Chapter 468 - The Soul-Punishing Thunder

    The Mengpo River was the place where the most dead souls gathered in the entire Ocean of Death.

    Death's Servant clearly knew that there was no way Qin Nan could stay alive if he sent him into the river.

    "HAHAHA, Qin Nan, that's for trying to kill me!"

    Xiao Zhonghuang was startled for a while before he burst out laughing with excitement. Following this, he continued to cross the Underworld Bridge.

    "Let's go!"

    Peak Leader Yang and his crew were joyful. They all left the place without any intention to continue fighting.

    Qin Nan was dead!

    What else would they be worried of?

    The remaining Princess Miao Miao and the others would not pose a threat to their plan at all!

    "Qin Nan!"

    Princess Miao Miao's pupils contracted into the shape of needles. Her figure immediately sprang toward the spot of the river Qin Nan had dropped into.

    "Come back!" However, the Longhu Dominator Beast grabbed her figure with his giant hand and roared, "Are you out of your mind? You will die too if you jump into the river!"

    "Let go of me!"

    Princess Miao Miao's eyes were engulfed in raging flames.

    Dead or alive, it did not matter much to her; but either way, she would not watch Qin Nan being consumed by the countless dead souls with her own eyes.

    "Silence!" Gong Yang suddenly snapped, "Calm down at once. You have to believe in Qin Nan, he wouldn't simply die like that! Even the Mengpo River would not be able to take his life away!"

    The words were spoken in a firm tone without any hint of doubt!

    Princess Miao Miao was startled. She then recalled the godly object that she had seen in the Longhu Mountain Range, allowing her to calm down.


    Qin Nan would not die!

    As for Xiao Zhonghuang, the Peak Leaders, and Death's Servant, a grin appeared on their faces after hearing the words. Are you being serious? Do you really think he is still alive after falling into the Mengpo River?

    Qin Nan was not a God!

    "Death's Servant!"

    Princess Miao Miao, the Longhu Dominator Beast, and the others glared at Death's Servant in extreme fury.

    Taking advantage of them by abusing his power was unacceptable enough!

    But he dared to attack Qin Nan!

    "Don't think you can do whatever you want just because you are Death's Servant!" Sima Kong was infuriated, who had green veins popping out on his forehead, "Nine Gods of the Heavens, Spirit of the Ocean of Death, why are you not showing yourself?"

    Sima Kong waved his hand, causing three talismans to appear in it, which were set on fire instantly before they were fired into the sky.

    "What are you..." Death's Servant wore a startled look.

    He had used to be a half-Martial Sacred Realm cultivator of the upper district when he was still alive, thus he had witnessed countless amazing capabilities. He did know that some people were capable of summoning the demons and the gods by offering specific talismans to the Heavens!

    Could it be that this guy was offering them to the Ocean of Death?

    In the midst of his astonishment, the sky of the Ocean of Death experienced a shocking change!

    Pitch-black clouds began to gather and filled the entire sky in the blink of an eye. A huge swirl could be seen at the center of the clouds, with endless lightning rays flickering.

    ...At that instant, at the place where the people of the two Sacred Areas were standing outside of the Ocean of Death...

    Progenitor Wen Dao, Sacred Leader Qinglong, and Sacred Leader Feiyang were the first ones to be aware of the sudden change, who immediately glanced in the direction of the Ocean of Death. They could see the ocean turning rough all of a sudden.

    "What's going on?"

    Progenitor Wen Dao frowned.

    The crowd was aware of the weird phenomenon too.

    There were a total of three trials in the Ocean of Death. Normally, a rare phenomenon would only occur when the participants reached the third trial-the Reaper's Platform.

    Why was a strange phenomenon taking place when they were still at the second trial?

    ...Meanwhile, at the second trial of the Ocean of Death: the Underworld Bridge...


    A shocking roar could be heard coming from the swirl, and a giant pitch-black hand descended from it immediately after, grabbing at Death's Servant's figure.

    Even though Death's Servant cultivation was at the half-Martial Sacred Realm, he was as weak as an ant facing the terrifying giant hand!

    The reason being that the owner of the hand was the spirit of the Ocean of Death!

    "Ocean of Death, you can't kill me. I'm the person in charge of the trials..." Death's Servant was extremely frightened by the sight before him as he burst out screaming, losing his initial imperiousness.

    The pitch-black hand halted as if it were hesitating, and slowly withdrew after a moment.

    Death's Servant subconsciously let out a sigh of relief. Following this, his eyes flickered viciously.

    When the plan succeeds, I will be able to recover my flesh and escape from the Ocean of Death, and rank up to the Martial Sacred Realm!

    He had already been trapped within the Ocean of Death for more than a few hundred years, and was sick of his current inhuman appearance and his role as the servant of the Ocean of Death!

    He was willing to do anything to obtain his freedom!

    Although the Ocean of Death would punish him later when the trial was over as he had broken the rules, when the time came, he would have escaped successfully from the Ocean of Death, plus with the help of Progenitor Wen Dao, there was no need for him to worry!

    If he weren't intimidated by the Ocean of Death, he would've killed Qin Nan straight away!

    Why would he want to do that?

    Although Xiao Zhonghuang would surely win the trial, he would not allow anything to pose a threat to his plan!

    "HAHAHA, trying to eliminate me with the Ocean of Death, how ridiculous..." Death's Servant turned his head around and burst out laughing facing Sima Kong.

    After he was done with the plan, he would then crush these idiots into pieces!

    However, before he could finish the sentence, countless rays of lightning were fired from the pitch-black swirl in the sky.


    The lightning rays struck Death's Servant figure without mercy.

    As Death's Servant was already dead in the first place, lightning was his weakness all along, let alone the lightning summoned by the Ocean of Death!

    At that moment, Death's Servant felt like he was being whipped by a poisonous whip filled with sharp thorns as the lightning struck his body, causing him to cry out in agony!


    After a total of one hundred and thirty-eight rays of lightning, the stormy cloud completely vanished, returning calmness to the area.

    Death's Servant's body was now burned black due to the lightning rays, whose figure shuddered continuously on the ground. His eyes were filled with great terror, which lasted for quite a while, before it was replaced with utter fury. He glared at Sima Kong and the others and forced the words out from his throat, "I will surely make you suffer more than what I've experienced!"

    It was as if a demon were uttering a roar!

    Following this, Death's Servant did not dare to cross the line again. He immediately flew to the other side of the Underworld Bridge while laughing, "HAHA, that's the Mengpo River. Countless dead souls will be ripping his flesh and eating his heart after he has fallen into it, HAHAHA..."

    The laughter filled the Heavens and Earth.

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    Editor: DOCuinn
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