Chapter 446 - Shameless to the Max

    "The Microcosmic Orbit[1] of the heart and mind, mark my words. Blood of the Xiao Clan, unleash!" Xiao Qingxue did not waste any time. She pointed her finger forward and her finger tip spat out a drop of blood. As soon as the drop of blood left her body, her aura dropped rapidly while her figure staggered and almost fell to the ground. Sima Kong beside her immediately reached out his hands to support her.

    "Qinglong Sacred Fruit!"

    Sacred Leader Qinglong let out a yell as he took out an ancient fruit. A green dragon could be seen coiling around the fruit as if it were alive, giving it a mysterious appearance.

    If anyone from the Qinglong Sacred Area were to be here, it would serve as a great surprise.

    The Qinglong Sacred Fruit was the most sacred object of the Qinglong Sacred Area, as one fruit would take a hundred years to be produced.

    "Let the Sacred Fruit and the blood be refined, cleansing one from any evil presence!"

    With a flick, the Qinglong Sacred Fruit magically dissolved by itself while being encapsulated by the blood, resulting in a surging river of blood flowing toward Princess Miao Miao from the sky and entering her body.

    Princess Miao Miao's figure shuddered as the black color on her face dissipated rapidly. Her tightly-shut eyes began to budge as if they were going to spring open at any time soon.

    A hint of fatigue could be seen from Sacred Leader Qinglong's face as he said calmly, "That will be it. She will recover after three months. However, since she failed to overcome the Tribulation, in addition to the effect of the curse, her cultivation would most likely stop improving for the next three years..."

    "Three years..."

    Qin Nan, Sima Kong, and Xiao Qingxue held their breaths.

    Although three years seemed to be quite short in the eyes of cultivators, it was enough for some people to greatly improve their cultivation.

    Princess Miao Miao's life was saved, but in return she paid a great price for it!

    "It doesn't matter. Three years it is. I will collect many herbs for you to recover your cultivation and summon the Tribulation once again!"

    Qin Nan gazed at Princess Miao Miao with a firm look. As long as she was still alive, everything would work out eventually.

    However, at that instant, a rare occurrence took place.

    A powerful aura exploded out of nowhere within the Qinglong Sacred Area, followed by imperious laughter that penetrated the Heavens, "HAHAHA, old prick, I've finally succeeded. HAHAHA, it's time for me to roam across the sixteen mountains, and the Senior and Junior Sisters will all be mine..."

    Following this, a figure flew into the sky.

    The figure was none other than the Longhu Ancestor Beast!



    ...Meanwhile, a hundred li from Feiyang City...


    The space shattered into pieces as Xiao Zhonghuang and his crew stepped out from the gap.

    Peak Leader Yang and the others had been waiting for them. They swiftly asked, "How was it? How did the battle go?"

    "Qin Nan is still alive!"

    Xiao Zhonghuang said calmly.


    Peak Leader Yang and the others were startled, before their faces were filled with disappointment.

    Even with this many Peak Leaders and geniuses, they had still failed to slay Qin Nan!

    "Even though we didn't manage to kill him, he was severely injured by us!" Xiao Zhonghuang's eyes flickered while replying proudly, "Well, Qin Nan's injury is not that serious, but the woman that he's in love with-I think her name is Princess Miao Miao-she was struck by my Chaos Curse Technique. Even Sacred Leader Qinglong would have a hard time trying to save her. The chance is too slim, and if he managed to, she would still turn into a cripple!"

    Xiao Zhonghuang let out a harrumph, "If it weren't because of the limited time, I would have surely killed Qin Nan!"

    Peak Leader Yang and the rest turned energetic after hearing this.

    Even though Qin Nan was still alive, but if Princess Miao Miao were to be killed, it would serve as a great blow to Qin Nan. That alone was enough for now.

    Besides that, it also proved that Qin Nan was no match against Xiao Zhonghuang!

    Jiang Bilan's eyes flickered as she spoke, "Peak Leaders, we shall spread this news around, telling the public that Qin Nan was severely injured by Xiao Zhonghuang, and that his beloved woman died trying to save him. In that case, the entire lower district would scold him, resulting in a great pressure to his emotions when the Ocean of Death is accessible..."

    "Wise plan! Wise plan!" Peak Leader Yang's emotions became pleasant after hearing this, causing him to burst out laughing, "I will arrange the news to be spread to the public right away!"

    The Peak Leaders were relieved after hearing the news.

    As for Lu Tiangang, Zhou Xuan, and the rest, they remained silent for the entire period.

    It was obvious that Xiao Zhonghuang was not speaking the truth. They were completely outmatched by Qin Nan's strength. Even Xiao Zhonghuang's Chaos Curse Technique had no effect on Qin Nan.

    However, Xiao Zhonghuang purposely said that so the Peak Leaders would remain confident in his capabilities.

    "After experiencing the battle, I'll have to go into seclusion at once. I will surely crush that imbecile Qin Nan after I come out from the seclusion. If you continue to follow me, I'll promise you endless benefits!" Xiao Zhonghuang transmitted his voice to the geniuses.

    Although he had lied to the Peak Leaders, he was not stupid. Qin Nan's strength was too outstanding. If he did not improve his own strength, he would definitely end up being defeated before he could set foot onto the Reaper's Platform in the Ocean of Death.

    As such, he must improve his strength!

    The other geniuses nodded their heads. They were already tied onto the same rope with Xiao Zhonghuang, leaving no other options for them.

    A moment later, the news was first spread around in Feiyang City, causing the people of the city to become excited.

    "HAHA, Senior Brother Xiao is the real top genius! Who does Qin Nan think he is!?"

    "Humph, if it weren't for Sacred Leader Qinglong, Senior Brother Xiao would've slain him!"

    "Tsk tsk, we'll let Qin Nan live a few months longer. The moment the Ocean of Death opens is the day when Senior Brother Xiao will trample him under his foot!"

    "Does he really think that he stands a chance against Senior Brother Xiao! How ridiculous!"


    Both the people of the Feiyang Sacred Area or the cultivators who had joined the Feiyang Sacred Area after betraying the Qinglong Sacred Area took turns to express their thoughts.

    They were now utterly impressed with Xiao Zhonghuang's strength!

    Meanwhile, with Jiang Bilan controlling behind the scene, the news was spread toward many countries of the lower district at a crazy rate, as if it had grown a pair of wings.

    The cultivators of the lower district were startled once again!

    "What? Xiao Zhonghuang and Qin Nan fought each other?"

    "Gasp, Xiao Zhonghuang is utterly terrifying. He managed to defeat Qin Nan with a single attack!"

    "Who would have thought that Qin Nan would be defeated with a single move. Even his beloved woman was killed. The difference between him and Xiao Zhonghuang is not to be underestimated!"

    "The Qinglong Sacred Area is about to go down this time. The Sacred Leader is dying, and the Saint Qin Nan was no match against Xiao Zhonghuang!"

    "Let's go to the Feiyang Sacred Area. I've got an uncle there, maybe it's time to invest in this relationship!"


    Countless people shook their heads.

    Previously, many of them still had high hopes for Qin Nan in the upcoming duel in six months' time, but it appeared that the last ray of hope had dissipated now.

    How did he stand a chance against Xiao Zhonghuang at the Ocean of Death if he was defeated that easily?

    The difference between a first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit and a tenth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit should not be overlooked!

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    Editor: DOCuinn

    [1] TL Note: For more information, take a look at this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microcosmic_orbit
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