Chapter 169 - Fabricated Fame and Glory

    After leaving Old Shan's pagoda, Qin Nan returned to the outer disciple's area.

    Bai Heng had long awaited Qin Nan's arrival, who immediately went up upon seeing him and respectfully said, "Young Master Qin Nan, with the rise of your ranking, you are now placed in the inner domain. You are now ranked three hundred and twenty seventh among the inner domain disciples. Although you are supposed to live at the three hundred and twenty seventh residence, due to your outstanding performance, the First Elder of the inner disciples has specifically allocated the third residence to you!"

    "Bai Heng, thanks for your help. This Fruit of Power is able to raise your cultivation after being consumed. It's yours now."

    Qin Nan smilingly nodded his head, before taking out a Fruit of Power and handing it to Bai Heng.

    "This... Thank you, Young Master Qin Nan. Thank you so much!" Bai Heng held the Fruit of Power in his hand, as excitement could be seen on his face.

    His Martial Spirit was only sixth-grade Huang ranked. With his rate of cultivation, it was incredibly difficult to level up to the next layer. Hence, the Fruit of Power was extremely precious to him.

    Qin Nan waved his hand and said, "There's something I need your help with. There are five Fruits of Power here. Take them to the Treasure Vault and trade them for Martial Emperor Pills."

    Currently, there was not a single pill on Qin Nan, leaving him in extreme poverty.

    "Sure." Bai Heng nodded his head like a chick pecking grain, and received the five Fruits of Power from Qin Nan and swiftly left the scene.

    As for Qin Nan, he turned around and headed toward the inner domain.

    The outer disciples were classified into the outer domain and the inner domain. The outer domain disciples stayed at the Outer Domain Peak, while the inner disciples stayed at the Inner Domain Peak.

    The Inner Domain Peak was different than the Outer Domain Peak. The peak was exceedingly large, which felt like a giant sword penetrating into the ground.

    At the Inner Domain Peak, the Qi was more abundant, forming a layer of pale mist, which felt close to solidifying. It was twice the amount of Qi that was at the Outer Domain Peak.

    "It is as expected of the Inner Domain Peak. I'd guess the presence of Qi is even stronger in my third residence, even more suitable for cultivation."

    Qin Nan nodded his head, anticipation rising within his heart in regards to his third residence.

    However, as soon as Qin Nan entered the Inner Domain Peak, a lively chatter erupted immediately.

    "Look, isn't that Qin Nan?"

    "Damn, he really is Senior Brother Qin Nan. He is here at the Inner Domain Peak!"

    "HAHAHA, I saw his portrait before. He really is Senior Brother Qin Nan!


    Many disciples at the Inner Domain Peak screamed excitedly after seeing Qin Nan.

    The screams immediately attracted the other disciples of the Inner Domain Peak, who all came out of seclusion to take a look.

    In just half the period it takes for an incense to burn, at least a hundred disciples had come out of seclusion and gathered around Qin Nan.

    "Tsk, tsk, so this is Senior Brother Qin Nan. Impressive. Firm stance, steady steps, handsome appearance, worthy of the title of a super genius."

    "OMG, Senior Brother Qin Nan is handsome to the max. I want to have lots of babies with him."

    "Impressive, so impressive. Senior Brother Qin Nan is an Atavistic Cultivator, and his aura has surprisingly reached the first-layer Xiantian Realm. According to the rumors, his Martial Skill Talent is outstandingly brilliant, mastering the Minor Success Stage of the Arcane Realm. Together with his tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, and the aid of his Mystical Weapons, it would not be a problem for him to face a third-layer Xiantian Realm cultivator!"

    "Ouch, a first-layer Xiantian Realm cultivator capable of facing a third-layer Xiantian Realm cultivator-so terrifying. No wonder he could come first in the Trial of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion!"


    These inner domain disciples, despite their cultivation bases having already reached the ninth-layer Xiantian Realm, could not help but compliment Qin Nan's talent, their eyes filled with respect.

    Upon seeing this, a hint of astonishment could be seen on Qin Nan's face.

