Chapter 60 - Three-Petalled Golden Lily

    After seeing this, Qin Nan let out a sigh of relief; soon after, he collapsed onto the ground due to the fatigue.

    He had used up most of his strength while battling Wang Meng, plus the fact that he was forced to use his Hundred Steps Soaring Saber to hunt down the two seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm disciples, causing him to reach his limit-there was not a single trace of force left in his body.

    As for Xiao Leng who was standing beside Qin Nan-he was still immersed in shock, unable to recover in such a short period of time.

    Even though Xiao Leng was one of the top ten geniuses-and Xiao Qingxue's brother-who would not be astonished easily, what happened today had left him in utter shock.

    Not only had Qin Nan surprisingly ended up killing Wang Meng, he also managed to instantly hunt down the two escaping seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm disciples with his sheath and saber with only a single skill.

    Even a super genius with a ninth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivation could not have done that.

    Xiao Leng took a deep breath, as he glanced instinctively at Qin Nan.

    At that moment, his view of Qin Nan changed completely.

    Previously, Xiao Leng's view toward Qin Nan would have been filled with disdain; now, a hint of fear and respect could be seen in his eyes.

    If Qin Nan is able to slay Wang Meng and two seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm disciples, what chance do I have going against Qin Nan?

    Xiao Leng inhaled deeply once again, and said with a cautious tone, "Qin Nan... Senior Brother Qin Nan, what was the skill you used just then? How is it able to kill enemies from eighty meters away?"

    Qin Nan gave him a calm look; instead of answering his questions, he said, "Don't call me Senior Brother Qin Nan, call me Brother Nan."

    Xiao Leng's face went red after hearing the words and he said, "Don't ever think that I'll call you Brother Nan just because you have defeated them..."

    "Don't you know that it's not polite to ask someone about their Martial Skills?" Qin Nan calmly said, "Now don't just stand there. Go and get the Blue Dragon Badges; we'll split them one each."

    Xiao Leng was unsatisfied that Qin Nan had no intention of answering his questions, but as he thought about the Blue Dragon Badges, he turned excited immediately. He went up to retrieve the Blue Dragon Badges, and threw one of them to Qin Nan.

    Qin Nan received the badge and inspected it before putting it into his sleeve; he then said, "Xiao Leng, I'll need to ask you for a favor."

    "What is it?" Xiao Leng asked instinctively, who then added, "Feel free to say it, since you've done all the work eliminating those three."

    These were Xiao Leng's honest words.

    Qin Nan smilingly said, "I'll need your help to collect the pills, maps, treasures they had. Remember, search their bodies thoroughly, and don't miss a single pill."

    Xiao Leng was slightly stunned, before nodding his head. In the Martial Art World, it was normal to acquire the enemy's possessions after they were slain.

    Qin Nan glanced at Xiao Leng's back and calmly added, "Oh, I forgot to mention; all the loot will be mine. I won't share it with you."

    Xiao Leng, who was on his way to the bodies, almost tripped himself after hearing these words.

    Qin Nan snicked in his heart, as he felt more pleasant now.

    At the start, he was looked down upon by Xiao Leng; even though Qin Nan did not show his true emotions to Xiao Leng as an expression of respect toward Xiao Qingxue, he had always shown no mercy toward those who treated him badly.

    Not long after, Xiao Leng returned with the loot-even Qin Nan was surprised by it.

    There were about ten jade jars on the ground, each containing ten Xiantian Pills. Besides that, there were also some precious herbs, at least seven or eight of them; these were equivalent to thirty Xiantian Pills if they were traded.

    However, what attracted Qin Nan's attention the most were two maps.

    These two maps were crafted with animal hides, filled with drawings of treasure routes. They even had an ancient feeling to them.

    "This map must be the map indicating where the Blue Dragon Badges are, right?" Qin Nan picked one of the map up; the map showed a lake in a drawn circle, and besides the circle was a drawing of a badge.

    "That's right. We would need to collect five of them to find the remaining twenty Blue Dragon Badges." Xiao Leng said, while his eyes were locked onto the map; he then glimpsed at Qin Nan with a sense of anticipation.

