Chapter 158 - Coming First Once Again

    The blinding red light emitted from the boulder slowly turned into a few red colored digits.

    Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine!

    In other words, the strength of Qin Nan's attack had reached the limit of the boulder, which was over a thousand units stronger than Huang Que's attack.

    Everyone was stunned looking at this, finding it impossible to believe what they had just seen.

    Huang Que was not only an Atavistic Cultivator; he was also a super genius with a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. The strongest attack he unleashed was only measured as eight thousand nine hundred. However, Qin Nan-without unleashing his Martial Spirit-was able to hit the limit of the boulder?

    You gotta be kidding right?


    Huang Que was stunned after seeing this, unable to find any words to speak.

    Initially, he was super confident in this round of testing his strength, but the thought of Qin Nan achieving a result of nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine was the last thing to cross his mind!

    This Qin Nan, what kind of strength does he have?

    "Not bad, a strength of nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. It did not disappoint me." Qin Nan's expression remained calm, without any sign of joy, as he glanced at the stunned Huang Que and said, "Huang Que, you did say that you are sure to come first in this round. What about now, who do you think should be placed first? Besides, if you're not convinced yet, you can continue to challenge me!"


    The words were like a slap to Huang Que, which landed hard on his face.

    Who should be placed first in this round?

    Isn't it obvious enough, Qin Nan should be placed first!

    Continue to challenge if I'm not convinced?

    Even without your Martial Spirit, you have already displayed a strength of nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, what can I challenge you with?

    "Qin Nan, don't be so proud...." Huang Que's face was twisted as he angrily snapped.

    Qin Nan gave him a glance and said, "So what if I'm proud? If you think you have the strength, come show it to me!"


    Huang Que's face reddened instantly; although he could not wait to murder Qin Nan on the spot, the thought of Qin Nan's incredible strength caused him to be rooted to the ground, as if he were being filled with ironsand, unable to move his feet.

    The other geniuses in the Martial Serendipity Pavilion did not expect Qin Nan to be so harsh with his words, resulting in their lips twitching.

    At the same time, they also realized that even though Qin Nan's Martial Spirit was only eighth-grade Huang ranked, his strength was too powerful, completely outmatching theirs.

    Even Wei Hao, who hated Qin Nan, wore a serious expression at this moment.

    The grim man collected his thoughts and deeply glanced at Qin Nan, before he declared, "The round ends here. Qin Nan is the winner. Those who advance to the next round as well are Huang Que, Wei Hao, Wang Ruoling and Huang Long. The others are disqualified. Now, the prizes are three Fruits of Power for each of you, while seven for the winner!"

    The grim man waved his hand, and a great amount of Fruits of Power landed in the crowd's hands.

    Qin Nan had no idea to laugh or cry after seeing the seven Fruits of Power. He never expected the Martial Serendipity Pavilion would still give them the Fruits of Power as the prizes after the first round.

    The Fruit of Power can only be consumed once. What is the Martial Serendipity Pavilion thinking, giving them many pieces of it?

    "The next round starts now!" The grim man ignored Qin Nan's glare, and waved his hand, causing the scenery to start twisting once again.

    Meanwhile, at the peak of Autumn Mountain.

    The rogue cultivators failed to recover from their shock after witnessing the scene through the Martial Mirror.

    It was beyond their expectations that Qin Nan would be able to smash Huang Que in a domineering manner, and come first in the second round of the trial.

    This caused everyone to think curiously, How strong is this Qin Nan exactly?

    Zhang Taiyi was the first one to burst out laughing in a prideful way, whose eyes glanced toward Elder Fang as he said, "I'm so sorry, the disciple of our Mystic Spirit Sect unintentionally won the round again. Don't take it so seriously, although Huang Que's strength was slightly weaker than Qin Nan's, it was still outstanding."

    Everyone's attention landed on Elder Fang.

    Elder Fang's face reddened instantly due to the combination of anger and shame, but he could not refute the truth that Huang Que did lose in the trial of strength.

    "Zhang Taiyi, you and your Mystic Spirit Sect shouldn't be so smug..." Elder Fang said as his face turned dull.

    Zhang Taiyi smirked silently; he was indeed being smug now.

    Meanwhile, a crisp voice was heard with an unpleasant tone, "Hey Trading Alliance, what do you mean by this? The results of the round are already shown, why aren't you paying the bets yet? Are you trying to scam the Princess?"

    The one speaking, was none other than Princess Miao Miao.

    At that instant, everyone looked toward Princess Miao Miao, their eyes showing great envious and jealousy.

    Before the second round took place, the odds for betting on Qin Nan were one to two. Those who bet on Qin Nan had a chance of winning twice the bet amount.

    Most importantly, this little girl bet one million Martial Emperor Pills on Qin Nan, which meant that the Trading Alliance had to pay her two million Martial Emperor Pills!

    In other words, this little girl had just earned two million Martial Emperor Pills in just a short period of time!

    How significant is two million Martial Emperor Pills?

    In terms of Martial Ancestor Pills, it's enough to exchange for ten thousand of them!

    "We, the Trading Alliance, have always emphasized on being honest with our customers. Here are ten thousand Martial Ancestor Pills, they are yours now." The white-shirt lady in the palanquin calmly said, before a storage bag flew out from it.

    Princess Miao Miao caught the storage bag and checked its contents. The unpleasant expression on her face vanished instantly, as she nodded in satisfaction, "Not bad, not bad. You Trading Alliance aren't bad. The princess is happy with your organization. From today onwards, the princess will take good care of you guys!"

    The rogue cultivators could feel their lips twitching as they stared at the storage bag held by the little girl. They all had the desire to rush up to her and steal the storage bag.

    However, they were not stupid enough to do so; this little girl surely had a terrifying background, something they could not go against.

    Despite that, after receiving such a stimuli from witnessing the fortune, they began to turn crazy.

    "Damn it, I did not earn a single pill from the previous two rounds; I even lost many in the bet. I don't care, I'll bet all my savings this time! Either I'm going to be broke, or I'll be rich!"

    "F**k it, I'll definitely bet on Qin Nan in the third round. This Qin Nan is too mysterious, even Wei Hao and Huang Que could not suppress him!"

    "Right right right, let's see what the third round is. I'm definitely going to bet on Qin Nan."

    "It's a must to bet on Qin Nan, he had already won two rounds in a row, he is sure to win the third round too!"

    "Believe in Qin Nan, and you shall be granted with eternity!"


    A huge chatter broke out among the crowd. After witnessing Qin Nan causing miracles to happen two times in a row, they now assumed Qin Nan to be a super genius, who could turn any tide he faced.

    However, they were all dumbfounded after seeing the third round's trial!
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