Chapter 394 - Self-Reflection

    The crowd was left speechless.

    After a while, Envoy Zhu and the others finally collected their thoughts and rapidly moved out in a ferocious manner to search for Qin Nan.

    The entire Caomu Peak was immersed in chaos.

    That was a fifth-grade Xing ranked spiritualized pill!

    And it was refined by Qin Nan!

    There was no way that this news was not shocking to them!

    However, Qin Nan was no longer involved in this chaos.

    Qin Nan led Leng Jianxiong and Lin Xiaoyu away from the venue and arrived at a deserted place at Caomu Peak.

    "Senior Brother..."

    Leng Jianxiong's first reaction was to gulp down mouthfuls of saliva.

    "I know you two are curious." Qin Nan smilingly said, "I was lucky to find myself some succession at the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground, granting me knowledge of Pill Alchemy!"

    That's why!

    Leng Jianxiong and Lin Xiaoyu came to a realization.

    If that was the case, everything could be explained now. Otherwise, Qin Nan's talents would be too terrifying for them.

    Qin Nan glanced at Lin Xiaoyu and said, "Although I've obtained this fortunate encounter in Pill Alchemy, I will still focus on Martial Arts. Therefore, it might be better if I teach you what I've learned, so you can shine brightly through Pill Alchemy, how's that?"

    The Unconventional Pill Almanac, although it was not considered the best art of Pill Alchemy of all time, it was still considered outstanding.

    Through this Pill Alchemy duel, Qin Nan realized the fact that Pill Alchemy was much more complicated than he had expected, as he would need to master the knowledge regarding herbs, pill-refining methods, pill formulae, etc. Even with the experiences regarding Pill Alchemy he acquired from the Demonic-Cored Highness, he would still need to devote lots of time and energy in order to achieve great height.

    There is only limited time and energy that a man has.

    Leng Jianxiong's breathing intensified.

    Surprisingly, Lin Xiaoyu shook her head and wore a wry smile as she spoke, "Senior Brother, I won't be taking your art of Pill Alchemy. I would like to come up with my own."

    Qin Nan was startled. He had not expected her to reject his offer.

    "Senior Brother, there's something that I've been thinking of telling you..."

    A hint of hesitation could be seen on Lin Xiaoyu's face.

    "Feel free to do so, don't be afraid."

    Qin Nan encouraged.

    "Xiaoyu is really grateful that Senior Brother has been helping me so much. However, in my opinion, now that your identity and status are different than before, maybe you should take note of your words slightly and other things too." Lin Xiaoyu spoke in a shy manner, "To be honest, I don't really know how to describe it, but I feel like Senior Brother should be slightly more careful with your words."

    "Different identity and status? Be careful of my words?"

    Qin Nan was stunned.

    Lately, his luck had been extremely on point. Either the selection of disciples or the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground, he had benefited the most from them, thus his state of mind had been experiencing some sort of transformation unknowingly.

    If it weren't for the reminder from Lin Xiaoyu, he would not have been able to realize it!

    "Thank you!"

    Qin Nan said in a serious tone.

    As the ancient saying went, one should constantly reflect upon self-behaviors and attitude. It was time for him to reflect upon himself, as he was not a perfect being, hence there were many things that he needed to improve on. As such, it was crucial to realize his own weaknesses and overcome them.

    "Senior Brother, what is your plan..." Leng Jianxiong asked.

    Without a doubt, the news regarding Qin Nan's talent in Pill Alchemy would be made known to the entire Caomu Peak, resulting in a huge shock.

    "I'll be buying some herbs and cauldrons. You can leave now." Qin Nan let out a smile.

    For him, it was enough as long as he could refine Yue-ranked pills, so he could exchange them for Primary Stones.


    Leng Jianxiong exchanged glances with Lin Xiaoyu and chatted with Qin Nan for a brief while, before leaving the place.

    Qin Nan lowered his head as he continued to reflect upon himself.

    "It's better if I were to be more modest."

    "Lately, I've been having countless fortunate encounters. As such, I should be more hardworking and focused!"

    "Although I'm not afraid of the Heavens and Earth, it doesn't mean I should be full of myself."


    The scenes that had occurred during the Pill Alchemy duel flashed across Qin Nan's mind. He could not help but admit that some of the words he had said to Zheng Kun and Chen Ying were quite scornful indeed.

    The attitude he displayed should not occur in the first place.


    After a while, Qin Nan let out a long breath as his eyes were filled with a determined look.

