Chapter 220 - Rising Undercurren


    "Let's check out how fast my cultivation speed is with this seventh-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit!"

    Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and unleashed the Divine Battle Spirit, which stood in mid-air and began to communicate with the Heavens and Earth, absorbing Qi.


    At that instant, the Heavens and Earth began to shake.

    With Qin Nan being the center, immeasurable Qi within five miles from him flew toward him like a gust of wind accompanied by lightning and thunder, which felt like a rumbling stormy whirlpool, resulting in a frightening scene.

    "The rare phenomenon of Wind and Thunder! The seventh-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit is indeed powerful!"

    Qin Nan raised his eyebrows.

    The amount of Qi he absorbed in this period was at least fifteen times more compared to his old speed!

    "Now that I have reached the half-Martial Emperor Realm, the Qi in my body has begun to condense, hence I will need even more Qi to condense my Body Core and trigger the Martial Emperor Tribulation to baptize my Body Core, which is the sign of me becoming a real Martial Emperor!" Qin Nan's eyes flickered with excitement.

    While he was absorbing Qi, his thoughts became clear, and he instantly mastered the secrets of the path of cultivation with his terrifying comprehension.

    The main reason being that after the Divine Battle Spirit was upgraded to the seventh-grade Xuan rank, both his speed of cultivation and comprehension were improved.

    "Besides cultivation, I should not waste my strong flesh. I should try finding a top-tier Body Tempering Technique when the time comes."

    Qin Nan made up his mind while observing his flesh.

    His body now contained the mystical Qi from the Nine-spirited Ascended Ginseng and the refined Qi from the Longhu Orb. These two forces were incredibly enigmatic, so much so that he had yet to thoroughly absorb them. Once he did so, his flesh would be exceedingly terrifying.

    "And the Divine Sense too."

    At the center of his mind, there existed a pool of limpid water the size of six feet, which was known as the so-called Divine Sense.

    Qin Nan pondered for a moment before he mumbled to himself, "I am fortunate enough to awaken Divine Sense when I've only reached the half-Martial Emperor Realm. If I were to cultivate my Divine Sense, it would surely grow stronger, and will serve as a great help when I'm trying to learn some Divine Sense Techniques!"

    After one became a Martial Emperor and awakened Divine Sense, he would then be able to learn different kinds of techniques which utilized Divine Sense while battling against enemies.

    At that instant, Qin Nan finally organized his thoughts regarding the next step of his cultivation.

    "Besides, I'm now a rich guy too!"

    Qin Nan's eyes were filled with excitement. The fortune he had obtained on his trip to the Longhu Mountain Range was incredibly huge.

    He had ransacked the Four Great Clans for a total of three hundred and sixty thousand Martial Emperor Pills, as well as their Mystical Weapons, Medicine Pills, heirloom Martial Skills, etc., which were estimated to be worth five hundred and seventy thousand Martial Emperor Pills in total.

    After obtaining five Xiantian Weapons, he had also looted three hundred and sixty Emperor Beast Cores, five hundred and forty Arcane Realm Stones, which would serve as a huge amount of Martial Emperor Pills when exchanged.

    "Merging with the left eye of the Divine God of Battle upgraded my Martial Spirit by six grades. If I were to exchange all these items with pills, it's possible for my Martial Spirit to reach the ninth-grade Xuan rank!" Qin Nan's eyes flickered with excitement, "The first thing I should do after returning to the Mystic Spirit Sect, is to exchange them for Martial Emperor Pills!"

    Regarding Qin Nan's plan for cultivation, his main focus was still to level up his Divine Battle Spirit.

    The Divine Battle Spirit was incredibly powerful, and as it leveled up, more abilities would be awakened. In the meantime, as the grade of his Divine Battle Spirit increased, Qin Nan's future potential would be greater too.

    "Princess Miao Miao is still recovering..."

    Qin Nan glanced into the distance.

    He could sense a forceful aura from afar which periodically rose and fell as the recovery took place.

    "I shall cultivate for now."

    Qin Nan calmed his thoughts, and began to cultivate.

    Within this period, an interesting thing happened. The Longhu Ancestor Beast who would be leaving the Longhu Mountain Range soon had an enjoyable time running lawlessly around the mountain range emitting cries of dragons and tigers with a group of Emperor Beasts, which left the Martial Clans in the cities nearby in utter terror.

    Eight days after, Princess Miao Miao came out of seclusion, and her cultivation had recovered and her primary force had been healed by a great margin.

    Qin Nan instantly took off with Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast, making their way back to the Mystic Spirit Sect.