    "Don't even think about it. This map is mine." Qin Nan ignored his gaze, and took possession of the map without hesitation.

    He must be joking; I'm the one who killed all of them by myself, did he even do anything?

    Besides that, Xiao Leng had even mocked him while he was having a battle with Wang Meng; giving him one of the Blue Dragon Badges was already kind enough.

    Qin Nan then picked up the second map and inspected it thoroughly, before asking Xiao Leng, "Take a look at this map, there seems to be a drawing of a lily on it. What kind of herb is that?"

    Xiao Leng took a look; his expression changed immediately as he said in a shocked tone, "Three-Petalled Golden Lily. This map can guide us to find Three-Petalled Golden Lily!"

    "Three-Petalled Golden Lily?" Qin Nan frowned his eyebrows. He had never heard of this herb before.

    Xiao Leng took a deep breath before saying, "This is the real deal for us. The Three-Petalled Golden Lily, when consumed, will not only raise your cultivation, but also improve your comprehension; in other words, it can improve your Martial Skill Talent. Apparently, the auction price of this Three-Petalled Golden Lily on the market is around two thousand Xiantian Pills each. It's far more valuable than herbs like the Violet Flame Flower."

    After saying this, Xiao Leng stared at Qin Nan with his eyes opened wide.

    "What?" Qin Nan was slightly shocked; he did not expect this Three-Petalled Golden Lily to be so valuable.

    Following this, Qin Nan collected his thoughts and saw Xiao Leng's gaze; he calmly smiled and said, "Don't even think about it. This map is mine too. But, since you're Xiao Qingxue's brother... I will allow you to come with me this time. We'll divide the loot equally if we are able to get it."

    Xiao Leng's face turned dull after hearing the first half of the sentence; after hearing the second half, he immediately blurted out with an exciting tone, "Thank you, Senior Brother Qin Nan! Thank you so much!"

    Qin Nan nodded his head and said, "There's no rush to search for the Three-Petalled Golden Lily. Come with me to somewhere first, as I'll need to improve my cultivation."

    After receiving a hundred Xiantian Pills and some random herbs, Qin Nan would need to go into seclusion to cultivate for a while. Even though he was able to kill Wang Meng, there was still a huge distance between him and Ling Zixiao.

    "Sure." Xiao Leng agreed immediately, but as a sudden thought came to him, he hesitantly said, "There's some questions that have been troubling me for a while; I'm not sure if I should ask you."

    Qin Nan glanced at him and said, "Go on."

    Xiao Leng clenched his teeth before saying, "Senior Brother Qin Nan, I did look down on you at first, but it wasn't because of your cultivation. It was because I felt that you were too cocky as you dared to offend Ling Zixiao. Not only that, you dared to go against the five elders and all the disciples by yourself; I just felt that you were way too conceited."

    He paused for briefly before continuing, "I don't understand. With your current talent, even the eighth rank among the top ten geniuses would not be a problem for you. Why won't you stay low-profile? None of all these things would've happened if you had remained low-key. But since you've offended so many people-including Ling Zixiao-even if you have overwhelming talent, I'm afraid that when the time comes..."

    Qin Nan interrupted before he could finish.

    Qin Nan looked at the doubtful Xiao Leng, and smilingly said, "I know exactly what you're trying to say. I can only tell you this-having a good mindset is important for a Martial Artist. I became a Martial Artist because I wanted to become stronger. I want to roam across the land at will. I want to live freely without restraint. No one can bully me-no one can embarrass me. I will be respected by the people, and kings will bow down before me. If I were to submit to humiliation so easily, why would I want to become a Martial Artist? I will never allow myself to be humiliated-even if it means death."

    Xiao Leng was astonished.

    Qin Nan glanced at him before rising from the ground, and calmly saying, "These words are just some bull** I came up with. Don't take it too seriously. The reason I was so confident was because Ling Zixiao and the disciples-or even the five elders-were not powerful enough to force me to submit to humiliation!"

    After saying this, without further words, Qin Nan turned around and left without a sense of the slightest intimidation.
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