Chapter 260 - Crushing a Martial Emperor with a Single Blow

    It appeared that before the duel began, even though Qin Nan could only exhort three tenths of his full strength, Ouyang Jun was aware that he was mismatched against his strength. Therefore, when he challenged Qin Nan to a duel, he had already planned to surprise his opponent with his Serpent's Eyes Martial Spirit and eliminate him using his full strength of the first-layer Martial Emperor Realm.

    It all happened too fast, such that even Princess Miao Miao and the others could not interrupt in time.

    Currently, Qin Nan's Divine Sense was surrounded by over a thousand pitch-black poisonous snakes, which continued to attack his Divine Sense. On the other hand, the phantoms of the beasts around his Divine Sense uttered cries while executing their attacks, continuously slaying the poisonous snakes.

    Once one had mastered the foundation stage of the Art of Heart-Calming and Demon-Expelling, it could stabilize their Divine Sense, to prevent their mind from being disturbed by demonic presences.

    However, this Serpent's Eyes Martial Spirit was nothing ordinary, as the Demonic Poisonous Serpents were extremely hard to kill, not to mention their vast amount.


    Qin Nan instantly unleashed the Divine Battle Spirit which uttered a cry. Following this, the Demonic Poisonous Serpents were totally eliminated by an absolutely destructive force, allowing him to regain his consciousness to see Ouyang Jun dashing toward him while emitting a first-layer Martial Emperor Realm aura.


    Ouyang Jun was surprised. He did not expect Qin Nan to recover in just less than three breaths' time.

    "Ouyang Jun, I knew you would be this shameless!'

    Qin Nan let out a cry as the left eye of the Divine God of Battle emitted a golden glow with an imperious aura, hindering Ouyang Jun's movement, causing him to halt in his tracks. Following this, with the observation through his eyes, he was able to discover the weak point of this killing blow, and with a flick, he managed to dodge the attack, creating a distance of more than twenty feet from his foe.

    "Qin Nan!"

    Ouyang Jun leapt into the air wearing a furious expression. He did not expect his precise calculation to be in vain, as the Martial Emperor Core within him began to spin as he accumulated his greatest strike.

    At that instant, the sky above the White Jade Dojo darkened.

    "Son of a bitch, did you forget our presence?"

    Following a shocking roar, the Longhu Ancestor Beast's figure appeared above Ouyang Jun's head with a shoosh, resulting in a large area of shadow.

    With another two swooshes, Princess Miao Miao and Old Shan appeared on each side, close to Ouyang Jun, with expressionless faces.

    At that instant, the crowd of disciples collected their thoughts, who then wore extremely furious expressions on their faces.


    "Ouyang Jun, a moron like you should go to hell!"

    "How could you do such a thing, despite your identity as the son of the Sect Leader, f**king disgusting!"


    Not only the disciples, even Zhao Fang, Wei Tong, Lin Xuan, the Hall Leaders, and the authorities inside the Sect Leader's Hall had their faces twisted. They chose to support Ouyang Jun due to the threat of the Martial Dominator Realm cultivation of the envoy. However, they did not expect Ouyang Jun to be so vicious, daring to ambush Qin Nan after the initial ambush!

    Even if you are shameless, there should be a limit to it. If what happened today were to be made known to the public, how great a joke would it be?

    Even the faces of the Qinglong Sacred Area envoy and Ouyang Ba turned incredibly dull. They would not have any opinion if the ambush had been successful, but he had still tried to execute another sneak attack after failing with the first one, causing the spectating crowd to be incensed.


    With Ouyang Jun in the center, the entire area five miles within him began to tremble vigorously due to the presence of a terrifying force.

    Ouyang Jun's face turned exceedingly pale. After he failed his ambush, his only thought was to attack Qin Nan, but he had forgotten about the presence of Princess Miao Miao and her companions.

    At that instant, utter terror rose from his soul, as he immediately screamed without hesitation, "Respected envoy, father, save me!"

    The envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area wore a blank expression. Ouyang Ba's face remained expressionless, as if he were not aware of Ouyang Jun's scream.


    Princess Miao Miao showed no mercy as she immediately flung her tiny hand, causing the Heavens and Earth to tremble.

    "Stop it!"

    At that instant, a sudden shout was heard.

    Princess Miao Miao was startled. Not only her, everyone at the scene was stunned, as the one shouting turned out to be Qin Nan.

    "You guys should leave. This is a duel between Ouyang Jun and myself. Even if he uses his cultivation of the Martial Emperor Realm, there is no need for you all to interfere!" Qin Nan said with a calm expression.

    Princess Miao Miao and the rest were stunned.

    The crowd was stunned.

    What did Qin Nan mean?

    Could it be that... he is trying to resist Ouyang Jun's full strength with his current strength?

    He might still stand a chance if he was in his finest form. However, due to the severe injury, he could not even exhort three tenths of his full strength, and he still dared to challenge a first-layer Martial Emperor Realm opponent?

    Was Qin Nan out of his mind?

    "Qin Nan, you said it yourself!"

    The fear in Ouyang Jun's eyes was replaced with a brilliant glow as he burst out laughing, "You are indeed a smug one, trying to challenge a higher cultivation opponent despite your injury! If that's the case, I shall satisfy your request!"

    Following this, Ouyang Jun spat out a pitch-black Martial Emperor Core from his mouth, which rose upward in the air, causing the surrounding Qi to be absorbed toward it, resulting in a large swirl.

    An evil aura was emitted from the Martial Emperor Core, which combined with the swirl of Qi, forming the blurry figures of giant serpents. In just a blink of an eye, the entire sky was filled with countless of serpents, causing one's scalp to turn numb.

    Princess Miao Miao and the others were about to interfere after seeing this.

    How could Qin Nan survive such a tremendous attack from Ouyang Jun?

    "Stay away!"

    A raging cry was heard all of a sudden.

    Qin Nan's hair danced wildly as his left eye emitted a dazzling glow. His body was thoroughly engulfed in a terrifying raging flames.


    Princess Miao Miao and her crew shuddered violently upon seeing his appearance, and were soon aware of Qin Nan's will. They silently withdrew from the scene and stepped aside.

    They could sense the aggrievance and the rage from him, and he desperately needed some way to release it!

    "Heavenly Accumulating Strike!"

    Qin Nan uttered a blasting roar, as he executed a tremendous attack which he had not used in a very long time.


    The Qi in the surroundings began to rush toward him.

    Qin Nan thoroughly exhorted the remaining force in his body.

    Together with Qin Nan's will, the will of the left eye of the Divine God of Battle, which merged into one.

    At that instant, the Heavens and Earth began to tremble, as the extraordinary yet terrifying Heavenly Accumulating Strike once again appeared before the crowd!
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