Chapter 179 - Xuan-ranked Martial Spiri


    "Ridiculous, this is ridiculous!"

    Veins could be seen popping out on Ouyang Jun's forehead due to rage after he read the letter.

    What does this Qin Nan want?

    He is mentioning one hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills as if they were one hundred thousand Body Tempering Pills!

    Even Ouyang Jun, the son of the sect leader, could only receive a limited amount of Martial Emperor Pills. It would serve as a great pain for him to give away one hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills.

    Leng Feng skimmed through the content of the letter, and his eyes turned cold as he said, "Senior Brother Ouyang, don't get mad. I feel like that guy purposely wrote this letter to bait us."


    Ouyang Jun's face was filled with coldness, as a flame was ignited on his hand, burning the letter into ashes, before he let out a hollow laugh, "If that's what he is planning for, I shall grant him his wishes!"

    "You're going to give him the Martial Emperor Pills? One hundred thousand of them?"

    Leng Feng was shocked hearing this.

    Ouyang Jun let out an indifferent smile, "You seriously think I would give him Martial Emperor Pills? In his dreams! One Body-Tempering Pill should be enough for him!"



    Not long after Qin Nan delivered the letter, a piercing sound could be heard as a jade jar flew toward him.

    "Hmm? Pills? This Ouyang Jun is seriously giving me pills?"

    Qin Nan was stunned, before he reached out his hand to catch the jar and checked its content.

    With a glimpse, Qin Nan instantly saw a Body-Tempering Pill lying inside the jade jar.

    "Trying to humiliate me with a Body-Tempering Pill? Hehe, it doesn't even bother me. A Body-Tempering Pill is still a pill." Qin Nan let out a laugh, and threw the Body-Tempering Pill into his mouth.

    Since he owned the Divine Battle Spirit, he was extremely cautious about using his pills to avoid any waste.

    As the pill was absorbed by the Divine Battle Spirit, Qin Nan kicked at the ground, he had decided to approach Old Shan and borrow more pills to upgrade his Divine Battle Spirit.

    However, at that instant, something outside of Qin Nan's expectations occurred!

    Ten golden rays suddenly sparkled, as the Divine Battle Spirit appeared of its own will, floating in the air, standing on a vacant space.

    "This is..."

    Qin Nan was startled.

    The ten golden rays turned incredibly brilliant, as a continuous wave of ancient suppressive aura burst out from the Divine Battle Spirit. A faint cry with an ancient feeling to it could be heard.


    A huge explosive sound could be heard filling the entire third residence.

    A glimmering blue arcane light could be seen emitting from the blurry human figure of the Divine Battle Spirit, like light firing out from a crackling shell; from its forehead, its face, its neck, its shoulders, its arms, its chest, its abdomen, etc-from its top to its bottom.

    The ten brilliant golden rays instantly shattered, to be replaced by this glimmering ray of blue light!

    "This is... This is... a Xuan-ranked Martial Spirit?"

    Qin Nan was dumbfounded upon seeing this.

    He did not expect his Divine Battle Spirit to level up after consuming a Body-Tempering Pill!

    What Qin Nan did not realize was that while he was consuming the five hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills, the Divine Battle Spirit had shown two abnormal signs. The first one had occurred when the Divine Battle Spirit had consumed fifty percent of the pills needed.

    The second one indicated that the Divine Battle Spirit had fully accumulated the Qi it needed for its rank up, and only a slight amount was needed for its upgrade.

    Hence, the Divine Battle Spirit was upgraded after Qin Nan consumed one Body-Tempering Pill!


    Over ten blasting explosions were heard, which felt like blasts of thunder on a sunny day.

    The entire body of the Divine Battle Spirit emitted a blue light and instantly expanded as if it was filled with boundless energy. It grew from its initial height of nine feet tall to a height of eighteen feet tall, doubling its original height.

    From afar, the Divine Battle Spirit looked like a mini giant.


    Qin Nan ignored the growth of the Divine Battle Spirit. Instead, his gaze was locked on its head.

    At that instant, the Divine Battle Spirit had thoroughly transformed into a blurry blue-colored giant figure. However, an indescribable atavistic spark was fired from its head in the midst of the blue light, which caused the entire Divine Battle Spirit to have an extraordinary change!


    This time, instead of a physical explosion, an ancient scene appeared together with the blast in Qin Nan's mind.

    Within the ancient scene, he could see the sky shattering into countless black holes, and the land spread widely with no boundaries. He could feel powerful ancient auras firing into the sky, resulting in a war capable of shaking the Heaven and Earth.

    These ancient existences were capable of crushing the Heaven and splitting the Earth, summoning meteorites with mere gestures. No words could describe their exceeding powers.

    The whole world felt like it was being devoured forcefully in this terrifying war.

    At last, in the midst of the calamity, a ray of light arrived all of a sudden.

    It was impossible to describe the appearance of the light. It felt like a ray of light in the midst of endless darkness, penetrating everything. Every ancient presence, and the terrifying abilities dissipated under the influence of the light.

    The ray of light was a person, whose face was unable to be recognized.

    "He is..."

    Qin Nan stared with his eyes open wide, and for unknown reasons, tears burst out from them.

    The image in his mind vanished with the person's appearance, bringing him back to reality.


    Qin Nan felt like he had lost all his strength, as he crumpled to the ground with a blank expression on his face, his mind going blank as he panted heavily.

    He slowly regained his consciousness after a period of three hours.

    "What kind of war did I just witness? Why am I tearing up?"

    Qin Nan took a few deep breaths; both the scene of the terrifyingly enormous body he saw when he awakened the Eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit previously, and the shocking war and the man who appeared in the end, were filling his mind with countless doubts.

    Doubts which were impossible to be understood at the current stage.

    "Screw it, these doubts are clearly linked to the Divine Battle Spirit in some ways. I'm afraid I can only seek the answers once my cultivation is strong enough." Qin Nan said to himself once he had settled his thoughts, "More importantly, let's take a look at the first-grade Xuan ranked Divine Battle Spirit!"

    Upon having this thought, Qin Nan was filled with excitement once again.

    How significant is a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit?

    In the entire Luohe Kingdom, among the younger generation, there were only four people who possessed a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit!

    These four people were the current core disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect, the Flying Sword Sect, the Qing Nu Sect and the Disordered Flames Sect. Only those four possessed a first-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, making them the top geniuses of the entire Luohe Kingdom.

    Now that Qin Nan had awakened a first-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, he was no longer a mere super genius, but one of the top five geniuses of the Luohe Kingdom!

    Most importantly, Wei Hao, with his tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit and his identity as the sect leader's son, only had a chance of reaching the Martial Emperor Realm, but with a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, one was assured to achieve the Martial Emperor Realm!

    It was an indication of how powerful a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit was!

    Qin Nan took a deep breath and summoned his Divine Battle Spirit.

    Behind him, a blinding blue light was emitted, together with the blurry figure of the Divine Battle Spirit which was now eighteen feet tall, standing firmly in the air. Its pair of white-colored eyes gazed forward, as if it was looking down upon all living beings, emitting an unimaginable suppressive aura.

    In comparison with the previous Divine Battle Spirit, when merely looking at their auras, the difference between the two was shockingly huge-like that of Heaven and Earth.

    So this is a first-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit!

    "Phew, I should try cultivating with it..."

    Qin Nan inhaled deeply, and ordered the Divine Battle Spirit to start cultivating.

    At that instant, a shocking sight took place in the third residence!
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