Chapter 173 - A Duel

    If Leng Feng was here for his Seven Deadly Sins, it was still reasonable in Qin Nan's eyes, but he could immediately smell something fishy as he purposely uttered a yell to gather the disciples around them.

    Generally speaking, when one is aiming for someone's belonging, for example, a robbery, it is best to have it done in secret.

    Qin Nan halted his steps and glanced toward Leng Feng, before he said in a steady tone, "Why are you holding me back? Please understand that I will not give you the Seven Deadly Sins. Of course, if you aren't frightened of breaking the sect rules, feel free to attack and rob me in front of the public!"

    The inner domain disciples who gathered out of curiosity were startled, as their faces were filled with disbelief.

    Leng Feng is planning to rob Qin Nan?

    Is something wrong with this Leng Feng's brain, to dare to rob Qin Nan?

    Leng Feng continued to release his Qi without an expression as he yelled with a blasting voice that filled the entire Inner Domain Peak, "Qin Nan, I am told that you never back off after being challenged. If that's the case, I will challenge you to a duel at the Hall of Life and Death! If you lose, your Seven Deadly Sins are mine! If I lose, all my pills and possessions will be yours!"

    The yell immediately gave the disciples a shock.

    Leng Feng is challenging Qin Nan to a duel?

    More importantly, he is challenging Qin Nan to a duel at the Hall of Life and Death?

    At that instant, many of the inner domain disciples came out of their seclusion after hearing the yell, and crowded at the entrance of the third residence, with a total of at least two hundred disciples.

    Qin Nan's eyes were filled with an icy aura as he replied, "Leng Feng, you are challenging me to a duel with your cultivation of the seventh-layer Xiantian Realm? What a ridiculous joke; the result of the duel is already so obvious, that I would end up losing and die. Why would I accept your challenge?"

    The surrounding disciples nodded their heads in agreement and immersed in their discussions.

    "Yeah, this Leng Feng is surely an interesting guy, challenging someone to a duel at the Hall of Life and Death when he has a stronger cultivation."

    "Does Leng Feng think Qin Nan is stupid? Only idiots would accept this challenge!"

    "Tsk, tsk, what a weird day it is, to witness this Leng Feng challenging Qin Nan to a duel at the Hall of Life and Death just for the sake of a Mystical Weapon. Is this Leng Feng not afraid of facing the wrath of the Great Elder and the Honourable Elder?"

    "Interesting, very interesting. I would like to see how this develops!"


    The disciples presented their different views, but they were all looking forward to the development of the incident.

    Meanwhile, not only were the disciples of the Inner Domain Peak disturbed, even the elders of the outer disciples started to gather.

    These elders stood in a corner a distance away, while staring toward the direction of the third residence while frowning their eyebrows.

    "What is going on? What does this Leng Feng want?"

    "This is surely a weird incident. Could it be that someone is supporting Leng Feng behind the scene?"

    "Weird, too weird! Let's not show ourselves first, and observe the situation, so we won't catch on fire ourselves!"


    The elders decided not to show themselves yet to interfere with the dispute.

    As the entire Inner Domain Peak turned lively, a powerful aura arrived at the third residence. Following it, a deafening shout was heard once again, "HAHAHA, I heard that Junior Brother Qin Nan is never afraid of anything with his overweening behavior, who outmatched the Young Master of the Disordered Flames Sect and the geniuses of the Qing Nu Sect and the Flying Sword Sect, giving him the title of 'Outer Domain's Top Genius'! If what I heard is the truth, Junior Brother Qin Nan, why don't you dare to accept Leng Feng's challenge? If I were you, I would've beaten the crap out of him, to make him repent for the rest of his life!"

    Every single word felt like a thunder crash.

    The disciples of the Inner Domain Peak, and the elders hiding in secret were astonished, and glanced toward the owner of the voice.

    With a glance, everyone was utterly shocked.

    The person turned out to be Ouyang Jun!

    Who is Ouyang Jun?

    The disciples of the Inner Domain Peak and the elders clearly knew that he was ranked first among the outer disciples, the son of the current Mystic Spirit Sect's leader!

    The question is, why is Ouyang Jun here too?

    And why would he say those words?

    Could it be...

    The inner domain disciples and the elders were not dumb; they instantly discovered the truth and inhaled deeply.

    Without a doubt, Leng Feng came to challenge Qin Nan under Ouyang Jun's support.

    Only with Ouyang Jun's support did Leng Feng dare to ignore Qin Nan's background and challenge him!

    In other words, Ouyang Jun was trying to deal with Qin Nan, to suppress him!

    At that instant, every disciple and elder landed their gazes onto Qin Nan. They were dying to know what kind of decision Qin Nan would make under such circumstances.

    Failing to disappoint the crowd, Qin Nan replied in a harsh tone without showing any mercy, "Ouyang Jun, why would the matter between Leng Feng and myself bother you? Besides, you are Ouyang Jun, and I am Qin Nan. You can never become me, plus you don't have the right to take my place either. Don't you think so?"

    Ouyang Jun's expression changed greatly. He did not expect Qin Nan to rebuke him in front of the crowd and mock him.

    "Well, well, well." Ouyang Jun withheld his anger as his face turned livid with rage, "Qin Nan, you are a disappointment, I initially thought you are a prideful person, who would not be intimidated after being challenged. It seems like I have overestimated your capabilities! Excuse me!"

    After saying this, Ouyang Jun tossed his sleeves and walked away, as if he was utterly disappointed.

    Leng Feng glimpsed at Qin Nan coldly and said, "If you don't dare to accept my challenge, there's nothing more to be said. There is no way I would harm you within the boundaries of the sect!"

    Leng Feng's actions were similar to Ouyang Jun's, as he turned around and prepared to leave.

    However, at that instant, Qin Nan spoke suddenly, accompanied by a forceful aura, "Wait!"

    Leng Feng and Ouyang Jun both halted in their tracks.

    The crowd could only see Qin Nan advance forward one step at a time, as he glanced at Leng Feng and shocked the crowd with his words, "Since you have challenged me to a duel at the Hall of Life and Death, why would I, Qin Nan back off from it? I'll accept your challenge to a duel of life and death; the one who loses will give all his possessions to the winner!"

    The crowd was incredibly startled after hearing this.

    Is Qin Nan out of his mind?

    Qin Nan only possesses a strength equivalent to the second-layer Xiantian Realm, but Leng Feng's strength is equivalent to seventh-layer Xiantian Realm. That's a total of six layers in the difference. Why would Qin Nan accept such a challenge after knowing the odds?

    Ouyang Jun and Leng Feng were dumbfounded, before their eyes were filled with a hint of joy. They only planned to slightly provoke Qin Nan, but they did not expect him to be fooled so easily.

    At that moment, Qin Nan spoke once again, However,  I will only accept the challenge on one condition."

    "Condition? What condition is it?"

    Leng Feng was startled and instinctively asked.

    "The condition is simple." Qin Nan's eyes flickered with battle intention, who was like a godly sword being drawn out of its sheath, as he yelled, "The duel will take place in two months' time. If you agree, I will have a battle with you at the Hall of Life and Death. If you don't accept the condition, this duel will then be considered invalid."
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