Chapter 497 - In a Forceful Manner

    "You're right, I'm asking you to leave. Are you deaf?"

    The plump man stared down at Qin Nan with a conceited expression.

    He would not do so normally, but it was different today. Just a while ago, Fan Xiao had promised him a great fortune if he were to teach Qin Nan a lesson, thus he had immediately accepted the offer.

    Teaching a cultivator from the lower district a lesson was too easy for him.

    "Check it out, something's happening over there."

    "I saw it already. A cultivator from the lower district is being picked on for not knowing the rules."

    "Hehe, another idiot from the lower district."

    The crowd on the first-floor of the Trading Alliance Hall discussed among themselves. Their gazes toward Qin Nan were filled with disdain. Meanwhile, some cultivators among the crowd who had come from the lower district also let out sighs in their hearts.

    Due to the difference between the upper and lower district, the cultivators from the lower district were looked down upon here.

    It was as if these people from the upper district possessed some sort of superiority. They assumed themselves to be more superior than the people from the lower district.

    "Drop to your knees!"

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered thunderously as the suppression of the Divine God of Battle was unleashed.

    It had been a long time since he had last used this move, but this middle-aged man and the guard were acting too scornfully!


    The expressions on the faces of the plump man and the guard changed tremendously. It was as if a ferocious beast was charging toward them, planning to tear them to pieces. The sense of death caused their eyes to be filled with great terror, causing their legs to bend and drop to their knees.

    The crowd was startled. The cultivation of this young man was utterly terrifying, who had managed to force a peak Martial Ancestor Realm and a second-layer Dominator Realm cultivator to kneel immediately.


    The face of the middle-aged man reddened thoroughly as he gave Qin Nan a stare, losing his ability to speak properly.

    He had not expected a mere Martial Emperor Realm cultivator to possess such terrifying power.

    "What about me? Weren't you looking down on the people of the lower district? Why are you kneeling before me now?" Qin Nan glanced downward at him coldly.

    "Qin Nan, how dare you harm the elder of the Trading Alliance!"

    Meanwhile, a roar could be heard coming from the second-layer, which turned out to be Fan Xiao.

    He had been following Qin Nan's trail since he had left the Fan Clan. After learning that Qin Nan's destination was the Trading Alliance, he had immediately come up with a plan to teach him a lesson.

    "You're screwed this time. The law enforcement team of the City Lord's Mansion will be here to deal with you soon!"

    Fan Xiao wore a mocking look.

    So what if you had tremendous power?

    The law enforcement team would definitely teach you a lesson!

    The cultivators in the hall shook their heads while wearing gloating expressions.

    Since Qin Nan had dared to use violence in front of the public in the Trading Alliance, his action could be considered challenging the authority of the Ninth City. According to the rules, the law enforcement team could detain him and put him into custody.

    "Teach me a lesson? I'll teach you one now!"

    Qin Nan's eyes flickered ferociously. This Fan Xiao had planned to get his revenge for an insignificant matter, thus there was no way Qin Nan would let him go easily. He reached out his hand encapsulating Fan Xiao's figure like the claw of a demon.

    "Qin Nan, you--"

    Fan Xiao stared with his eyes open wide. He had not expected Qin Nan to target him straight away, causing his scalp to turn numb.

    "How bold! The law enforcement team is here! Stop it at once!"

    "Imbecile, how dare you!"

    At that instant, infuriated roars could be heard.

    An old fifth-layer Martial Dominator Realm man entered the Trading Alliance from outside with great fury. Meanwhile, a bulky fourth-layer Martial Dominator Realm man descended from the third-floor of the Trading Alliance and glared at Qin Nan.

    The crowd was astounded.

    These two were the expert of the Trading Alliance and the law enforcement team!

    "No one will stop me from doing what I want!"

    Qin Nan became enraged as if he had transformed into a peerless demon. Two Phoenix Flames burst out from his hands, firing at the old man and the bulky man.


    The pupils of the two experts contracted as they could feel a threat from the flames. They immediately unleashed their moves to strengthen their defense.


    In just the blink of an eye, they were struck by the flames, which engulfed their figures and sent them flying backward following a roar.

    The crowd was stunned.

    How did he possess such a formidable strength?

    He dared to use violence against the people of the Trading Alliance and the law enforcement team?

    Sh*t was going down!

    "Qin Nan, how daring of you to challenge the Trading Alliance and the law enforcement team. I believe you're tired of living--" Fan Xiao wore a blank expression after witnessing the sight, before uttering a roar at Qin Nan upon collecting his thoughts.

    Before he could finish, Qin Nan's palm landed onto his face mercilessly.


    Following a loud slap, Fang Xiao's left cheek turned swollen and red.


    Fan Xiao was dumbfounded. It was his first time being slapped in the face despite his identity as a disciple of the Fan Clan.

    "What about me? I'll teach you how to behave properly!"

    Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh as his right leg was encapsulated within the combined force of Phoenix Flames and Sky Thunder. He quickly raised his leg and stomped onto Fan Xiao's left arm, right arm, left leg, and right leg.

    Crack crack crack crack!

    The crowd could hear a succession of bone-cracking noises.


    Following this, a cry of agony filled the entire hall.

    Not only were his limbs broken, the aura of the combined fire and thunder penetrated his meridians and destroyed everything it came into contact with. Even though it did not completely shatter his meridians, the pain from it caused his face to become twisted.


    The crowd could not help but inhale deeply. This young man was way too cruel.

    "Piss off!"

    Qin Nan let out a kick onto Fan Xiao's figure, which immediately sent him flying toward the entrance of the Trading Alliance. The impact shattered the door into pieces.

    "So what if you are from the upper district? I don't think people from the lower district are any weaker!"

    Qin Nan scanned the crowd coldly before he turned around and proceeded toward the stairs.

    The entire place was immersed in dead silence.

    "Hold it!"

    At that moment, an imperious yell could be heard from above.

    Following this, a powerful aura descended upon the place, accompanied by the suppression of the Martial Dominator Realm. It turned out to be a peak Martial Dominator Realm expert.

    The expert was an old man with red hair. His face was as sharp as blades, giving him a stern look.

    "It's Hong Lao[1]!"

    "Hong Lao is here!"

    "This kid is going to suffer!"

    The cultivators were feeling unpleasant as Qin Nan had just scolded them. They immediately became high-spirited after seeing the appearance of the Trading Alliance's expert.

    "What is it? Are you trying to trouble me too?" Qin Nan halted his steps.

    Translator: XephiZ

    Editor: DOCuinn

    [1] TL Note: 'Hong' means red, while 'Lao' means elder/old. It's how he is referred to, mainly because of his red hair I assume.
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