Chapter 219 - The Suppression of the Divine God of Battle

    In Qin Nan's left eye, his left pupil was now green in color, surrounded by countless rising and falling arcane runes, which felt like a vast ocean of galaxies, capable of encapsulating the Heavens and the Earth.

    The next moment, a strong suppression of the Divine God of Battle was rapidly unleashed from it.


    The Longhu Ancestor Beast let out a fearful cry as if something had just stepped on his tiger tail, as his enormous body instinctively escaped from the scene. He was finally able to control his terror after he was a hundred meters away from Qin Nan, despite his body continued to tremor.

    "What...What is...What kind of eye is that..."

    The Longhu Ancestor Beast was astounded, his teeth chattering.


    Qin Nan burst out laughing.

    After merging with the left eye of the Divine God of Battle, his Eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit not only could peek at someone, but a new ability was awakened, which was named the Suppression of the Divine God of Battle!

    By unleashing the suppression, he could restrain his opponent's aura, bringing fear to his opponent, which would lower his opponent's battle intent.

    That being said, the reason why the Longhu Ancestor Beast was exceedingly intimidated by the Suppression of the Divine God of Battle was because his cultivation was sealed, plus he had suffered a serious injury after spitting out his Longhu Orb, leaving him in a weakened state.

    Otherwise, the Suppression of the Divine God of Battle would have no effect on him, since he was an Ancestor Beast.

    "The left eye of the Divine God of Battle possesses endless power, but I could only awaken one of its abilities as my cultivation is still too weak. When my cultivation is improved in the future, I will be able to awaken more abilities." Qin Nan thought to himself, and closed his left eye and withdrew the suppression.

    After all, the Longhu Ancestor Beast did sacrifice his Longhu Orb in order to save him.

    "Monster, monster, monster..."

    The Longhu Ancestor Beast slowly walked forward while mumbling to himself, not daring to challenge Qin Nan anymore.

    Despite his pride and his noble blood, he had now realized that this mere human Qin Nan was more terrifying than himself and all the power he possessed.

    "Hey, you should think of a way to leave this place since there is only one person who can survive in this trial. I just sacrificed a thousand years of my lifespan just to save you, you should not be ungrateful and harm me instead."

    The Longhu Ancestor Beast blurted out as a sudden thought came up to him.

    "I know, don't you worry."

    Qin Nan immediately raised his head and stared at the sky above him before yelling, "Nine Symbolic Words, why aren't you guys revealing yourselves still?"

    Qin Nan had now learned that the Hidden Tenth Word Treasure never existed. The legendary tenth word 'Zhan'[1] was actually referring to the left eye of the Divine God of Battle, and everything here was a set up organized by it.


    A series of explosions could be heard as nine blurry figures landed from above.

    "Qin Nan, congratulations on being approved of by the godly object." The Weapon Spirit of the word 'Lin' was the first to speak, "Since you have passed the trial, you can now leave this place."

    "Before I leave, I have a request: I want to obtain the Heaven-shattering Life Sustaining Ointment."

    Qin Nan immediately spoke.

    The Weapon Spirit of the word 'Lin' exchanged glances with the other Weapon Spirits, before letting out a calm smile, "You are the successor of the godly object, hence we surely would not reject your request. However, according to our rules, only by becoming our successor will you be able to take the treasures. My friend Qin Nan, why don't you become the successor of the Nine Symbolic Words, and we would be willing to grant you our strength."

    Beside him, the Longhu Ancestor Beast dropped his jaw. What is going on, are the Nine Symbolic Words taking the initiative to ask Qin Nan to be their master?

    "What requirement does it take to be your successor?"

    Qin Nan did not accept the offer straight away.

    "You would need to fulfill a duty given by the Nine Symbolic Words." The Weapon Spirit of the word 'Lin' spoke laughingly, "This duty would be an easy task for you."

    "There is no need for that."

    Qin Nan did not consider for too long, who instantly replied, "I don't need your help, I only want the Heaven-shattering Life Sustaining Ointment."

    The Longhu Ancestor Beast was thoroughly stunned. It was his first time witnessing someone rejecting the Nine Symbolic Words.

    What he did not know was that since Qin Nan had obtained the left eye of the Divine God of Battle and the Divine Battle Spirit, there was no need for other fortunate encounters. Most importantly, Qin Nan had realized an important question, Now that I have found the left eye which had been waiting a thousand years for me, is it possible that the right eye, and the entire body, is also waiting for me too?

    Qin Nan could faintly feel that the body of the Divine God of Battle was linked to a shocking secret, hence his top priority now was to gather the body parts of the Divine God of Battle instead of fulfilling the duty of the Nine Symbolic Words.

    "As I thought...'

    The Weapon Spirit of the word 'Lin' exchanged glances with the others, and let out a sigh after seeing Qin Nan's firm determination. After a slight hesitation, he said, "I can give you the Heaven-shattering Life Sustaining Ointment, but I hope that you will owe us a favor, as I'm afraid we will need your help in the future."

    Qin Nan let out a sigh of relief and said in a serious tone, "Sure."

    A man's promise is worth a thousand gold.

    "That alone is more than enough!"

    The Weapon Spirit of the word 'Lin' was satisfied, who immediately flicked his finger without any delay, firing the wooden box which Princess Miao Miao had aimed for in the first place into Qin Nan's hands.

