Chapter 202 - Crushing Everything

    The Four Great Geniuses, covered in rumbling Qi and bursting intent, dived at Qin Nan.

    The remaining crowd of disciples initially thought the Four Great Geniuses could handle Qin Nan with ease, but they did not expect him to be so powerful. After a slight hesitation, they instantly dashed forward and joined the battle.

    The entire woods were filled with the sound of the battle, causing the surroundings to quaver.

    Dong Yuehao spectated the battle not far away from the battlefield, his eyes filled with confusion.

    How is this Qin Nan so powerful?

    Why was this Qin Nan targeting Dong Shaoxu because of him?






    Qin Nan could feel his entire blood boiling with heat.

    Previously, facing the Four Great Geniuses alone was not enough to force him to unleash his full strength. Now with the participation of another thirty-odd disciples, he could finally feel a slight pressure from the smell of death.

    It was this slight pressure which caused him to feel excited!

    He desired to fight, facing the entire crowd alone!



    Countless collisions and rapid explosions were heard.

    In the midst of this messy battle, countless golden rays were emitted, signifying the presences of numerous Martial Spirits displaying their powers. Each explosion, even if it alone was not shocking enough, resulted in a terrifying force when combined with the force of other explosions.

    Despite that, Qin Nan held two sabers in his hands and rapidly shifted through the attacks like a menacing tiger, lashing out slash after slash at his opponents, producing a succession of forceful shockwaves!

    The disciples began to fall to his sabers one after another.

    Despite facing the same abilities continuously, there was no way that Qin Nan could evade all of them, meaning that he could only receive them with his body, which resulted in more serious injuries.

    However, Qin Nan had no intention of withdrawing, as his aura became even stronger as the battle went on.

    "What's going on?"

    "Did you guys not eat before coming here? Where is your strength? You can't even defeat a single person?"

    "This ability sucks, this skill is too weak, do you think you are worthy of being called the Four Great Clans? With your strength, you should be called the Four Worst Clans instead!"


    Following a series of roars, the number of wounds on Qin Nan's body increased, while his Qi was consumed at a crazy rate, but his eyes were filled with a thick sense of accomplishment.

    The best!

    This kind of battle is the best!

    The same as his previous battle against the Ice-armored Ancient Insects, he could smell the scent of death in the midst of the battle while being surrounded with dangers, giving him a pleasant feeling.

    In contrast, the terror in the eyes of the young disciples of the Four Great Clans continued to grow as the battle went on, who felt their legs turning flaccid.

    What kind of monster is this guy?

    Facing the dense attacks, this guy continues to advance and fight even fiercer, and he even complains that their strengths are not powerful enough?

    Is this Qin Nan still human?

    "How is this acceptable!"

    Following a loud roar, finally at that instant a figure leapt into the air, who turned out to be Nan Chen. Nine golden rays were emitted from his back, together with a pitch-black stone the height of a man, filled with an atavistic aura.

    This was Nan Chen's Martial Spirit, a pitch-black stone originating from ancient times; within it was enclosed a huge power.

    "Atavistic Gemstone, kill him!"

    With a pair of reddened eyes, Nan Chen used all of his might to command his Martial Spirit, which instantly descended upon Qin Nan like a meteorite with great power.

    In a state of frenzy, he had given his all with this attack!

    Although in his heart, he regretted offending Qin Nan, he clearly knew that if they failed to suppress Qin Nan soon, they would surely be defeated.

    "Perfect timing!"

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered with excitement when he saw the attack. Covered in blood, he uttered a roar and fired his punch forward.

    The punch, apart from the Fist Intent of the Arcane Realm, was also filled with his endless Battle Intent!

    This stream of Battle Intent continued to grow as the battle went on. It felt like a stream of a rapid-flowing river crushing down from the peak of a mountain, resulting in a terrifying sight.


    The crowd could feel their ears buzzing from the impact.

    As Qin Nan's punch made contact with Nan Chen's Martial Spirit, the entire stone exploded, and shattered into countless pieces.


    Nan Chen spurted a mouthful of blood as his face turned pale. He dropped to the ground in a weakened state, no longer able to fight.

    His Martial Spirit was smashed into pieces. Although it could still recover slowly, it would take an enormous price and time.

    Dong Shaoxu and Xi Fengxiao felt their hearts turning cold upon seeing this, as their gazes toward Qin Nan were filled with utter fear.

    They were now terrified, thoroughly terrified!

    If their Martial Spirits were shattered too, how bad would their endings be?

    The disciples were scared to death, who all lost their will to battle, and began to move backward.


    Outside of everyone's expectations, Qin Nan inhaled deeply, as his face was filled with both agony and excitement.

    Even though he shattered the Stone Martial Spirit with a punch, his fist was greatly damaged too, rupturing the bones. He could not even hold a saber now.

    After receiving such a great damage, Qin Nan would surely feel pain, but he was even more excited.

    When his punch shattered the Martial Spirit into pieces, the force from it, the feeling of crushing his foe, caused his Battle Intent to rise rapidly!

    Fight! Fight! Fight!

    The Divine Battle Spirit wages war against the Heavens and Earth, there is none He does not fight!

    Even Qin Nan did not realize that after his Divine Battle Spirit was upgraded into a Xuan-ranked Martial Spirit, its Battle Intent greatly influenced its bearer, almost turning him into a real battle addict!