    When they arrived at Linshui City, Qin Nan heard about the news of the Qin Clan being attacked by Bei Liexue, and his only reaction was a hollow laugh.

    He did not spend his time cultivating in the city, but rather chatted with his father and Uncle San while giving useful advice to the disciples, causing the people of the Qin Clan to be extremely excited, especially the disciples.

    Five days later, Qin Nan and his crew bid farewell to Qin Tian and embarked on their journey to the Mystic Spirit Sect.



    ...Tianfeng Mountain, in the Mystic Spirit Sect...

    Both the outer disciples and the elders could sense a weird atmosphere in the sect lately.

    First of all, the Jun Alliance began to expand in a rapid manner, recruiting thirty nine genius disciples, many among who were inner disciples. Eight of the members of the Jun Alliance even killed someone in the sect, but were not punished for their acts.

    Following this, Ouyang Jun succeeded in surviving the Martial Emperor Tribulation and became a Martial Emperor expert. Four of the Hall Leaders even paid him a visit to congratulate him.

    Furthermore, a conflict between the Leader of the Hall of Fame and the Skill Library Leader suddenly took place, resulting in an epic battle, which was only resolved after the Great Elder personally interfered.

    This series of events served as an indication for everyone that something huge was going to happen in the Mystic Spirit Sect.

    ...Meanwhile, three figures appeared at the bottom of Tianfeng Mountain...

    "So this is your sect? So weak, only a Martial Ancestor Realm expert? If you are going to stay at this place, I will not keep you company." The Longhu Ancestor Beast let out a disdainful laugh, and with a shudder, his appearance transformed into a handsome young man, with two lumps on his forehead, as if they were swollen after he had been beaten up.

    "Qin Nan, this Mystic Spirit Sect is no longer interesting." Princess Miao Miao raised her head and displayed her noble aura, "Now you have reached the half-Martial Emperor Realm, and you have become a seventh-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit genius, you could easily head to the two Sacred Areas of the lower district and become a disciple there. Tsk, tsk, the two Sacred Areas are definitely richer."

    Princess Miao Miao squinted her eyes as an evil grin appeared on her face, as if she was having some sort of evil thought.

    "The two Sacred Areas, huh..."

    Qin Nan's eyes glistened.

    The Canglan Continent was split into the upper district and the lower district. In the lower district, the two Sacred Areas were considered at the top of the hierarchy, where most of the geniuses of the lower district gathered.

    "Wait until I have sorted out my possessions, upgraded my Martial Spirit, sort out all the necessary stuff, and then I shall visit Old Shan to have a talk with him regarding this."

    Qin Nan made his decision. With his current cultivation, it was not useful anymore to stay at the Mystic Spirit Sect.

    Only by heading to the two Sacred Areas would he be able to battle against more experts and geniuses!

    Following this, Qin Nan, Princess Miao Miao, and the Longhu Ancestor Beast arrived at the sect.

    ...Meanwhile, in the Inner Domain Peak, in the first residence...

    Ouyang Jun wore a satisfied look. As of late, it seemed his father's grand plan was going to succeed soon, plus he had succeeded in becoming a Martial Emperor Realm expert. This continuation of great news caused him to feel incredibly pleasant.

    "Qingxue, now that I've become a Martial Emperor, according to the promise, you should be marrying me." Ouyang Jun glanced at the lady not far away, as his eyes were ignited with a lustful flame.

    Xiao Qingxue shuddered violently and bit her lips, without saying anything.

    "What?" Ouyang Jun's expression instantly turned cold, "Are you still thinking about Qin Nan? Let me tell you, if you didn't beg me previously, I would've killed him straight away even if he had surrendered!"

    "......" Xiao Qingxue held her breath and spoke in a low tone, "I know, I will marry you, don't worry."

    "That will be best."

    Ouyang Jun let out a hollow laugh, "You better be honest. You know that it is no longer the same now. After a few days, the Mystic Spirit Sect will be in the possession of the Ouyang family!"

    After saying this, Ouyang Jun stared at Xiao Qingxue. He loved to see the despair on her face.

    However, at that instant, a figure swiftly arrived, which turned out to be Li Hong.

    After Li Hong arrived, she glimpsed at Xiao Qingxue before saying, "Qin Nan is back!"


    The flicker in Ouyang Jun's eyes immediately grew stronger.

    Xiao Qingxue's pair of lifeless eyes glistened, before turning dull immediately after.

    Meanwhile, the news regarding Qin Nan's return was made known to everyone as if it had grown wings and flown in all directions.

    Within the weird-atmosphered Mystic Spirit Sect, an undercurrent began to rise.
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