    "Hey, hey, hey, Weapon Spirits of the Nine Symbolic Words, since Qin Nan has rejected your offer, you guys can choose me to be your successor!"

    The Longhu Ancestor Beast impatiently leaped into mid-air.

    The Weapon Spirit of the word 'Lin' replied with no words except a disdainful glance.

    "Cough, cough..." The Longhu Ancestor Beast let out a few coughs after he saw the glances from the Weapon Spirits, and switched his gaze onto Qin Nan, "Hey Qin Nan, I sacrificed a thousand years of my lifespan just to save you. Isn't now the time for you to repay me? I am not a demanding person, just tell the Weapon Spirits of the Nine Symbolic Words to give me the other wooden box..."

    "Don't worry, I won't mistreat you."

    Qin Nan burst out laughing and brought his fists together toward the Nine Symbolic Words, "Thanks nine seniors, is it possible to send us three out now?"


    The Weapon Spirits nodded their heads, before they stepped forward and flicked their fingers. Following this, a vast light descended from above enclosing Qin Nan and his companions within it.



    After a flash, Qin Nan and his companions found themselves deep inside the Longhu Mountain Range.

    The Nine-floored Underworld Pagoda had vanished. The Weapon Spirits of the Nine Symbolic Words continued to look for their successor.

    "Hahaha, I'm finally back!" The Longhu Ancestor Beast uttered a crazy laugh, as his aura began to rise rapidly while he recovered his cultivation of the Martial Ancestor Realm. He then glared at Qin Nan with a pair of dragon eyes and spoke in a thunderous tone, "Qin Nan, are you scared now? I am now a Martial Ancestor Realm expert! Hand over all your possessions and the godly object at once, and I shall spare your life!"

    Qin Nan's expression remained calm as he said in an indifferent tone, "Are you sure you want to fight me?"


    The Longhu Ancestor Beast could not help but admit that he was kind of frightened. After recollecting Qin Nan's unusual strength and the terrifying godly object, a hint of terror rapidly rose within his heart.

    "F**k, I'll spare you this time considering how pitiful you are!" The Longhu Ancestor Beast turned his head around, "Remember that you owe me a favor, and be prepared to move your ass here when I need your help. See you!"

    The Longhu Ancestor Beast snapped, and prepared to leave the place.

    As the ruler of the Longhu Mountain Range, apart from his cultivation, his behavior of striving for benefits and avoiding dangers, and his shamelessness were extremely efficient in ensuring his survival at all times.


    Two different voices could be heard. Apart from Qin Nan's, one of them was from Princess Miao Miao who had just woken up.

    "Are you reluctant to let me go? You are more than welcome to come travel around the world with me. Don't you worry, I will surely become the strongest person in the Canglan Continent..." The Longhu Ancestor Beast instantly felt excited, and instinctively ignored Qin Nan's presence.

    "In your dreams." Princess Miao Miao snapped without mercy, "Since you have witnessed the Princess's secrets, the Princess must not let you go. If you are willing to be my servant's mount, it's possible that I will spare your life."


    The Longhu Ancestor Beast raised his tone, "I am the descendant of the Heavenly Dragon and the Thunderous Tiger, and you are asking me to be his mount?"

    Qin Nan was slightly surprised. He did not expect Princess Miao Miao to demand this. His intention was to keep the Longhu Ancestor Beast with him since he had discovered too many secrets.

    "Huh? Are you implying that my servant has no right to be your master?" Princess Miao Miao straightened her face, "You should feel honored!"


    The Longhu Ancestor Beast was filled with sorrow. He would immediately accept if he were to become Princess Miao Miao's servant, but she demanded him to become this mere human's mount instead. Am I really that insignificant in her eyes?

    "You don't have to be my mount. Longhu Ancestor Beast, since you have witnessed too many of our secrets, we are not willing to let you go. Since you are not a bad person, how about you join us on an adventure?" Qin Nan said, "I believe you are not willing to stay in this Longhu Mountain Range for the rest of your life."


    The Longhu Ancestor Beast immediately felt Qin Nan to be a pleasure to the eye, as his face was filled with a hint of hesitation.

    It was true that he had no plan of staying at the Longhu Mountain Range. He wanted to go on adventures to increase his strength, to show his outstanding grace and attract countless ladies. Besides, both Princess Miao Miao and Qin Nan were no ordinary presences, especially this human who was bound to stir a great storm across the continent.

    "Fine, I will accept the offer." The Longhu Ancestor Beast clenched his teeth, as if it was a huge loss for him to make this decision.

    "Princess, here is the thing you want." Qin Nan gave Princess Miao Miao the wooden box.

    "Ah ha."

    Princess Miao Miao raised her chin and spoke in an elder-like tone, "Very well, as the servant of the Princess, you did well. You won't need to pay me the one hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills anymore!"

    After saying this, she immediately vanished into the woods to refine herself with the Heaven-shattering Life Sustaining Ointment."

    "Hey, wait for me..."

    The Longhu Ancestor Beast immediately followed behind.

    Qin Nan withdrew his gaze and checked his surroundings, and then sat down with his legs crossed after not seeing anyone around.

    "Now that my strength is tremendously improved, I shall plan what I shall do next beforehand. And finally... return to the Mystic Spirit Sect!"

    Qin Nan's eyes glistened.

    Translator: XephiZ

    Editor: DOCuinn

    [1] 'Zhan' actually means 'battle'.
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