Chapter 181 - Owing another One Hundred Thousand

    Chapter 181 - Owing another One Hundred Thousand

    The previous Eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit were only able to decern that Princess Miao Miao's cultivation had reached the Martial Ancestor Realm.

    With his current Eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit, Qin Nan could clearly identify Princess Miao Miao's cultivation, which was now at the peak of the Martial Ancestor Realm, with it being only a step away from reaching the powerful Martial Dominator Realm!

    That alone was not enough to give Qin Nan such an incredible shock.

    It was because Qin Nan also saw a powerful, vast, unrecognizable force being concealed within Princess Miao Miao's body.

    It seemed like this force was extremely weak, as if it was gravely injured.

    "The force within Princess Miao Miao's body was gravely injured, which means that her strength at her peak is way beyond the Martial Ancestor Realm?" Qin Nan thought in his mind, and inhaled deeply.

    Princess Miao Miao was a human transfiguration from an ancient ginseng, with great wisdom. Her cultivation was surely outstanding.

    However, even with the injury, her cultivation was still at the peak of Martial Ancestor Realm. What kind of presence would she be at her peak?

    At that instant, Qin Nan discovered that he had underestimated Princess Miao Miao's strength.

    "Stop it at once!" Princess Miao Miao said with an unpleasant expression, "And from today onward, don't you dare peek again."

    Qin Nan was awakened immediately by her anger, and quickly withdrew his Eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit.

    "Princess, there's one thing that I need your help with."

    Qin Nan hesitated for a moment before speaking.

    "Hmm? Tell me." Princess Miao Miao behaved maturely by waving her hand. Her gesture combined with her tiny body which looked like a thirteen-year-old's was quite a cute sight in a sense.

    "I would like to borrow some Atavistic Spiritual Liquid."

    Qin Nan paused for a moment, and slowly replied.

    The sentence was spoken after thorough consideration.

    Even with his Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, he could only reach the sixth-layer Xiantian Realm at most in two months' time. In this period, Leng Feng's cultivation would at least reach the ninth-layer Xiantian Realm with Ouyang Jun's support behind the scene.

    It was impossible to go against a ninth-layer Xiantian Realm cultivator with a cultivation of sixth-layer Xiantian Realm.

    Therefore, he needed to borrow a significant amount of Atavistic Spiritual Liquid from Princess Miao Miao. Only with sufficient Atavistic Spiritual Liquid, together with his Divine Battle Spirit, could his cultivation then improve rapidly to match Leng Feng's strength!

    Most importantly, since he currently had a debt of five hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills, it did not matter if he were to owe little more pills.

    "What? You want to borrow Atavistic Spiritual Liquid form the Princess?" Princess Miao Miao's face was filled with disbelief.

    Why is this Qin Nan trying to borrow some Atavistic Spiritual Liquid despite knowing that I'm a stingy person?

    Is this Qin Nan finding a burden for himself?

    "If the Princess is willing to lend me enough Atavistic Spiritual Liquid." Qin Nan clenched his teeth and said, "I'll... I'll pay with double the number of pills in the future!"

    "Double the amount?"

    A spark was ignited within Princess Miao Miao's eyes, but she did not accept the trade straight away, but asked in an alert tone, "Qin Nan, according to my understanding of your personality, you never took the initiative to borrow anything from anyone, not to mention from me. What are you aiming for?"

    Qin Nan wore a dumbfounded expression and said, "Are you still worried that I would repudiate the debt despite your terrifying strength?"

    "What if you are dead?"

    Princess Miao Miao's face was still filled with disbelief.

    A smile appeared on Qin Nan's face as he chose not to answer the question.

    Even if he was still mismatched against Leng Feng after two months, the Mystic Spirit Sect would definitely interfere in the duel at the Hall of Life and Death when he unleashed his Divine Battle Spirit.

    That was because a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit was extremely rare. Any disciple with a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit would surely become the core disciple of the sect, and be trained in the best way possible!

