Chapter 313 - The One-Armed Martial Spiri


    Leng Jianxiong was one of the most anticipated disciples among the participants, who possessed a fourth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit. Before his brother Leng Aotian had shown himself, he was no doubt the first ranked disciple in the Primary Candidates Ranking.

    "How many inches do you guys think Leng Jianxiong can achieve?"

    "I guess it will be more than ten inches!"


    Some geniuses began to chat among themselves with glistening eyes.

    They had no doubt witnessed the difficulty of drawing out the Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge before, and were quite familiar with it.

    "Green Vine Martial Spirit!"

    Leng Jianxiong uttered a yell while unleashing his Martial Spirit, which appeared to be a green vine. Following his thought, the green vine sprang forward like a poisonous snake, and coiled around the hilt of the broadsword. In just less than a breath's time, the vine had completely coiled itself around the broadsword.

    "My green vine, at my will!"

    Leng Jianxiong uttered a roar, as a brilliant green glow suddenly burst out from the green vine. The green vine tightened its grip, before it vigorously pulled the broadsword upward.




    Following a series of clashes, under the crowd's attention, the hefty broadsword was lifted upward from the ground. One inch, two inches, three inches... Its movement came to a stop after being raised a total of fourteen inches from the ground. However, it did not matter how hard the green vine was trying to pull it upward, the broadsword remained motionless.

    "A result of fourteen inches, you've passed the trial!"

    The assessing officer declared.

    The eyes of Jianghuang and the other authorities were filled with surprise, as he had managed to pull the broadsword fourteen inches out from the ground with his Martial Spirit. This result alone was on par with the top geniuses in previous years!

    "My turn!"

    A pleasant voice was heard, as the second-ranked participant of the Primary Candidates Ranking, Hong Fu, sprang forward like a fireball, and landed on top of the broadsword. Following this, without unleashing her Martial Spirit, she executed some sort of powerful secret technique, causing her hands to be engulfed in flames, and pulled the sword upward!

    Clash clash clash clash... A result of thirteen inches!

    The surrounding crowd let out a cheer after seeing this, even Leng Jianxiong himself was quite impressed, as Hong Fu was able to achieve such result without unleashing her Martial Spirit. That being said, some Martial Spirits might not be useful in trials like this. For example, an Armor Plate Martial Spirit or a Brush Martial Spirit would not be able to draw the sword out from the ground; it's possible that Hong Fu's Martial Spirit belonged to this category.

    "Hehe, interesting. I'll show you how to pull it twenty inches out from the ground!"

    "HAHA! I shall make you feel ashamed!"


    Following the entries of the two geniuses, the atmosphere of the entire square-shaped dojo was lightened up. After all, the remaining participants were all super geniuses, who would not easily surrender or admit defeat.

    Upon seeing this, a smile blossomed on Jianghuang's face.

    As expected, as the trial continued, the geniuses no longer wore confident looks on their faces.

    Apart from Leng Jianxiong and Hong Fu, the best result that was acquired was only nine inches!

    This Heavy Sword with a Sharp Edge is indeed as difficult as the rumors described!

    At that instant, the envoy of the Feiyang Sacred Area let out a smirk and said, "It's about time. I should notify Leng Aotian to take part in the trial soon. Envoy Fang Jian, I hope that Qin Nan will not run away from the competition!"

    After saying this, he transmitted a message into Jianghuang City.

    Qin Nan slightly frowned after hearing the words. He had no idea when he had offended this envoy, but was soon relieved after hearing the explanation from Fang Jian. Following this, his eyes were ignited with battle intent.

    Leng Aotian?

    It sounds like he is quite talented?

    The stronger you are the better, it's more interesting that way!

    Qin Nan continued to spectate from the platform, and unknowingly, his back had straightened as he wore an expressionless face. The authorities were amazed by his calmness, which further proved him to be extraordinary. As a matter of fact, the blood within Qin Nan's body was gradually boiling, like flames awaiting the chance to burst out!

    Almost half of the three hundred disciples were now disqualified. Most of them wore depressed expressions while letting out sighs after failing the trial, but a few of them showed no sign of losing their confidence. Instead, a firm determination could be seen in their eyes.

    At that instant, a white beam of light could be seen emerging into the sky, which landed on the square-shaped dojo, as a burst of laughter was heard.

    "HAHAHA, I've finally returned after a year. This time, I shall come first in the trial!"

    The stranger appeared to be a young man wearing a white shirt, with a pair of sharp eyebrows. His face was filled with utter confidence, whose aura had reached the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm.

    "Leng Aotian! It's really him!"

    One of the disciples let out a scream with a surprised look.

    After hearing the words, many of the participants were startled.

    "Leng Aotian, so this guy is Leng Aotian? Such a powerful aura!"

    "Gasp, when I saw him last year, his cultivation was only at the third-layer Martial Emperor Realm, which means that he managed to reach the peak of Martial Emperor Realm in just a year!"

    "Tsk tsk, I'm curious to see how far he can drag the sword out from the ground, and if he's stronger than his brother."


    Leng Aotian ignored the chatter as he glanced toward the assessing officer and yelled, "What's the result of the first rank for now?"

    The officer immediately replied, "Leng Jianxiong, fourteen inches!"

    "Leng Jianxiong, fourteen inches?" Leng Aotian's gaze landed onto Leng Jianxiong's figure in the midst of the crowd as he started laughing, "My brother, it's a surprise to see you here participating in the trial. Didn't I already mention that I would be taking part too? And I will surely acquire the top spot! Why didn't you listen? Or should I say, are you trying to challenge me?"

    "Leng Aotian, stop wasting time; hurry up and draw the sword. I'll be convinced after you beat me in the trial!"

    Leng Jianxiong said with a stiff expression.

    "That's what you said; today, I shall show you the difference our strengths!"

    As soon as Leng Aotian finished his speech, his figure leapt up to the sword, as five green rays were emitted from his body. An ancient-looking arm appeared, with countless atavistic runes glowing on its surface, similar to the glow of a star.

    "I've been communicating with my Martial Spirit for the past year in order to discover its secrets, and my effort was not in vain! Since the Heavens and Earth have no bounds, the Arm shall show itself; the hand has five fingers, and the fingers shall shroud the Heavens!"

    Leng Aotian uttered a roar, as his One-Armed Martial Spirit radiated brilliantly, which began to expand into a giant arm, with five fingers as thick as iron bars grabbing the hilt of the broadsword, before pulling it upward.


    A series of heaven-shaking explosions occurred, causing the square-shaped dojo to vibrate vigorously, as if there was an earthquake taking place.

    At that instant, the crowd was utterly astonished!
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