Chapter 479 - The Appearance of the Death Emperor

    "What is happening?"

    "This doesn't feel good!"

    "It seems like something is coming out from it."


    The rogue cultivators sharply speculated on this. The previous astonishment that Qin Nan had brought to them was replaced with panic and uneasiness, as if their hearts were being scratched at by a dangerous beast.

    "This is--"

    Death's Servant's pale face was filled with a hint of doubt.

    A few hundred years ago, he had been appointed as Death's Servant by the Death Emperor, thus he was familiar with the Ocean of Death, however, he was confused with the scene taking place before him, as he had assumed it to be just a myth.

    Creak, creak, creak, creak.

    A series of sounds produced when a rotten door was being pushed open echoed in the sky.

    A sudden thought came to the crowd as they raised their heads and saw the lid of the crystal coffin floating in mid-air being pulled open at a slow pace, revealing an endless darkness within it.

    At that instant, everyone was left in awe.

    The crystal coffin was opening!

    Did that mean... the legend was real?

    According to the rumors, when one's Martial Skill Talent was extremely outstanding, the Death Emperor would be awakened!

    Did that mean the Death Emperor had been awakened?

    "Sh*t, Qin Nan, run!"

    At that instant, Princess Miao Miao uttered a loud roar.

    As a Nine-spirited Ascended Ginseng, her senses were sharper than the others'. She immediately dashed forward and reached out her hand to grab Qin Nan's figure and drag him away from the place.


    An explosion took place within the crystal coffin, as clouds of black smoke were emitted. In just the blink of an eye, the area within a thousand li was covered in the smoke.

    At that instant, the crowd's faces were filled with great terror.

    The reason being that... they could not move at all!

    Princess Miao Miao's hand that had been trying to grab Qin Nan's figure froze in mid-air as well.

    "HAHAHA, Qin Nan, what a mess you've created! The Death Emperor is about to be revived! If he is to be awakened, we're all going to die, nobody will be allowed to escape! So what if your Martial Skill Talent is overwhelming? You are going to die here..." Death's Servant burst out laughing while his pale face was filled with disdain.

    However, before he could finish, a giant black hand emerged from the deepest region of the Ocean of Death and clenched his figure tightly.


    Death's Servant face became exceedingly white. Before he could react, the hand dragged his figure deep into the Ocean of Death. A brief while later, a cry in agony could be heard from below.

    Death's Servant had broken the rules a couple of times in a row, thus the spirit of the Ocean of Death had finally run out of patience and punished him as the trial was now over!

    However, the words spoken caused the crowd to be immersed in great astonishment.

    The Death Emperor was going to be revived!

    They were speaking of the Death Emperor, the infamous authority of the upper district!

    As Death's Servant had mentioned, if he were to awaken, everyone there would be killed!

    At that instant, the crowd's eyes were filled with extreme fear.

    "The revival of the Death Emperor..."

    Progenitor Wen Dao gradually calmed his rage. His eyes flickered with excitement.

    As the Sect Leader of the Dao-Seeking Mountain, he surely knew the identity of the Death Emperor before he had passed away. Furthermore, he had finally learned the truth regarding his revival after a thousand years.

    In other words, the Death Emperor had already planned this conspiracy a thousand years ago!

    The purpose of the Reaper's Platform was to attract various geniuses to duel with one another here using the treasures.

    The Death Emperor had utilized some sort of secret technique, or law-defying method, that would allow him to gradually recover when the geniuses were measuring their Martial Skill Talent.

    Hence, when a peerless genius like Qin Nan appeared, he would then be fully awakened!

    "Which means it's not over yet--"

    Progenitor Wen Dao's eyes flickered with determination as he transmitted his voice into the crystal coffin.

    No one was aware of his action, as the crowd's gaze was fully focused onto the crystal coffin. As the lid of the crystal coffin continued to open, the despair in their eyes grew stronger.

    The expressions on the face of Tang Qingshan and his crew stiffened as well, as the scene taking place before them was beyond their imagination.

    "Qin Nan, run!"

    At that instant, a loud roar could be heard, which turned out to be from Sacred Leader Qinglong.

    Sacred Leader Qinglong, whose aura was extremely weak, reached out his hand to grab Qin Nan and Princess Miao Miao's figures, trying to bring them away.

    "HAHAHA, Sacred Leader Qinglong, are you trying to run away?"

    Progenitor Wen Dao's eyes flickered with joy as he let out a laugh while executing his strongest move, aiming at Sacred Leader Qinglong.

    Just a while ago, he had managed to reach a deal with the crystal coffin, granting him hope to refine Sacred Leader Qinglong once again. Therefore, there was no way he would allow him to escape!

    "Piss off!"

    Sacred Leader Qinglong stared with his eyes open wide while his aura grew stronger all of a sudden. With a single move, he managed to shatter Progenitor Wen Dao's attacks, while the remaining force knocked Progenitor Wen Dao's figure back.

    "How is this possible..."

    Progenitor Wen Dao was startled. He had not expected Sacred Leader Qinglong to hide his true strength despite his approaching death, which was even more powerful than his strength of the peak Martial Sacred Realm.

    This Sacred Leader Qinglong was seriously terrifying!

    "Azure dragons of four directions, space teleportation!"

    Sacred Leader Qinglong's aura burst out from his body as he reached out his hand. Four azure dragons were summoned from it while uttering roars, before they bit the space around Qin Nan and tried to teleport away!

    The shocking move took everyone by surprise.

    "In your dreams!"

    Progenitor Wen Dao let out a furious roar as a formidable force was emitted from his hand. However, Sacred Leader Qinglong's strength was too powerful. Even he had trouble stopping it.

    Besides, Tang Qingshan and his crew were aware of Sacred Leader Qinglong's intention too, thus they immediately executed their full strength aiming at Progenitor Wen Dao to buy some time.


    The space above Qin Nan, Princess Miao Miao, and the others collapsed thoroughly as the four azure dragons carried them into the rift!

    "Damn it!"

    Progenitor Wen Dao's face became incredibly twisted. Am I really going to lose the last ray of hope that just appeared?


    At that instant, the lid on the crystal coffin was blasted open by a terrifying force.

    An intimidating aura emitted from the crystal coffin filled the entire area, as a sharp laugh echoed in the ears of the crowd.

    "HAHAHA, it's been a thousand years and I, the Death Emperor, am back once again!"

    A figure sprung into the sky from the crystal coffin.

    When everyone took a closer look at the figure, their expressions froze.

    The figure was none other than Jiang Bilan!

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