Chapter 72 - Heavenly Accumulating Strike

    The old man went silent for a while before saying in a calm tone, "The Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder has five different grades, which are violet, black, dominator, emperor, and the highest rank: the Violet Ocean Full Moon rare occurrence. If you are able to trigger the black light, I will give you ten thousand Xiantian Pills. Trigger the dominator light, and I'll give you a unique equipment. Trigger the emperor light, and I'll give you a unique equipment in addition to a badge that could save your life."

    The old man hesitated for a brief moment, before continuing, "If you trigger the Violet Ocean Full Moon rare occurrence, I'll accept you as my introductory disciple."

    After hearing the words, Qin Nan was completely stunned, with an utter shock in his eyes.

    He did not expect the old man to be so generous; ten thousand Xiantian Pills just for triggering the black light, not to mention the great benefits for triggering the dominator or emperor lights, and the Violet Ocean Full Moon rare occurrence.

    This time, Qin Nan's mind went blank for a while, unable to recover in a short period of time.

    The mysterious old man remained expressionless. He stood aside in silence, awaiting Qin Nan's reply.

    After a long moment, Qin Nan collected his thoughts and inhaled deeply before saying, "Elderly Mister, are you sure?"

    "Of course." The old man replied calmly, "I always keep my words."

    Qin Nan let out a long breath; there was no reason to reject such tremendous benefits, but a sudden thought came to him as he asked instinctively, "Elderly Mister, I have a question. What if I end up shattering this Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder into pieces... Would you ask me for compensation?"

    The shattering of the Ocean Crescent Boulder was still having an impact on Qin Nan's mind.

    Furthermore, the Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder before him was even more precious than the Ocean Crescent Boulder; if this old man really demanded compensation, there was no way Qin Nan could afford it.

    "You think you could?" The old man glimpsed at Qin Nan and said with a grin, "Do you think the Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder is comparable to the Ocean Crescent Boulder? That being said, if you were to shatter the boulder, I'd teach you a secret technique. Don't you worry, this hidden technique is far more precious than any pills or equipment."

    After saying this, the old man was seemingly unaffected; he did not take Qin Nan's words seriously.

    Shatter the Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder? What a joke.

    Qin Nan let out a sigh of relief and said, "If you said so, I'd accept your challenge."

    Following it, Qin Nan shut his eyes to calm his thoughts, before taking a big step forward and reached out his right hand, touching the Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder.

    It seemed like the time froze at that moment.

    Following it, a blinding violet light was seen emitting from the Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder; it had a precious feeling to it.

    After seeing this, the old man said calmly, "Violet light, natural Martial Addict. Now, unleash your Martial Spirit; I know that your Martial Spirit is able to boost your Martial Skill Talent."

    Qin Nan nodded his head, and without further ado, nine golden rays were emitted together with a blurry human figure behind him, floating in the air.

    As soon as the Divine Battle Spirit appeared, the previously calm Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder began to vibrate vigorously.

    The bright violet light from the Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder changed rapidly, turning into dazzling golden light; with the golden light, a powerful imperious aura could be felt, as if an emperor had arrived.

    Upon seeing this sight, the old man's eyes flickered as he said, "Well done, emperor light; I'll give you a piece of unique equipment."

    After saying this, the old man glanced at Qin Nan with a hint of disdain.

    Trying to shatter the Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder?

    You didn't even trigger the Violet Ocean Full Moon rare occurrence, but still aimed to shatter the boulder?

    Pathetic, whimsical.

    However, a rare occurrence took place at that instant.

    The huge Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder began to vibrate, as if a great force was gathered, ready to burst out.

    The sudden change caused the old man's expression to stiffen, "Is this..."

    Following it, countless rays were fired toward the sky from the Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder, forming a vast violet ocean. A full moon was seen floating on the surface of the violet ocean; the whole scenery felt like the revelation of an ancient drawing.

    The old man could not help but exclaim, "Violet Ocean Full Moon rare occurrence?"

    As soon as he finished the sentence, another shocking scene took place.

    The Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder vibrated even more vigorously; the scenery from the rare occurrence began to vibrate. Following it, a loud 'BANG' was heard. The Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder had exploded, firing pieces of it to the surroundings.

    Upon seeing this, the mysterious old man was completely shocked.

    Qin Nan collected his thoughts immediately; he was not surprised at all after seeing this, as he calmly withdrew the Divine Battle Spirit.

    The scene before him was not out of Qin Nan's expectation.

    The Divine Battle Spirit had arrived from ancient times with the heavenly thunder; not only could its Martial Spirit grade be improved, it could also evolve, granting the bearer secret techniques, enhancing the bearer's body. The secrets it held, were unending.

    How could the potential of this Divine Battle Spirit be easily inspected by a mere Violet Ocean Full Moon Crescent?

    Pathetic, Whimsical!

    Qin Nan glimpsed at the old man, as he felt sorry for him. He ended up shattering the Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder into pieces despite the benefits the old man promised; he said in an apologetic tone, "Elderly Mister, I'm sorry; I still ended up breaking your boulder accidentally..."

    The mysterious old man recovered from the shock; despite his cold nature, he could not help but chuckle on the spot.

    Breaking the boulder accidentally?

    This is the Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder, who in this continent could break it accidentally?

    The mysterious old man soon calmed down, and his coldness reappeared, as he said, "Even though your Martial Spirit is only ninth-grade Huang ranked, it's indeed impressive to boost your Martial Skill Talent in such way. Now that you've broken the boulder into pieces, I'll fulfill my promise by teaching you a secret technique. This technique's name is Heavenly Accumulating Strike-it's extraordinary. You should familiarize yourself with the technique before I demonstrate it to you."

    After saying this, the old man took an ancient book out and shoved it toward Qin Nan.

    "Heavenly Accumulating Strike? Such a domineering name."

    Qin Nan thought to himself upon receiving the book, as a hint of joy appeared in his eyes. A secret technique well regarded by the mysterious old man would surely be something fascinating. Hence, he could not wait to start reading the content.

    However, what Qin Nan did not expect was that when he was immersed in learning the secret technique, a great sense of joy appeared in the old man's cold eyes which were staring at Qin Nan's figure.

    This was the first time the old man was so joyful in the past three hundred years!
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