    At that instant, a cheering voice could be heard.

    Bei Rou, in the midst of battle, stepped forward presenting her attractive figure while a seducing smile appeared on her pretty face, "Hehe, as expected of the man I adore, such power, who continues to fight fiercer despite being surrounded by the Four Great Geniuses and many disciples! Wonderful, wonderful indeed! I find myself liking you more and more now!"

    The crowd was dumbfounded, What does that mean?

    Only Dong Shaoxu, Nan Chen, and Xi Feng had their expressions change slightly as a thought came to them.

    On the other hand, Qin Nan raised his eyebrow with his voice like thunder, "Enough with your nonsense, are you fighting or not!"

    "No, of course not!"

    Bei Rou showed an embarrassed expression and smilingly said, "Although I've been coveting you all along, I could not capture you due to your extraordinary strength. However, my chance is here since you are tired from this prolonged battle! From today onward you, Qin Nan, will be my servant, you will be my puppet, obeying my commands and crushing all my opponents, sound good? Tell me, isn't it great? HAHAHAHA!"

    Bei Rou began to laugh as if she could see her future. The laughs were incredibly irritating.

    "We've been used by her! Damn it, damn it! The rumors are real!"

    Xi Fengxiao and Nan Chen had their expressions changed greatly.

    Dong Shaoxu came to a realization too. Previously, he had already sensed that there was something wrong with Bei Rou, and he finally understood the reason now. She had been targeting Qin Nan all along!

    The disciples were shocked as they all remembered a rumor.

    According to the rumor, Bei Rou had awakened a mysterious Martial Spirit, which possessed a terrifying ability. The ability could only be executed once, which had the power of seducing a person. If it succeeded, the person would lose their thoughts and be ultimately loyal to her and be turned into her tool.

    They initially thought the rumor was fake, but judging from Bei Rou's action, and her past behavior, they finally learned the truth!

    Bei Rou, the top genius of Bei Clan, seldom showed herself. It was extremely difficult to meet her.

    Bei Rou, who never unleashed her Martial Spirit until now.

    "If she were to control Qin Nan..."

    Everyone shuddered violently with the thought.

    If Bei Rou ended up subduing Qin Nan, with Qin Nan's talents and potential, the Bei Clan would definitely dominate the others in the future!

    "Qin Nan, check out your master's Martial Spirit!"

    Bei Rou screamed with excitement, as nine golden rays were emitted from her back. A giant blurry figure of a lady with long hair appeared.

    Following this, a gust of chilly wind could be felt among the woods, sending a chill to everyone's spine.

    "This is my Martial Spirit: the Underworld Enchantress!"

    Bei Rou's face reddened due to excitement, as her hands began to combine into different gestures, "Heaven above nine ascensions, hell below nine destructions. Heaven is abstruse in four directions, vast and mighty, but clean and peaceful. Hell is extreme in four directions, deep and serene, but evil and demonic. I present my true life of three eternities, in exchange for a moment of awakening the Enchantress. Awake, awake, countless curses transforming into darkness, seeking the phantom in the midst of darkness, sealing the heart and bones with its magic..."

    Following Bei Rou's chants, the Black-haired Lady Martial Spirit behind her tremored, emitting a mysterious wave of energy.

    The entire woods were encapsulated in darkness, blinding everyone's sight while filling their ears with the cries of ghosts.

    Finally, Bei Rou raised her tone, "Summon the Enchantress, let the demonic presence descend, dominating all living things!"


    The black-haired lady behind her let out a terrifying shriek, as endless black light was emitted from her mouth, which merged into ancient chains one after another covering the Heaven and Earth, which sprang toward Qin Nan's figure like countless poisonous snakes.

    The disciples could feel an explosion in their minds, as they were devoured by darkness.

    A hint of astonishment could be seen on Qin Nan's face.

    It was as if he could faintly see an attractive lady, with a curvy physique, who curled her finger at Qin Nan, hooking his soul and dragging it deep down into the abyss.

    The attack is directed toward his soul!

    Bei Rou turned joyful upon seeing his reaction, "HAHAHA, Qin Nan, my serva..."

    Before she could finish, Qin Nan-who wore a blank expression-raised his eyebrow and emitted a forceful murderous aura, before he spoke in a thunderous tone.

    "F**k off!"

    Following the roar, Qin Nan's hair began to dance wildly, as an enormous green figure stood behind him, which glanced at the Black-haired Lady Martial Spirit before it vanished.


    The chains in the air began to shatter into pieces, as the surrounding darkness was swept away like it had been blown away by a gust of wind, as the place turned bright.

    The Martial Spirit behind Bei Rou began to dissipate, and as if she was given a powerful blow, her face turned pale as she stared ahead with a pair of wide open eyes filled with terror, and spoke with a trembling voice, "You... You... You..."

    "What about me?"

    Qin Nan glared at her with a pair of cold eyes. I am the owner of the Divine Battle Spirit, and this Bei Rou thought she could seal my soul?

    Qin Nan lost his interest after seeing that she had lost her consciousness. He then switched his gaze toward the crowd with a rising Battle Intent, holding a saber in his hand, "Who else is willing to fight me!"

    Following this question, the whole place fell into a dead silence.
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