    Princess Miao Miao knew she had spoken amiss, and slanted her head and seriously pondered for a moment, before she said, "I am willing to lend you some Atavistic Spiritual Liquid, at a price of one thousand Martial Emperor Pills for each drop. Do you agree with the price?"

    "One thousand Martial Emperor Pills?"

    Qin Nan's expression instantly changed. Although the Atavistic Spiritual Liquid was precious, its value was nowhere near the price of one thousand Martial Emperor Pills.

    This Princess Miao Miao was demanding an exorbitant price.

    Princess Miao Miao uttered a soft harrumph and said with an indifferent expression, "I won't force you if you are not willing to accept the price. That's it, if you don't have anything else to say, I will be leaving. You should understand that the Princess is incredibly busy."

    After saying this, Princess Miao Miao turned around in an elegant fashion, and prepared to leave without any hesitation.

    Qin Nan wore an unpleasant expression as he shouted, "Fine, I accept the offer. One thousand Martial Emperor Pills for each drop. I'll need one hundred drops of Atavistic Spiritual Liquid!"

    "Hehe, that's more like it."

    Princess Miao Miao turned around, her face filled with satisfaction, "If that's the case, from now onward, you will owe me one hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills."

    Qin Nan clenched his teeth, and despite his effort of calming his thoughts, his expression was still incredibly unpleasant.

    He already had a debt of five hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills. Adding to it another one hundred thousand would return a sum of six hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills!

    How long would he need to pay a debt of six hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills?

    If he was not aiming to rapidly increase his cultivation, he would never be willing to owe a debt of so many pills, not to mention that he now owed Princess Miao Miao one hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills.

    "Give me the Atavistic Spiritual Liquid now, time is running short!" said Qin Nan, withholding the unpleasantness in his heart.

    Princess Miao Miao raised her tiny finger and suddenly spoke before she gave him the Atavistic Spiritual Liquid, "The Princess has one more request!"

    "One more request?"

    Qin Nan could not control his temper anymore, as a hint of anger could be seen on his face.

    Does this Princess Miao Miao really think he is willing to be bullied so easily?"

    Princess Miao Miao harrumphed and said, "Initially I just wanted you to call me thirty times 'the ultimate gorgeous cute and pretty Princess Miao Miao', but I've changed my mine now. If you don't repeat it for one hundred times, I'll not give you the Spiritual Atavistic Liquid, even if you give me more pills, I will not accept the offer!"


    Qin Nan did not expect her to have such a request, and was left in a miserable state, before he helplessly said, "You are the ultimate gorgeous cute and pretty Princess Miao Miao, you are the ultimate gorgeous cute and pretty Princess Miao Miao, you are the ultimate gorgeous cute and pretty Princess Miao Miao..."

    The request was extremely childish in his opinion, that he actually felt conflicted when doing so.

    Princess Miao Miao was extremely joyful after hearing the series of compliments, despite the fact that they were not filled with any emotion or respect, and pleasantly said after Qin Nan repeated it a hundred times, "Nice, very nice. Well done, here is your well-deserved reward!"

    With a flick of her finger, a total of one hundred and ten drops of Atavistic Spiritual Liquid were spurted from her finger, an extra ten drops from what she had promised.

    After seeing these one hundred and ten drops of Atavistic Spiritual Liquid with a thick sense of Qi, the unpleasantness in Qin Nan's heart immediately diminished, as his face returned to calmness.

    "I'll be leaving now, remember that you owe the Princess one hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills." Princess Miao Miao said with a light-hearted voice before, with a light kick on the ground, her tiny figure vanished from the third residence.

    Qin Nan instantly collected his thoughts and stored the one hundred and ten drops of Atavistic Spiritual Liquid into his storage bag.

    Following this, he did not waste any time but sat down with his legs crossed, and immersed himself in cultivation as the Divine Battle Spirit was unleashed.

    Due to the circumstances, he could not afford to waste a second now!
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