Chapter 404 - The Crumbling of the Body

    The crowd could only see a seven-colored light being emitted from the first and the second doors, which transformed into a lively dragon and penetrated Qin Nan's body, causing the surface of his skin to emit a seven-colored glow.

    At that instant, it was as if the terrifying pressure had vanished as Qin Nan continued to move forward, taking one step at a time without any sign of hindrance.

    In just the blink of an eye, he had achieved two hundred and fifty steps!

    The sudden change took Ying Xunlong, Xue Wuheng, Court Master Jin's crew, and the crowd of cultivators by surprise.

    "What just happened?"

    "Why have I never seen this seven-colored light before?"

    "What the f**k is going on?"


    Court Master Jin finally collected his thoughts after hesitating for a while, before he took a deep breath and said, "Back in the day, the Triple-Stacked Martial Dominator constructed this Triple Door to train the disciples' determination! Now that Qin Nan managed to reach the two hundred and fortieth step merely with his will alone, his ability was acknowledged by the first and second doors, which allowed him to move forward with ease!"

    The crowd came to a realization after hearing the words.

    Previously when they had been attempting the Triple Door, they all unleashed their Martial Spirits or even used their mystical weapons, unlike Qin Nan who relied solely on his determination.

    Under the crowd's gaze, although Qin Nan's figure was advancing at a slow pace like an old man, it was no doubt a miraculous sight.

    After a period of over eighty breaths' time, a loud scream could be heard coming from the crowd.

    "Two hundred and seventy steps!"

    "The record has been broken!"


    At that instant, not only had Qin Nan achieved two hundred and seventy steps, the seven-colored glow on the surface of his skin showed no sign of dissipating, as he continued to move forward at a slower pace. After half the period it took for an incense to burn, everyone took a deep breath.

    Two hundred and ninety nine steps!

    Qin Nan had achieved two hundred and ninety nine steps!

    He was only one step away from reaching the three hundredth step!

    "How is this possible?"

    Chen Ying could not believe it.

    Could Qin Nan really achieve three hundred steps?

    "Damn it!"

    Xue Wuheng's expression turned incredibly unpleasant.

    He had not expected Qin Nan to achieve such a result with ease!

    If Qin Nan managed to achieve three hundred steps, he would be paying two hundred Primary Stones!

    In contrast to their thoughts, Court Master Jin's crew and the crowd stared with their eyes open wide, as their hearts hung high up in their throats.

    If he really managed to achieve three hundred steps, it would be a moment of history!

    Could Qin Nan make his final step?

    Under the crowd's attention, the seven-colored glow on the surface of Qin Nan's skin slowly dissipated, although his will remained unchanged as he continued to press forward. He gradually raised his right foot and landed right on the three hundredth step.


    A thunderous crash exploded in the hearts of the crowd.

    They could only see a terrifying pressure being accumulated above Qin Nan, which formed the illusionary figure of a giant pagoda crushing down onto Qin Nan's figure, causing him to slam right into the ground.

    Crack crack!

    A continuous sound of his bones fracturing could be heard, which appeared to be extraordinarily obvious coming from the path of the blue bricks.


    In addition to Court Master Jin and the crowd of cultivators, even Chen Ying and Xue Wuheng who were previously mocking Qin Nan were flabbergasted.

    Was Qin Nan's body crippled by the terrifying suppression?


    A slurred voice was uttered from Qin Nan's mouth, as his figure struggled and slowly rose from the ground. His right foot then moved less than half an inch forward.


    The illusionary figure of the giant pagoda crushed downward once again.


    A cry of agony instantly flashed across the sky.

    The suppression caused Qin Nan's wounds to thoroughly explode, causing his blood to splatter upward like a fountain. The bones in his hands, his chest, his legs, and his meridians were completely shattered!

    At that instant, there was absolutely no difference between himself and a cripple!


    To everyone's surprise, Qin Nan showed no sign of giving up. His fractured hands reached forward in a trembling manner and pressed against the ground to act as a support as he tried to rise from the ground.


    The giant pagoda struck again without mercy, as an even more terrifying cry of agony could be heard, causing his injuries to intensify.

    Everyone was absolutely stupefied at that moment.


    Qin Nan had gone crazy!

    If this continued, he would definitely be shattered into pieces alive!

    Even Chen Ying and Xue Wuheng could no longer let out mocking laughs, as their souls were greatly impacted by the sight before them.

    If they were in his shoes, would they ever go this far?

    Court Master Jin wore a joyful expression as a sudden thought came up to him, "Qin Nan has yet to use his Martial Spirit! If he were to unleash his Martial Spirit now, he would be able to reach the three hundredth step!"

    The words served as a rumbling thunder.

    That's right!

    They had completely forgotten the fact that Qin Nan had not unleashed his Martial Spirit!

    "Can he really do it?"

    Chen Ying's face turned pale.

    Xue Wuheng, in particular, was utterly terrified when he remembered that Qin Nan had yet to unleash his Martial Spirit.

    Did I lose?

    Did I really lose the bet?

    Was Qin Nan really able to do such an unbelievable task?

    Under the crowd's gaze and the glow of the stars, Qin Nan's figure that was slammed into the ground by the pressure began to struggle ferociously, as if his unrelenting soul was uttering a raging roar at the Heavens!


    The giant pagoda crushed downward in a powerful manner.




    A series of explosions could be heard.

    The expressions on the crowd's faces changed once again. After being struck ten times, Qin Nan still showed no intention of unleashing his Martial Spirit.

    Could it be... that he was not planning on using his Martial Spirit?

    "HAHAHA!" Xue Wuheng could not help but burst out laughing in a hideous manner after seeing this, "Qin Nan, since you are a peerless genius, you are not allowed to unleash your Martial Spirit! Otherwise, what right do you have to be referred to as a genius? We are impressed by your talents, and you deserve our respect. Therefore, you should not unleash your Martial Spirit, as it will destroy your image..."

    In Xue Wuheng's eyes, Qin Nan was without a doubt an asshole with a large ego.

    He was not satisfied after reaching the two hundred and ninety-ninth step, and still planned to finish the three hundredth step without the help of his Martial Spirit?

    Absolutely ridiculous, it was only possible in his dreams!

    Since you are this proud, so be it. Hopefully you will be shattered to death by the giant pagoda!

    However, before he could finish, his tone stiffened all of a sudden.
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