Chapter 352 - Being Suppressed Once Again

    When everyone's cultivation was being restricted to the peak Xiantian Realm, only a few outstanding geniuses were able to face three opponents at a time. Only those with insane talents were able to face five opponents at a time.

    But the previous situation?

    In a period less than eighty breaths' time, Qin Nan had managed to defeat over fifty peak Xiantian Realm opponents, and each one of them was relatively powerful. In other words, it only took him slightly over a breath's time to defeat each opponent!

    Was this Duan Qing really a peak Xiantian Realm expert?


    "Damn, even a fifth-layer Martial Emperor Realm cultivator could not have done that!"

    "Could it be that this Duan Qing's cultivation was not restricted?"


    The crowd of cultivators swiftly recovered from the shock and glared at Zheng Kuo, their eyes filled with rage.

    Zheng Kuo shuddered violently. It was obvious that Duan Qing's cultivation was not being restricted. Otherwise, there was no way he could achieve his result.

    All of a sudden, Zheng Kuo reminded himself of Duan Qing's indifferent attitude while he was asking the questions before the competition began.

    Now that he had the time to think about it, the reality presented right before him felt like a powerful slap to his face, causing his face to go numb and his ears to buzz.

    Wasn't he trying to be smug?

    Wasn't he underestimating Duan Qing's talent?

    It turned out that he did manage to overcome the restriction of the City of Black Hands!

    "Don't panic yet, the City of Black Hands will definitely give you all a satisfying explanation!" Zheng Kuo blurted out after collecting his thoughts. Following this, his sight captured a figure exiting from the city, causing his eyes to flicker as he screamed, "Duan Qing! Explain yourself, what's going on?"

    The words immediately drew the crowd's attention to gaze in Qin Nan's direction.

    Especially Zhao Fang and Bai Shao.

    Zhao Fang had utilized his unique appearance-changing technique to transform his appearance into a woman's, but the punch from Qin Nan had destroyed his attractive look as his nose had crumpled and his face was swollen. He had almost cried after seeing his current appearance.

    It's fine to hit me, but why were you aiming for my face; don't you know how to be gentle with a woman!

    As for Bai Shao, he felt extremely unpleasant, as he was eliminated with a single punch and was called an ant despite his identity.


    Qin Nan was incredibly joyful at that instant. After the first round of the competition, the Contribution Points he had earned were equivalent to defeating one thousand three hundred participants-a total of twenty-six thousand Contribution Points, which meant he could now afford two Primary Stones!

    If he were to compete in the remaining nine rounds of the competition, he would earn at least two hundred and thirty thousand Contribution Points, allowing him to exchange the points for twenty three Primary Stones!

    As such, he was confused after hearing Zheng Kuo's demand.

    Zheng Kuo wore a stern look as he said, "You manage to defeat everyone in the end, a clear indication that your cultivation was not being restricted to the peak Xiantian Realm. What was going on there? Did you use some sort of trick?"

    "Does it matter to you if I've used some trick? Are you implying that I'm breaking the rules?"

    Qin Nan's expression turned cold.

    Zheng Kuo was lost for words. Initially, due to his cocky attitude, he had mentioned that it would not count as breaking the rules if he managed to overcome the restrictions applied to his cultivation.

    "What's the point of talking nonsense here!"

    "So what is the City of Black Hands going to do now?"

    "Can the King of Robbing Competition still be held?"


    The cultivators who had fallen victim to Qin Nan's fists could not help but become enraged.

    Normally, they would be experts capable of dominating the scene, but they had ended up being crushed by a mere peak Martial Emperor Realm presence. Therefore, they would definitely feel unpleasant.

    If Qin Nan's cultivation had been peak Xiantian Realm too, they could only blame themselves for being defeated, but was that the case?

    Zheng Kuo's face darkened. If this kept on going, it would serve as a great disaster for the City of Black Hands, and the King of Robbing Competition would definitely be canceled. He then came up with a plan as he said while clenching his teeth, "Guys, listen to me, that must be an accident! When the second round starts, we'll fully activate the forbidding aura of the City of Black Hands, to restrict everyone's cultivation to the Body Tempering Realm!"

    After saying this, Zheng Kuo glanced at Qin Nan and said with a calm expression, "Junior Brother Duan Qing, we've never seen anyone be able to overcome the restrictions of the City of Black Hands! Therefore, when the second round starts, we will fully activate the forbidding aura to restrict your cultivation beforehand!"

    Restrict my cultivation beforehand?

    Qin Nan's eyes coldly flickered.

    This Zheng Kuo is indeed hilarious; previously, he made a mistake due to his scornful attitude, and now he was trying to pick on him. Seriously?

    "It doesn't bother me!"

    Qin Nan nodded his head without showing any expression.

    Trying to suppress me with all you've got?

    Bring it on!

    Zheng Kuo let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately this Duan Qing is quite understanding. Otherwise, I would not know how to tidy up the mess today. He then turned around facing the crowd and said with a laugh, "Don't worry guys, there won't be any problem with the restriction this time. Duan Qing's cultivation will surely be restricted to the peak Body Tempering Realm! Alright, those who are planning to participate in the competition, register your names at once. The second round will take place soon!"

    "I'll go!"

    "Damn it, I can't let it go just like that. I must beat the crap out of Duan Qing this time!"

    "That's right! Let's get him!"


    Compared to the first round, the number of cultivators registering to take part in the second round actually increased. All of them had the same goal-to beat the ** out of Duan Qing!

    As a matter of fact, they did not hate Duan Qing at all. Most importantly, they were all Martial Dominator Realm or Martial Emperor Realm cultivators. Most of them possessed a cultivation higher than Qin Nan's. They only participated in the competition since they were willing to have their cultivations restricted to ensure the fairness of the competition!

    Contradictingly, Duan Qing's cultivation was not restricted at all, and he bullied the crap out of them by abusing his cultivation!

    They were not convinced with the result, and therefore, the only way to resolve the matter was to battle!

    "Everyone, I've got a suggestion. When the second round takes place, the first thing we should do is to eliminate Duan Qing!" Bai Shao spoke, "I'll now assemble a team and I'll personally lead the team!"

    "I'll join!"

    "That's right, let's pay Duan Qing back for what he has done!"

    Many of the disciples immediately responded after hearing Bai Shao's suggestion. Over two hundred cultivators now stood behind him.

    "Sob sob sob." Zhao Fang suddenly started crying while covering his face in a heart-aching tone, "That asshole Duan Qing abused his cultivation and eliminated me. I'm fine with being eliminated, but why would he hit my face to purposely destroy my appearance! Brothers, I will not forgive him for what he has done, and I hope you guys can lend me a hand!"

    "Goddamned Duan Qing!"

    "F**k, you dare to bully my goddess!"


    Zhao Fang's cries caused many of the male cultivators to feel their hearts aching. They all knew how glamorous Zhao Fang had been previously, and although his appearance now was crazily disgusting, the thought of a beauty being destroyed by Duan Qing's hands caused them to feel angry at him.

    In the blink of an eye, over eight hundred people stood behind Zhao Fang like a huge army with a terrifying aura.

    Zheng Kuo let out a sigh of relief, whose eyes were filled with a gloating look as he glanced toward Qin Nan's figure.

    That's what you get for overcoming the restriction of the City of Black Hands. You will definitely pay the price in the second round facing the horde of over a thousand opponents.

    "Ok, we will now start the second round of the King of Robbing Competition! In this round, the City of Black Hands will start selling weapons! If you are planning to achieve a good result, remember to get your hands on the weapons!"
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