Chapter 185 - Accepting Quests

    When the news regarding Qin Nan's surrender was spread to the entire Mystic Spirit Sect, in the third residence, in front of an expressionless Qin Nan, stood Bai Heng.

    Bai Heng carefully spoke, "Young Master Qin Nan, the entire sect is talking about you..."

    "That's fine."

    Before Bai Heng could finish his words, Qin Nan interrupted him. Not the slightest change in his expression could be seen.

    He could no doubt predict the reaction of the crowd, hence he was not too surprised by it.

    Since he owed Xiao Qingxue a favor, and she came asking for his help, even if he ended up being cursed at, even if it meant he would go against all of his principles, he would still choose to obey her words, so as to return her favor.

    "I summoned you here today to ask for your advice; is there any way I can obtain a huge amount of pills? You surely know that I'm broke now, carrying a huge debt, so I..." Qin Nan made his intentions clear.

    Now that Qin Nan had surrendered, the duel between him and Leng Feng was automatically canceled.

    Previously, in order to match Leng Feng's strength, Qin Nan had taken on Princess Miao Miao's suggestion of borrowing pills from everyone in the Mystic Spirit Sect, leaving him with a debt of five hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills, along with owing Princess Miao Miao another one hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills. Now that the duel was canceled, it was time to pay his debts.

    Bai Heng was stunned, and instinctively blurted out, "Are you planning to return the pills?"

    If anyone else were to be in his position, the person would be confused like Bai Heng too.

    Before when Qin Nan had asked the entire Mystic Spirit Sect for pills, the disciples and the elders had not expected him to pay them back. They only planned to do him a favor due to his great talent, which also served as a sign of respect to the Great Elder and the Honourable Elder.

    "I don't owe people stuff. They helped me by loaning me the pills, and it is reasonable for me to pay them back."

    Qin Nan let out a smile, his eyes filled with a look of determination.

    So what if it's six hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills?

    Even if no one expected him to return such a huge sum, he still had decided to pay his debts.

    This was the baseline of his principles, one that he would never disobey.

    Bai Heng was astonished, and his heart was filled with utter respect. It did not matter how other people treated Qin Nan. He had always treated him like a god with full respect, and spoke after seriously pondering for a moment, "There is only one way to obtain pills, which is by accepting quests from the Hall of Fame. The common ones are to eliminate beasts and monsters."

    "Accepting quests?"

    Qin Nan instantly came to a realization.

    In the Mystic Spirit Sect, a disciple would need sufficient minerals in order to grow stronger.

    And to obtain minerals, besides the support from the sect, one would need to complete the various quests acquired from the sect-those included a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit super genius.

    For Qin Nan's case, he was busy with all sorts of troubles since he had joined the Mystic Spirit Sect, hence he did not have the time to learn the information about the Hall of Fame and acquiring quests.

    "Thanks, I'll head to the Hall of Fame now to acquire some quests."

    Qin Nan replied to Bai Heng and left immediately before he could speak.

    However, the trip was different than his previous ones, as many of the Inner Domain Peak disciples instantly wore a scornful look and pointed their fingers at him when they saw him.

    "Did you see that guy? He is Qin Nan, the one who challenged Leng Feng to a duel, but surrendered because he was scared of death!"

    "Tsk, tsk, a coward indeed, what a disgrace."

    "I am curious though; if he is scared of death, where did he get the courage to challenge Leng Feng in the first place? Hehe."


    The inner domain disciples no longer showed any respect toward him, but uttered scornful comments.

    However, they only dared to discuss with soft voices. They were not brave enough to be too reckless.

    Qin Nan frowned and continued on his journey to the Quest Hall.

    The Quest Hall was located on a mountain to the west of Tianfeng Mountain. The entire building was three floors tall, occupying a surface area of one thousand miles. It was built with countless ancient bricks like a beast in a creeping stance, with an extremely solid appearance.

    The entrance to the Quest Hall was crowded with disciples, resulting in a lively scene.

    Qin Nan concealed his aura and entered the Quest Hall from a remote corner.

    His aim for the trip was to earn the pills he needed to pay his debts through the quests. He had no intention of attracting the attention of the crowd.

    At the center of the Quest Hall's ground floor hung a hundred meter tall giant crystal, and on its surface, countless words formed from burning flames could be seen, combining into the descriptions of different quests, ready to be picked by the disciples.

    The huge crystal was known as the 'Information Crystal', useful in displaying lots of information. It was rare to find one, thus it was incredibly valuable.

    Qin Nan stood roughly ten meters away from the back of the crowd, his eyes scanning the information regarding the quests shown on the huge crystal.

    "Head to the North River and investigate the reasons behind the strange behavior of the mermaid clan. Report to the sect after the investigation to receive one thousand Xiantian Pills."

    "Urgent: seeking a Hundred-leaved Vivid Flower, I'm willing to pay one thousand Martial Emperor Pills as the reward!"

    "Investigate the strange occurrences of the Demonic Flame Mountain. Quest is accomplished just by learning the reason behind the strange behavior of the monsters on the Demonic Flame Mountain. Only inner disciples are allowed to put in for this quest. The reward is five thousand Martial Emperor Pills!"


    Qin Nan browsed the list in a serious manner, but the final result was slightly disappointing.

    Those with a relatively high rewards were related to trade for rare minerals, or required at least a cultivation base of the Martial Emperor Realm to accept the quest. The maximum reward for other quests was no more than five thousand Xiantian Pills.

    If he could only receive five thousand Xiantian Pills for completing a quest, how much time would he need to accumulate five hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills?

    "The quests I'm looking for must be available to me, with great rewards. It won't be a problem even if they are filled with extreme dangers..." Qin Nan thought to himself as he continued to browse through the list, with no intention of giving up.

    One hour.

    Two hours.

    After the period of two and a half hours, Qin Nan suddenly saw a tiny line of words appeared on the Information Crystal. It was impossible to see it without paying close attention.


    Qin Nan's eyes suddenly glistened.

    The description of the quest said, "Teaming up to slay a beast on the Hundred Emperors Mountain. Last spot available, with no requirement of cultivation base; anyone is welcomed as long as the person is interested in joining the team. The reward will be fifty thousand Martial Emperor Pills!"

    Fifty thousand Martial Emperor Pills?

    As long as the person is interested in joining the team?

    There are no other requirements?

    Qin Nan soon realized himself to be filled with lots of doubts regarding the quest.

    First of all, the quest did not mention where exactly they were headed to, how many people were in the team, and the details of the cultivation bases of the members.

    Secondly, the quest did not have any requirement for one's cultivation base, nor one's strength, but the reward was as huge as fifty thousand Martial Emperor Pills!

    Although Qin Nan knew that there was something fishy about the quest, his heart could not help but pound heavily.

    That's a total of fifty thousand Martial Emperor Pills-enough to pay a tenth of my debts.

    However, at that instant...

    A surprised voice could be heard all of a sudden, "Qin Nan? Are you Qin Nan?"
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