Chapter 519 - The Selection of the Three Platoons

    The rest of the geniuses were relieved after seeing this.

    Even though they had worn disdainful expressions while looking at Qin Nan, unlike Shi Kai, they had not verbally mocked him. Otherwise, they would be extremely regretful after knowing Qin Nan's identity.

    Xiao Qi wore a wry smile and said, "Friend, you've completely tricked me..."

    If Qin Nan were to unveil his identity beforehand, he would have immediately kicked Shi Kai out of the place. Furthermore, he would not hesitate to give Qin Nan a badge.

    That being said, Xiao Qi had no idea that he had been the one that had interrupted Qin Nan when he was about to unveil his identity.

    "My name is Duan Qing. Is it possible for Mr. Xiao Qi to give me a badge now?" Qin Nan brought his fists together and said.

    "My friend Duan Qing, as someone from the Vermilion Bird Platoon, you don't require a badge to enter White Tiger City." Xiao Qi spoke in a slightly awkward tone.

    "I see..." Qin Nan mumbled to himself, before he recalled Shi Kai's words and asked, "Mr. Xiao Qi, could you explain the Selection of the Three Platoons?"

    "The Selection of the Three Platoons? Are you planning to participate in it still?" Xiao Qi was dumbstruck by the words.

    The others were left in awe too.

    Was he planning to join the White Tiger Platoon instead?

    Everyone knew that the Vermilion Bird Platoon was not weaker than the White Tiger Platoon in terms of power. It was only ranked second as the platoon only recruited lesser disciples each year.

    Although Xiao Qi was quite confused, he swiftly answered, "The Selection of the Three Platoons is fairly simple. The participants will enter White Tiger City to take part in it, and will be selected by the inspectors of the three platoons. The selection will be taking place tomorrow in White Tiger City."

    Qin Nan soon came to a realization. The selection was similar to the selection of the two Sacred Areas that he had taken part in before.

    "I'm not sure if I'm joining the Vermilion Bird Platoon yet. It's better to take a look at the selection tomorrow."

    Qin Nan made up his mind.

    Xiao Qi observed Qin Nan's reaction and asked, "How about this; Duan Qing, let's stay at the Leisure Inn for the night and I'll bring you to the selection tomorrow. What do you think?"

    "That would be great." Qin Nan brought his fists together. He was still unfamiliar with White Tiger City, thus it would be helpful if Xiao Qi were willing to guide him around.

    The feast then continued following this. The woman whom Longhu was quite interested in even started a conversation with Qin Nan a few times, causing Longhu to feel dull. Furthermore, Xiao Qi even gave Qin Nan a hundred jars of Fiery Spirit Wine as compensation, leaving Qin Nan speechless.

    After the feast ended, Qin Nan stayed at the inn for the night, before heading to White Tiger City the following morning under Xiao Qi's lead.

    No one was allowed to fly in the area within fifty li of White Tiger City, thus the crowd proceeded to the entrance of the city by foot. As they arrived, their eyes were filled with astonishment.

    The appearance of the entrance was absolutely imperious. It was entirely covered in black with a giant nail at the top. The middle of the entrance had the words 'White Tiger City' written in an inelegant manner, while below the words hung a ten-zhang long dragon head.

    After presenting their badges, the crew entered the city. Even Qin Nan was astounded looking at the sight before him.

    The streets of White Tiger City spread out in all directions, with countless unique-styled palaces standing firmly along them. In the midst of them was a giant golden palace surrounded by buildings in the middle, resulting in an eye-catching sight. Even when looking from a distance far away, one could feel the powerful suppression of an emperor from the golden palace.

    Furthermore, the entire White Tiger City was completely crowded with people, resulting in a lively scene. Most of them were Martial Dominator Realm experts, and it was very easy to see Martial Highness Realm experts as well.

    Not a single Martial Ancestor Realm cultivator could be seen.

    "The number of cultivators here is unimaginable, as if the experts of the entire upper district have gathered here. Besides, this city is the royal city of the kingdom without a doubt!"

    Qin Nan took a deep breath as he exclaimed in his heart.

    Just a moment before, he had scanned his surroundings with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle, and had failed to peek into the palaces.

    "In White Tiger City, in terms of authority, the royal family is ranked first, the Trading Alliance second, followed by the Ten Dukes. The three platoons are in fact under the royal family..." Xiao Qi explained along the way.

    Apart from Longhu who was checking out his surroundings with extreme curiosity, Qin Nan and the rest listened carefully, which allowed them to gradually gain an understanding of the situation in White Tiger City.

    "Everyone, remember not to use any violence in White Tiger City. Otherwise, even if you are the geniuses of the three platoons, you will be sentenced to death by the law enforcement team on the spot."

    Xiao Qi said with a stern look.

    Qin Nan nodded his head.

    He finally understood why White Tiger City would only allow one thousand people to enter the city each day.

    The main reason being that not only was White Tiger City a Monarch Weapon, the royal family and the headquarters of the Trading Alliance were located here too, with strict rules being applied. Therefore, no one from the upper district's Eastern Continent would dare to attack the city.

    As such, it would be extremely safe for cultivators that were being hunted to hide inside White Tiger City.

    "This is it, the Martial Art Display Hall, the venue where the Selection of the Three Platoons will be taking place. Duan Qing, this is the place you're looking for." Xiao Qi said smilingly.

    Meanwhile, the woman and the rest of the crew had already been recruited by the Black Tortoise Platoon, thus there was no need for them to participate in the selection. They would only need to register themselves at the place they were told to gather at.

    "Screw it, I'm staying here too. I won't believe that I'm not qualified to join the Vermilion Bird Platoon if you're qualified to do so..." Longhu spoke with a furious look.

    Qin Nan raised his head and saw a four-hundred-zhang-tall palace covered the area with a circumference of a thousand li. It was entirely blue in color, with an ancient appearance. Even though its appearance was not outstanding among the palaces, it was still unforgettable.

    Meanwhile, many young cultivators entered the palace continuously, resulting in a lively scene.

    "Thanks, Mr. Xiao Qi." Qin Nan brought his fists together and entered the Martial Art Display Hall.

    "Sigh, I've no idea what this Duan Qing is thinking. I've always dreamed of joining the Vermilion Bird Platoon..."

    As soon as Qin Nan left, the geniuses beside Xiao Qi blurted out.

    That being said, if they knew that Duan Qing was only Qin Nan's disguise-while the inspector of the Vermilion Bird Platoon had already seen his true appearance-they would not have had the same thought.

    Xiao Qi's eyes glistened while listening to the comments of the geniuses. His instincts were telling him that this Duan Qing was no ordinary person.

    "A genius chosen by the Vermilion Bird Platoon. This identity alone is more than enough. I shall tell Third Brother about him."

    Mr. Xiao Qi took out a strange badge and inserted his thoughts into it.

    The other geniuses were dumbfounded after seeing the badge. This Mr. Xiao Qi did possess a formidable background.

    The badge that he was holding belonged to the royal family!

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