Chapter 122 - Smashing Nangong Cheng

    Both Qin Nan or Nangong Cheng were incredibly well-known among the outer domain disciples.

    Most importantly, the two already had unresolvable personal conflicts before, so as soon as they stepped into the ring, everyone-including the disciples and the elders-had their attention fully attracted by this grand battle.

    However, at that instant, a powerful aura approached the area from the air in a rapid manner.

    A woman carrying a spear on her back landed on the dojo like a general returning from the battlefield.

    Her entry instantly attracted everyone's attention and caused the scene to turn lively.

    "Senior Sister Li Hong!"

    "It's Senior Sister Li Hong, she's here to spectate this battle too!"

    "In her last lecture, she gave Qin Nan a badge; it's obvious she's here to support Qin Nan!"


    The disciples were incredibly excited.

    The first elder's doings caused them to be biased against Nangong Cheng; hence, they had all sided with Qin Nan as a result.

    The elders at the elders' seating area were surprised, as they did not expect Li Hong to be fond of Qin Nan.

    However, a while after Li Hong's arrival, another powerful aura could be felt approaching the area, together with a hint of imperiousness like that possessed by a Martial Emperor expert.

    At this moment, even the elders were startled.

    The newcomer was none other than Mo Li.

    Mo Li had been Qin Nan's enemy since long ago, hence he had been paying attention to the Outer Domain Trial. When he heard that Qin Nan had offended Nangong Cheng and the first elder, he was overjoyed, and immediately came here to support Nangong Cheng.

    Mo Li's identity completely outmatched Li Hong's, and the elders in the elders' seating area rose up instantly to greet him, including the first elder.

    "Junior Brother Mo Li, I didn't expect to see you here."

    "Who is Junior Brother Mo Li here to support?"

    "Nephew Mo Li, I haven't seen you in a long time."


    Mo Li replied to the greetings one at a time, and he then glanced toward Cheng Biao and laughed, "First elder, I'm here to support Nangong Cheng. In my eyes, Qin Nan will surely lose in this battle."

    Cheng Biao was joyful after hearing these words, as he did not think Qin Nan would have offended Mo Li, who was the son of the third elder of the inner disciples.

    The disciples at the dojo straightened their faces after seeing this, as they wore wry smiles on their faces; they had not expected Qin Nan to have offended such a terrifying person.

    Meanwhile, a sudden laugh could be heard, "Junior Brother Mo Li is so confident, but my brother Qin Nan will surely win this battle. If you disagree, or if the first elder disagrees, let's have a bet!"

    A young man arrived at the dojo, with an imperious aura being emitted toward the elders' seating area.

    The man was none other than Gong Yang.

    Upon seeing Gong Yang's appearance, Mo Li's expression changed instantly as he let out a hollow laugh, not daring to reply to his suggestion.

    Although he was confident that Nangong Cheng would win the battle, he did not dare to bet with Gong Yang; he was still terrified at the thought of losing seven thousand Martial Emperor Pills in one go from the previous bet.

    Cheng Biao's expression changed greatly; he clearly lacked understanding of Qin Nan's background, as he never knew Qin Nan was brothers with Gong Yang, who was top ten among the inner disciples.

    He could afford to not place Qin Nan in his eyes, but that was not the case anymore when facing Gong Yang, who was considered on par with him in terms of authority.

    At that instant, the crowd of disciples was utterly astonished.

    They never thought that the duel between Nangong Cheng and Qin Nan would attract so many celebrities here to be spectators.

    It was obvious from the way that Senior Brother Gong Yang challenged Mo Li and the first elder that he was here to support Qin Nan.

    Meanwhile, on the ring, Nangong Cheng's expression changed slightly after seeing Gong Yang's entry, and he glanced toward Qin Nan and let out a hollow laugh, "Wow, I didn't expect Junior Brother Qin Nan to be brothers with Senior Brother Gong Yang. Nevertheless, I'll still be the winner of the duel today!"

    Together with Nangong Cheng's words, a powerful aura instantly burst out from his body.

    The aura was obviously from the first-layer of the Xiantian Realm!

    At that instant, everyone was startled.

    "What? Nangong Cheng haw reached the Xiantian Realm?"

    "Damn it, doesn't Nangong Cheng want to enter the Martial Serendipity Pavilion? Why did he choose to break through and reach the Xiantian Realm?"

