Chapter 109 - Fighting The Tigers

    Everyone at the dojo was startled.

    Among the outer disciples, the Five Tyrannical Tigers were ranked sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth; everyone knew who they were, and they had a bad reputation due to their cruel manners. Those who were targeted by them would be severely injured at the very least.

    Most importantly, even Nangong Cheng-who was ranked first among the outer domain disciples-would be hesitant to face the Five Tyrannical Tigers.

    This caused many in the crowd to inhale deeply, as they glanced toward Qin Nan with a hint of pity, before discussing amongst themselves.

    "Who is this guy? How did he offend Nangong Ershao and the Five Tyrannical Tigers?"

    "I know him, he is Qin Nan who came first in the Trial of Versatility, and made history by achieving a thousand steps in the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods. Rumors said he even defeated a super genius!"

    "So it's him. Looks like he's in trouble."

    "Why is that? Didn't he kill a super genius? Why would he be afraid of the Five Tyrannical Tigers?"

    "First of all, it was just a rumor. Well, at least I don't believe that he's able to eliminate a super genius who has a higher rank than him. Although he is currently ranked fifth and has the ability to defeat any of the Five Tyrannical Tigers one on one, the Five Tyrannical Tigers are at their strongest when they fight together-Qin Nan is mismatched against them."


    Despite discovering Qin Nan's identity, most of the disciples shook their heads as they assumed that Qin Nan was not strong enough to face the Five Tyrannical Tigers.

    Only those who witnessed Qin Nan killing Ling Zixiao remained silent, and observed the event calmly.

    Qin Nan frowned his eyebrows; he did not expect Nangong Ershao to join forces with the Five Tyrannical Tigers and find trouble with him at that instant.

    Qin Nan was not afraid of them, but Li Hing's speech had caused his Martial Heart to change slightly; thus he was determined to return to his place and go into seclusion, and had no intention of wasting any time.

    "I'm busy today. Let's talk another time."

    Qin Nan blurted out the words, before he turned around and started walking away.

    Upon seeing this, Nangong Ershao burst out laughing cheerfully; in his eyes, Qin Nan was trying to escape as he was frightened.

    The smiles on the Five Tyrannical Tigers' faces turned more hideous; with a flicker, they all landed before Qin Nan and surrounded him, blocking his way.

    The leader of the Five Tyrannical Tigers, Da Hu, said in a gloomy tone, "Trying to escape from our palms? Qin Nan, I heard that coming first in the Trial of Versatility has granted you incredible benefits. If you're smart, hand over the hundred thousand Xiantian Pills, the Nine-Rotation Golden Pill, and the storage bag at once. Although we are not allowed to kill anyone, a friendly duel is still acceptable as we are now at the dojo-a severe injury would not be a problem!"

    The other four tigers laughed ferociously, as their fists emitted cracking noises.

    The reason they had agreed to deal with Qin Nan was first because of the benefits Nangong Ershao promised them, and secondly because of the rewards Qin Nan had received from the Trial of Versatility.

    A hundred thousand Xiantian Pills, a storage bag, and the Nine-Rotation Golden Pill were considered a great fortune.

    After hearing this, Qin Nan held his breath as his expression began to change and his mouth twitch.

    He did not want to waste any time, but outside of his expectations, these Five Tyrannical Tigers planned to rob him of his pills, which reminded him of the nightmare that happened not long ago.

    Qin Nan took a deep breath, and glanced toward the Five Tyrannical Tigers, before saying with a calm expression, "I don't have any pills left; it looks like a friendly duel with you five is the only way."

    Following this, a ninth-layer Body Tempering Realm aura and the Saber Intent of the Minor Success Stage of the Arcane Realm burst out from Qin Nan's body.

    At that instant, it felt like Qin Nan had turned into a giant with an overwhelming aura.

