everyone's spawning location is randomized after entering the Island of Versatility-death is the only result for you!"

    After saying this, Ling Zixiao's face turned menacing.

    Meanwhile, those two hundred and twenty disciples who had exploded their murderous aura at Qin Nan were now looking at him with disdain and scornful expressions, as if they were looking at a dead body.

    In their opinion, Qin Nan's death was guaranteed upon entering the Island of Versatility.
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