Chapter 522 - Suspicious

    The one remaining calm was none other than Qin Nan.

    Even though the Shura Illusion had ranked up to the third-layer, the negative emotions that penetrated into his body were completely nullified by his Primordial Spirit, thus he was perfectly unharmed.

    "This Xue Meng and Ling Wushuang are quite impressive indeed."

    Qin Nan nodded his head.

    Xue Meng's Martial Spirit was a giant hammer, extremely tyrannical yet impenetrable by evil presences. Meanwhile, Ling Wushuang's Martial Spirit was a longsword. Even though its strength could not match Xue Meng's Martial Spirit, its had a crystal-clear appearance while emitting an upright aura, thus it was relatively effective against evil presences.

    "Mm? Who is this guy? His performance is so extraordinary!"

    The eyes of Xue Meng and Ling Wushuang glistened after noticing Qin Nan's presence.

    In addition to them, many among the crowd had gathered their attention onto Qin Nan's figure with astonishment. They had not expected to find another powerful genius apart from the other two, and it seemed like this one was even more talented than the previous two.


    The third-layer illusion was incredibly overwhelming. Several geniuses were knocked out from the hall, and after the period it took an incense to burn, only seventy of the particiaptns remained.

    "Great." Vice-Platoon Leader Xiong said in a loud tone, "Congratulations on passing the third round. Each of your identification numbers will be recorded, and the people from the three platoons will be selecting you."

    Hearing this, the faces of the geniuses covered in sweat were filled with joy.

    After reaching this stage, they now had the chance of joining the Vermilion Bird Platoon or the White Tiger Platoon. Even if they ended up in the Black Tortoise Platoon, the status and resources allocated to them would be greater than ordinary disciples.

    "The fourth stage begins now!"

    Vice-Platoon Leader Xiong uttered a roar. Following this, his gaze immediately landed onto Qin Nan's figure, along with Xu Ao and Elder Wang.

    They were eager to know if this guy would be able to remain calm in the fourth round.


    The glow emitting from the Shura's back in the air grew stronger as the fourth pair of wings grew out from its body, allowing its aura to skyrocket. The negative emotions felt like the surging tides of an ocean.


    The Shura uttered a roar while the bloody glow from its mouth transformed into a terrifying tornado that descended onto the participants.


    The crowd was utterly dumbfounded, including Xue Meng and Ling Wushuang.


    Even though the fourth stage had just started, over sixty participants were sent flying by the force. However, this time, Vice-Platoon Leader Xiong caught their figures with his hand and placed them all in a corner to prevent them from being knocked out of the hall.

    "Wild Explosion!"

    Xue Meng let out a roar as a tremendous power burst out from her body. She grabbed the giant hammer Martial Spirit in her hand and struck at the sky, resulting in a great explosion that shattered the bloody aura filled with negative emotions.


    Longhu also revealed his true appearance as he used the outstanding defense of his flesh to resist against the incoming aura.

    Ling Wushuang held the longsword in his hand while his figure dashed rapidly into the midst of the aura like a ray of lightning.

    In just the blink of an eye, it was as if the first floor of the hall had turned into a battlefield, with various skills being unleashed, resulting in an intimidating sight.


    A brief while later, another eight geniuses were disqualified by the illusion. Only Qin Nan, Xue Meng, Longhu, and Ling Wushuang were left.

    "Who exactly is this guy? His talent is remarkable!"

    Elder Wang, Vice-Platoon Leader Xiong, and Xu Ao stared at Qin Nan with great astoundment.

    Even when the fourth-layer illusion was applied, Qin Nan's figure still remained in place.

    The geniuses who were placed in the corner had experienced the power of the illusion, thus they could not help but inhale deeply after seeing Qin Nan's performance.

    "Who is this guy? He's so powerful!"

    "I believe even Xue Meng couldn't match his talents!"

    "Since when has our Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom such an outstanding genius?"

    The geniuses were completely left in awe, as they continued to speculate as to Qin Nan's identity.

    As time gradually passed, after half the period it took an incense to burn had passed since the fourth-layer illusion was activated, Ling Wushuang was the first one to be knocked out from the formation. Following another period of over ten breaths' time, Longhu and Xue Meng were both sent flying too.

