Chapter 491 - Offering Assistance

    The intersection of the lower district and the upper district was a huge mountain range, known as the Heavenly Barrier Mountain Range. The mountain range was eight thousand nine hundred li long, which looked like a godly sword lying on the ground from afar, resulting in a formidable sight.

    In the Heavenly Barrier Mountain Range lived countless powerful beasts. Even peak Martial Emperor Realm experts would not dare to enter it. Therefore, those who planned to proceed to the upper district would be at least Martial Ancestors.

    ...Meanwhile, in the Heavenly Barrier Mountain Range...

    "Princess Miao Miao, Tang Qingshan, and the others, according to Sacred Leader Qinglong, the Curse of Death had no effect on them. Therefore, with their capabilities, they should not have any problem surviving in the upper district..."

    Qin Nan's figure moved rapidly among the woods while he was pondering.

    "I'm completely clueless regarding the upper district apart from the existence of the Four Great Factions. I guess I'll have to ask some cultivators in the upper district after exiting the Heavenly Barrier Mountain Range..."

    Qin Nan made up his mind and began multitasking. He calmed his thoughts and started cultivating while observing his surroundings with the left eye of the Divine God of Battle.

    Now that the Nascent Soul of the Divine God of Battle had formed, he would need to cultivate further to trigger the Tribulation.

    That being said, Qin Nan was confused about one particular thing.

    Currently, his Chaos Qi no longer had any effect on the Nascent Soul of the Divine God of Battle.

    After giving some to the Dragon Vein of the Qinglong Sacred Area, there were only twenty streams of Chaos Qi left in his body.

    A loud explosion could be heard coming from a significant distance away all of a sudden.

    "Is someone fighting there?"

    Qin Nan halted in his tracks before his figure sprang toward his right with a flicker.

    He was trying to find someone to ask about the information regarding the upper district's Eastern Continent as well.

    Qin Nan proceeded three li forward and landed on top of a big tree, before glancing downward.

    He could see two young men and a woman in a river executing their Martial Arts while battling against a ferocious beast with the appearance of a tiger.

    Their cultivations were only at the peak Martial Ancestor Realm, while the beast itself had reached the half-Martial Dominator Realm.

    The three began to struggle as the battle went on.

    "You two should return to the city and report to the clan now. I'll cover!" The woman yelled. She waved her hand and summoned a few golden rays which transformed into giant spears that launched at the beast. Her gorgeous face turned pale due to the consumption of her energy.

    "Sister, we..."

    The two young men held their breath.

    "Go now, otherwise we will all die here." The woman groaned while her eyes wore a determined look.

    The two young men let out a roar and executed their full strength to run away from the place without hesitation.


    The beast that longed for their flesh, immediately exerted its full might and shattered the giant spears summoned by the woman upon seeing them trying to run away. It opened its murderous mouth and tore at the woman's head.


    The woman's face turned extremely pale as her feet were rooted to the ground, preventing her from moving.

    Seeing this, the two young men shuddered violently before quickening their pace to run away without looking backward.


    The woman opened her mouth slightly while staring at their backs. Although she had asked them to run away, her heart ached when she saw that they were not concerned for her at all as they did not even turn around to check on her safety.

    It appeared that in a life-threatening situation, these two cousins-who were relatively close to her normally-did not care about her at all.

    "Stop it!"

    At that instant, an imperious voice could be heard, which turned out to be Qin Nan.

    Qin Nan had witnessed the entire scene, and was impressed by the woman's courage. Therefore, he decided to interfere when her life was endangered without hesitation.

    The figure of the beast shuddered as it had not expected someone to disturb its business. However, after discovering Qin Nan's peak Martial Emperor Realm cultivation, it ignored his presence and continued to tear at the woman's head with its bloody mouth.

    "Piss off!"

    Qin Nan's eyes opened wide.

    The Nascent Soul in his body emitted the aura of the Divine God of Battle.


    A cry of pain could be heard as the figure of the ferocious beast was sent flying and crashed into the ground as if it were struck by a heavy blow.

    The beast swiftly fled as if it had stumbled into something terrifying.


    The woman opened her eyes wide while watching the sight. Her face was filled with utter shock.

    What had just happened?

    Had this man just chased the half-Martial Dominator Realm beast away with a single sentence?

    "Are you alright?" Qin Nan glanced at her.

    "I'm fine." The woman unconsciously shook her head and collected her thoughts. She gazed at Qin Nan with a grateful look, "Thank you for saving me. If it weren't you, I'd most likely have died today."

    After saying this, her face turned dull as a thought came to her.

    "Sometimes, we can only see the truth in life and death situations." Qin Nan spoke calmly.

    "Ugh..." The woman was startled as she did not expect Qin Nan to say this. However, on second thought, she did agree that only in life-threatening situations would she be able to learn the real thoughts of the people around her. "Thank you. By the way, I'm Fan Xinru. What's your name? Since you've saved my life, if you don't mind, I would like to invite you to the Fan Clan of the Ninth City. I'll repay your debt."

    Fan Xinru's eyes were filled with sincerity as she spoke.

    "Don't worry about repaying the debt," Qin Nan let out a smile, "I'm Qin Nan. What is this Ninth City that you spoke of?"

    "You've never heard of it before?"

    Fan Xinru was startled, but she soon reacted in a shocked tone, "Are you from the lower district?"

    Qin Nan nodded his head.

    Fan Xinru's eyes were filled with great astonishment.

    Judging from his appearance, Qin Nan looked just over twenty years old, but he was able to chase a half-Dominator Realm beast away with a single sentence, which meant that his cultivation had at least reached the Martial Dominator Realm!

    How significant was it that he had reached the Martial Dominator Realm at such a young age?

    He could be compared to the top genius of their Fan Clan!

    "Sister! What happened? Where did the beast go?"

    At that instant, a voice could be heard, who was none other than the two young men who had fled. They had instantly turned around after sensing that the aura of the beast was gone.

    The young men immediately spotted Qin Nan. One of them frowned and snapped, "Who are you? Why are you trying to approach Sister Xinru? I don't care who you are; if you have any evil thoughts toward her, I will not forgive you easily!"

    The other young man stared at Qin Nan coldly with great hostility.
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