Chapter 224 - Wealthiness

    "Vice-Leader Zhang, he is Vice-Leader Zhang!"

    "Hiss, he is the leader among the nine vice-leaders, the future Treasure Vault Leader!"

    "Why is he here? Is he here to deal with Qin Nan?"


    A huge chatter broke out among the disciples after their initial astonishment.

    Qin Nan glanced toward him.

    This Vice-Leader Zhang was a middle-aged man, with a square face. His cultivation had reached the seventh-layer Martial Emperor Realm, allowing him to emit an invisible bursting force with each step, causing those around him to feel intimidated.

    Vice-Leader Zhang currently wore an unpleasant face.

    After receiving the order from Ouyang Jun, he hesitated to show himself due to his current status, hence he told his subordinate deacons to handle Qin Nan.

    However, he had not expected this Qin Nan to be so lawless, causing the entire Treasure Vault to lose its reputation with an unknown ability.

    Vice-Leader Zhang halted in his tracks and glanced at the currently kneeling Zhou Yang and the rest, and instantly saw-through the situation and yelled, "Not planning to rise yet?"

    His yell was accompanied by an ancient hidden technique, known as the 'Purifying Sound Technique'. With this, each of his words was capable of awakening one's soul, cleansing it from any other debuff.

    In Vice-Leader Zhang's opinion, Zhou Yang and the rest had dropped to their knees after Qin Nan had executed some sort of technique to control their minds.

    However, Zhou Yang and the other nine disciples remained on their knees, their bodies trembling and their faces filled with fear, with no sign of recovering from the yell.

    Qin Nan let out a calm smile, "Vice-Leader Zhang, right? It seems like you have no idea that they are kneeling down due to their own will. They would not be willing to rise no matter how you yell at them."

    Vice-Leader Zhang's expression instantly turned incredibly unpleasant.

    The surrounding disciples could feel their lips twitching.

    Kneeling down due to their own will? Not willing to rise?

    Only ghosts would believe your words!

    "This Qin Nan, despite his smug attitude, is somehow extraordinary. He was only a second-layer Xiantian Realm cultivator not long ago, but his cultivation has improved vastly since then." Although Vice-Leader Zhang's expression remained dull, his mind began to analyze the situation, as he mumbled to himself, "Such a pity, even though you are a super genius with a limitless potential, you are still doomed for offending Ouyang Jun, despite receiving the protection of the Great Elder!"

    After exclaiming in his mind, Vice-Leader Zhang spoke in a cold tone, "Qin Nan, as a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect, don't you know that you have broken the rules by forcing the Treasure Vault to buy your stuff?"


    Qin Nan's face instantly turned cold, "Vice-Leader Zhang, I'm afraid you are under Ouyang Jun's order right? If you want to trouble me, bring it on. Stop talking bull** and trying to trick me with your words!"

    The crowd of disciples felt their faces stiffen. They had not expected this Qin Nan to be so scornful, daring to scold Vice-Leader Zhang straight to his face!

    Vice-Leader Zhang's face became incredibly twisted, and he could not wait to lash out with his attack and slap Qin Nan to death. Fortunately, he was quite the patient type, forcing himself to withhold his anger.

    Although the tide had changed, he could not deny that he himself was not significant enough to offend the Great Elder, hence he was still hesitant about harming Qin Nan.

    "What order? I have no idea what you are talking about!" Vice-Leader Zhang spoke in a stiffened tone.

    "Is that so?" Qin Nan showed no mercy, "If you are not blind, you can easily tell that this stuff here has a value of at least eighty thousand Martial Emperor Pills. Why is your Treasure Vault only offering me a thousand Martial Emperor Pills? Do you guys think I am one to be bullied so easily?"

    Qin Nan raised his tone while speaking the final few words, and slowly took out a badge from his storage bag.

    After seeing the badge, Vice-Leader Zhang's heart shuddered violently. Unlike the previous idiotic First Elder of the Outer Disciples and Vice-Leader Zhao, he clearly knew the significance of this Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge.

    "Oh? Is it true that something like this happened? Don't worry, I'll personally handle this issue."

    Vice-Leader Zhang's face was filled with a hint of anger.

    The surrounding disciples were stunned. What is wrong with this Vice-Leader Zhang, to admit his defeat so easily?

    At that instant, Vice-Leader Zhang's tone rapidly changed, as he calmly said, "I apologize for what happened just then. However, Qin Nan, I have to tell you that the Treasure Vault will not buy your stuff which is only worth a value of eighty thousand Martial Emperor Pills, as the value is too low. If you want to exchange your items with pills, the value must be at least that of three million Martial Emperor Pills!"

    The crowd came to a realization after hearing this.

