Chapter 275 - Tenth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spiri


    "Ouyang Ba, you will face the penalty of death due to your unforgivable sins!"

    The eyes of Peak Leader Duanmu turned cold as he flicked his finger with no mercy, causing a stream of terrifying force to be fired directly into Ouyang Ba's forehead.


    Before Ouyang Ba could let out a cry of agony, an invisible flame was ignited deep within his body that burnt him into ashes in a split second.

    Before the Peak Leader, a presence like Ouyang Ba-who had just reached the Martial Dominator Realm-stood no chance at all.

    "As for you, you will be following my orders from now onward."

    Peak Leader Duanmu glanced at the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area and said in a calm tone.

    "Thank you, Peak Leader!"

    A hint of excitement could be seen on the previously utterly pale face of the envoy. Although he clearly knew that Peak Leader Duanmu was trying to keep him under his surveillance, or maybe even for other uses, it might also serve as an opportunity for him too.

    "Qin Nan, this is a map of the lower district. It will come in handy. We will be leaving soon."

    Peak Leader Duanmu handed Qin Nan a scroll. Following this, he and the other two Peak Leaders gave Qin Nan a deep look, before they tore the space apart and left the scene.

    The entire Mystic Spirit Sect was back to normal once again, as the disciples finally summoned their souls back and regained their consciousness'. However, the messy sight of the White Jade Dojo caused their hearts to be filled with various indescribable expressions.

    The Sect Leaders, Hall Leaders, elders, etc. of the top four sects were all single-handedly slain by the Imperial Exterminator during the process.

    In other words, the existence of their sects was almost wiped out.

    "All disciples, listen!"  At that instant, Old Shan stepped forward and uttered in a blasting tone, "Return to your sects at once and notify the remaining elders of your sect to be prepared to merge with the Mystic Spirit Sect. From today onward, the top four sects no longer exist in the Luohe Kingdom. The Mystic Spirit Sect is the one and only faction!'

    After hearing the words, every disciple could feel their hearts skipping a beat as their faces were filled with complicated looks. That being said, they clearly knew that they would have a better future after merging into the Mystic Spirit Sect.

    The reason being that the Imperial Exterminator was Old Shan's Senior Brother!

    "Longhu, let's go!"

    Princess Miao Miao excitedly uttered a yell, causing the Longhu Ancestor Beast to let out a roar and escort her away from the scene.

    Old Shan wore a blank expression as he said, "Qin Nan, what are they planning to do..."

    Qin Nan let out a cough and said, "If I guess right, it seems like they are preparing to rob the other three sects..."

    Old Shan's face instantly twisted, which took a long while to return to normal. He then gave Qin Nan a serious glance and said in a stern tone, "You were being rash in making that promise. Aren't you afraid of dying in the Ocean of Death? Besides, my Senior Brother asked you to save someone, but you didn't even ask him who the person was?"

    "The Imperial Exterminator is my senior, and he is also your Senior Brother. Both you and the Imperial Exterminator have been doing me favors weighty as a mountain, hence I would surely lend a hand. As for the identity of the person, does that matter?"

    Qin Nan let out a smile. At that instant, he could feel his body turning weak.

    Even though Peak Leader Zhang had given him a Fruit of Good Fortune, he did not have the time to refine it just then. Hence, his priority now was to fully absorb the Fruit of Good Fortune to heal his injury.

    Qin Nan told Old Shan his plan, and transmitted a message to Xiao Leng and the others, before his figure headed straight to the peak of Tianfeng Mountain with a flicker.

    The crowd of disciples stared at his departing figure. The initial helplessness and complicated looks in their eyes gradually disappeared, as they were replaced by looks of determination.

    Following this, Old Shan managed to settle the incident and took over the position of the Sect Leader.

    What was worth mentioning was that, at the other three sects, the remaining elders and the Great Elders did not believe the message from the Mystic Spirit Sect, and had no intention of submitting themselves to the Mystic Spirit Sect. However, they were thoroughly robbed by a little girl and an enormous Longhu Ancestor Beast all of a sudden, which caused the Great Elders to be severely injured, hence they had no choice but to accept their fates of merging with the Mystic Spirit Sect.

    With the top four sects merging into one, the disciples and all the geniuses were able to gather together, resulting in the greatest place of cultivation in the Luohe Kingdom!

    At the same time, Old Shan declared Qin Nan to be the Young Master of the sect, to which no one objected.

    The news regarding Qin Nan was spread to the entire Luohe Kingdom on this particular day, which caused the Luohe Kingdom to instantly turn lively!

    This was because over the past hundred years, Qin Nan was the strongest genius within the Luohe Kingdom, whose eighth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit completely outmatched the others!

    The royalty of the Luohe Kingdom and the other cities swiftly gave out orders to construct statues of Qin Nan for the people to worship!

    At the same time, when the news regarding Qin Nan was spread to Linshui City, the entire Qin Clan was filled with a great laughter which continued for the period it took for an incense to burn, and the one laughing turned out to be Qin Tian.

    Old Shan also sent out disciples from the Mystic Spirit Sect to head straight to Linshui City, to move the entire Qin Clan into the Mystic Spirit Sect, causing countless disciples of the Qin Clan to feel their blood boil!

    ...Meanwhile, deep within the Longhu Mountain Range...

    On the top floor of the Nine-floored Underworld Pagoda, a young man sat with his legs crossed, as rumbling Qi was being absorbed toward him along with his breathing at a steady rate.

    "Gong Yang!"

    At that instant, a human figure landed from above, who turned out to be the Weapon Spirit of the word 'Lin'.

    Gong Yang slowly opened his eyes and exhaled deeply, before he said with a smile, "Senior, what is it?"

    "There is news regarding Qin Nan." The Weapon Spirit of the word 'Lin' smilingly said, "The news is quite shocking this time. The Sect Leader of the Mystic Spirit Sect, Ouyang Ba, held a birthday feast. During the feast..."

    The Weapon Spirit of the word 'Lin' thoroughly described the series of events that took place at the Mystic Spirit Sect, including the three Peak Leaders and the Imperial Exterminator. After he finished telling the story, Gong Yang wore an utterly astonished expression, and he failed to calm his emotions in a short period of time.

    "Goddamned Ouyang Ba..."

    Gong Yang tightly clenched his fists as his eyes emitted a terrifying murderous intent. He could feel a tremendous anger while he listened to the story being told by the Weapon Spirit of the word 'Lin'.

    The Weapon Spirit calmly said, "Now that Ouyang Ba is dead, there is no need for you to be furious. Furthermore, Qin Nan was the one benefiting the most from this incident."

    "Hmm, you're right."

    Gong Yang gradually withdrew his emotions and let out a deep breath, before he said with a smile, "What a surprise, this Qin Nan will soon stir a great storm within the lower district. I wonder what kind of crazy incident he will be involved in. I hope I can meet him at the Ocean of Death in three years' time..."

    After saying this, he rose from the ground as rays of green light were emitted from his back, together with nine floating figures.

    The rank of his Martial Spirit was no longer tenth-grade Huang ranked, but rather... tenth-grade Xuan ranked!
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