    The crowd was astounded; they did not expect the rumors to be true, that Qin Nan had mastered the Minor Success Stage of the Arcane Realm. The aura he emitted caused their hearts to feel cold.

    The Five Tyrannical Tigers straightened their faces; their gazes were no longer filled with disdain.

    "So you've really mastered the Minor Success Stage of the Arcane Realm." Da Hu's eyes flickered with a hint of fury, as he said in a cold tone, "But does it matter? Us five joining forces is enough to crush you!"

    The words served as a signal, and they all unleashed their tenth-layer Body Tempering Realm auras and their seventh-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirits at the same time. Not only that, Da Hu also emitted his Greater Success Stage of One with the Weapon, while the other four had mastered the Minor Success Stage of One with the Weapon.

    In just a moment, the Five Tyrannical Tigers had entered into their strongest state.


    As Da Hu let out a roar, the other four moved swiftly into positions, gradually building a formation.

    As the formation finished building, their auras and strength were merged together, turning into a huge mountain with a power greater than the tenth-layer Body Tempering Realm.

    Many of the disciples were stunned as they blurted out in panic.

    "Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation, I remember it now!"

    "When I was being targeted by the Five Tyrannical Tigers, they used the same formation to heavily beat me up!"

    "Damn it, I too was defeated by this formation. After that, I found out from the books that only Xiantian Realm experts could break the formation with brute force; even those who had reached the half-Xiantian Realm could not do it."

    "This formation is terrifying indeed!"


    These people who had voiced out were the top ranked of the outer domain disciples, with at least ninth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivations. Despite that, they were still utterly terrified looking at the Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation executed by the Five Tyrannical Tigers.

    The Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation was their unforgettable nightmare!

    At that instant, Nangong Ershao, who stood at the side, could not help but raise his head and say in a mocking tone, "Qin Nan, do you see that? This is what you get for offending me! Let me tell you that, apart from beating you up today, I'll rob you of all of your pills, and beat you up whenever I see you from today onward!"

    "Is that so?" Qin Nan did not even look at Nangong Ershao, as his eyes were locked onto the Five Tyrannical Tigers as he said, "Today, I'll show you how to crush your Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation!"

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered and he immediately unleashed his Eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit.

    As his Eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit had finished evolving, he was able to see through anything. He was able to discover the secrets of the Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation with his eyes, instantly exposing the weaknesses of the formation.

    The Five Tyrannical Tigers laughed disdainfully upon hearing Qin Nan's words.

    Trying to crush their Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation?

    Only in his dreams!

    "Stop wasting our precious time. Brothers, let's engage!" Da Hu let out a huge roar, and the five tigers advanced forward while gathering a mountain-like aura which crushed down onto Qin Nan. Even the surrounding ground started to tremble; it was extremely intimidating.

    "This is it!"

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered as he lashed out with his attack at that instant.

    Immeasurable Saber Intent arose and formed a huge saber; Qin Nan then grabbed the huge saber and executed his Mystical Eight Steps. Like a ray of thunder, he dashed forward and attacked with the virtual saber in his hand, emitting an incredible force onto one of the weak points of the Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation!


    A loud explosion could be heard. Following it, the Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation that the crowd thought was invincible crumbled instantly like a fragile dead tree.

    The Five Tyrannical Tigers' expressions changed rapidly; before any of them could react, the explosive aura caused by the crumbling of the Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation was like strong lashes of a whip striking their bodies, causing them to let out cries of pain as their bodies were thrown into the air with pale faces.

    Everything happened so quick that the crowd failed to react in time.

    When the crowd finally gathered their thoughts, they could only see the Five Tyrannical Tigers moaning in pain on the ground, like they were daydreaming.

    The previous, utterly scornful expression on Nangong Ershao's face froze, as his eyes were filled with shock.

    The Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation was destroyed?

    The Five-Elemental Mystic Radiance Formation was destroyed with a single attack?

    At that moment, the entire place fell into a dead silence.

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