Chapter 527 - The Descending Danger

    The one speaking was a bulky man, who bore a resemblance to Vice-Platoon Leader Xiong.

    "This guy is Vice-Platoon Leader Xiong's son. He possesses a fifth-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit, while his cultivation has reached the peak Martial Dominator Realm..." Xue Meng, who was standing beside Qin Nan, transmitted her voice to him with a hint of excitement. She had been eager to witness Qin Nan's strength since their first encounter.

    The gaze of the crowd landed onto Qin Nan's figure.

    They too were eager to see what capabilities this Duan Qing had to be selected by Elder Wang.

    Elder Wang remained expressionless as he spoke, "In the Vermilion Bird Platoon, a cultivator's strength is greatly emphasized. Xiong Ling, if you're not convinced, have a try yourself."


    Xiong Ling's eyes flickered as he glanced at Qin Nan and let out a grin, "Captain Duan Qing, do you have the courage to face me in battle? I'll let you execute three attacks in advance!"

    "A battle you say?" Qin Nan's eyes emitted a glow of excitement. He had yet to experience a worthy battle since he had become an Undefeatable Martial Dominator. This Xiong Ling seemed to be a worthy opponent, as he immediately nodded his head and said, "Sure, I'm down for the battle, but forget about giving me an advantage!"

    "Eat this!"

    To everyone's surprise, Xiong Ling immediately executed his move. His body emitted some kind of beastly cry as he took a step forward and clenched his fist. A ferocious-looking figure of a demonic beast appeared above his fist as he hurled a punch toward Qin Nan's figure.

    Savage Beast Destructive Fist!

    The hearts of the surrounding geniuses shuddered violently. The strength displayed by this Xiong Ling greatly surpassed theirs.

    Qin Nan dodged the attacks immediately with a flicker of his figure.

    "Too slow..."

    Qin Nan shook his head. Although this Savage Beast Destructive Fist possessed a formidable power, its speed was too slow.

    "It appears that this Undefeatable Martial Dominator Realm is more powerful that I expected. I'm afraid I could even battle against a first-layer Martial Highness Realm cultivator now."

    Qin Nan mumbled to himself, as he gained a better understanding of his current strength.

    "Such remarkable speed!"

    The eyes of the geniuses flickered with astoundment. They could not even catch up to his figure's movement.

    Shen Fei and Su Chan were startled after seeing this. It appeared that they had forgotten an important question-would someone that was selected by Elder Wang be weak at all?

    Even if he could not match Mu Chengye's strength, he would surely be more powerful than the others.

    "Mm? It seems like you do have something up your sleeve. If that's the case, I won't show any mercy. Surging Reverse Blood, unleashed!"

    Xiong Ling's eyes flickered briefly with astonishment, before he uttered a roar upon collecting his thoughts.


    His bulky figure grew rapidly all of a sudden to a height of five zhang. Furthermore, his skin was filled with spikes, as if he had transformed into a real beast.


    Xiong Ling let out a roar as he lashed out a succession of punches accompanied by a ferocious intent.

    "Slow, it's still too slow... I believe Mu Chengye is the only one that could challenge my current strength."

    Qin Nan shook his head and mumbled to himself.

    Meanwhile, the geniuses were greatly astounded by the sight before them. They had completely underestimated this Duan Qing, as his movement technique alone greatly surpassed them.

    "How powerful!"

    Xue Meng's eyes glistened tremendously.

    Even Mu Chengye cast a side glance at the battle. However, his expression remained calm as if it were not enough to trigger his interest.

    "You... Face me directly if you have the guts!" Xiong Ling had lashed out at least more than ten thousand punches, but Qin Nan had ended up dodging all of them. This caused him to feel incredibly annoyed and utter the roar.

    "Is that so?"

    Qin Nan's movement came to a stop and under the crowd's gaze, he thrust his right fist forward at lightning speed.


    A powerful force similar to a mountain crushing downward was emitted. The terrifying force caused the soil of the dojo to be blown away like a terrifying hurricane.