    He did not expect his arrival to bring such an uproar to the Inner Domain Peak.

    Especially when he heard the praises and compliments from the crowd, Qin Nan could feel a hint of excitement, pride, and joy in his heart.

    Previously, he had always been the one being mocked, looked down upon; but now, the crowd was being respectful toward him!

    "This is the reality. When you have achieved outstanding accomplishments, you will then be respected by the masses. The same goes with cultivation. With my hard work of cultivating, defeating stronger opponents, passing difficult trials, and achieving outstanding results, it is reasonable to be fawned upon," Qin Nan exclaimed in his heart. "However, fame and glory are mere illusions, but cultivation is the main focus. It is acceptable to enjoy the feeling of being fawned upon once in awhile, but I should not lose my focus."

    Qin Nan's eyes were gradually filled with determination.

    There was a dream in his heart. Hence, he decided to calm his heart, and continue the pursuit of his dream.

    Under the astonished gazes of the disciples at the Inner Domain Peak, Qin Nan proceeded to the third residence and entered the place.

    There was not any big difference between the layout of the third residence of the inner domain and the fifth residence of the outer domain. The only obvious difference was that the entire residence was encapsulated within a strong forbidding aura, prohibiting people from outside from peeking in. Besides, the Qi in the residence was extremely abundant, faintly resembling the silhouettes of dragons.

    "Such a strong presence of Qi here, which is almost equivalent to five times the amount compared to outside. The rate of cultivation would be doubled here."

    A hint of excitement flashed through Qin Nan's eyes, who rapidly calmed his thoughts and sat down with his legs crossed, unleashing the Divine Battle Spirit, which began to absorb the Qi of the Heaven and Earth, as he immersed himself in his cultivation.

    At that instant, the entire third residence was filled with a dull growl, bringing astonishment to the inner domain disciples gathering around it.

    "What? Senior Brother Qin Nan has begun his cultivation?"

    "It's only half a day since his return from the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, but he has already started cultivating once again."

    "Wow, if I was the one with the achievement of coming first in the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, I would have a grand celebration, and approach the elders of the sect to demand more benefits... However, Qin Nan chose to cultivate straight away, with no intention of hesitating!"

    "No wonder, no wonder this guy could achieve such a shocking result, shaking the top four sects!"


    The disciples were amazed seeing this, with complicated expressions in their eyes.

    As everyone knew, not only did Qin Nan have a formidable background, and a great talent of a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, he could still cultivate diligently with a firm heart.

    Following this, the disciples straightened their faces as if they just received a great stimulus, and returned to their residences to begin cultivating without any delay.

    Even Qin Nan is so hardworking, what gives them the right to not work harder?

    The sight had caught the attention of the outer disciples elders who had just arrived.

    Initially, the elders of the outer disciples were here on behalf of the sect to congratulate Qin Nan for his recent achievements by holding a celebration for him.

    "It was not a mere coincidence that this Qin Nan is able to have such impressive accomplishments," One of the elders instinctively said, "It seems that Qin Nan joining the Mystic Spirit Sect is a good influence for the outer disciples, or even the entire Mystic Spirit Sect."

    The other elders agreed with what was said too. They then left the scene in silence after deciding not to congratulate Qin Nan.

    It was better for them to just let Qin Nan continue his cultivation in peace.

    Meanwhile, in the third residence, it went without saying that Qin Nan had no idea what just happened outside, as he continued to focus on his cultivation.

    However, at that instant, a sudden piercing in the air could be heard.

    A flash could be seen flying toward him, which turned out to be an arrow.


    Qin Nan immediately opened his eyes, as he rose from the ground and caught the arrow with his hand.

    A letter could be seen attached to the tip of the arrow.

    "Who would write me a letter?"

    Qin Nan was slightly startled, as he then grabbed the letter and opened it. After reading its content, he instinctively frowned.

    There was only a single sentence written in the letter.

    Junior Brother Qin Nan, congratulations on your return; please pay a visit to the forty-third residence, Li Hong.
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