Chapter 472 - Sixth-grade Di Rank

    Qin Nan raised his head and saw the sky turn incredibly red, with water flowing continuously, in which lay countless dead souls.

    In other words, he was currently below the Mengpo River.

    "The spirit of the Mengpo River?"

    Qin Nan took a deep breath. His tone remained doubtful.

    "That's right, in the Ocean of Death, whether it's the Ocean of Death itself, or the Bloodshed Tomb, the Underworld Bridge, the Mengpo River, etc., they all have their own spirits." Meng Jiangnu's voice was not pleasant, but it felt like a breeze blowing into his heart, "We are different than Death's Servant. He was appointed by the Death Emperor before he passed away, while we were chosen respectively by the spiritualized objects. Otherwise, I would have personally killed Death's Servant with my own hands."

    Qin Nan immediately came to a realization after hearing this.

    No wonder Death's Servant dared to break the rules continuously. The truth was that no one could completely punish him in the Ocean of Death.

    "Senior, I have to leave!" Qin Nan spoke in a serious tone, "I must head to the Reaper's Platform to change the tide of the battle!"

    "Can you do it?" Meng Jiangnu cast him a doubtful side glance.

    According to Qin Nan's words, Xiao Zhonghuang possessed a first-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit, and with the assistance from Death's Servant, his Martial Skill Talent would be absolutely terrifying.

    "Don't worry."

    Qin Nan let out a calm smile, while five golden rays flickered behind him.

    "This is--"

    Meng Jiangnu's eyes were filled with great astonishment.

    Even though it only happened briefly, she was convinced that this Qin Nan possessed a fifth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit!

    How significant was a fifth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit?

    He could even be considered a genius in the upper district's Eastern Continent!

    "Who could have thought that the Qinglong Sacred Area would manage to recruit a peerless genius like you." Meng Jiangnu's eyes flickered with excitement, "However, I will assist you in leaving the place after I'm done finishing a task."

    "A task?" Qin Nan frowned.

    "You will find various elixirs capable of improving your Martial Skill Talent, and other cultivating resources in this storage bag. Take them." Meng Jiangnu spoke with a calm expression, "As for me, I'm going to refine myself into a saber."

    As soon as Meng Jiangnu finished her sentence, she waved her hand and summoned a huge cauldron before herself.

    The ground surrounding the cauldron was covered with various ancient stones and metals with powerful and mysterious auras. These were all materials used to craft a godly weapon!

    Before Qin Nan could say something, Meng Jiangnu waved her hand and said calmly, "As the spirit of the Mengpo River, there's no way I could leave the Ocean of Death unless I refine myself into a weapon, which would allow me to escape from the restriction..."

    "Senior, don't do it. I will acquire the Reincarnation Badge from the Reaper's Platform and get you out of here!"

    Qin Nan instantly panicked.

    He was not here only to stop the Feiyang Sacred Area's conspiracy, but to fulfill the Imperial Exterminator's request as well.

    "I do know that the Reincarnation Badge could bring me out of here." Meng Jiangnu replied, "But due to the rules of this world, one's Martial Spirit's rank serves as a great hindrance to many from pursuing their dreams, unless you're able to obtain powerful successions and change your fate by altering your Martial Spirit. When I was chosen to become the spirit of the Mengpo River, I learned that Tang Qingshan's future would not be limited here in the lower district. I would like to remain by his side forever, but unfortunately, I do not possess a great talent. Only by turning myself into a saber would I be able to accompany him as he battles against the Heavens and Earth, for eternity..."

    After saying this, a smile appeared on her face, which felt like the blossoming of flowers in a pitch-black world.

    She then leapt into the cauldron while absorbing the materials into it in the process, before she spat out black flames that encapsulated her figure and the entire cauldron.

    In the midst of the flames, the smile on her face blossomed greatly.

    Qin Nan was thoroughly left in awe by the scene before him.

    Previously at the Mystic Spirit Sect, Tang Qingshan had been willing to lower his head for the first time in his life in exchange for a ray of hope.

    Now, Meng Jiangnu-who had spent hundreds of years in the Mengpo River-had decided to refine herself into a godly saber just to keep Tang Qingshan's company for the rest of his life.

    "Senior, don't you worry. I'll not let them have their ways on the Reaper's Platform!"

    Qin Nan wore a stern look as he brought his fists together toward Meng Jiangnu, before shifting his focus to the storage bag.

    He was absolutely astounded with a glimpse into it.

    Inside the storage bag lay a small pile of treasures, resulting in a marvelous glow.

    "Sixteen thousand Primary Stones...two Hearts of Bodhi...a drop of Dao Liquid..."

    Qin Nan's voice began to tremble.

    These Hearts of Bodhi and Dao Liquid were elixirs capable of raising his Martial Skill Talent!

    And the sixteen thousand Primary Stones, together with the Primary Stones he had on him-that was a total of twenty thousand Primary Stones!

    With these twenty thousand Primary Stones, was it possible that the Divine Battle Spirit would rank up again?

    "Senior Meng Jiangnu might need another hour. I shall make use of this time to improve myself!"

    Qin Nan took a deep breath to calm his thoughts. He then devoured the Hearts of Bodhi and Dao Liquid.

    Qin Nan could not feel anything different after consuming the elixirs, apart from feeling slightly more energetic.

    "Time to devour the Primary Stones!"

    Qin Nan reached out his hands, grabbed the Primary Stones, and shoved them into his mouth.

    One hundred!

    Two hundred!

    Eight hundred!

    Two thousand!

    Qin Nan's hands turned blurry while he continued to shove the Primary Stones into his mouth. After consuming twenty thousand of them, he had produced sixty-six streams of Chaos Qi inside his body. Furthermore, the Divine Battle Spirit behind him finally uttered a shocking roar.


    Among the five golden rays, the sixth golden ray appeared!

    The Divine Battle Spirit had ranked up to the sixth-grade Di rank!

    "Now for the Nascent Soul!"

    Qin Nan immediately controlled thirty streams of Chaos Qi to be inserted into his Nascent Soul, causing its aura to skyrocket rapidly. To his surprise, the thirty-three dragon lines coiling around his Nascent Soul slowly dissolved into a single dragon line.

    However, the dragon line was no longer golden in color, but appeared to be purple instead. Furthermore, its eyes flickered rapidly, as if it possessed human-like intelligence!

    The Martial Arts that Qin Nan practiced were ranked up once again to the next level.

    "Keep going!"

    Qin Nan clenched his teeth and inserted another six streams of Chaos Qi.

    This time, the Chaos Qi did not bring any effect to the Nascent Soul. It also allowed Qin Nan to sense that his extraordinary Nascent Soul had reached a saturation phase.


    Qin Nan raised his eyebrows.

    He could faintly sense a strange scorching feeling coming from the surface of the Nascent Soul, as if it was about to escape from his body and soar across the sky.

    "It seems like my cultivation is going to have a breakthrough!"

    Qin Nan wore a joyful look.


    Since his last Tribulation at the Qinglong Sacred Area, even though his current strength was equivalent to the peak Martial Dominator Realm, his cultivation had yet to rank up!

    Qin Nan swiftly glanced in Meng Jiangnu's direction, and realized that the flames encapsulating the cauldron had disappeared. Inside the cauldron lay a black saber, and although it did not emit any aura, it possessed an indescribable sharpness!

    It was as if there was nothing that could resist its slash!

    "A godly saber!"

    Qin Nan's eyes glistened. This saber could no longer be ranked as a Mystical Weapon!


    The saber shuddered violently while emitting a terrifying saber intent that encapsulated Qin Nan's figure, before it flew straight into the sky.

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