    Qin Nan halted his move. His right fist was only three inches away from touching Xiong Ling's nose as he withdrew his force completely, returning calmness to the dojo.


    Xiong Ling stared at the fist with a blank expression.

    At that particular moment, he could sense a huge mountain crushing downward onto his figure, which had caused him to feel suffocated, and even the sense of death.

    "How terrifying!"

    The other geniuses were left in awe seeing this.

    The punch alone was enough to eliminate them. Besides, as the force was able to be withdrawn straight away with ease, it served as an indication that this person had great control of his power.

    Mu Chengye's eyes glistened slightly as he glanced at Qin Nan's figure, before he shook his head and regained his cold expression.

    Qin Nan's aura became calm as he brought his hands together with a smile, "I believe that's enough."

    "I...I admit my defeat." Xiong Ling collected his thoughts and spoke. A drop of cold sweat flowed down from his forehead.

    The other geniuses remained silent as some of them even regretted now. Why hadn't they chosen to join the first team?

    Elder Wang did not seem like he was surprised by the scene before him, as he said smilingly, "Since that's settled, let's head to the main point now. First, you will head to the Skills Library and pick the Martial Art you desire. Then, you will have two months to practice the Martial Art. Following that, the first team and the second team will have a competition against one another, and the team that wins..."

    The crowd held their breaths upon hearing this.

    Shen Fei and Su Chan wore wry smiles on their faces. Qin Nan's outstanding strength had given them some confidence, but the current situation was not looking good for their team!

    The difference of strength between the two teams was like the distance between the Heavens and Earth!

    Elder Wang's expression turned serious as he continued, "Not only will you have the chance of having your flesh being cleansed by the Blood of the Vermilion Bird, the team captain of the winning team will become the Platoon Leader of the Ninety-Ninth Platoon! Furthermore, the team captain of the winning team will also have the chance to become the disciple of Platoon Leader Zhou!"

    The words served as a great explosion.

    Apart from Qin Nan, everyone was completely dumbfounded.

    Even Mu Chengye, who had previously been wearing an icy expression, breathed heavily while his eyes were filled with a passionate look.

    "Gasp! It's Platoon Leader Zhou! He's looking for a disciple!"

    "This reward is too shocking!"

    "It has been so long since Platoon Leader Zhou last recruited a disciple! Who would have thought that he would change his mind this time!"


    The geniuses blurted out.

    Qin Nan could not help but ask Xue Meng, "Who is this Platoon Leader Zhou?"

    "Are you being serious?" Xue Meng's eyes widened as she continued, "Platoon Leader Zhou, the Skyhowl White Tiger, and the emperor of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom; these three are referred to as the top three experts of the Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom! Even though Platoon Leader Zhou is ranked third among them, he has mastered the primary Martial Art of the Blood-Winged Vermilion Bird-the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird! According to the rumors, those who acquire this Martial Art are able to reincarnate. Even if the person is beheaded, or his Primordial Spirit is destroyed, he could still reincarnate!"

    "The Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird? Able to reincarnate even when the Primordial Spirit is destroyed?"

    Qin Nan opened his eyes wide with astonishment.

    Was the Martial Art really that terrifying?

    "That's right; previously, Platoon Leader Zhou had only taught this Martial Art to the top genius of the seventieth batch. He was also considered the top genius of the entire Sky-Scorching Ancient Kingdom, but for some unknown reasons..." Xue Meng immediately blurted out upon saying this, "Nevertheless, countless geniuses were prying for this Martial Art."

    Xue Meng glanced at Mu Chengye.

    Qin Nan also followed her gaze and immediately realized after seeing his expression.

    No wonder this Mu Chengye was willing to join the Vermilion Bird Platoon despite having a seventh-grade Di ranked Martial Spirit. It's obvious that he was here for the Art of the Immortal Vermilion Bird.

    However, at that instant, a rare phenomenon took place.

    The sky above the formation suddenly darkened, as a few terrifying auras descended from the clouds.

    Following this, a thunderous roar took place.

    "Where is Duan Qing? Vermilion Bird Platoon, hand him over at once!"
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