Chapter 66 - Gloomy Thunderous Devil Martial Spiri


    Every disciple at the scene inhaled deeply; their gazes toward Qin Nan were no longer scornful, but rather respectful instead.

    As Qin Nan had mastered the Perfection Stage of One with the Saber, he could slay an eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivator with a single skill.

    Even the famous Childe Gloomy Rage was forced to flee facing Qin Nan; what rights did they have to mock Qin Nan and be disdainful toward him?

    Chu Yun's eyes started to flicker after witnessing this event.

    Previously, she assumed Qin Nan was being cocky, so she planned to teach Qin Nan a lesson through the battle against Childe Gloomy Rage. However, it seemed like Qin Nan had the strength to challenge him.

    Despite that, what Qin Nan did next was totally unexpected by everyone.

    "Trying to escape? Not this time!"

    Qin Nan grinned coldly as his eyes flickered strangely staring at the woods afar while he gathered his might. Before he left, he said calmly, "Don't you dare to follow me; those who do so would be considered as my enemies."

    After saying this, Qin Nan boosted his speed and chased forward using his Mystical Eight Steps.

    The disciples were once again utterly shocked.

    They would never have expected Qin Nan to pursue Childe Gloomy Rage on his own after driving him away.

    Does Qin Nan plan to slay Childe Gloomy Rage by himself?

    Not a single stupid disciple was at the scene; they clearly knew that Childe Gloomy Rage decided to flee for his life due to his concerns of Chu Yun and Xiao Leng joining the battle. If Qin Nan were on his own, even if he mastered the Perfection Stage of One with the Saber, he would not be able to scare Childe Gloomy Rage away so easily.

    Childe Gloomy Rage's cultivation had reached the eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm, and he had mastered the Greater Success Stage of One with the Weapon. On the other hand, Qin Nan's cultivation base was only the seventh-layer Body Tempering Realm; a layer difference between the two.

    "Trying to kill Childe Gloomy Rage, not satisfied with just driving him away; has Qin Nan gone mad?"

    "Tsk tsk, this Qin Nan was way too smug; I'm afraid he's digging his own grave."

    "That's right, why would Childe Gloomy Rage be afraid if Qin Nan was on his own?"


    The respect in the disciples' minds was replaced by disdain after they collected their thoughts.

    Upon hearing this chatter, Chu Yun's expression changed slightly; she did not expect Qin Nan to be so lustful for blood, planning to take down Childe Gloomy Rage by himself.

    What's the difference between this and committing suicide?

    "This guy is too full of himself." Chu Yun said. Despite the fact that she wanted to save Qin Nan, it was no longer possible as Qin Nan and Childe Gloomy Rage were out of her sight in just a few seconds.

    Chu Yun could only pray, hoping Qin Nan would survive. If Qin Nan were to die, she would not know how to report back to Senior Brother Gong Yang.


    Using his Eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit, Qin Nan had his focus locked onto Childe Gloomy Rage and chased behind him.

    Not far ahead, Childe Gloomy Rage made his away forward among the woods with an unpleasant and murderous face.

    He had never suffered such a disgrace since he was born. Not only he was humiliated, he was forced to flee from the scene.

    "This trash Qin Nan, I've spared your bastard's life this time. Next time when you are alone, I'll show you a piece of my wrath." Childe Gloomy Rage cursed furiously in his heart.

    If Chu Yun and Xiao Leng were not there, he would not be intimidated and driven away despite Qin Nan mastering the Perfection Stage of One with the Saber.

    At that moment, Childe Gloomy Rage hesitated and with his face down before coming to a sudden stop and saying, "Who's there?"

    Following this, Childe Gloomy Rage saw Qin Nan walking out slowly from the trees by himself.

    Childe Gloomy Rage was utterly surprised. He did not expect Qin Nan to take the initiative to pursue him.

    His expression changed slightly as he immediately scanned the surroundings. If Qin Nan is here, does that mean both Chu Yun and Xiao Leng are nearby too?

    Qin Nan knew what Childe Gloomy Rage was thinking; he said calmly, "Don't worry. I'm alone this time. There's no need to team up with others just to defeat you. I can do it by myself."

    Childe Gloomy Rage remained silent; he did another thorough scan at the surroundings. As he realized there were no one around, he could not help but burst out laughing; he was entirely bemused by Qin Nan's attitude, "Well, well, well. You dare to chase me down even after I fled from the battle? What gives you the confidence to hunt me down just by yourself?"

    Upon saying this, a bursting aura emitted from Childe Gloomy Rage as he immersed himself into the Greater Success Stage of One with the Weapon.

    With a scornful attitude, Childe Gloomy Rage smirked and said, "Qin Nan, do you really think you're invincible after mastering the Perfection Stage of One with the Saber? Let me be honest with you; why would I leave if Chu Yun and Xiao Leng weren't there?"

    "Stop the nonsense." A cold flicker appeared in Qin Nan's eyes as he burst out a Saber Intent with his Perfection Stage of One with the Saber and said, "Show me your most powerful skill; come on, show me what you've got!"

    "Very well!"

    At this moment, Childe Gloomy Rage forced himself to recover from his enraged state and said with a chilling tone, "Qin Nan, you chose to take the path of hell instead of the heavens! Let me show you my strongest ability-eat this!"

    After saying this, eight golden rays appeared behind Childe Gloomy Rage.

    An enormous devil could be seen standing on the ground like a hill; not only that, countless thunder could be seen emitting from the devil's figure, producing a horrendous aura.

    At that instant, the atmosphere in the woods turned icy cold instantly, as if winter had just arrived.

    "HAHAHA, Qin Nan, see this? This is my Martial Spirit, Spooky Thunderous Devil!" Childe Gloomy Rage leapt into the air and looked down upon his opponent before bursting out laughing, "I know your Martial Spirit is eighth-grade Huang ranked. Unfortunately, my Martial Spirit specializes in killing; the strongest blow from us combined together could slay a ninth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivator instantly!"

    After saying this, Childe Gloomy Rage let out a devastating roar.

    His short figure slowly merged with the Gloomy Thunderous Devil Martial Spirit, as if he was turning into a demon.

    After merging with his Martial Spirit, Childe Gloomy Rage yelled, "Gloomy Thunderous Soul-Hunting Chain!"

    Childe Gloomy Rage then drew out the chain from his waist and whipped lightning fast at Qin Nan.

    This attack was totally different from the previous one.

    The attack was accompanied by countless thunder sparks that were emitted from the chain. Not only that, a powerful force could be felt within the chain, like the rumbling of the sea and shattering of the mountains, it could destroy and eliminate anything.

    This force was the one possessed by Childe Gloomy Rage's Martial Spirit.

    Even a ninth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivator would shatter into pieces upon receiving this attack.

    At that instant, Childe Gloomy Rage could not hold his laughter in; he initially nursed a grievance, but he never thought Qin Nan would be so smug as to chase him down on his own; it felt like a lamb had volunteered itself to be sent before a wolf.

    Qin Nan was considered a dead man in Childe Gloomy Rage's eyes.

    "Merging with the Martial Spirit? Interesting." Qin Nan's expression remained the same facing the powerful attack; he said in a calm tone, "If that's all you've got, then it's time for me to present my Martial Spirit."

    After saying this, Qin Nan finally moved; he took a big step forward with ease.

    At that instant, nine golden rays appeared behind Qin Nan, together with a blurry figure of the Divine Battle Spirit, emitting an imperious aura.

    Following this, the trees shook wildly from the shock; everything felt insignificant before the Divine Battle Spirit.

    The evil grin on Childe Gloomy Rage's face went stiff after he witnessed the scene before him.
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