Chapter 507 - Encounter with Enemies


    "This is not looking good!"

    The progenitors of the Fan Clan and the Ji Clan were shocked as they continued to unleash their strengths of the Martial Highness Realm, utilizing all kinds of defensive artifacts, resulting in various glows that covered the figures of the crowd.

    That being said, even with the two progenitors being present, it was nowhere enough to resist the force of the six-hundred-li Tribulation.


    Countless lightning rays struck downward, causing the auras of the progenitors and the others to drop rapidly.

    At that instant, the whole Ninth City was left in awe.

    "A six-hundred-li Tribulation!"

    "Gasp, what kind of monster is that guy!"

    "Even the two progenitors stand no chance against it!"

    The cultivators could feel a chill being sent down their spines, leaving them with blank expressions.

    This Qin Nan's talents had totally surpassed their imagination!


    Jiao Zhe was also left speechless at that instant. He had initially been worried about Qin Nan's safety, but somehow his Tribulation had arrived coincidentally and it had turned out to be this terrifying.

    As such, not only would Qin Nan have no problem overcoming it, his enemies would be severely injured too.

    Jiao Zhe unconsciously glanced at Qin Nan and failed to find any hint of joy, apart from a stern look.


    Jiao Zhe was startled. Why did Qin Nan look so concerned?

    Qin Nan paid no attention to the situation before him. His focus was entirely gathered onto the Nascent Soul of the Divine God of Battle.

    "The Nascent Soul of the Divine God of Battle had yet to be fully unleashed, and it already triggered a six-hundred li Tribulation. How terrifying would the actual Tribulation be?"

    Qin Nan could clearly tell that his Nascent Soul of the Divine God of Battle had only released less than a third of its energy.

    "No way, there are at least over ten thousand cultivators in this Ninth City. These people had nothing to do with me, even though the two clans are hostile toward me, but I can't afford to drag all of them into this disaster..."

    Qin Nan took a deep breath and withdrew his thoughts in order to suppress the Nascent Soul.

    After all, Qin Nan would only get his revenge on those who troubled him. He would never back off despite their identities.

    In their eyes, he might be scornful and cruel like a merciless assassin. The facts were that he never harmed anyone who had not taken the initiative to target him.

    "Qin Nan, stop it at once!"

    "Qin Nan, we were wrong. We will never harm you again!"

    The yells of the progenitors could be heard coming from the stormy cloud.

    In just a brief moment, they had been struck continuously by the terrifying lightning. If it continued, the entire Fan Clan would suffer a great loss!

    Therefore, the progenitors immediately lowered their heads and begged for mercy.

    "Being regretful now?"

    Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh. How conceited were these people at the beginning?


    The Nascent Soul of the Divine God of Battle inside Qin Nan's body began to struggle, trying to break free from Qin Nan's control.

    "I will not be fussy this time, for the sake of the cultivators of the Ninth City!"

    Qin Nan uttered the words before he sprang toward the exit of the Ninth City at his top speed.

    In the midst of it, he simply glanced at Fan Yu and quickly withdrew his gaze, causing Fan Yu's face to turn pale white and his figure to shiver as if he had been struck by lightning.

    As he moved, the six-hundred li Tribulation followed his figure. Lightning rays struck downward aiming at his figure. Meanwhile, Qin Nan's figure began to emit rays of Sky Thunder to resist the incoming lightning strikes.


    The crowd were relieved after seeing Qin Nan bringing the Tribulation away, as it had been such a close call.

    The force of the Tribulation was too terrifying!

    "We can't let him go like that! Spread the news of him to the Dao-Seeking Mountain! We could still obtain the huge rewards from them!" Fan Hao instantly collected his thoughts as his expression darkened.

    His plan had failed despite the great effort he had invested, thus he could not let Qin Nan leave just like that.

    "It's the only way now!"

    The progenitors replied while nodding their heads.

    Jiao Zhe stood aside and let out a sigh in his heart. He had no idea why Qin Nan would spare their lives, as these people were nothing but ungrateful pricks.

    That being said, if Jiao Zhe actually knew the consequences of Qin Nan continuing to stay in the Ninth City, he would have remained silent at this particular moment.

    However, a rare occurrence took place all of a sudden.


    A beam of light from the sky penetrated the layers of clouds and exploded above the Ninth City.

    A boundless bloody glow flickered, before turning into the silhouette of a giant vermillion bird.

    The vermillion bird flapped its wings while uttering a loud chirrup into the sky and vanishing into thin air.

    The progenitors of the two clans and the people of the Ninth City were all stunned upon seeing this.

    That pattern...

    Wasn't that the symbol of the Vermilion Bird Platoon?

    Did that mean the people from the Vermilion Bird Platoon had arrived?

    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

    After a period of over ten breaths, a few powerful figures sliced across the sky and descended upon the Ninth City.

    These figures were none other than the Ninth Prince, Song Yu, and the inspectors of the Vermilion Bird Platoon!

    "What's going on here? Why is no one welcoming the arrival of the Vermilion Bird Platoon?"

    Song Yu glanced downward and discovered the entire Ninth City to be in a mess, causing him to crease his eyebrows.

    "What's that? Is someone ranking up to the Martial Highness Realm?"

    One of the inspectors raised his head and spoke.

    Song Yu raised his head as well and saw a figure moving swiftly before them. The stormy Tribulation clouds could be seen following above him.

    In just the blink of an eye, the figure had exited the Ninth City as he continued to fly away at an incredible pace.

    "Why does the figure look so familiar?"

    Song Yu was slightly startled.

    Meanwhile, a roar could be heard coming from below, which turned out to be from the progenitor of the Fan Clan, "Ninth Prince! Ninth Prince! That man is Qin Nan! He's Qin Nan!"

    "Qin Nan?"

    Song Yu and the inspectors of the Vermilion Bird Platoon were taken by surprise, before their expressions changed tremendously!

    Qin Nan!

    Qin Nan had appeared in the Ninth City!

    "Damn it, listen up; intercept Qin Nan at once!"

    Song Yu reacted swiftly and uttered a roar.

    "Qin Nan, don't you dare escape!"

    One of the inspectors emitted two rays of godly beams from his eyes as his body unleashed the aura of the peak Martial Highness Realm.

    The entire Ninth City began to quaver once again!

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