Chapter 368 - Accumulated Vicious Killing Blow

    "The Art of Heart-Calming and Demon-Expelling!"

    Qin Nan commanded his Dragon-Lined Golden Core while summoning the giant bell that assumed Jiao Shiyi and Xiao Feipeng to be demons and struck violently, resulting in a blasting chime taking place in their minds.

    Jiao Shiyi and Xiao Feipeng's movements came to a halt, as their brains were filled with a buzzing.

    Qin Nan immediately sprang forward as his opponents were stunned in place and lashed out with his fists, resulting in a rain of punches falling onto their figures.


    A series of explosions took place, causing the crowd to inhale deeply.

    Wasn't Qin Nan injured?

    How was he able to exhort such strength despite his injuries?

    If these punches were to land on our bodies, how disastrous would it be?

    "Piss off!"

    Qin Nan hurled out two other punches, knocking Jiao Shiyi and Xiao Feipeng into the ground while they uttered cries of agony. They then lay on the ground in a miserable state, impossible to take further part in the battle.

    At that instant, not only were their bodies covered in great pain due to the severe injuries, their eyes were filled with utter astonishment; What kind of monster are we fighting?

    "Now is the time!"

    Zhao Fang-who was outside the formation-became exceedingly excited, who immediately flicked his finger and fired the Pill of Lifetime Unending Love.

    As the First Senior Brother of Duanmu Peak, his observation was incredibly sharp, allowing him to detect that Qin Nan was now on the verge of losing his consciousness despite his outstanding strength. The Dragon-Lined Golden Core was the only reason he was still standing right now, hence it was the perfect timing for Zhao Fang to make his move. If the pill were to be fired into Qin Nan's body, it would be impossible for him to resist it.

    Furthermore, he even used an ancient Martial Skill known as the Void Flick.

    Once the skill was used, the force of the flick remained undetected. Those below the Martial Dominator Realm, despite possessing great eye-techniques, would not be able to sense it. Therefore, if he were to fire the pill using this Martial Skill, there was no way Qin Nan would be able to be alerted.

    "Oh Qin Nan, in just a moment, you will be living happily ever after with your Senior Brother..."

    Zhao Fang instinctively gulped down a mouthful of saliva as his thoughts were filled with the imaginary scene.

    Inside the formation, after defeating Jiao Shiyi and Xiao Feipeng, Qin Nan instantly raised his head while his left eye emitted a golden glow aimed at the Four Demons Destructive Formation to discover the weaknesses of the formation.

    However, at that instant, Qin Nan's left eye suddenly saw a wave of force in the air containing a strange-looking pill flying toward him at a great speed.


    Qin Nan was startled and with a glance, he immediately saw Zhao Fang wearing a hideous smile on his face. The smile caused Qin Nan's hair to stand on end all of a sudden!

    "This Zhao Fang is surely up to something fishy!"

    Qin Nan eyes spat fire.

    Despite the fact that he was busy dealing with his enemies, this Zhao Fang chose to ambush him at this time although he was the First Senior Brother of Duanmu Peak!

    Utterly shameless!

    "The pill is surely something bad; that's perfect for these two!"

    Qin Nan swiftly made up his mind and waved his right hand, causing the pill to be engulfed in flames. He then instantly hurled the ancient saber in his left hand and sliced the pill in half, which flew toward Xiao Feipeng and Jiao Shiyi.

    The scene happened too quickly that even Jiang Bilan did not expect it.


    The initial smile on Zhao Fang's face while he was anticipating the future immediately stiffened after witnessing the scene, before he uttered a mournful scream!

    Unfortunately, his scream was too late as the so-called forbidden pill that was sliced in half landed on the two's bodies and dissolved straight into them without the need to consume it.


    A glow appeared on Xiao Feipeng and Jiao Shiyi's bodies, forming a mystical barrier around them. The glow lasted for a period of three breaths' time, before disappearing rapidly.

    The two who were extremely weakened previously sprung their eyes open with a recovered aura, as if their energy was recovering.

    The crowd was left speechless.

    What the hell was going on?

    Why was Qin Nan trying to save their lives?

    "Husband... I really missed you... I really missed you..."[1]

    "Husband... I love you so much... I love you so much..."

    Xiao Feipeng and Jiao Shiyi rose from the ground and glanced toward Zhao Fang at the same time. Their eyes were ignited with lustful flames filled with thick expressions of love, as their bodies instinctively ran toward him.

    At that instant, the crowd was left with blank expressions-even Jiang Bilan was flabbergasted.

    What was going on?

    The two geniuses were behaving normally just a second ago, why were they turning crazy all of a sudden?

    "AH! Who the f**k set up this formation, get rid of it at once! It's stopping me from meeting up with my husband!"

    "Damn it! Who dares to stop me from meeting my husband, I'll kill him right now!"

    Xiao Feipeng and Jiao Shiyi became enraged as they unleashed their Martial Spirits and spat out their Inner Cores before continuously lashing out attacks at the Four Demons Destructive Formation in a frenzied state.

    The crowd was left in awe.

    Especially Zhao Fang.

    The smile on his face crumbled, as he was on the verge of going insane!

    This isn't what I imagined!

    How did Qin Nan discover his Pill of Lifetime Unending Love?

    Why did Qin Nan let these two assholes absorb the pill?

    After witnessing the scene, Qin Nan could not help but shudder violently, as a chill was sent down his spine.

    He had never been intimidated by Jiang Bilan's conspiracy, but this time, he was actually feeling terrified.

    If the pill were to land on him instead, what would the outcome be?

    "Qin Nan, I am clueless as to what the trick you used on them was, and I did not expect that even the Four Demons Destructive Formation would fail to destroy your Golden Core! If that's the case, I shall have a real battle with you!" Jiang Bilan let out a shout. Although her voice was pleasant, it was fully filled with battle intent.

    She had made up her mind to execute the final killing blow.

    Since the very beginning, she had assumed that Qin Nan was only able to become a powerful genius due to the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, but she was wrong. Qin Nan was more terrifying than what she had expected, as she had failed to defeat him despite her thorough planning.

    Even as the Saintess of the Trading Alliance, it was her first time stumbling into such a formidable opponent, all the more reason why she wanted Qin Nan to die!

    After saying these words, Jiang Bilan waved her hand and withdrew the Four Demons Destructive Formation.

    Qin Nan turned around and glared coldly in Jiang Bilan's direction.

    The grand battle was about to take place!

    However, to everyone's surprise, Jiao Shiyi and Xiao Feipeng uttered surprised cries.

    "Husband! I missed you so much!"

    "Husband! I love you so much!"

    The figures of Jiao Shiyi and Xiao Feipeng sprang in Zhao Fang's direction at the speed of lightning from both sides and hugged him tightly. Their faces blushed as they buried their heads in Zhao Fang's chest in an embarrassed manner.


    Zhao Fang uttered a miserable scream.

    Why the f**k was it these two assholes!

    Why was it not Qin Nan!

    Where was my Qin Nan at?

    The crowd was exceedingly disgusted by the scene.

    They had no idea what had happened to Xiao Feipeng and Jiao Shiyi, but when they saw two initially murderous-looking men behaving in such a feminine manner, they could feel their hearts turning cold.

    Translator: XephiZ

    Editor: DOCuinn

    [1] TL Note: For some reason, this reminded me of a Chinese song =P (the name is 'I really miss you', and it's pretty good ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs8TRQ4PTYk
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