    "Shit, if he were only at the half-Xiantian Realm, Senior Brother could definitely defeat him with his strength. However, how could he stand a chance against a Nangong Cheng who has reached the Xiantian Realm? Senior Brother Qin Nan is going to lose!"


    The disciples had their faces turned cold instantly; they initially thought Nangong Cheng would not break through to the Xiantian Realm before entering the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, but now that he had done so, Qin Nan was surely no match for him.

    The elders at the elders' seating area shook their heads slightly; they had not expected Nangong Cheng to improve his cultivation to the Xiantian Realm and give up on the chance to enter the Martial Serendipity Pavilion just to come first in the trial.

    After seeing this, Mo Li's confidence grew stronger, and he could not help but burst out laughing, "Senior Brother Gong Yang, although I don't dare to bet with you, it seems like Nangong Cheng will surely win this duel."

    Gong Yang let out a smile after hearing these words, with no sign of being intimidated.

    Not only Gong Yang, but Huang Long, Xiao Leng, and Chu Yun's expressions remained unchanged too.

    Even Qin Nan, who was about to have the final battle with Nangong Cheng, stood in his original spot holding the ancient saber Wrath with an expressionless face, showing no sign of being scared.

    Nangong Cheng had initially planned to intimidate Qin Nan with his bursting aura, but outside of his expectation, Qin Nan remained stationary and unaffected, which ignited flames of fury within him as he yelled, "Qin Nan, stop acting right there; I'll teach you the difference now between the Xiantian Realm and the Body Tempering Realm!"

    Nangong Cheng's figure sprang forward like a sharp blade, advancing five meters with each step while he reached out his finger.

    This finger was nothing ordinary; it was a Martial Skill invented by a Martial Emperor expert from the Mystic Spirit Sect, which was named the Star Pointing Finger.

    Not only that, as Nangong Cheng had mastered the Perfection Stage of One with the Weapon, the Star Pointing Finger was accompanied with a powerful Sword Intent.

    The Star Pointing Finger felt like a godly sword!

    After seeing this, the crowd of disciples halted their breaths instinctively.

    If any of them were to face the attack, they would surely shatter into pieces, with no way to defend themselves.

    Mo Li and Cheng Biao in the elders' seating area let out a smile on their faces, as they assumed Qin Nan would surely be defeated by this finger.


    All of a sudden, a slapping sound could be heard, which caused everyone to be stunned.

    Nangong Cheng's figure halted two meters away from Qin Nan, as his body had stiffened with a blank look on his face. On his pale face, a clear outline of five fingers could be seen.

    Everyone was dumbfounded at that instant.

    What just happened?

    How did Nangong Cheng receive a slap to his face?

    The disciples were confused; on the other hand, Gong Yang, Mo Li, the first elder, and the other elders were able to see what happened, and their eyes filled with astonishment.

    "What... What is going on?" Nangong Cheng's thoughts were still blurred; before he knew it, he had been slapped in the face. As he touched his face with his finger, he was awakened after feeling a painful sensation from it, causing him to become enraged, "Qin Nan, I'll murder your entire family!"

    Nangong Cheng had gone completely berserk; as the first-ranked disciple of the outer domain, and the disciple of the first elder, he had always been highly respected.

    Since when had anyone dared to slap him on the face?

    At that instant, nine golden rays were emitted from behind Nangong Cheng, together with a huge blade which was one foot long.

    Nangong Cheng grabbed the blade in his hand, and he now entered his strongest state. Like a berserk beast, he rushed toward Qin Nan while unleashing immeasurable Sword Intent.


    Another loud slap could be heard!

    Nangong Cheng's figure came to a stop again. What's going on? How did I get slapped again? How could I not see his movement with my Xiantian Realm strength?

    PA! PA! PA!

    Following this, three more slaps landed onto Nangong Cheng's face continuously.

    Nangong Cheng could feel his brain buzzing and his face was covered in a burning sensation, as he instinctively yelled out, "Qin Nan... You..."

    PA! PA! PA! PA! PA!

    Nangong Cheng was completely dumbstruck; his aura of the Xiantian Realm, his Perfection Stage of One with the Blade, his ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, had all completely collapsed before the endless slaps, and he hugged his head instinctively with his hands and dashed backward. Together with the great pain and anger, he said, "Qin Nan, what the f**k are you doing... Ah... You... Ah... Ah..."




    At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded.
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