Chapter 153 - A Total Shake

    Chapter 153 - A Total Shake

    At that instant, the geniuses in the Martial Serendipity Pavilion and everyone at the peak of Autumn Mountain wore a blank face.

    The light displayed by the Potential Stone served as a heavy strike to their knowledge and their views of the world.

    Sacred Light?

    Qin Nan is able to reach the Martial Sacred Realm in the future?

    How is it possible for a cultivator with an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit to reach the Martial Sacred Realm?

    Everyone knew that the rank of a Martial Spirit was extremely important; a high-rank Martial Spirit was a must to become an expert.

    For example, a cultivator with a fifth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit would never be able to reach the Martial Emperor Realm. A cultivator with an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit would never reach the Martial Dominator Realm since there was only a slim chance of him reaching the Martial Ancestor Realm.

    Every Martial Artist communicated with the Heaven and Earth through his Martial Spirit. If the rank of the Martial Spirit was not high enough, it would be impossible to reach a higher cultivation base.

    However, Qin Nan had done it and triggered the Sacred Light with an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit.

    "This... This... This..." Even the elder in charge of the first round wore an astounded expression after seeing this, unable to quickly recover from the shock.

    In ten breaths' time, the white-shirt lady inside the palanquin of the Trading Alliance stood up rapidly as her eyes flickered, "What is going on? How could he reach the Martial Sacred Realm? Something like this is impossi..."

    However, before she could finish, Qin Nan continued speaking in the first-layer of Martial Serendipity Pavilion.

    "I guess you've all seen it. This is the Sacred Light, which means I'm able to reach the Martial Sacred Realm." Qin Nan said calmly, "According to the rules of Canglan Continent, it is impossible for me to reach the Martial Sacred Realm with my Martial Spirit. Despite that, I have to let you guys know that my potential doesn't stop here!"

    Following this, the Potential Stone vibrated once again and emitted a shocking purple light, which devoured the pure sacred light.

    It was a powerful purple light that felt like it originated from ancient times, from the beginning of the world. It contained an unimaginable suppressing aura known as the aura of Martial Progenitor Realm.

    The purple light was the Progenitor Light; Qin Nan's future achievement would be to reach the Martial Progenitor Realm!

    At that instant, the elder and the geniuses in the first-layer of Martial Serendipity Pavilion were dumbfounded. The rogue cultivators at the peak of Autumn Mountain wore a blank expression and dropped jaws. They all had no idea how to react.

    The white-shirt lady in the palanquin froze on the spot unable to finish her sentence.

    Martial Progenitor Realm?

    Qin Nan is able to reach the Martial Progenitor Realm in the future?

    Are you f**king sure this is not a joke?

    In Canglan Continent, the realms of cultivation were classified into Body Tempering Realm, Xiantian Realm, Martial Emperor Realm, Martial Ancestor Realm, Martial Dominator Realm, Martial Highness Realm, Martial Sacred Realm, Martial Progenitor Realm, Martial Monarch Realm and Martial God Realm.

    If one's cultivation reaches the Martial Progenitor Realm, the person would be a top expert in the entire Canglan Continent!

    Now, a mere eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit cultivator has a chance of becoming a top expert cultivator in the entire Canglan Continent?

    Qin Nan seemed to be unaware of the shock the crowd was experiencing as he continued to speak in a calm tone, "Progenitor Light, my future is able to reach the Martial Progenitor Realm. Not that I care, right? Martial Progenitor Realm is only the beginning!"

    Following this, the Potential Stone no longer vibrated but let out a deafening explosion causing an earthquake!

    From the Potential Stone, a terrifying red light was emitted creating a feeling of indescribable pressure.

    This pressure represented the presence of a monarch positioned high above all creations. Under such pressure, it did not matter if one was of the Body Tempering Realm or the Martial Progenitor Realm; everything seemed like a miniscule ant like the difference between Heaven and Earth.

    A red light, the Monarch Light!

    Qin Nan's future achievement was reaching the legendary Martial Monarch Realm!

    At that moment, every genius and cultivator lost their minds. It felt like the red light was fired into their souls leaving an unforgettable shock in them.

    Words could no longer describe their emotions and reactions.

    Martial Monarch Realm?

    A cultivator with eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit achieving the Martial Monarch Realm?

    Is this still Canglan Continent? Is this still the world that strictly emphasizes the rank of Martial Spirits?

    However, the scene before them, the blinding red light, the terrifying pressure of the Martial Monarch Realm aura continued to remind them that this was the truth!

    The elder of the first round of Martial Serendipity Pavilion had lost his soul, as he mumbled instinctively, "The Monarch Light, the Martial Monarch Realm. A Martial Monarch Realm cultivator, a real Martial Monarch Realm cultivator. The peak presence of the entire continent..."

    In the elder's eyes, this day was going to be unforgettable for the rest of his life.

    Qin Nan's calm voice turned excited suddenly as he yelled, "Martial Monarch Realm? So what? How could my achievement stop here? Even the Martial Monarch Realm is only the beginning!"

    The Potential Stone emitting the blinding red light exploded at that instant filling the whole place with a nine-colored light like a devastating flood that replaced everything!

    The nine-colored light, the God Light, the Martial God Realm!

    Qin Nan's future achievement was to become a Martial God Realm expert!

    How significant was the Martial God Realm?

    In Canglan Continent, a Martial God Realm cultivator had only ever existed in legend. Such a cultivator was referred to as a god, having the same life expectancy as the Sun and the Moon, a never-ending life. In the whole history of Canglan Continent, there were countless people, countless geniuses, and countless heroes but only a few were able to become gods.

    Qin Nan's excitement vanished swiftly as he glanced at the geniuses inside the Martial Serendipity Pavilion. A smile appeared on his face as he said, "I guess all of you are confused. How is it possible for me to achieve the Martial God Realm with my mere eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit? Let me tell you. It's possible that I will never even reach the Martial Emperor Realm or I might become a Martial God Realm expert or even beyond the Martial God Realm."

    "The future is filled with possibilities. Your words, your actions, or even just a slight pause can change the future of countless people. Therefore, it is not possible to predict the future; no one has any idea what the future looks like."

    "The Potential Stone is the ultimate trial of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion but it is unable to predict one's future."

    As he pointed toward the Potential Stone emitting the nine-colored light and smiled, Qin Nan calmly said, "My future has unlimited potential."

    Under everyone's gaze, the Potential Stone let out a buzz then returned to its calm state; not a single movement was seen, nothing extraordinary was felt.

    The nine-colored light had vanished and the place returned to its calm state.

    The Potential Stone was just an ordinary stone.
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