    At that instant, the Sound-Conducting Badge was activated, which turned out to be Princess Miao Miao, "Qin Nan, stay there and wait for my arrival."

    Qin Nan was startled. Not long after, a teenage girl could be seen walking toward him.

    Princess Miao Miao had grown significantly taller now, as her attractive face appeared to be less naive and more mature-looking. She now looked like a fifteen to sixteen-year-old teenage girl, while still retaining her glamorous appearance.

    "What are you daydreaming about?" Princess Miao Miao rolled her eyes and said, "Humph, you have been putting on a show lately huh, refining a fifth-grade Xing ranked pill with a rare phenomenon. The entire Caomu Peak has gone crazy over you! Be honest with the Princess, did you acquire the succession of the Demonic-Cored Highness?"

    "Mm." Qin Nan did not conceal the truth as he spoke with a calm smile, "I've acquired a pill manual with the name of the Unconventional Pill Almanac!"

    "Give it to the Princess now. With the help of this almanac, the Princess could easily defeat that Chen Fei." Princess Miao Miao said in an excited tone.

    Currently, Caomu Peak was split into two sides, with Princess Miao Miao as the leader of one and Chen Fei leading the other. Princess Miao Miao was never fond of that Chen Fei, thus she was planning to conquer Caomu Peak.


    Qin Nan would not mind giving the Unconventional Pill Almanac to Princess Miao Miao. However, a sudden thought came up to him as he let out a grin, "That won't be a problem, but, on a single condition..."

    "What condition?" Princess Miao Miao was alerted.

    "It's simple, you will only need to give me thirty Yue-ranked pills every month!"

    Qin Nan said with a smile.

    "WHAT? THIRTY PILLS?" Princess Miao Miao let out a scream, "Qin Nan, you ungrateful prick. If it weren't for the Princess, you'd have already died a few times, and you still demand thirty pills? Five pills at most!"

    "No way, at least twenty pills, anything lower than that and I'll call off the deal!"

    Qin Nan wore a firm expression.

    "You..." Princess Miao Miao clenched her teeth and withheld the urge to beat the crap out of Qin Nan, before letting out a harrumph, "Twenty pills it is, give me the Unconventional Pill Almanac right now!"


    Qin Nan grabbed her tender palm and closed his eyes as he transmitted the contents of the Unconventional Pill Almanac to Princess Miao Miao.

    "You even have the experiences of the Demonic-Cored Highness..."

    Princess Miao Miao's face was filled with a blank expression, giving her an adorable look.

    "Awesome! With this, it won't be a problem to rank up to become a Ri-ranked Pill Alchemist!"

    Princess Miao Miao became excited, but it did not last long, as she suddenly remembered something and said, "Are you going to take part in the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains?"

    "The Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains?"

    Qin Nan was stunned.

    "Take a look at the honorable quest yourself. If you are planning to take part, send me a message, and we'll grab the first spot together!" Princess Miao Miao commanded and immediately left the scene.

    She could not wait to have a try at the newly acquired art of Pill Alchemy.

    "Honorable quest?"

    Qin Nan rapidly took out the Qinglong Scroll and checked its contents. With a glance, his face was filled with awe.



    High up in the sky, a huge island continuously appeared and disappeared like a giant beast in motion, giving it a magnificent appearance.

    The island was the headquarters of the Trading Alliance, called Wanxian Island!

    Right now in a palace on the island, Jiang Bilan wore a pale face as she was immersed in a bucket of liquid herbs, while moaning in pain occasionally.

    She had been severely injured previously at the Martial Ancestor Mystical Ground, which had almost cost her her life. Even with the help of the incredibly rare herbs, the slow recovery speed would take her at least half a year to heal up.

    "Saintess, according to the latest intel from the shadows, Qin Nan has refined a fifth-grade Xing ranked spiritualized pill at Caomu Peak!"

    A woman entered the palace and spoke.


    Jiang Bilan's expression changed as her eyes were engulfed in raging flames.

    How could this be?

    At that instant, a glow arrived with a shoosh, which turned out to be a Sound-Conducting Talisman.

    Jiang Bilan withheld her anger as she checked the message from the talisman. Her fury immediately vanished, replaced by a hollow laugh, "Qin Nan, do you think you are unmatched just because you have a tenth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit and are able to make the two Sacred Leaders battle one another to claim your possession? You are just too naive. If you are planning on taking part in the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains, be prepared to face death!"
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