Chapter 97 - Atavistic Dream

    Qin Nan, after unleashing his Divine Battle Spirit, grabbed a handful of over one hundred Xiantian Pills and shoved them all into his mouth.

    The Divine Battle Spirit vibrated as it engulfed all the Xiantian Pills instantly.

    Qin Nan then unleashed his eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivation, and his right hand continued to grab handfuls of pills and shove them all into his mouth, like an enraged beast enjoying its meal in a crazy manner.

    On the other hand, the Divine Battle Spirit acted like a black hole, which sucked in all the power of the pills endlessly.

    An hour passed gradually since then.

    Just like when he was practicing his Martial Skills, he entered a berserk state as he kept on consuming the pills.

    In one hour's period of continuing the same action, he had at least consumed over nine thousand Xiantian Pills.

    If it were before, Qin Nan would feel agitated by consuming so many pills at once, but since he was quite rich now, his wealth was unmatched among the outer disciples; thus, he was not worried at all.

    At last, after Qin Nan consumed a total of ten thousand Xiantian Pills, the Divine Battle Spirit vibrated vigorously, as if its ultimate imperiousness had just been awakened.

    Qin Nan's crazy action of consuming the pills came to a halt instantly; he was extremely nervous when he witnessed this, as if his heart was now hanging in his throat.

    Behind the Divine Battle Spirit, the tenth golden ray appeared in a blinding fashion. At that instant, the imperious aura from the Divine Battle Spirit increased rapidly, and turned utterly terrifying; it was at least a few times more powerful than that of the ninth-grade Huang rank.

    "Tenth-grade Huang ranked, tenth-grade Huang ranked, I finally have a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit!"

    Even with Qin Nan's firm Martial Heart, he was incredibly excited at this moment.

    Tenth-grade Huang ranked was considered a real super genius in the Mystic Sprit Sect, completely outmatching people like Huang Long and Ling Zixiao. Even Gong Yang, who was among the top ten disciples, only possessed a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit.

    Therefore, this showed how rare and powerful a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit was.

    "Calm, stay calm." Qin Nan took a few deep breaths as he thought, "I still have ninety-thousand Xiantian Pills here; with the previous rate, I might have the chance to level up to the legendary Xuan ranked Martial Spirit if I consume all these pills! If that's not enough, I still have ten thousand Martial Emperor Pills!"

    Xuan ranked Martial Spirit!

    Only the core disciples in the Mystic Spirit Sect possessed Xuan ranked Martial Spirits, and the count was incredibly low!

    If Qin Nan were to have a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, he would become an elite genius of the Mystic Spirit Sect, on par with the most powerful ones in the Mystic Spirit Sect.

    After having this thought, Qin Nan did not waste any more time as he entered the berserk state once again, shoving handfuls of pills into his mouth continuously.

    One hour!

    Two hours!

    Three hours!

    After a period of five hours' time, Qin Nan slowed down his pill consuming actions.

    The reason was that he had consumed almost sixty thousand Xiantian Pills within these five hours.

    Even if Qin Nan was relatively wealthy now, to spend sixty thousand Xiantian Pills in one go but for the Divine Battle Spirit to remain motionless, caused him to be slightly doubtful.

    "I'd like to see how many pills I need to level up to a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit!"

    Qin Nan clenched his teeth, as he once again took a handful of pills and shoved them into his mouth.

    Another two hours passed. Within this period, Qin Nan had finished all of his ninety thousand Xiantian Pills.

    Despite that, the Divine Battle Spirit still remained motionless, as if it were dead.

    "Ninety thousand Xiantian Pills was still not enough to level up; it seems like I will need to use the Martial Emperor Pills..." Qin Nan straightened his face; he did not consume the pills in a crazy fashion this time, but he took ten pills each time, and consumed them slowly.

    Martial Emperor Pills were different than Xiantian Pills; a Martial Emperor Pill was equivalent to a hundred Xiantian Pills.

    Time gradually passed; when Qin Nan consumed nine hundred and ninety nine Martial Emperor Pills, the Divine Battle Spirit finally reacted.

    The golden rays behind the Divine Battle Spirit began to flicker, as an ancient aura burst out from it.

    After seeing this, Qin Nan felt a sense of seriousness in his mind; he took a deep breath, and shoved a Martial Emperor Pill into his mouth; he then locked his gaze onto the Divine Battle Spirit.

    As the Divine Battle Spirit consumed the Marital Emperor Pill, a strange occurrence took place, as an ancient voice exploded within Qin Nan's brain, "The Divine Battle Spirit fights against the Heaven and Earth; there's nobody it won't fight, there's nothing it won't win against..."

    Qin Nan's brain continued to buzz as a thought appeared in his mind, "The Divine Battle Spirit is not levelling up, it's evolving a part..."

    Following this, Qin Nan could not withstand the pressure from the voice, causing him to pass out.

    However, it was quite different than the previous time; Qin Nan did not lose his consciousness, but a mysterious force appeared, dragging his consciousness to a mysterious place.

    Qin Nan could only see darkness before him, an endless darkness, so dark that one would be terrified, and feel his scalp go numb.

    "What... What is this?"

    Qin Nan was stunned; it was his first time encountering such a weird scene after he possessed the Divine Battle Spirit.

    As Qin Nan was feeling confused, a blinding crack appeared among the darkness all of a sudden; following it, a corpse could be seen falling down slowly from the crack.

    Qin Nan was utterly shocked when he looked at the corpse.

    The corpse was unbelievably huge, lying horizontally in the darkness; a deadly cold aura was emitted from it, as if it was filled with utter imperiousness.

    Standing before the corpse, Qin Nan's size was like one ten-thousandth of a dust particle's-terrifyingly miniscule.

    Following this, on the head of the corpse a pair of tightly shut ancient eyes opened slowly; at that instant, a holy light was emitted from them, tearing the endless darkness apart.

    After seeing this, Qin Nan's consciousness was sucked in by an arcanic force, causing him to fall into a coma.

    As he lost his consciousness, he did not see a rare change occurring to the Divine Battle Spirit floating behind him.

    At that instant, the Divine Battle Spirit's human figure was encapsulated in a blinding light. It seemed like an invisible pen was slowly drawing the outline of the Divine Battle Spirit's eyes, which already had an obvious outline from before. Eyes filled with rainbow colors began to appear.

    When the pair of rainbow colored eyes took shape on the blurry human figure of the Divine Battle Spirit, it felt like the Martial Spirit became alive like a human, a living being.

    "The awakening of the Divine Eyes, capturing the Heaven and Earth!"

    An ancient voice could be heard, as the Divine Battle Spirit lowered its head slightly; the pair of rainbow colored eyes emitted seven rays of rainbow colors, which felt like seven streams of a river flowing into Qin Nan's eyes. After the period it takes for an incense to burn, the light vanished, as the colorful eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit turned white.


    At that instant, the fainted Qin Nan had no idea that a mysterious ancient force had combined with his eyes......
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