Chapter 287 - Challenging a Martial Highness

    When he had first arrived, with the help of the left eye of the Divine God of Battle, his attention was attracted by these three fragments. These fragments contained an extraordinary yet ancient force, which appeared to be hibernating. Even he could only faintly sense the force.

    Hence, despite knowing that the Maple Prince, Peng Yu, and Master Mu had a plan to deal with him, he was not intimidated.

    At that instant, a terrifying beam of light was fired from the iron box. The light was mystical and pure, without any trace of impurity. When being shone on by the light, one would feel incredibly soothed.

    The Maple Prince, Peng Yu, and Master Mu were lost for words.

    What just happened?

    Wasn't that a mere piece of junk?

    Why is it emitting such a blinding beam of light?

    In the midst of the astonishment, a sudden thought came up to Master Mu's mind as he blurted out, "Impossible! Impossible! This is a fragment of a Sacred Weapon! Why is there fragments of Sacred Weapons here..."

    After hearing the words, the faces of the Maple Prince and Peng Yu were filled with utter shock.

    Sacred Weapons?

    This fragment is a fragment of a Sacred Weapon?

    Within the lower district, fragments of Dominator Weapons were already rare enough, not to mention a fragment of a Sacred Weapon.

    Even in Jianghuang City, the last time a fragment of a Sacred Weapon appeared was two years ago!

    Sima Kong's tiny eyes instantly glistened, as he turned incredibly excited. As expected of Qin Nan, to be able to discover a fragment of a Sacred Weapon that even the Trading Alliance failed to discover. We're going to be rich!

    In contrast, Qin Nan's eyes were calm as he spoke, "Only half of the formation is left inside this Sacred Weapon fragment, causing it to fall into a state of hibernation. I awakened it when I inserted my Qi into it!"

    The faces of Master Mu, the Maple Prince, and Peng Yu shuddered violently after hearing the words.

    He was able to see the formation inside the Sacred Weapon fragment!

    He was able to precisely insert his Qi into the fragment to activate the formation!

    What kind of eye technique did he have to be able to discover all this?

    Master Mu and Peng Yu knew that only a few appraisers at the headquarters of the Trading Alliance could do what Qin Nan just did!

    "By the way, how much would this Sacred Weapon fragment cost?" Qin Nan's tone changed slightly.


    Peng Yu, the Maple Prince, and Master Mu were startled, as their faces turned slightly pale.

    A fragment of a Highness Weapon would cost around eight thousand Arcane Realm Stones, thus the price of this fragment of a Sacred Weapon would be ten times more costly. Besides, the fragments of Sacred Weapons were incredibly rare, so even a price ten times the cost of a fragment of a Highness Weapon would not be enough!

    In other words, this Sacred Weapon fragment was already more valuable than the total value of the Maple Prince's three fragments of Dominator Weapons!

    Regarding the bet, the Maple Prince was utterly defeated!

    Peng Yu's expression turned pale as he clenched his teeth and said, "Qin Nan, since only half of the formation remains in this Sacred Weapon fragment, its value is tremendously decreased. The Trading Alliance would at most pay a price of ten thousand Arcane Realm Stones! Therefore, you have still lost the bet!"

    Ten thousand Arcane Realm Stones?

    The expression of the excited Sima Kong instantly turned icy.

    A Sacred Weapon fragment, despite only half of its formation remaining, would easily be sold at a price of forty thousand Arcane Realm Stones. However, Peng Yu had lowered it by four times in order for them to win the bet!

    Son of a bitch; does this bunch of assholes think they can bully us however they want?

    The pale face of the Maple Prince was restored after hearing the words.

    So what if you are outstanding?

    We'll still abuse our powers; in the end, you will still lose!

    "Defeated? I was just getting started!"

    Outside of everyone's expectations, Qin Nan suddenly spoke as he picked up the second fragment.

    The fragment turned out to be the fragmented hide of a beast, with blurry fonts written on it. It seemed to be nothing extraordinary.

    Despite that, including Sima Kong, everyone's heart violently shuddered.

    What did Qin Nan mean by saying that he was just getting started?

    Don't tell me that this insignificant fragmented beast hide is also a Sacred Weapon fragment?