    Only Qin Nan remained in the bloody tornado of the Shura Illusion.


    Xue Meng stared at Qin Nan's figure while her eyes flickered. The battle intent inside her body became restless.

    "Damn it!"

    Longhu felt incredibly helpless after seeing her reaction-not like this again.

    Ling Wushuang's expression became incredibly twisted. He had purposely taken part in the Selection of the Three Platoons to showcase his talents, in order to earn himself some reputation, but he had not expected Xue Meng to be here too. It was still acceptable if Xue Meng was participating, but now a madman that had come out of nowhere had totally stolen the attention he was seeking.

    "Humph, he must be using some sort of rare artifact. Otherwise, how would it be possible for him to endure the illusion without unleashing his Martial Spirit..."Ling Wushuang could not help but blurt out coldly due to the grudge in his heart.

    The surrounding crowd was startled hearing this.

    It was true that this guy's performance was too good to be true.

    This was the fourth-layer illusion. There was no way he would be able to remain stationary despite his outstanding talents, right?

    "The time is almost up!"

    A genius let out a yell all of a sudden.

    The crowd was left in awe by the roar, who all glanced at Qin Nan's figure.

    The Shura high above in the air became infuriated, as if it was aware of Qin Nan's presence. It uttered a blasting roar once again, causing the bloody aura to become even more terrifying. It seemed like a huge thunderstorm from the outside of the formation.

    However, in the midst of the thunderstorm, despite the fact that Qin Nan's hair and clothes danced wildly, his figure remained stationary.

    He stood firmly in place like a solid pillar. Despite the tremendous changes in his surroundings and the destruction taking place, he remained unaffected.

    One breath, two breaths, three breaths... Ten breaths after, the thunderstorm came to a stop as the time was up.

    Qin Nan had passed the fourth-layer illusion!


    At that instant, the crowd-including Elder Wang and the others-took a deep breath.

    They were not shocked that Qin Nan had passed the fourth round, but rather the fact that he had yet to unleash his Martial Spirit, nor was there any sign of him using any kind of Martial Art!

    He was the first one in history to come this far in the Selection of the Three Platoons without using anything.

    "He must be using some sort of rare artifact!" Ling Wushuang had only been speculating previously, but after seeing this, he was now confident in his speculation. "Even a seventh-grade Di ranked genius would not be this calm! It has to be some kind of incredible artifact! We're just unaware of it!"

    Upon saying this, Ling Wushuang's eyes were filled with disdain.

    It was not honorable at all if he were using some sort of rare artifact to reach this far in the trial.

    The crowd was startled by the words, causing their gazes toward Qin Nan to be filled with suspicion.

    Even a seventh-grade Di ranked genius could not do that. So how exactly had he managed to endure it?

    Unless he had an eighth-grade Di ranked, or even a ninth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit!

    However, why would such a great talent be participating in the Selection of the Three Platoons?

    Therefore, this guy must be using some kind of artifact!

    "It's strange indeed..." Vice-Platoon Leader Xiong mumbled to himself.

    Elder Wang frowned. He tried to peek at Qin Nan with his eye-technique, but his mysterious aura prohibited Elder Wang from seeing anything.

    Qin Nan was left speechless after being aware of the crowd's suspicious looks toward him. He had reached the Undefeatable Martial Dominator Realm through his past experiences in various tight situations, thus granting him a firm will. It was reasonable that the Shura Illusion had no effect on him. In fact, it would be strange if he was influenced by it.

    "HAHAHA, who would have thought such a genius would appear in our Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, who was able to pass four stages without using his Martial Spirit. It's incredibly rare to find such talent!" Xu Ao suddenly burst out laughing before he glanced at Qin Nan and said, "In order to check if you were using some kind of artifact, I shall activate the fifth-layer illusion, and we'll find the answer very soon!"

    Qin Nan was about to reject the suggestion. Since he had passed the trial, he had lost interest in the fifth-layer illusion, as the final outcome would still be the same.

    However, before he could say anything, Xu Ao waved his hand and fired a beam of light at the Shura.


    The Shura's aura climbed rapidly while its expression became even more hideous.
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