Chapater 94 - Shine Bright Like A Diamond

    At that instant, not only were the five elders and Mo Li dumbfounded, the inner disciples, together with Gong Yang and Xiao Qingxue, were completely astounded.

    Even Gong Yang-who was super confident with Qin Nan-did not expect this; Did Qin Nan really achieve the first rank?

    Everyone knew that there was a great difference between the top five spots and the first rank!

    Most importantly, everyone knew that Qin Nan only had an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. Among the disciples, he was mismatched against the top ten geniuses, not to mention the two super geniuses, Huang Long and Ling Zixiao.

    How could Qin Nan achieve the first rank under such circumstances?

    Xu Qian gave the five elders and Mo Li a pitiful look, before he continued to unleash a great explosion, "In the Trial of Versatility, Qin Nan participated in the trial of the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods, and achieved one thousand steps!"


    The five elders, Mo Li, Gong Yang, and Xiao Qingxue's faces were filled with utter astonishment.

    Reaching the thousandth step in the Mind-Seducing Woods?

    The step which geniuses of all generations in history failed to accomplish, but Qin Nan did it?

    At that instant, they all came to a realization. They finally understood why Qin Nan came first!

    They all knew that by achieving a thousand steps in the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods, he would receive twenty Blue Dragon Badges.

    In that case, it was quite reasonable for Qin Nan to come first.

    "HAHAHAHA." Gong Yang was not in shock for long, and reacted first by bursting out laughing joyfully, and saying, "My brother, I'm so proud of you, being able to achieve a thousand steps. Impressive, very impressive!"

    At the same time, Xiao Qingxue collected her thoughts; her attractive eyes were locked onto Qin Nan who was at the back of the crowd with a flickering gaze.

    She initially thought that Qin Nan would achieve quite a good result in the trial and had the chance to be in the top ten. However, she did not expect Qin Nan to reach the thousandth step and make history, and come first in the Trial of Versatility!

    Who was able to come first in the Trial of Versatility with an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit?

    Only Qin Nan!

    After Gong Yang was done laughing, he glanced at the five elders and Mo Li and let out a hollow laugh, before saying, "Five elders, Junior Brother Mo Li, I'm so sorry. The trash in your views, the miniscule one who you all thought would surely die-not only did he manage to acquire a top-five spot, he even came first, and made history. It seems like you all have to pay me the Martial Emperor Pills!"

    The five elders, Mo Li, and the inner disciples were awakened by these words, and all twisted their lips and felt a sudden heartache.

    They had put in all their possessions into the bet, which contributed to making a sum of seventy-five thousand Martial Emperor Pills!

    Even with their current positions, it would take them at least a year or two, or some special circumstances, to recover from such a huge loss.

    Most importantly, as what Gong Yang just said, the Qin Nan who they all looked down on before had achieved such an astonishing accomplishment.

    It served as a huge slap to their faces, leaving a burning sensation behind.

    Qin Nan's result surely surpassed theirs back in the day. What right did they have to mock Qin Nan, to look down on him?

    "I won? I really won?" Among the disciples, one of them who bet on Qin Nan let out a joyful cry instantly, "HAHAHA, I did win! Qin Nan, you're awesome, you're the man!"

    He initially thought his five hundred Martial Emperor Pills were gone; who knew the outcome would be completely the opposite of his expectation!

    The other inner disciples were utterly regretful after seeing his expression; Why didn't we bet on Qin Nan too?

    However, at that instant, Mo Li shrieked, "How is that possible? Are you f**king kidding me? Why would Ling Zixiao not do anything to Qin Nan? Xu Qian, tell me; who killed Ling Zixiao, was it Huang Long?"

    The shriek immediately grabbed the attention of the crowd.

    Even the five elders, Gong Yang, and Xiao Qingxue frowned their eyebrows, as they were all confused.

    Ling Zixiao with his team of over two hundred disciples would never allow Qin Nan to come first in the Trial of Versatility without doing anything.

    What really happened in the trial?

    Xu Qian glanced at Mo Li and said, "Senior Brother Mo Li, if you really want to know, let me tell you; Ling Zixiao was slain by Qin Nan."

    "WHAT?" Mo Li was shocked, before saying, "What did you just say? Say that again?"

    The five elders, the inner disciples, including Gong Yang and Xiao Qingxue, were all stunned. They all doubted if Xu Qian was speaking the truth.

    Killing Ling Zixiao, and achieving a thousand steps in the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods were two completely different things.

    One's Martial Heart was the key to achieve a thousand steps in the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods. It was acceptable for Qin Nan to make such a historical accomplishment.

    However, how did Qin Nan kill Ling Zixiao with his mere cultivation of the eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm?

    Before Xu Qian could answer, a calm voice was heard, "It's ok, Senior Brother Xu Qian, let me tell him myself."

    The voice belonged to none other than Qin Nan.

    Qin Nan's figure slowly appeared from the crowd at the White Jade Dojo.

    Among the huge crowd, the new disciples all moved aside and made way for Qin Nan, respectful expressions on their faces.

    Qin Nan then made his way and arrived before the five elders, and stared at Mo Li as he said, "I'm so sorry. The trash in your eyes managed to slay Ling Zixiao with a single attack in the Trial of Versatility."

    Mo Li was utterly shocked, and he instinctively glanced toward Xiao Yunhe and his group, and saw them all nod their heads in confirmation.


    After seeing this, Mo Li felt like he was struck by lightning, causing his mind to explode, and his soul to shiver.

    Even the five elders, the Martial Emperor disciples, Gong Yang, and Xiao Qingxue all wore blank expressions on their faces.

    Did Qin Nan really manage to kill Ling Zixiao?

    How is this possible? How did this happen?

    However, the over three hundred disciples remained silent on the spot, which further emphasized the validity of the unbelievable truth.

    Not only was Qin Nan the first one to accomplish the final step, he also defeated the super genius Ling Zixiao, causing an unbelievable miracle to occur.

    At that instant, everyone glanced at Qin Nan's slim figure, and felt like they were looking at an incredibly huge mountain before them.

    The new disciples only understood one thing-after the Trial of Versatility, Qin Nan was going to shine bright like a diamond in the Mystic Spirit Sect!
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