    This Vice-Leader Zhang was indeed the leader among the vice-leaders, and was extremely cunning. His previous sentence of declaring the deacon guilty served as a reasoning to Qin Nan, and his next sentence was him rejecting Qin Nan.

    Not wanting a pile of treasures worth eighty thousand Martial Emperor Pills?

    If this were to happen at any stage, the Treasure Trading Department would surely buy them from the seller immediately, to avoid the seller having second thoughts.

    As for treasures worth a total of three million Martial Emperor Pills, even some of the ordinary inner disciples would not possess such a fortune, not to mention Qin Nan who had just borrowed pills from everyone a while ago, and left the sect to do some quests.

    In other words, it was saying: The Treasure Trading Department does not welcome you, feel free to leave.

    "Oh?" Qin Nan raised his eyebrows and said, "Interesting, very interesting, so a minimum of three million Martial Emperor Pills worth of goods are needed to be able to exchange them for pills. If that's the rule, let's do it the correct way."

    Everyone, including Vice-Leader Zhang, was startled.

    What did he mean by that? Was Qin Nan really going to take out a pile of stuff with the value of three million Martial Emperor Pills, was this a joke?

    "Hehe, feel free to." Vice-Leader Zhang let out a hysterical laugh. Since this Qin Nan doesn't want to back off, he can only blame himself when the time comes!

    "Sure." Qin Nan slowly took out a copper sword from this bag and said, "I'm not sure, how many pills is this worth?"

    "A Xiantian Weapon!"

    Vice-Leader Zhang's expression slightly changed.

    The surrounding disciples held their breaths while their eyes stared at the copper sword in Qin Nan's hand with lustful flames.

    A Xiantian Weapon!

    This is a Xiantian Weapon!

    Even the super geniuses among the inner disciples don't have a Xiantian Weapon!

    "This Xiantian Weapon only has a value of seven hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills..." Vice-Leader Zhang soon calmed his thoughts, as he wore a mocking smile on his face.

    Although he was quite shocked after seeing Qin Nan take out a Xiantian Weapon, the total value of the treasures was still not enough.

    He could not believe that this Qin Nan would be able to take out more Xiantian Weapons.

    "Oh? So it's worth seven hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills, not bad." Qin Nan slightly raised his head, and then took out an Arcane Realm Stone and asked, "I'm ot sure how many pills iss this thing worth?"

    "An Arcane Realm Stone!"

    Vice-Leader Zhang's face was filled with a hint of surprise.

    Those who knew what it was among the disciples could not help but inhale sharply.

    An Arcane Realm Stone contained a rich Arcane Realm Intent within the stone. Each of them was worth a ton due to its rarity.

    "The price for an Arcane Realm Stone is determined based on the circumstances. It could be five hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills each, or just three hundred thousand each. The Treasure Trading Department will only offer a price of two hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills each." Vice-Leader Zhang rapidly collected his thoughts and said in an indifferent tone, "However, it seems like a mere Arcane Realm Stone and a Xiantian Weapon could not even meet half of the required minimum value!"

    "You sure?"

    Qin Nan replied with a smile, whose hand took out another four Xiantian Weapons which emitted intense glows.

    The crowd felt their brains began to buzz after seeing the glow, and even Vice-Leader Zhang's expression utterly changed.

    Five Xiantian Weapons?

    Qin Nan has five Xiantian Weapons on him?

    "By the way, I have more of these stones too!"

    Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh, as his hand took out one hundred Arcane Realm Stones and presented them to the crowd. A powerful Arcane Realm Intent was fired toward the surroundings.

    If the five Xiantian Weapons could only give them a shock, the appearance of one hundred Arcane Realm Stones thoroughly astonished them!

    One hundred Arcane Realm Stones!

    Qin Nan has one hundred Arcane Realm Stones!

    Even the storage of the Mystic Spirit Sect does not have this many Arcane Realm Stones.

    If these Arcane Realm Stones were to be exchanged into Martial Emperor Pills, that's a total of twenty million Martial Emperor Pills!

    How much is twenty million Martial Emperor Pills?

    In terms of Martial Ancestor Pills, that's a total of two hundred thousand of them-a terrifying fortune!

    However, their astonishment did not come to an end, as Qin Nan-with a wave of his hand-presented the remaining four hundred and forty Arcane Realm Stones to the crowd, forming a pile of Arcane Realm Stones before him, emitting a fascinating glow which blinded the crowd's eyes.

    Before the crowd could react, Qin Nan's cold voice could be heard, "I'm sorry, my hands are too small, so I can only take everything out separately. Vice-Leader Zhang, may I ask if I have the right to exchange my loot with pills here at your Treasure Trading Department?"

    The entire first-floor of the Treasure Vault was filled with his rumbling thunderous voice!
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