Chapter 142 - Young Master of the Disordered Flames Sec


    Zhang Taiyi, Huang Long, and the others were left speechless in their place.

    They had not anticipated that Qin Nan would have already become enemies with a disciple of the Qing Nu Sect in just three days' time and end up involving Huang Que now.

    From their past experiences, it seemed to them like Qin Nan would trigger a series of troubles despite where he was.

    Before Qin Nan could speak, Cheng Xue'er turned instantly furious as she spoke, "Wang Ruoling, don't you dare incriminate him. You planned to rob Big Brother his Crystalline Flowers and even threatened him a couple of times. However, as your strength was too weak, you ended up..."

    Cheng Xue'er could not say the last word 'empty-handed' as she was interrupted by a deafening yell.

    "Shut up!"

    Huang Que's hair danced wildly as he took a step forward emitting a powerful Sword Intent. He glared at Qin Nan as he said in a seemingly calm tone, "I don't care what happened between you and Wang Ruoling. But now that I'm here, I want you to apologize!"

    At that instant, Huang Que displayed his scorn.

    The crowd of rogue cultivators held their breaths. They had not expected to see a clash between the genius disciples of the Flying Sword Sect and the Mystic Spirit Sect so soon.

    They were incredibly excited in their hearts. Who's the stronger between them?

    Zhang Taiyi frowned, and before Qin Nan had the chance to speak, he calmly said, "Youngster, don't be so smug."

    "Hahaha." Elder Fang let out a laugh and said, "Zhang Taiyi, this is a clash between disciples. Won't you feel embarrassed if you interfere? In my opinion, if there is a conflict between the disciples, they should resolve it themselves."

    The middle-aged woman glimpsed at Huang Que, then at Qin Nan. With a gentle smile, she said, "I think Brother Fang is right; the conflict between disciples should be settled amongst themselves."

    Now that the two elders of the Flying Sword Sect and the Qing Nu Sect had spoken, even Zhang Taiyi had to think twice before interfering.

    Zhang Taiyi then let out a sigh and glanced thoughtfully at Huang Que and the others without saying anything.

    On the other hand, Huang Long and the others wore a weird expression on their faces. They could easily tell that Zhang Taiyi was hoping Huang Que would not provoke Qin Nan further. If he did, Huang Que and his group would not be able to bear the final outcome.

    Knowing Qin Nan's temper, he would not let it go so easily with Huang Que's scornful attitude!

    Despite that, the two elders of the Flying Sword Sect and the Qing Nu Sect did not accept his kind advice. But it seemed like they had something in mind.

    Elder Fang's thoughts were simple; he had already observed Qin Nan before. and realized he was an Atavistic Cultivator just like Huang Que.

    But how is he comparable to Huang Que? He is a tenth-grade Huang ranked super genius!

    If a fight were to break out between Qin Nan and Huang Que, there was no doubt that Qin Nan would lose.

    That was the intended outcome Elder Fang wanted to see, to bring shame to the Mystic Spirit Sect's name in front of the crowd of rogue cultivators.

    On the other hand, between Cheng Xue'er and Wang Ruoling, the middle-aged woman straight away chose to stand on Wang Ruoling's side.

    Huang Que let out a hollow laugh and said, "Don't place your hope on your elder to protect you. If I am not mistaken, you are an Atavistic Cultivator too. With that in mind, I'll forgive you this time if you are willing to apologize."

    Qin Nan was speechless.

    Initially, he thought this Huang Que would be a worthy opponent. However, with just a provocation from Wang Ruoling, Huang Que immediately demanded him to apologize with no intention of knowing the truth.

    At that instant, Qin Nan lost his temper as he laughed hollowly and said, "Forgive me this time? Want me to apologize? I have no idea what gave you the right to behave so disdainfully like it was my fault to begin with. Let me give you a piece of advice, you should use your brain more and stop acting so ruthlessly. Don't get provoked so easily by others. If not, you won't be able to withstand the consequences!"

    The words shocked the other disciples of the Flying Sword Sect.

    Elder Fang's face was filled with astonishment. He did not expect this disciple named Qin Nan to have the guts to challenge Huang Que.

    Huang Que was dumbstruck. As a super genius with a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, his position in the Flying Sword Sect was incredibly superior. No one had dared to challenge him before.

    Despite that, a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect now dared to challenge him in such a manner!

    Wang Ruoling stared with her eyes open wide as she let out an angry scream, "Are you out of your mind? A mere disciple like you dares to speak to Brother Huang Que with that attitude?!"

    Qin Nan did not even glance at her as two words were heard coming out from his mouth in a cold tone, "Piss off!"

    The crowd was astounded once again.

    They never thought this disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect would be so daring, asking the top genius of the Qing Nu Sect to piss off.


    Wang Ruoling was stunned on the spot. She had never felt so embarrassed in public before.

    In the meantime, Huang Que's face turned dull as a hint of murderous intent flickered in his eyes, "If I say you're wrong, then you're definitely wrong, and you should apologize. By challenging me and putting Ruoling to shame, you have seriously crossed the line. Therefore, I shall challenge you to a fight of life and death. If you have the guts, accept my challenge!"

    Following his words, a terrifying Sword Intent fired into the sky from Huang Que's body!

    The crowd of rogue cultivators was startled and a huge chatter broke out.

    "Such a powerful Sword Intent; I'm afraid it was at least second-layer Xiantian Realm."

    "Phew, this guy seemed like he has only reached half-Xiantian Realm. He might be an Atavistic Cultivator."

    "The young man from the Mystic Spirit Sect is probably frightened by that. He won't dare to accept the challenge!"


    Elder Fang and the disciples of the Flying Sword Sect began to laugh.

    In their eyes, if Qin Nan were to accept, his death would be guaranteed.

    A hint of hatred was seen in Wang Ruoling's eyes. She could not wait to witness Qin Nan's death after being humiliated multiple times by him.

    In contrast, Zhang Taiyi, Huang Long and the others twitched their lips, as they glanced at Huang Que with a pair of pitiful eyes.

    This Huang Que has no idea what he got himself into!

    It seems like the intel received by the Flying Sword Sect is way too outdated. If not, they would have known what Qin Nan's past achievements were. Zhang Taiyi, Huang Long, and the others shared the same thought.

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered coldly and he was about to accept the challenge before he was suddenly interrupted.

    A blasting laugh was heard all of a sudden, "Hahaha, who is making the genius Huang Que from the Flying Sword Sect so mad? Interesting, this is so damn interesting. How could you guys leave me out of such an interesting sight?!"

    The words grabbed the attention of the crowd.

    A chubby young man in a flaming red robe was seen leading the way with a harmless smile on his face.

    Behind him followed a white-haired old man and four other disciples.

    The entry of this group of six somehow caused the temperature of the surroundings to rise as if six furnaces had just arrived.

    These six people were from the Disordered Flames Sect!

    After having just challenged Qin Nan, Huang Que's pupils contracted watching this chubby man say in a dull tone, "Wei Hao, this is none of your business!"
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