Chapter 390 - The Ultimate Art of Fire-Control


    "This is not the limit yet!"

    "Faster, I need to move even faster!"


    A series of groans took place in Qin Nan's heart.

    He had entered the state of a Natural-Born Martial Addict while he was executing the mantra of the Unconventional Pill Almanac. The groans in his heart were a result of him learning from his mistakes in the previous attempts and combining his experiences with the experiences of the Demonic-Cored Highness, allowing him to come up with his own comprehension of Pill Alchemy!


    The speed of Qin Nan's hands skyrocketed while moving between the herbs, as if they were bouncing around violently in mid-air. The crowd could no longer see the silhouette of his hands. Only the blossoming flames were visible as the herbs were being liquefied.

    An indescribably mystical sensation greatly impacted the souls of the crowd.

    Although the Art of Fire-Control was considered a basic method, when its full potential could be unleashed exceeding its limit, there was more to it than met the eye, as it would bring an unimaginable power.

    Meanwhile, Chen Ying, Zheng Kun, Tie Mu, and the crowd of disciples were flabbergasted.

    They no longer felt like they were spectating someone refining a pill, but more like a grand occasion!

    "The Art of Fire-Control, with the flames turning magical!"

    Qin Nan suddenly let out a roar as the flames on his hands exploded, splitting into countless streams of flame that spread to the entire venue, as if it had turned into a scorching world.

    Drops of pure liquid from the herbs fell downward in mid-air and landed in the cauldron, emitting a buzzing sound.


    At that instant, it was as if Qin Nan had exhorted his energy and strength to the extreme, while the blazing fire of the surroundings withdrew from the venue and flew into the cauldron, merging into a giant flame burning in it.


    A clear sound similar to that of a long sword being drawn out from its sheath could be heard, as the flame exploded once again, shattering the cauldron into pieces. However, different than his previous attempts, a pitch-black pill the size of a palm floated in mid-air in the midst of the explosion.

    The pill had been refined!

    "At last..."

    Qin Nan withdrew himself from the state of a Martial Addict while relieving himself of the tension due to the prolonged time of full focus. In return, he could feel a great fatigue filling his entire body.

    No matter how powerful his cultivation was, a tremendous amount of energy was consumed after being highly focused throughout the process of pill-refining.

    That being said, despite the fatigue, Qin Nan's heart was filled with an indescribable sense of joy.

    He had finally done it through his unwillingness to give up while being bombarded by the mocking comments of the crowd, and in return, he felt a great sense of achievement.

    In the meantime, the crowd had yet to recover from the shock.

    What just happened?

    Was that still the Art of Fire-Control?

    How could Qin Nan-who had never learned Pill Alchemy-be able to perform such a shocking pill-refining method?

    Judging from the terrifying scene, even Zheng Kun's Union of Fire and Water and Chen Ying's Double-Armed Martial Spirit were incomparable against it!


    The sound of a bell immediately awakened the crowd from their astonishment.

    An hour has passed!

    "Qin Nan, you..."

    Tie Mu's figure trembled vigorously. He could not find any words as he was too excited.

    As a fifth-grade Xing ranked Pill Alchemist, he was extremely sharp with his senses, thus he could tell that the Art of Fire-Control that Qin Nan had just executed had been evolved to a different level!

    A level that no one had heard of or witnessed before!


    The previous disdain of Chen Ying and Zheng Kun had vanished, as their faces turned pale.

    They had not expected a layman like Qin Nan, who failed his previous attempts, to display such outstanding skill!

    Did that mean that Qin Nan's skill in Pill Alchemy had surpassed theirs?

    "Senior, this is my pill!"

    Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and handed his pill to Tie Mu.


    Tie Mu had no idea what to say at all. His eyes were filled with great anticipation.

    What pill would such a shocking pill-refining method produce? Was Qin Nan going to make a miracle happen?

    Tie Mu glanced downward and scanned the pill with his Divine Sense. Following this, the anticipatory look in his eyes instantly stiffened.

    How could this be?

    Not even a single cloud on its surface?

    Meanwhile, Chen Ying, Zheng Kun, and the disciples could not help but take a look at it as well.

    With a glimpse, their faces were filled with blank expressions also.

    The pill the size of a palm was thoroughly black in color and full of rough edges, without a single cloud to be seen on its surface. It did not even show any sign of power!

    As everyone knew, a pill was graded by the number of clouds.

    Looking at the pill, it didn't even have a single cloud on it, which indicated that its rank had not even reached the first-grade Xing rank!

    How was this possible?

    How could such a terrifying pill-refining method end up producing a pill like this?

    "HAHAHA!" Zheng Kun burst out laughing in an annoying manner, "Junior Brother Qin Nan, what pill did you refine right there? I did not expect to witness such a remarkable pill-refining method, but it appears that it was only a bluff!"

    "What a disappointment!"

    Chen Ying let out a hollow laugh.

    The terrifying scene that occurred when Qin Nan executed his pill-refining method resulted in a great impact to their souls, to an extent that they even thought they were going to be defeated! In the end, although the method seemed terrifying, it had no effect whatsoever in pill-refining!

    "This... Sigh!"

    Tie Mu let out a deep sigh.

    He had had great anticipation that Qin Nan would make a miracle happen, but the outcome turned out to be a disappointment, causing him to feel like a bucket of cold water had been just poured onto him.

    The disciples immediately collected their thoughts, before a series of scornful laughs took place!

    "Holy **, I f**king thought the pill would be something extraordinary, but it turned out to be a piece of **!"

    "HAHAHA, this Qin Nan is so good at bluffing. Does it matter if the scene he caused was impressive? He can't even refine a pill!"


    Everyone was previously astonished by the magnificent sight and assumed they would be able to witness some sort of miracle. However, the outcome made them feel like they were being cheated, thus causing them to be more unpleasant toward Qin Nan!

    "Qin Nan, you are screwed. Now it's time to fulfill your promise-drop to your knees now!"

    At that instant, Chen Ying no longer displayed her previous elegant appearance as she snapped ferociously!

    "Junior Brother Qin Nan, I did advise you to call the duel off a while ago, but you chose not to listen instead. Don't blame your Senior Brother, I'll not make you give me three kowtows, a single kowtow is enough!"

    Zheng Kun let out a hideous laugh.

    He could not wait to witness Qin Nan dropping to his knees and giving him a kowtow!

    "Is that so?"

    Qin Nan said with a calm expression, "Who said that I've lost? The victory of this duel is mine alone!"
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