Chapter 408 - Xue Wuji

    ...Time gradually passed like the flow of water...

    A month's time was gone in the blink of an eye. The Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains was about to take place.

    The entire Qinglong Sacred Area became lively as the surroundings were decorated with fascinating lights, resulting in a magnificent glow. Most of the Martial Ancestor Realm cultivators began to join various cultivating grounds to improve their strength in the remaining time.

    The Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains was only held once a year, thus making it a grand occasion among the cultivators of the Sacred Area.

    The reason for this being that the competition itself was the limelight for countless people. If one were to display an outstanding performance in it, there was a chance the person would be able to capture the attention of the Peak Leaders.

    Meanwhile, in the Triple Door, Qin Nan who had been cultivating diligently for the past month slowly opened his eyes.

    "The Path of Unconventional Pill-Refining is fascinating indeed. Its core principle is not relying on the methods alone, but the ability to follow your heart while refining the pills instead!" Qin Nan mumbled to himself.

    After cultivating for a month, Qin Nan had finally grasped the foundation of the Path of Unconventional Pill-Refining.

    No order was required throughout the process of pill-refining while following the heart. The pill being refined would be dependent on the will of the Pill Alchemist!

    However, achieving this was quite a difficult task. Although Qin Nan had mastered the foundation of the Path of Unconventional Pill-Refining, he still could not do it.

    "The Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains has begun, but before that, I shall deal with this mess first!"

    Qin Nan withdrew his thoughts as his eyes focused onto Xue Wuheng's figure not far away.

    Xue Wuheng, who was still cultivating, immediately frowned after detecting a threat. He then opened his eyes and wore a furious look, "Who's that trying to peek me--"

    His voice came to a halt when he saw Qin Nan.

    At that instant, Xue Wuheng immediately realized what Qin Nan was planning to do. His eyes flickered with a hint of panic while he pretended to be calm, "Qin Nan, the Grand Competition of the Sixteen Mountains is about to begin. We shall settle our bet after we finish preparing for it. Let's continue cultivating for now!"

    "Stop the nonsense, two hundred Primary Stones, hand them over now!"

    Qin Nan rose from the ground while an imperious aura burst out from his body.

    Was this Xue Wuheng trying to deny his promise?

    "What two hundred Primary Stones? I have no idea what you're talking about."

    Xue Wuheng's expression changed as he clenched his teeth and said.

    That's two hundred Primary Stones. There is no way I can pay that much, I must avoid paying at all costs.

    "Are you trying to go against your words?"

    Qin Nan did not show any expression while a cold aura was fired from his body.

    Xue Wuheng's face turned slightly pale. He had not expected Qin Nan's strength to improve in just a period of two months. He then shook his head and said, "I never owed you anything, nor did I go against my own words! Don't you dare attack me!"

    Xue Wuheng stood his ground.

    With his cultivation of the peak Martial Ancestor Realm, he was never intimidated by Qin Nan.

    "Xue Wuheng, you shameless prick!"

    At that instant, a cold laugh could be heard, which turned out to be Ying Xunlong.

    "Truly shameless!"

    "Trying to bully Qin Nan by suggesting the bet, but now denying it after losing?"


    The Martial Ancestor Realm cultivators wore cold looks after collecting their thoughts.

    Xue Wuheng's expression changed slightly. He would not be afraid to face Qin Nan alone, but he had never expected the other cultivators apart from Ying Xunlong to support Qin Nan too.

    "Everyone, I have no idea what you are trying to say..."

    Xue Wuheng clenched his teeth.

    However, before he could finish, Qin Nan spoke in a cold tone, "From the very start, you tried to attack me, then challenged me to a bet in order to bully me, and now you dare to deny your own words? Let me make this clear, if you don't pay me two hundred Primary Stones today, I will show no mercy!"

    The words were said in a firm tone.

    For some reason, even though his cultivation was stronger than Qin Nan's, his heart was filled with a hint of coldness.

    In the meantime, a hollow laugh could be heard all of a sudden.

    "Show no mercy? I would like to see how merciless you are!"

    Following the words, a figure landed from above.

    The person was wearing a white-robe and an icy expression as sharp as the razor-edge of a blade. His icy aura completely surpassed Xue Wuheng's, causing the crowd to feel like it was capable of freezing anything it came into contact with.

    "Xue Wuji!"

    Ying Xunlong and the crowd of cultivators were startled.

    Xue Wuji was Xue Wuheng's brother, ranked second among the custodians. His strength was utterly terrifying.

    "So you are his brother?"

    Qin Nan's expression showed no change as he spoke in a calm tone, "Your brother here owes me two hundred Primary Stones. Ask him to pay me right now, and I'll not be fussy about the things he tried to do to me."

    Xue Wuji clearly knew about the bet between Xue Wuheng and Qin Nan. In fact, he agreed that it was not ideal for Xue Wuheng to go against his promise. However, two hundred Primary Stones was not a small number. Furthermore, Qin Nan was involved in the bet, thus he would not care less if his brother tried to deny paying it.

    Xue Wuheng said in a cold tone after hearing this, "Owe you two hundred Primary Stones? Do you have proof of that? If you don't, stop trying to inculpate me!"

    At that instant, Ying Xunlong and the others immediately realized that Xue Wuji was here to support Xue Wuheng in order to avoid paying two hundred Primary Stones!

    These two brothers are utterly disgusting!


    Qin Nan burst out laughing angrily.

    These two brothers were truly interesting, as if going against their own words was a reasonable act despite their identity as geniuses.

    "Alright, I guess we will call it as case dismissed here. I'll not make a fuss over your offensive behavior as a respect to your identity as a Prospective Saint!" Xue Wuji uttered the words in a prideful manner.

    At that instant, even Ying Xunlong and the rest became enraged.

    This Xue Wuji was too scornful!

    Not only did they deny their promise, they even acted like they were being merciful!

    Not fuss about his offensive behavior?

    What offending behavior?

    "Offend my ass!"

    Qin Nan could no longer withhold his anger as his fury instantly exploded. He took a step forward and hurled out a punch.

    I don't care if you are Xue Wuji or Xue Wuheng, such shameless pricks shall get the crap beaten out of them!

    "You dare to attack me?"

    Xue Wuji's pupils contracted slightly as he was taken by surprise.

    As the second ranked on the custodian ranking, his cultivation was exceedingly outstanding. Where did Qin Nan get his confidence from, daring to attack him?

    "The mere light of a firefly dares to challenge the Sun and Moon!"

    Xue Wuji became furious as he raised his palm. In the middle of it, a terrifying icy tornado was emitted. With a fling, the Heavens and Earth experienced a tremendous change.

    An epic battle instantly broke out!
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