Chapter 344 - The Mysterious Sacred Leader Qinglong

    Chapter 344 - The Mysterious Sacred Leader Qinglong

    The Martial Serendipity Pavilion was a famous forbidden area in the lower district.

    That being said, no one would expect it to be floating high up in the sky while observing the events taking place at the Qinglong Sacred Area.

    ...Meanwhile, on the fifth-layer of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion...

    On the fifth-layer stood an old man, a middle-aged man, and an old woman.

    If Qin Nan were to be here, he would discover them to be the examiners of the first, second, and third rounds of the trial.

    In front of the three stood a young man with a blurred face, preventing anyone from seeing his face.

    "Hehe, this young lad. Previously, I was aware of his talents with just a glimpse!" The examiner of the first round of the trial said with a spooky smile, "Too bad that he's not a woman..."

    "Huh, didn't he give you a great shock?" The middle-aged man said with a hollow laugh.

    "Are you guys seriously arguing over something like that?" The old woman was left speechless, before she then glanced at the young man and said in a respectful tone, "Master, we've been waiting for a thousand years. Now that the extraordinary presence of the Canglan Continent has finally appeared, what shall we do? Should we help him? After all, the reward we gave him when he completed the trial of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion was not enough at all."

    "Reward?" Although no one could see the young man's face, they could feel him smiling as he said, "Previously, an Arcane Realm Stone was more than enough to fulfill his needs. Gifting someone is a process, in which you must first know what the person needs, then fulfill the requirements, that would be the best case scenario. As for helping him, he won't need our assistance for the time being. We should just observe him secretly and witness how he grows stronger."

    "I am confident that when he gradually grows stronger, he will attract the attention from the other side. Therefore, our task is to conceal his secrets and prevent the people there from discovering his existence for as long as possible, so he can have sufficient time to grow stronger!"


    The three examiners groaned.

    The young man stared into the sky and let out a sigh, "A cultivator can only cultivate by communicating with the Heavens and Earth through a Martial Spirit. Canglan isn't benevolent, the world isn't benevolent..."

    Following the sigh, the silhouette of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion eventually vanished in the sky, without anyone being aware of its appearance.



    Sacred Leader Qinglong had achieved the Martial Sacred Realm; the power he possessed had completely surpassed Qin Nan's understanding.

    Qin Nan could only feel his breathing stopping for a while, and the next thing he knew, he was brought to another place.

    It was a residence with a circumference of over ten zhang that was clean and tidy with a simple appearance. A few strange flowers with brilliant colors could be seen, emitting mysterious auras. What caught his eye the most was a table made of stone in the midst of the flowers; its surface was similar to the surface of a pond of clean water, with light dots forming a chessboard on it.

    "Sacred Leader Qinglong, I'm really curious, what do you know? Who exactly are you?"

    Qin Nan was not at all interested in his surroundings as he immediately asked the questions in his mind.

    His Martial Spirit was extremely important to him; he did not want his secrets to be exposed.

    "I'm afraid I can't tell you yet." Sacred Leader Qinglong spoke in a calm tone, "Your cultivation right now is not strong enough. I can only tell you after you have reached the peak of the Martial Ancestor Realm!"

    Can't tell yet?

    Qin Nan's eyes turned cold.

    Did you think you could trick me just because you are a Martial Sacred Realm expert?

    Sacred Leader Qinglong wore a friendly smile, as if he was not concerned with Qin Nan's anger, "Don't be so hot-tempered, calm yourself. Although I cannot tell you everything, I can still reveal a bit. I have no intention of harming you. In fact, you have to trust me; I'm afraid that I'm the person friendliest to you that you will find among the Heavens and Earth."

    "The friendliest person?"

    Qin Nan could not help but laugh.

    This Sacred Leader Qinglong possessed a secretive background, but he was not willing to tell me everything, despite knowing my secrets.

    And now he was saying that he possessed no intention to harm me and was the friendliest person I would find?

    You gotta be joking, right?

    We only met each other for the first time today!

    "So you don't believe me, huh?"

    Sacred Leader Qinglong let out a calm smile and said, "Anyone would not believe the words of a person he just met. However, you should trust your own Martial Spirit!"

    Qin Nan was stunned after hearing his words.

    Following this, ten green rays were emitted from his back, as the ten-zhang Divine Battle Spirit emerged and stood firmly in mid-air.

    Why was my Divine Battle Spirit suddenly unleashed after hearing his words, without my command?

    Before Qin Nan could ponder further, a strange feeling rose within his heart, which felt like the Divine Battle Spirit was trying to tell him that Sacred Leader Qinglong would never hurt him.


    Qin Nan was stunned.

    Why would the Divine Battle Spirit have such a reaction?

    Who exactly was this Sacred Leader Qinglong?

    Why does my Martial Spirit know Sacred Leader Qinglong?

    At that instant, countless doubts appeared in Qin Nan's mind like an explosion.

    Sacred Leader Qinglong said with a deep look in his eyes, "Qin Nan, don't overthink it for now. I only know of its existence as I coincidentally stumbled into him in the past, and it knows me too. Nevertheless, come find me when you have reached the peak of the Martial Ancestor Realm, and I'll tell you everything!"

    Qin Nan took a deep breath to calm his thoughts.

    I have so many doubts now, but if Sacred Leader Qinglong is not willing to tell me, there's nothing I can do with my current cultivation.

    That being said, Qin Nan's gaze toward Sacred Leader Qinglong was friendlier compared to before.

    Qin Nan had no idea what the relationship between the Sacred Leader Qinglong and the Divine Battle Spirit was, but he could not deny that if the Divine Battle Spirit approved of Sacred Leader Qinglong's intention, he would definitely not cause any harm to him.

    If he did not even trust his own Martial Spirit, there was no way he could be acknowledged by the Divine God of Battle!

    Sacred Leader Qinglong continued, "Qin Nan, I hope that you will work hard during your time here at the Qinglong Sacred Area, and don't let Tang Qingshan down after three years."

    The Imperial Exterminator?

    Qin Nan was startled.

    Sacred Leader Qinglong said in a soft tone, "A long time ago, I used to have four disciples, and a goddaughter. Although Tang Qingshan's Martial Spirit did not have the highest rank, his unique talent would allow him to proceed to the upper district. Unfortunately, Tang Qingshan could not get over the incident that happened. He probably knows that I never blamed him for what happened."

    Qin Nan silently nodded his head.

    The Imperial Exterminator, Tang Qingshan, had done too much for Qin Nan, thus he felt indebted to him.

    However, Qin Nan still felt weird regarding this Sacred Leader Qinglong. He had only met him in a sudden encounter, and the person turned out to be somehow related to his Martial Spirit.

    "Senior, you did mention that you were going to tell me about this ancient sword, and the stuff that the Divine Battle Spirit needs to level up; can you tell me now?"

    Qin Nan pondered for a moment then; Who this Sacred Leader Qinglong is and what the relationship between him and the Divine Battle Spirit is does not matter to me for now. My first priority now is to learn what the Divine Battle Spirit needs in order to level up.

    "The stuff that the Divine Battle Spirit needs, is this."

    Sacred Leader Qinglong rolled his hand, and something appeared in his hand.
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