Chapter 105 - Outer Domain Mountain

    As the outer domain auction had finally come to an end, Qin Nan and Bai Heng exited the Treasure Vault.

    Standing at the main entrance of the Treasure Vault, everything still felt like a dream to Qin Nan. He never thought that he could receive three rare pieces of treasure for free with his Purple Dragon Badge; their value was a total of eight hundred thousand Xiantian Pills.

    "Young Master Qin Nan, look behind you..." Bai Heng said suddenly.

    Qin Nan turned around upon hearing these words, and found a few first floor elders of the Treasure Vault standing in a line at the entrance, who all glanced at Qin Nan with wry smiles on their faces.

    Obviously, the elders were here to escort Qin Nan.

    If anyone were to have outstanding vision, the person would be able to tell that the smiles on the elders' faces were all stiffened.

    This was because, even as the elders of the Treasure Vault, it was their first time seeing the Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge. Not only that, they ended up giving away three pieces of treasure of incredible value, how would they be happy?

    Most importantly, the few elders were afraid that Qin Nan would visit the Treasure Vault daily, coming to every single auction in the future.

    If that's the case, how much of a loss would the Treasure Vault make?

    Upon having this thought, the few elders could not help but shiver, as they all began to pray in their hearts, hoping Qin Nan would never come to any auction held by the Treasure Vault.

    Qin Nan was surprised to see the elders escorting him, and he immediately brought his fists together with respect and said, "Thank you, elders. I was very content today at the Treasure Vault. In addition, if there are more auctions in the future, please do notify me. I'll definitely make myself available then."

    After hearing this, the elders' faces were contorted, and felt a sudden lack of force in their knees, causing them to nearly keel over onto the ground.

    However, they did not dare to refuse; they could only wear a few ugly smiles on their faces, and nod their heads in agreement.



    Under Bai Heng's guidance, Qin Nan arrived at a square.

    The square was different than the White Jade Dojo; the floor was built with ancient blue bricks, and below it a few enormous formations were in operation, causing the Qi in the square to be three times more abundant.

    Currently, there were some outer disciples sitting in the square with their legs crossed, with Martial Spirits floating behind them, cultivating diligently.

    "This is the outer domain training grounds." Bai Heng spoke before Qin Nan said anything, "The outer disciples were classified into inner domain and outer domain. Thus, we have the inner domain and outer domain training grounds. Besides that, in the Mystic Spirit Sect, we also have the inner disciples training grounds, with strict classification between the ranks."

    "I see..."

    Qin Nan slightly nodded his head, and exclaimed in his heart, the Mystic Spirit Sect is indeed one of the top four sects of the Luohe Kingdom; even the training grounds are segregated in detail.

    As the two continued their journey, two mountains appeared before them soon after.

    The two mountains, with one higher than the other, and slightly closer to them both were encapsulated in mist, giving them an ethereal feeling. Even though they were still a distance away from the mountains, they could somehow hear the chatter of the disciples.

    Besides that, Qin Nan was able to see houses on the two mountains.

    These houses were built from the bottom of the mountains to the top, with a lesser number toward the top. There was only one single house standing at the top of the mountains.

    "These two mountains are the outer domain mountain and the inner domain mountain respectively, which are the residences for the outer disciples. The whole place is covered in forbidding auras, stopping others from spying,"  Bai Heng said, "Not only that, the residences of the outer domain mountain and the inner domain mountain are grouped into the first residence, second residence, third residence, etc. For example, Young Master Qin Nan, you are ranked fifth among the outer disciples, and you are allowed to live at the fifth residence of the outer domain mountain."

    Qin Nan was slightly confused after hearing this, "What's the significance of having such a grouping?"

    "As a matter of fact, it's quite significant," Bai Heng took a deep breath and said, "In simple words, the Qi of the first residence is five times the amount at the fifth residence. The difference is incredibly huge. That being said, if your rank among the outer disciples increases, your residence will be changed too..."

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered after hearing this.

    He never expected the first and fifth residences to have such a huge difference.

    In other words, if Qin Nan were to cultivate for a day in the first residence, it would be equivalent to cultivating at the fifth residence for five days, and ten days at the tenth residence.

    "Nangong Cheng is the one living at the first residence."

    Qin Nan said to himself, as he clenched his fist tight.

    In the Mystic Spirit Sect, the one with a higher rank would receive a greater benefit; this had no doubt caused Qin Nan to feel excited, with a growing sense of battle intent.

    After a brief while, Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and asked, "Where are those three, Huang Long, Xiao Leng, and Chu Yun?"

    Qin Nan went into seclusion straight away to improve his Martial Spirit's grade after acquiring the first spot in the Trial of Versatility.

    Bai Heng came prepared, as he swiftly replied, "Huang Long is ranked second among the outer domain disciples, Chu Yun eleventh, and Xiao Leng twelfth. They accepted some quests and left the sect to start their training..."

    Qin Nan nodded his head slightly. He did know that the disciples of the sect were allowed to take on some quests as a way to train themselves, which came with great rewards too.

    Following this, the two arrived at the fifth residence.

    The place was located in the middle of the mountain, with an area of fifty meters square. It only had simple decorations, but the Qi here was so rich that a thin layer of white mist was formed.

    Upon seeing this, Qin Nan immediately took a deep breath and said, "The fifth residence's Qi is already so impressive; how crazy would it be at the first residence?"

    At that instant, Bai Heng said with a cautious tone, "Young Master Qin Nan, should I leave first?"

    "Sure." Qin Nan nodded his head and glanced toward Bai Heng with a sincere look and said, "Bai Heng, thanks for your help throughout the way here."

    Bai Heng's body trembled after hearing this, as he then felt extremely excited, before leaving the place.

    In Bai Heng's opinion, a single thanks from Qin Nan was more precious than a hundred Martial Emperor Pills.

    Looking at Bai Heng's leaving figure, Qin Nan shook his head and entered the house. He then took out the Seven-Colored Flower, the Ambergris, the Seven Great Sins, the mysterious ancient ginseng, the eight thousand plus Martial Emperor Pills, the storage bag, and the Nine-Rotation Golden Pill, and placed them in front of him.

    "I already know the benefits of this stuff, except this stalk of ginseng; maybe I should inspect it first..."

    Qin Nan immediately made up his mind; he was incredibly interested in this stalk of mysterious ginseng, and he picked the black ginseng with a rotten appearance up as he inspected it cautiously.

    In the process of doing so, Qin Nan tried many approaches, but he failed to trigger the mysterious force encapsulated inside the ginseng.

    "According to my Eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit, the amount of force stored within the ginseng in a hibernating state is overwhelming. There must be some way to awaken it..." Qin Nan frowned his eyebrows, but his eyes soon flickered.

    It was written in the ancient records that some rare weapons would require refinement with fresh blood; some powerful materials would need to be refined with fresh blood too.

    "Let's try putting some fresh blood."

    Qin Nan bit his finger, and allowed a drop of blood to land on top of the black ancient ginseng.

    In that instant, a rare occurrence took place!

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