    Qin Nan ignored their astonishment and with a thought, his body swiftly executed the Blazing Sun Golden Armor Body Technique, causing his palm to be engulfed in flames, which were spread to the fragmented hide.

    Through the observation of the left eye of the Divine God of Battle, Qin Nan had realized that only by setting the hide on fire, would its true appearance be revealed!


    Following a series of vibrations, the fragmented hide suddenly emitted a blinding glow, as a stream of terrifying Sword Intent was fired into the air!


    The stream of Sword Intent shattered the roof of the second-floor of the Ancient Gambling Store into pieces, whilst the terrifying aura from the Sword Intent encapsulated the entire Jianghuang City!

    At that instant, countless experts in Jianghuang City were startled, and their faces turned pale. Who the f**k was so ballsy as to unleash their aura in Jianghuang City!

    However, when they inspected the aura, they were utterly astonished and lost for words!

    "Who could that be?"

    At that instant, a deep voice could be heard, as a figure sprang into the air from the City Lord's Mansion in Jianghuang City.

    The City Lord of Jianghuang City, Jianghuang, was startled by the Sword Intent too!

    "Hmm? It's coming from the direction of our Ancient Gambling Store?"

    At the same time, a terrifying aura was awakened in the center of Jianghuang City. An old man with six strange-looking ears rose into the sky and exchanged glances with Jianghuang.

    Shoosh! Shoosh!

    Following two gusts of wind, the figures of Jianghuang and the old man arrived at the Ancient Gambling Store, and immediately observed the scene there. After their minds were filled with countless possibilities, their eyes locked onto the fragmented hide in Qin Nan's hand!

    It appears that the shocking Sword Intent burst out from this particular fragmented hide!

    "This is..."

    When the two experts glanced at the fragmented hide, their expressions utterly changed. The old man exclaimed, "Who would have thought that the Record of the Divine Swordmaster's Sword Technique really exists. Even though it's only a fragment, the power it possesses is truly intimidating."

    The Divine Swordmaster!

    Within the lower district, he too was considered a terrifying presence, one with a ferocious reputation!

    According to the rumors, before the Divine Swordmaster headed to the upper district, he left the record of his sword technique behind, which included the Sword Arthe had practiced his entire life. Whoever was fortunate enough to discover the record would have the chance of comprehending the Sword Art through the Divine Swordmaster's experiences!

    Many people from the lower district thought it was only a legend, but the truth had been unveiled as a fragment of the record had been located!

    As for the Maple Prince, Peng Yu, and Master Mu, when they had witnessed the terrifying Sword Intent, the pressure from it thoroughly suppressed their souls, leaving them in bewilderment, which they had yet to recover from it.

    "I see, but Six-Eared Divine Being, what's happening here?" Jianghuang glanced below him.

    "Wake up!" The Six-Eared Divine Being frowned slightly before uttering a roar.

    The roar was nothing ordinary; it contained a mystical effect, which felt like a hundred drums being beaten at the same time, instantly awakening Peng Yu and his crew.

    As soon as Peng Yu and Master Mu recovered, they instinctively glanced at the sky, and their expressions utterly changed.

    "Six-Eared Divine Being!"

    "City Lord Jianghuang!"

    The Maple Prince could feel his brain rolling with thunder when he heard the names.

    The Six-Eared Divine Being was the expert that the Trading Alliance had assigned here to ensure the execution of the Ancient Dragon Auction.

    As for Jianghuang, he was none other than the City Lord of Jianghuang City. It was said that his cultivation had reached the half-Martial Highness Realm-only a step away from becoming a Martial Highness!

    However, a mere bet had now attracted the attention of them two!

    "What's going on here?" The Six-Eared Divine Being calmly asked.

    "Six, Six-Eared Divine Being, this..." Peng Yu and Master Mu were utterly terrified, as they immediately told the Six-Eared Divine Being everything.

    That being said, Peng Yu had no intention of hiding the truth. He even told him about the order to target Qin Nan from their Young Mistress.


    The Six-Eared Divine Being and Jianghuang were startled after hearing the words. They both focused their attention on Qin Nan's figure, while ignoring the presence of the Maple Prince.
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