Chapter 148 - Wei Hao’s Potential

    It went without saying that the twenty geniuses in the Martial Serendipity Pavilion had no idea what was happening outside.

    They now stood in a line waiting for their turn to be tested by the Potential Stone.

    The first one to be tested was a female disciple from the Qing Nu Sect. She had an attractive appearance and physique.

    The old man let out a hideous smile after seeing her, with a lustful gaze, he said "Hehe, the reward of the first round is extremely high. If you want it doubled, a kiss and a touch will do."

    Her face blushed but she ignored the old man's words and proceeded to place her hand onto the Potential Stone.

    At that instant, the Potential Stone shone brightly emitting a pale golden light.

    This light was emitted together with a suppressing aura. This was equivalent to one emitted by a Martial Emperor Realm cultivator.

    This meant that this disciple will be able to reach Martial Emperor Realm in the future!

    The old man did not give up yet. After seeing this, he said in an advisory tone, "This young lady, just a kiss and you will get double the rewards. Those men don't even have this kind of privilege. It is a rare chance indeed..."

    The female disciple from the Qing Nu Sect rolled her eyes at him and returned to her group.

    Although she was tempted to accept the old man's offer, that would cause great harm to her reputation with the other sects' geniuses all being here. So, it was not worth it.

    The other disciples at the scene had already witnessed the old man's shamelessness.  They chose to ignore it and focused on the trial.

    In the rest of the trial, a total of nine disciples had triggered the Emperor Light; these nine could achieve Martial Emperor Realm in the future. An eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit genius from the Disordered Flames Sect could not trigger the Emperor Light, which meant he would not be able to reach Martial Emperor Realm.

    Upon seeing this, the face of the Disordered Flames Sect's disciple instantly turned pale, with no sign of blood flow. He stood on the spot in silence.

    The trial of the Potential Stone was harsh.

    Although everyone would be interested in knowing one's future, it might turn out unsatisfactory and that could greatly influence one's Martial Heart.

    The eleventh disciple being tested was none other than Huang Que!

    As Huang Que made his way to the front, he captured everyone's attention and they all wore a serious expression on their faces.

    "Not sure what kind of achievement this Huang Que would acquire in the future..."

    Qin Nan's eyes glistened at that instant.

    Huang Que, as if he was taking a stroll in a park, proceeded with a calm face and placed his hand onto the Potential Stone.

    At that moment, a brilliant golden ray was emitted from the Potential Stone with a Martial Ancestor suppressing aura!

    Huang Que's future achievement was Martial Ancestor Realm!

    The disciples were incredibly astounded.

    The participating geniuses in the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, the rogue cultivators, and the elders were all astonished.

    In Luohe Kingdom, a Martial Ancestor Realm expert was considered the top of the hierarchy. There were probably less than ten Martial Ancestor Realm experts in the entire Luohe Kingdom. These experts were quite rare.

    The old man glanced at Huang Que and nodded before saying, "This young lad's talent is not bad, keep it up..."

    Huang Que turned joyful upon seeing this and his face was filled with a pride. He glanced at Qin Nan with mocking eyes.

    Who cares if you have a formidable background, I'm going to be a Martial Ancestor cultivator in the future!

    Outside the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, at the peak of Autumn Mountain, a huge chatter broke among the crowd.

    "My god, Huang Que's future achievement is reaching the Martial Ancestor Realm!"

    "Hahaha, it's not a surprise at all. He is a super genius with a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. It's normal for him to become a Martial Ancestor Realm expert."


    Many of the rogue cultivators became excited but many others were disappointed.

    As the elder of the Flying Sword Sect, Fang Lin, too, showed a prideful smile. He looked toward Zhang Taiyi and said, "Elder Zhang, who could have thought our sect's Huang Que  has the potential of reaching Martial Ancestor Realm in the future? I suppose Qin Nan will have great potential, too..."

    Zhang Taiyi's face turned dull Even though he knew this Fang Lin was trying to mock him, he could not refute it!

    Inside the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, after the shock from Huang Que's turn, the trial went on in full swing!

    In the following turns, Huang Long, Xu You, Da Hu, Mo Zishan, and geniuses from other sects had all triggered an Emperor Light, except for two who had failed desperately.

    To everyone's surprise, at Wang Ruoling's turn, she was only able to trigger an Emperor Light.

    As a result, many rogue cultivators who had high hopes for her were quite disappointed.

    "Hahaha, it's finally my turn!" Wei Hao let out a laugh and went forward full of confidence.

    His entry immediately captured everyone's attention.

    Among the twenty geniuses, only Wei Hao's Martial Spirit was tenth-grade Huang ranked - same as Huang Que's rank. Not only that, Wei Hao's background greatly surpassed Huang Que's and he had a greater talent in Martial Skill.

    As Wei Hao placed his palm onto the Potential Stone, everyone was astonished.

    A brilliant golden ray fired from the Potential Stone into the sky accompanied by a dragon cry!

    The light was a Dominator Light that represented the Martial Dominator Realm!

    While the crowd was immersed in their shock, the light swiftly vanished and was replaced by an Ancestor Light.

    Wei Hao's future achievement had a chance of reaching the Martial Dominator Realm!

    The old man chuckled with a hint of admiration on his face. He then said, "Well done, young man, you have a chance of reaching the Martial Dominator Realm. However, you must grasp the opportunity when the time comes. If you do not, there won't be a second chance!"

    The crowd was stunned after hearing his words.

    How significant is the Martial Dominator Realm?

    Not a single Martial Dominator Realm expert could be found within the entire Luohe Kingdom.

    Being a Martial Dominator Realm expert meant that one would be the strongest in the lower division.

    Although it was only a possibility that Wei Hao would achieve the Martial Dominator Realm, it was extremely rare to even have the chance of doing so. Even Huang Que, who also had a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, did not have this chance.

    The geniuses in the Martial Serendipity Pavilion glanced at Wei Hao respectfully.

    The rogue cultivators' and the elders' faces filled with astonishment.

    Even the white-shirt lady spoke in a gentle voice, "Who could have thought Wei Hao would have a chance of reaching the Martial Dominator Realm? I'm afraid apart from the core disciples of the top four sects, no one in Luohe Kingdom could match his potential. It seems like he will surely come first in the first round of the Trial of Martial Serendipity Pavilion!"
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